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The Stone Roses

Meshing '60s-styled guitar pop with an understated '80s dance beat, the Stone Roses defined the British guitar pop scene of the late '80s and early '90s. After their eponymous 1989 debut album became an English sensation, countless other groups in the same vein became popular, including the Charlatans UK, Inspiral Carpets, and Happy Mondays. However, the Stone Roses were never able to capitalize on the promise of their first album, waiting five years before they released their second record and slowly disintegrating in the year-and-a-half after its release.

The Stone Roses emerged from the remains of English Rose, a Manchester-based band formed by schoolmates John Squire (guitar) and Ian Brown (vocals). In 1985, the Stone Roses officially formed, as Squire and Brown added drummer Reni (born Alan John Wren), guitarist Andy Couzens, and bassist Pete Garner. The group began playing warehouses around Manchester, cultivating a dedicated following rather quickly. Around this time, the group was a cross between classic British '60s guitar pop and heavy metal, with touches of goth rock. Couzens left the group in 1987, followed shortly afterward by Garner. Garner was replaced by Mani (born Gary Mounfield) and the group recorded its first single, "So Young," which was released to little attention by Thin Line Records. At the end of 1987, the Stone Roses released their second single, "Sally Cinnamon," which pointed the way toward the band's hook-laden, ringing guitar pop. By the fall of 1988, the band secured a contract with Silvertone Records and released "Elephant Stone," a single that set the band's catchy neo-psychedelic guitar pop in stone.

Shortly after the release of "Elephant Stone," the Stone Roses' bandwagon took off in earnest. In early 1989, the group was playing sold-out gigs across Manchester and London. In May, the Stone Roses released their eponymous debut album, which demonstrated not only a predilection for '60s guitar hooks, but also a contemporary acid house rhythmic sensibility. The Stone Roses received rave reviews and soon a crop of similar-sounding bands appeared in the U.K. By the end of the summer, the Stone Roses were perceived as leading a wave of bands that fused rock & roll and acid house culture. "She Bangs the Drums," the third single pulled from the debut, became the group's first Top 40 single at the end of the summer. In November, the group had its first Top Ten hit when "Fool's Gold" climbed to number eight. By the end of the year, the band had moved from selling out clubs to selling out large theaters in the U.K.

For the first half of 1990, re-releases of the band's earlier singles clogged the charts. The group returned in July 1990 with the single "One Love," which entered the charts at number four. Prior to the release of "One Love," the Stone Roses organized their own festival at Spike Island in Widnes. The concert drew over 30,000 people and would prove to be their last concert in England for five years. After Spike Island, the group became embroiled in a vicious legal battle with Silvertone Records. The Stone Roses wanted to leave the label but Silvertone took out a court injunction against them, preventing the group from releasing any new material. For the next two years, the band fought Silvertone while allegedly preparing the follow-up to its debut album. However, the Stone Roses did next to nothing as the court case rolled on. In the meantime, several major record labels began negotiating with the band in secret. In March of 1991, the lawsuit went to court. Two months later, the band won its case against Silvertone and signed a multi-million deal with Geffen Records.

For the next three years, the Stone Roses worked sporadically on their second album, leaving behind scores of uncompleted tapes. During these years, the group kept a low profile in the press but that wasn't to preserve the mystique -- they simply weren't doing much of anything besides watching football. Finally, in the spring of 1994, Geffen demanded that the group finish the album and the band complied, completing the record, titled Second Coming, in the fall. "Love Spreads," the Stone Roses' comeback single, was debuted on Radio One in early November. The single received a lukewarm reaction and entered the charts at number two, not the expected number one. Second Coming received mixed reviews and only spent a few weeks in the Top Ten.

The Stone Roses planned an international tour in early 1995 to support the album, but the plans kept unraveling at the last minute. Before they could set out on tour, Reni left the band, leaving the group without a drummer. He was replaced by Robbie Maddix, who had previously played in Rebel MC. After Maddix joined the band, they embarked on a short American tour at the conclusion of which John Squire broke his collarbone in a bike accident. Squire's accident forced them to cancel a headlining spot at the 25th Glastonbury Festival, which would have been their first concert in the U.K. in five years. As Squire recuperated, the Stone Roses continued to sink in popularity and respect -- even as their peers, the Charlatans and former Happy Mondays vocalist Shaun Ryder, made unexpectedly triumphant comebacks.

The band added a keyboardist to the lineup prior to their U.K. tour at the end of 1995; it was the first British tour since 1990. In the spring of 1996, John Squire announced that he was leaving the band he'd founded in order to form a new, more active group. The Stone Roses announced their intention to carry on with a new guitarist, but by October of that year the group was finished. Squire's new band, Seahorses, released its debut album in June 1997, while Brown began a solo career in 1998 with Unfinished Monkey Business. Mani joined Primal Scream as full-time bassist, although he also played on several tours by Stereophonics.

Aside from continual denials from Squire and others that no reunion was forthcoming, there was no news about the Stone Roses for close to 15 years, until 2011. During the early part of the year -- after an emotional reunion of Brown and Squire at the funeral for Mani's mother -- rumors swirled that the Roses would be back for at least one show. Then, in October 2011, the band announced a full reunion, including tour dates that began with a three-show appearance in Manchester in late June of 2012, and extended through the entire festival season. By December, a recording contract had also been announced, with the band's future recordings appearing on Universal in Great Britain and Columbia in the United States. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Elephant Stone (Live) (Single)


Track List: Here It Comes (Live) (Single)


Track List: I Am The Resurrection (Live) (Single)


Track List: I Wanna Be Adored (Live) (Single)


Track List: Mersey Parade (Live) (Single)


Track List: She Bangs The Drums (Live) (Single)


Track List: Shoot You Down (Live) (Single)


Track List: Sugar Spun Sister (Live) (Single)


Track List: Where Angels Play (Live) (Single)


fuckn groovy!!
G.S F**king E!!
Used to hear this on radio in so cal all the time.
Please don,t split up.
June 9th - 1990, Glasgow Green. Still my favorite concert ever. Even if, at 16, I was too young to enjoy the rave instead of a support band
Incredible voice, guitars melodies A+++ - never heard it play on the radio in the U.S.; goes to show the control over what plays on mainstream radio. Thank you Pandora Radio for introducing me to Stone Roses.
Saw them in 1995 at Webster Hall in NYC. They came on very late but the show was terrific. Their first album is one of my all-time favorites - a true masterpiece, but there 2nd album is very good too. So ridiculous that they broke up afterwards.
claricentp91 7
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shawnnavuz71 1
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I was the 666th like
All I can say is THIS IS THE ONE truly magnificent and great to see them back even came to NZ
Soon guys, 3 weeks infact, I will see you. I've waited 24 yrs. I'm quietly s**tting myself with excitement.
A new album??? Sweet!
Just noticed the similarity to a favorite local band of mine: Floater
Lawyers suck s**t from good. The '89 album is kicker.
Love 'em, wish I could see them live.
super.duper. m o j o . s t o u t
The Mother F'ing Stone Roses! British Pop owes a lot to these guys. Ten Story Love Song / Daybreak are absolutely amazing.
A reunion and maybe (hopefully) a new album are in the works.
i've seen longer reviews
i'm glad i was able to see the stones roses, before they melted down, in nyc for their second coming tour....grea t show!
I love Pandora. It brings me to great music
one huuuuuge review
I only wish that they would have stayed together a bit longer. The music is so sublime and heavy. I could see Gorillaz covering them. Now that would be a tribute.
Love Spreads is the bomb but so are so many other of their tunes!
love spreads
Its not Blur or Oasis.....Th e Band is Stone Roses. Bravo.
Imagine what could've been!
Damm, just now I'm realizing, it was was tweenty years ago. I wish you guys hadn't quit. I got yur ablum secong coming in 1994, my dumbass didn't get stone rose (1989) till a few months ago. Damm what a fool I was.
Their debut album is probably my favorite album of all-time.
Stone Roses...Grea t 1st album. Loved the reference in "Shaun of the Dead"
amen i say to "gdover0", amen!
I love Second Coming as well - clearly we're not alone. Just watch "Shaun of the Dead"...the scene where they're deciding which albums to throw at the zombies is great...Simo n Pegg won't give up The Stone Roses, even though it's Second Coming. Great subtle humor.
I agree trigun666, Second Coming is awesome. Never understood why it got mixed reviews. Maybe it wasn't quite as good as their first album, but it was still great in its own right. So many bands that came after SR obviously were influenced by them, so they must have been pretty damn good.
This music is part of me, part of my past, my happy past.
desertrose20 0 4
Too bad they were so uninspired. Had so much potential. Their short discography is great.
I would love it if Phish covered the first Stone Roses album as their "costume" at the upcoming Halloween show. Won't happend though.
Great Brit band. I thought they were carrying the mod flag. Not an acid house band like Pandora has likened them to. The B-sides album Turns To Stone is my favorite with Mersey Paradise and The Hardest Thing In The World.
"Second coming" by the Stone Roses is 1 of my favorite albums...the critics disliked it though.. It still great anyway!!(eve n if only to me )
wowoowow =)
memories...g r e a t song!
The Stone Roses Rock!!!
Stones Roses is a true masterpiece. It all went downhill after that.
i dont have to sell my soul
hes already in me

i wanna be adored....
truly, the best, no?
I still think that if the second coming would have been more "begging you" and less "good times" that album would have killed!
Well, I'll be sure not to go to your orthodontic practice, because if the Stone Roses was the most influential band in your life you were probably high in dentist school. Or orthodontic school. Is there an orthodontic school? Man, how do you stick your hand in people's mouths all day. Do you just wake up one day saying, "I would really like my hand to be in someone's mouth all day." Well, you were probably thinking about that when you were high on ecstasy listening to The Stone Roses.
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