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One of the better British progressive bands of the early '70s, the Strawbs differed from their more successful compatriots -- the Moody Blues, King Crimson, Pink Floyd -- principally in that their sound originated in English folk music, rather than rock. Founded in 1967 as a bluegrass-based trio called the Strawberry Hill Boys by singer/guitarist Dave Cousins, the group at that time consisted of Cousins, guitarist/singer Tony Hooper, and mandolinist Arthur Phillips, who was replaced in 1968 by Ron Chesterman on bass. That same year, the group -- now rechristened the Strawbs, and doing repertory well beyond the bounds of bluegrass music -- briefly became a quartet with the temporary addition of Sandy Denny, who stayed long enough to record a relative handful of tracks with the group on the Hallmark label before joining Fairport Convention. In 1969, the Strawbs were signed to A&M Records, and cut their first album, the acoustic-textured Strawbs, that same year.

For their second album, Dragonfly, recorded and released the following year, the group broadened their sound with the presence of a group of session musicians, including piano/organist Rick Wakeman. Soon after the release of this record, the group became a full-fledged band with the addition not only of Wakeman but also Richard Hudson and John Ford, on drums and bass, respectively. These changes, coupled with Cousins' increasing dexterity on electric guitar, gave the Strawbs a much more powerful sound that was showcased on their next album.

The live Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios (1970) sold well, and was followed up the next year with From the Witchwood. In 1971, Wakeman left the Strawbs in order to join Yes; he was replaced by Blue Weaver formerly of the Amen Corner. Grave New World (1972) showed the band entering its strongest period, with Cousins' songwriting augmented by the new prowess of the composing team of Hudson and Ford. The record became their best-selling album to date. Unfortunately, its release also heralded the exit of Tony Hooper. He was replaced by Dave Lambert, a more aggressive, rock-oriented guitarist, and his addition brought the group into its peak period. The Strawbs' 1973 album, Bursting at the Seams, featured two Top Ten U.K. hits, "Lay Down" and "Part of the Union," and one album track, "Down by the Sea," racked up substantial airplay on American FM radio.

It was all too good to last, and it didn't. Blue Weaver left after one more tour, while Hudson and Ford exited to form Hudson-Ford, also signed to A&M. The Strawbs regrouped in 1974 with Hero and Heroine, recorded with a new lineup consisting of Cousins, Lambert, keyboardist John Hawken, bassist Chas Cronk, and drummer Rod Coombes. The new album was a critical and commercial failure in England, but proved popular in America. Their next two albums, Ghosts (1975) and Nomadness (1976), both did better in the U.S. than they did in the U.K. None of this was enough to sustain the group, however, which continued to lose members and also left A&M Records.

Two more albums on the Oyster label were poorly distributed and received, and one album for Arista, Deadlines (1978), was a failure, while a second record for the label was never released. The group ceased to exist at the end of the 1970s, and Cousins embarked on some solo projects in association with guitarist Brian Willoughby that attracted the interest of die-hard fans but few others. That might have been the end of the group's history, if it hadn't been for an invitation to play the 1983 Cambridge Folk Festival. The Strawbs responded, in the guise of Cousins, Hooper, Hudson, Ford, Weaver, and Willoughby, and the response was so favorable that a tour was scheduled, which, in turn, led to their return to America in the mid-'80s. The group followed this up with two new studio albums released in Canada.

In 1993, they released their own retrospective concert album Greatest Hits Live!, which summed up many of the high points of their history. The group continued to play throughout the decade and into the following century, issuing a slew of live efforts and studio albums. 2008 saw the original lineup from the Hero and Heroine era returning to the studio to record The Broken Hearted Bride, a return-to-form effort that solidified the band's staying power. ~ Bruce Eder
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Of A Time

1. Where Is The Dream Of Your Youth

2. Poor Jimmy Wilson

3. Just The Same In Every Way

4. Tell Me What You See In Me

5. Stay Awhile With Me

6. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus

7. And You Need Me

8. All The Little Ladies

9. Ah Me Ah My

10. And You Need Me (Reprise) & Josephine For Better Or For Worse

11. Whichever Way The Wind Blows

12. Sweetling

13. All I Need Is You

14. How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite

15. Oh How She Changed (First Single 2006 Remix)

16. Or Am I Dreaming (First Single 2006 Remix)

17. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus (1971 Remix)

18. Whichever Way The Wind Blows (1973 Remix)

19. And You Need Me (1973 Remix)

20. Just The Same In Every Way (1973 Remix)

21. Poor Old Man (Out-Takes)

22. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus (Out-Takes)

23. Ed Sullivan (Out-Takes)

24. Young Again (Unreleased Version)


Track List: All Our Own Work

1. On My Way

2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

3. Tell Me What You See In Me

5. Stay Awhile With Me

7. All I Need Is You

8. How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite

9. Sail Away To The Sea

10. Sweetling

11. Nothing Else Will Do

12. And You Need Me

13. Two Weeks Last Summer

14. Nothing Else Will Do

15. Tell Me What You See In Me

16. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

17. Stay Awhile With Me

18. And You Need Me

19. I've Been My Own Worst Friend

20. Poor Jimmy Wilson


Track List: Dancing To The Devil's Beat

1. Revenge (Can Be So Sweet)

2. Beneath The Angry Sky

3. Copenhagen

4. Pro Patria Suite

5. Where Silent Shadows Fall

6. The Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby

7. The Ballad Of Jay And Rose Mary

8. Dancing To The Devil's Beat

9. Oh How She Changed


Track List: A Taste Of Strawbs

Disc 1

4. Not All The Flowers Grow

6. Sail Away To The Sea

8. Oh How She Changed

15. Another Day

Disc 2

7. Part Of The Union

9. Whichever Way The Wind Blows

15. Lemon Pie

17. So Shall Our Love Die?

19. Absent Friend (How I Need You)

Disc 3

4. Deadly Nightshade

16. Evergreen

Disc 4

6. Hero And Heroine

10. Alice's Song

15. Dragonfly

Disc 5

7. Barcarole (For The Death Of Venice)

8. Time And Life

9. Heartbreaker

11. Lay Down


Track List: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of The Strawbs

1. Lay Down

2. Lemon Pie

3. Starshine / Angel Wine

4. Part Of The Union

5. Hero And Heroine

6. Round And Round

7. Autumn A. Heroine's Theme B. Deep Summer's Sleep C. The Winter Long

8. Grace Darling

9. Ghosts A Sweet Dreams B. Night Light C. Guardian Angel

10. Benedictus


Track List: Acoustic Strawbs

1. Tears And Pavan

2. Remembering

3. You And I (When We Were Young)

4. Evergreen

5. Ghosts

6. There Will Come A Day

7. Not All The Flowers Grow

9. The Golden Salamander

10. The River

11. Down By The Sea

13. Benedictus

14. Alice's Song


Track List: Burning For You

1. Burning For Me

2. Cut Like A Diamond

3. I Feel Your Loving Coming On

4. Barcarole (For The Death Of Venice)

5. Alexander The Great

6. Keep On Trying

7. Back In The Old Routine

8. Heartbreaker

9. Carry Me Home

10. Goodbye (Is Not An Easy Word To Say)

11. Joey & Me (Bonus Track)


Track List: Nomadness

1. To Be Free

2. Little Sleepy

3. Golden Salamander

4. Absent Friend (How I Need You)

5. Back On The Farm

6. So Shall Our Love Die?

7. Tokyo Rosie

8. Mind Of My Own

9. Hanging In The Gallery

10. Promised Land

11. Still Small Voice

12. It's Good To See The Sun


Track List: Dragonfly

1. The Weary Song

2. Dragonfly

3. I Turned My Face To The Wind

4. Josephine, For Better Or Worse

5. Another Day

6. 'til The Sun Comes Shining Through

7. Young Again

8. The Vision Of The Lady In The Lake

9. Close Youe Eyes

10. We'll Meet Again Sometime (Bonus)

11. Forever (Single A-Side)

12. Another Day (Bonus)

13. We'll Meet Again Sometime (Bonus)


Track List: Bursting At The Seam

4. The River

5. Down By The Sea

6. Part Of The Union

7. Tears And Pavan

9. Lay Down


Track List: Deep Cuts

1. I Only Want My Love To Grow In You

2. Turn Me Round

3. Hard, Hard Winter

4. My Friend Peter

5. The Soldier's Tale

6. Simple Visions

7. Charmer

8. (Wasting My Time) Thinking Of You

9. Beside The Rio Grande

10. So Close And Yet So Far Away

11. You Won't See The Light (Bonus Track)


Track List: Ghosts

2. Lemon Pie

3. Starshine / Angel Wine

7. Remembering

8. You And I (When We Were Young)

9. Grace Darling


Track List: Halcyon Days - The A&M Years

Disc 1

4. The Weary Song

17. 2 Weeks Last Summer

Disc 2

Track List: Hero And Heroine

5. Hero And Heroine

8. Round And Round

11. Still Small Voice


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No "Ghosts" or "Hero and Heroine" yet???

Report as inappropriate
Still can't figure out if Part of the Union is a pro- or anti-union song. Does that make it superbly or poorly written? IMO, the band was stronger without Hudson-Ford, but have to love two guys with car names. In retrospect, they should have joined The Cars.
Report as inappropriate
Love the Strawbs but have to laugh that Dave Cousins thought 'Lemon Pie' would be a commercial hit in 1975...a great musician but no hand on the pulse of the popular mood t the dawn of disco.
Report as inappropriate
Are still playing in concert I ll love to see in use to here from the band in late 70 so good band
Report as inappropriate
Agree add Hero and Heroine and Ghosts. The best Strawbs line up. Also add their later music as they reunite
Report as inappropriate
Pandora..... a d d "Ghosts" and "Hero and Heroine" to get more thumb-ups!
Report as inappropriate
The Blue Weaver and John Hawkin eras were my favorite, and apparently their most successful. Great music, vocals and musicianship . Their albums are never far away........ . . . . . .
Report as inappropriate
one of the better prog bands goes the bio ... I don't think so ..I would better call it pop (or mamby-pamby) prog ... meant not to offend anybody ... e.g. KEmerson didn't care.. he wrote and played to please the fans!!!
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The Strawbs has been one of my top two favorite bands of all time.
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until a strawbs concert i never saw a guitar play itself !!
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Brilliant band---I never get tired of hearing Hero and Heroine and Bursting at the Seams. Cousins' voice perfectly fits the music; saw him a few years ago and he sounds the exact same. Have to disagree with the bio; replacement of Lambert for Hooper improved the band...harde n e d the sound and made it less spacy. Can't get through a fall without hearing Autumn. Love these guys.
Report as inappropriate
Where is the thumbs down button?
Nevermind - found it...
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Thanks for changing the bio to info on The Strawbs.
Report as inappropriate
What happened to the bio??? This is like looking up the Beatles and getting a bio on Stuart Sutcliffe, whoever he was. Love ya Pandora, time to fix the bio here. We want to hear about Cousins, Lambert, Hudson, Ford, and even Wakeman. Yea, Wakeman was in the Strawbs before he joined Yes.
Report as inappropriate
well don't listen to it bobonnit, then. Why do you listen to music anyway? Music is about feelings, and feelings make you a sissy.
Report as inappropriate
These guys sound like a bunch of sissies
Report as inappropriate
Ridiculous review not about the Strawbs at all. Does a disservice to this amazing group. Pandora - fix this issue.
Report as inappropriate
This is the STRAWBS, NOT Sandy Denny. Pandora, change description and picture. Hello!
Report as inappropriate
Great Prog band from the 70s of course. I also second the comment on Grave New World one of the true masterpieces of its era. But we cant have it all.
Report as inappropriate
Ghosts?? Where is Ghosts??
Report as inappropriate
I'm a union man .... Song of the millennium! And I'm not a unionist
Report as inappropriate
Where is Grave New World, Bursting At The Seams, Antiques & Curios? Some of their best!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I cant believe pandora doesnt have Strawbs GRAVE NEW WORLD album in the discology! that's a travesty!
Report as inappropriate
One of the best concerts I ever experienced. March 1975 their debut at the Beacon Theater. I was 15. One great song after another, it just kept getting better. They ended with Hero and Heroine, Round and Round, Lay Down, and then Down By The Sea. I was blown away.

Bio has nothing to do with the Strawbs.
Report as inappropriate
Well - I stand corrected! The bio is current - my apologies for the doubts! (now - about the limited selection... . . . . )
Report as inappropriate
I don't know if it will help, but I emailed Pandora about the bio mess up, and also about the very limited Strawbs selection available - hope it does some good, as I doubt those who can do anything about it read these boards...
Report as inappropriate
I've posted this before but it bears repeating... W T F does this have to do with the Strawbs? Come on Pandora get it right as there's a lengthy body of their work to chronicle.
Report as inappropriate
empath_eilee n
I love the Strawbs but all of the cuts from the 20th Century Masters album sound like watered down versions that were re-recorded when they were quite beyond their prime.
Report as inappropriate
BIO fixed ... sighned u
Report as inappropriate
are you kiding ?
Report as inappropriate
you are great!... so is like ...a ...trip???
Report as inappropriate
A Strawbs bio without even mentioning David Cousins is meaningless.
Report as inappropriate
i also seen strawbs at the capitol in passaic nj with ambrosia as the opening act. really talented bands .mid 70s was the time frame. barcarole is a ine tune as well
Report as inappropriate
This bio is waaaaaaay off base. Is the Bio on Zep this same one? After all - she did sing on one of their songs so she obviously was the force behind their greatness
Get a clue Pandora
Report as inappropriate
WTF does this have to do with the Strawbs? Come on Pandora get it right as there's a lengthy body of their work to chronicle.
Report as inappropriate
Very unsatisfying and incomplete bio. The Discography was way too sparse as well.
Report as inappropriate
Check out http://www.p r x . o r g / p i e c e s / 4 7 8 9 - s t r a w b s - i n t e r v i e w
The band was very giving of their time at the station where I have done a show for over 20 years.
Report as inappropriate
Strawbs is a terrific but terribly underappreci a t e d band. The bio statement given by Pandora does not really say much about the band itself. Dave Cousins is the main fellow. I don't understand why Sandy Denny is the main focus of the bio. She was great, don't get me wrong. But she wasn't a core member of the band. Regardless, Hero and Heroine is a superb record. Lyrically, it is one of the best ever. Ive seen Strawbs several times at several venues. Superb! To my love-- LMWNA!!
Report as inappropriate
saw them at the commack arena in 1975..? with brian auger and blue oyster cult...great show...down by the sea rocks!
Report as inappropriate
This is the bio for Sandy Denny, not The Strawbs.
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Report as inappropriate
I saw them at the Capitol Theatre several times. What an awesome band.
Report as inappropriate
seen them at the capitol th passaic nj whoelse was there?
Report as inappropriate
If you are new to the Strawbs, may I recommend Grave New World to you. Absolutely fantastic!
Report as inappropriate
Discovering Pandora has meant rediscoverin g music that I loved growing up. I had not thought about the Strawbs in a very long time.
Report as inappropriate
i got the LP when it was new ..... it never gets old to me.
Report as inappropriate
these guys are amaazing
Report as inappropriate
"Deep Cuts" is their best.... I have the vinyl...the cassette...t h e C.D. ...been a fan since 1977...
Report as inappropriate
I`d never heard of them until pandora, but they sound pretty good.
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