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Taj Mahal

One of the most prominent figures in late 20th century blues, singer/multi-instrumentalist Taj Mahal played an enormous role in revitalizing and preserving traditional acoustic blues. Not content to stay within that realm, Mahal soon broadened his approach, taking a musicologist's interest in a multitude of folk and roots music from around the world -- reggae and other Caribbean folk, jazz, gospel, R&B, zydeco, various West African styles, Latin, even Hawaiian. The African-derived heritage of most of those forms allowed Mahal to explore his own ethnicity from a global perspective and to present the blues as part of a wider musical context. Yet while he dabbled in many different genres, he never strayed too far from his laid-back country blues foundation. Blues purists naturally didn't have much use for Mahal's music, and according to some of his other detractors, his multi-ethnic fusions sometimes came off as indulgent, or overly self-conscious and academic. Still, Mahal's concept was vindicated in the '90s, when a cadre of young bluesmen began to follow his lead -- both acoustic revivalists (Keb' Mo', Guy Davis) and eclectic bohemians (Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart).

Taj Mahal was born Henry St. Clair Fredericks in New York on May 17, 1942. His parents -- his father a jazz pianist/composer/arranger of Jamaican descent, his mother a schoolteacher from South Carolina who sang gospel -- moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, when he was quite young, and while growing up there, he often listened to music from around the world on his father's short-wave radio. He particularly loved the blues -- both acoustic and electric -- and early rock & rollers like Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. While studying agriculture and animal husbandry at the University of Massachusetts, he adopted the musical alias Taj Mahal (an idea that came to him in a dream) and formed Taj Mahal & the Elektras, who played around the area during the early '60s. After graduating, Mahal moved to Los Angeles in 1964 and, after making his name on the local folk-blues scene, formed the Rising Sons with guitarist Ry Cooder. The group signed to Columbia and released one single, but the label didn't quite know what to make of their forward-looking blend of Americana, which anticipated a number of roots rock fusions that would take shape in the next few years; as such, the album they recorded sat on the shelves, unreleased until 1992.

Frustrated, Mahal left the group and wound up staying with Columbia as a solo artist. His self-titled debut was released in early 1968 and its stripped-down approach to vintage blues sounds made it unlike virtually anything else on the blues scene at the time. It came to be regarded as a classic of the '60s blues revival, as did its follow-up, Natch'l Blues. The half-electric, half-acoustic double-LP set Giant Step followed in 1969, and taken together, those three records built Mahal's reputation as an authentic yet unique modern-day bluesman, gaining wide exposure and leading to collaborations or tours with a wide variety of prominent rockers and bluesmen. During the early '70s, Mahal's musical adventurousness began to take hold; 1971's Happy Just to Be Like I Am heralded his fascination with Caribbean rhythms and the following year's double-live set, The Real Thing, added a New Orleans-flavored tuba section to several tunes. In 1973, Mahal branched out into movie soundtrack work with his compositions for Sounder, and the following year he recorded his most reggae-heavy outing, Mo' Roots.

Mahal continued to record for Columbia through 1976, upon which point he switched to Warner Bros.; he recorded three albums for that label, all in 1977 (including a soundtrack for the film Brothers). Changing musical climates, however, were decreasing interest in Mahal's work and he spent much of the '80s off record, eventually moving to Hawaii to immerse himself in another musical tradition. Mahal returned in 1987 with Taj, an album issued by Gramavision that explored this new interest; the following year, he inaugurated a string of successful, well-received children's albums with Shake Sugaree. The next few years brought a variety of side projects, including a musical score for the lost Langston Hughes/Zora Neale Hurston play Mule Bone that earned Mahal a Grammy nomination in 1991.

The same year marked Mahal's full-fledged return to regular recording and touring, kicked off with the first of a series of well-received albums on the Private Music label, Like Never Before. Follow-ups, such as Dancing the Blues (1993) and Phantom Blues (1996), drifted into more rock, pop, and R&B-flavored territory; in 1997, Mahal won a Grammy for Señor Blues. Meanwhile, he undertook a number of small-label side projects that constituted some of his most ambitious forays into world music. Released in 1995, Mumtaz Mahal teamed him with classical Indian musicians; 1998's Sacred Island was recorded with his new Hula Blues Band, exploring Hawaiian music in greater depth; 1999's Kulanjan was a duo performance with Malian kora player Toumani Diabaté. Maestro appeared in 2008, boasting an array of all-star guests: Diabaté, Angélique Kidjo, Ziggy Marley, Los Lobos, Jack Johnson, and Ben Harper. A holiday album with the Blind Boys of Alabama, Talkin' Christmas, appeared in time for the season in 2014. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

Disc 1

1. Statesboro Blues

4. Candy Man

16. Take A Giant Step

18. Dust My Broom

19. Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Disc 2

1. Leaving Trunk

2. Statesboro Blues

3. Checkin' Up On My Baby

4. Everybody's Got To Change Sometime

6. Dust My Broom

7. Diving Duck Blues

8. The Celebrated Walkin' Blues

Disc 3

1. Good Morning Miss Brown

2. Corinna

3. I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll

4. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue

5. Done Changed My Way Of Living

6. She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride

7. The Cuckoo

9. Ain't That A Lot Of Love

11. New Stranger Blues

12. Things Are Gonna Work Out Fine

Disc 4

1. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')

2. Take A Giant Step

4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

5. You're Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond

6. Six Days On The Road

8. Keep Your Hands Off Her

9. Bacon Fat

Disc 5

1. Linin' Track

2. Country Blues #1

3. Wild Ox Moan

4. Light Rain Blues

5. A Little Soulful Tune

6. Candy Man

7. Cluck Old Hen

8. Colored Aristocracy

9. Blind Boy Rag

10. Stagger Lee

11. Cajun Tune

12. Fishin Blues

13. Annie's Lover

Disc 6

1. Fishin' Blues

2. Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')

3. Sweet Mama Janisse

4. Going Up To The Country And Paint My Mailbox Blue

6. You're Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond

7. Tom And Sally Drake

8. Diving Duck Blues

9. John, Ain't It Hard

10. She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride

Disc 7

1. Happy Just To Be Like I Am

2. Stealin'

3. Oh Susanna

4. Eighteen Hammers

5. Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day

6. Chevrolet

7. West Indian Revelation

8. Black Spirit Boogie

Disc 8

2. Kalimba

3. Bound To Love Me Some

6. Corinna

8. Cakewalk Into Town

9. Sweet Home Chicago

10. Texas Woman Blues

Disc 9

2. Sounder Chase A Coon

3. Needed Time (Hummin' And Pickin')

4. Morning Work /N' Meat's On The Stove

5. I'm Running And I'm Happy

6. Speedball

7. Goin' To The Country/Critters In The Woods

8. Motherless Children

9. Jailhouse Blues

10. Just Workin'

11. Harriet's Dance Song

12. Two Spirits Reunited

13. David Runs Again

14. Curiosity Blues

15. Someday Be A Change

16. Horseshoes

17. Cheraw

18. David's Dream

19. Needed Time (Guitar)

20. Needed Time (Banjo And Hand Clapping)

Disc 10

1. Buck Dancer's Choice

4. Frankie And Albert

5. Railroad Bill

6. Dust My Broom

7. Built For Comfort

Disc 11

2. Blackjack Davey

3. Big Mama

4. Cajun Waltz

5. Slave Driver

6. Why Did You Have To Desert Me

7. Desperate Lover

8. Clara (St. Kitts Woman)

Disc 12

1. Music Keeps Me Together

3. Dear Ladies

4. Aristocracy

5. Further On Down The Road

6. Roll, Turn, Spin

7. West Indian Revelation

8. My Ancestors

9. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

10. Why? And We Repeat Why? And We Repeat

Disc 13

1. Satisfied 'n Tickled Too

2. New E-Z Rider Blues

3. Black Man, Brown Man

4. Baby Love

5. Ain't Nobody's Business

6. Misty Morning Ride

9. We Tune

Disc 14

1. Chainey Do

2. Sweet Mama Janisse

3. Yan-Nah Mama-Loo

4. Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day

5. I Pity The Poor Immigrant

6. Jacob's Ladder

7. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')

8. Sweet Mama Janisse

10. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

11. Shady Grove

12. Butter

Disc 15

3. Band Introduction


Track List: The Hidden Treasures Of Taj Mahal 1969 - 1973


Track List: Maestro

1. Scratch My Back

2. Never Let You Go

3. Dust Me Down

4. Further On Down The Road

5. Black Man, Brown Man

6. Zanzibar

7. Tv Mama

8. I Can Make You Happy

9. Slow Drag

10. Hello Josephine

11. Strong Man Holler

12. Diddy Wah Diddy


Track List: Songs For The Young At Heart

1. Banana Boat Song

5. Fishin' Blues

7. Funky Bluesy ABC's

8. Shake Sugaree

9. Quavi, Quavi

10. A Soulful Tune

14. Follow The Drinking Gourd

15. Little Brown Dog


Track List: The Essential: Taj Mahal

Disc 1

1. Leaving Trunk

2. Statesboro Blues

3. The Celebrated Walkin' Blues

4. She Caught The Katy (And Left Me A Mule To Ride)

5. Corinna

6. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue

7. Take A Giant Step

8. Six Days On The Road

9. Country Blues

10. Fishin' Blues

11. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Anymo') (Live)

12. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

13. Happy Just To Be Like I Am

14. West Indian Revelation

15. Texas Woman Blues

16. Cakewalk Into Town

17. Frankie & Albert (Live)

18. Railroad Bill

Disc 2

1. Johnny Too Bad

2. Slave Driver

3. (Clara) St. Kitts Woman

4. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul

5. Satisfied 'N' Tickled Too

9. Don't Call Us

10. Big Legged Mommas Are Back In Style

11. That's How Strong My Love Is

12. Here In The Dark

13. Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes

15. The New Hula Blues


Track List: Sugar Mama Blues

1. Good Morning Miss Brown

2. Going Up To The Country And Paint My Mailbox Blue

3. Freight Train

4. Baby You're My Destiny

5. You're Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond

6. Corrina (Aka Corrine Corrina)

7. Queen Bee

8. Sugar Mama Blues

9. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl


Track List: Hanapepe Dream


Track List: Best Of The Private Years

1. Blues Ain't Nothin'

2. Here In The Dark

3. Mind Your Own Business

4. Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes

6. Ooh Poo Pah Doo

7. The Hoochi Coochi Coo

8. Mr. Pitiful

10. I'm Ready

11. Sophisticated Mama

12. Mockingbird

13. That's How Strong My Love Is


Track List: In Progress & In Motion (1965-1998)

Disc 1

1. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

5. Buck Dancer's Choice

6. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue

7. She Caught The Katy & Left Me A Mule To Ride

8. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')

9. Stagger Lee

10. Built For Comfort

11. Natural Man

12. Railroad Bill

13. Texas Woman Blues

14. Early In The Morning

16. Blind Boy Rag

Disc 2

1. Oh, Susanna

2. Cakewalk Into Town

3. Fishin' Blues

4. Nobody's Business But My Own

6. Little Red Hen Blues

7. Mary Don't You Weep

8. Sweet Home Chicago

10. M'Banjo

11. Statesboro Blues

12. Bye & Bye

13. Six Days On The Road

15. Ain't It Funky Now

16. Tom & Sally Drake

Disc 3

1. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul

2. West Indian Revelation

3. Eighteen Hammers

4. Johnny Too Bad

5. Slave Driver

6. (Clara) St. Kitts Woman

9. But I Rode Some

18. Ain't That A Lot Of Love

19. Take A Giant Step


Track List: Senor Blues

1. Queen Bee

2. Think

3. Irresistable You

4. Having A Real Bad Day

5. Senor Blues

6. Sophisticated Mama

7. Oh Lord, Things Are Getting Crazy Up In Here

8. I Miss You Baby

9. You Rascal You

10. Mind Your Business

11. 21st Century Gypsy Singin' Lover Man

12. At Last (I Found A Love)

13. Mr. Pitiful


Track List: Dancing The Blues

1. Blue's Ain't Nothin'

2. Hard Way

3. Strut

4. Going To The River

5. Mockingbird

6. Blue Light Boogie

7. The Hoochi Coochi Coo

8. That's How Strong My Love Is

9. Down Home Girl

10. Stranger In My Own Home Town

11. Sitting On Top Of The World

12. I'm Ready

13. I Can't Help Myself (Sugarpie Honeybunch) (Bonus Track)


Track List: Mo' Roots

1. Johnny Too Bad

2. Blackjack Davey

3. Big Mama

4. Cajun Waltz

5. Slave Driver

6. Why Did You Have To Desert Me?

7. Desperate Lover

8. Clara (St. Kitts Woman)


Track List: Giant Step / De Ole Folks At Home

1. Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie Anymo

2. Take A Giant Step

3. Give Your Woman What She Wants

4. Good Morning Little School Girl

5. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

6. Six Days On The Road

7. Farther On Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me)

8. Keep Your Hands Off Her

9. Bacon Fat

10. Linin Track

11. Country Blues #1

12. Wild Ox Moan

13. Light Rain Blues

14. A Little Soulful Tune

15. Candy Man

16. Cluck Old Hen

17. Colored Aristocracy

18. Blind Boy Rag

19. Stagger Lee

20. Cajun Tune

21. Fishin Blues

22. Annie's Lover


Track List: Taj Mahal

1. Leaving Trunk

2. Statesboro Blues

3. Checkin' Up On My Baby

4. Everybody's Got To Change Sometime

5. E Z Rider

6. Dust My Broom

7. Diving Duck Blues

8. The Celebrated Walkin' Blues


Track List: The Natch'l Blues

1. Good Morning Miss Brown

2. Corinna

3. I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll

4. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue

5. Done Changed My Way Of Living

6. She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride

7. The Cuckoo

8. You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry)

9. Ain't That A Lot Of Love

10. The Cuckoo (Alternate Version)

11. New Stranger Blues

12. Things Are Gonna Work Out Fine


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Taj is a true American Treasure. They don't play this stuff in Indonesia, China or Russia.
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I left out one thing !!! Hmmm check out all the up n comin young bluesmen. A domino effect...the blues will never die. If u don't like the blues, then u have a hole in your soul.... Stevie ray told me that backstage in reno a few yrs before we lost him....I found that to be a very honest n true quote that'll stay w me forever....
Report as inappropriate
One of the best ever...and so under appreciated.
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coleman3.edw i n
The real deal. Beautiful work Taj. As always.
Report as inappropriate
That's what I'm talkin' bout, early in the morning too...what?? ?
Report as inappropriate
Badass blues musician. One of the best over the past 50 years.
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Report as inappropriate
Jesse Ed Davis playing some amazing stuff here
Report as inappropriate
Nobody else is like Taj Mahal. He's compiled an unbelievable catalog of soul, blues, and R&B. The man has the deepest roots and better musical instincts than most any soul, blues, or R&B performer I can think of. Some may be better in their niche, but Taj can't be pigeon holed.
Report as inappropriate
Love blues music. To be able to listen to blues whenever I like is great.
Report as inappropriate
One of my fav.s is 'Built For Comfort ' from the early 70's.
Report as inappropriate
Big Legged Mommas Are Back In Style - I wanted to post that 'Like Never Before' isn't listed but then I saw it's a selected discography. Started loving his work in Boulder Jan, 1970 and finally saw him at Gruene Hall in 2012. My live music experience has increased greatly since moving from MI to central TX.
Report as inappropriate
LONG LIVE TAJ indeed! We waited 11 yrs to see him live, back in the mid 80's at a club in Phoenix, where he mesmerized us further with his musical knowledge backstage. 25... + years later, we enjoyed a 2nd performance at UCLA's ROYCE HALL. Brilliant, soulful is an understateme n t .
Report as inappropriate
Taj Mahal was THE BEST act in the Rolling Stone Circus when playing with his band.
Report as inappropriate
I saw this awesome man in a club in
charlottesvi l l e , VA. in 68 or 69. Loved him then and love him now. I'm just a few decades behind in gathering his discs. Thanks to Pandora's bio, I have my list....
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This is my godmother s father
Report as inappropriate
1968 Avalon Ballroom. Unforgettabl e .
Report as inappropriate
Taj, a real musicologist and scholar...
Report as inappropriate
...Moses stood on the Red Sea shore, smokin' that water with a two by four.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Treats his craft like a curator. So talented and farsighted. Preserving sounds that might otherwise be lost is a mission for him. A blessing for the rest of us.
Report as inappropriate
Ohyeaaaa taj mahal
Report as inappropriate
Went to a Taj Mahal/Bonnie Raitt concert a few years back. It ended up being my first date with my future wife.
Report as inappropriate
Another glorious God given bluesman. Thank you,Taj Mahal !
Report as inappropriate
his early band KICKED A**! and the way he attacked that poor little harmonica... o o o w e e e e e e !
Report as inappropriate
love this man and his family, I have had the pleasure of knowing them for 20+years, watch now for his children, Imon Starr and Deva Mahal up and coming with the natch'l talent and originality that has always been a Mahal tradition, they come by it honestly
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walking shoes the best!
Report as inappropriate
Had the pleasure of working stAGE MONITORS FOR tAJ FEW YRS BACK ,,, WHAT A MAN ,,, A TRUES BLUESMAN
Report as inappropriate
Saw Taj @ Wanee Fest last yr. He was the highlight of the festival for me.
Report as inappropriate
catfish blues?
Report as inappropriate
Need to hear catfish blues
Report as inappropriate
check out THE NATCH'L BLUES lp!
Report as inappropriate
freddieteacu p s
I've been a fan ever since, as a schoolboy in London, I heard his first album in 1968. Loved his music ever since. Has there ever been a biography written about him? I saw him at the Royal Albert Hall on a promo tour for all the Columbia label artists at that time and he's the only one still out there playing gigs and recording. Long Live Taj.
Report as inappropriate
alwhitehurst 5
Discovered Taj opening for Loggins & Messina in Fresno in about 1973 or 1974. Poor Loggins & Messina--did n ' t know what hit 'em. Taj is just the best. Finding his music was like the first taste of ice cream, or the first time--well, whatever. He got this white boy deeply into the blues.
Report as inappropriate
scottcampbel l 1 9 5 8
Taj Mahal is brilliant, despite whatever petty feud some blowhard jackass has with the man. Elmore James would have loved Taj.
Report as inappropriate
Thank you David. I like your use of the word venom. We dont need it here.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Has anyone seen Taj lately?
Report as inappropriate
I have loved every song I've ever heard Taj sing, going all the way back to Happy Just To Be Like I Am, in 1972. Thank You Taj for forty years of pure enjoyment.
Report as inappropriate
Taj introduced the world to Jesse Ed Davis (guitar). His best recorded work features this gifted guitar player.
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@ David Bainbridge,W E L L SAID!
Report as inappropriate
Yeah, Taj is great. Keb is good too. Alvin Hart dynamite. These are the guys that influence my playing.
Report as inappropriate
bmontgomery1 5
When I was a teenager I heard Taj's Fishin' Blues and that is what turned me on to the blues. That and having the good fortune to accidentally see Muddy Waters in a small venue. I have been a blues fan ever since (over 40 years now).
Report as inappropriate
@ David Stuart Brown, why all the venom? Unfortunatel y for you this isn't the 30's or the 40's. Every artist has built upon and borrowed from previous generations of artists. Taj makes music that people like, and your bitter post is not going to change that. Enjoy the artists you enjoy and let others do the same, without all the hate.
Report as inappropriate
F**k him he is all bullshit in the 30s and 40s he would be hard pressed to find work he could not carry Elmore James guitar.I have a 50 year feud with this scumbag. He should fess up that he is all bullshit.Sto l e n muisic and stolen ideas
Report as inappropriate
Taj is the greatest and most diverse artist out there. Especially puts other live music to shame. He has not visited Austin, TX in to many years and is missed horribly.
Report as inappropriate
Some good Sunday blues clean-the-ho u s e and get-stuff-do n e music!!
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