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Tower Of Power

The renowned horn-driven funk outfit Tower of Power have been issuing albums and touring the world steadily since the early '70s, in addition to backing up countless other musicians. The group's leader since the beginning has always been tenor saxophonist Emilio Castillo, who was born in Detroit but opted to pursue his musical dreams in Oakland, California. It was in Oakland that Castillo put together a group called the Motowns, which, as their name suggested, specialized in '60s-era soul. In 1967, Castillo teamed up with baritone sax player Stephen "Doc" Kupka, and soon the Motowns were transformed into Tower of Power. (One of the first tunes the duo penned together was "You're Still a Young Man," which would eventually go on to be one of Tower of Power's signature compositions.)

Tower of Power played regularly in the Bay Area throughout the late '60s, as their lineup often swelled up to ten members, including such other mainstays as Greg Adams on trumpet and vocals, Lenny Pickett on sax, and Rocco Prestia on bass. By 1970, the funk outfit had inked a recording contract with Bill Graham's San Francisco Records, resulting in the group's debut the same year, East Bay Grease, which failed to make an impression on the charts as Tower of Power were still trying to find their own sound.

But it soon came together for the group, as 1972's Bump City would touch off a string of classic hit albums, including 1973's self-titled release (which introduced vocalist Lenny Williams and included another of the group's most enduring tunes, "What Is Hip?"), 1974's Back to Oakland, and 1975's Urban Renewal and In the Slot. While Tower of Power remained a must-see live act, as disco became the new trend in R&B the group's original funk-laden style fell out of favor, and disco-oriented albums like 1978's We Came to Play and 1979's Back on the Streets didn't please critics or fans, and the band would go nine years without releasing an album.

Despite it all, Tower of Power -- in particular their horn section -- remained a much in-demand backing group for some of pop/rock's biggest names, including Elton John, Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis, Little Feat, David Sanborn, Michelle Shocked, Paula Abdul, Aaron Neville, Aerosmith, Public Image Ltd., and many others. In 1988, Tower of Power returned to the studio for the album Power, and in 1991 they signed with Epic Records, where they released five albums by the end of the decade.

Into the new millennium, Tower of Power kept up their reputation as a strong live band, maintaining a steady touring schedule, and in 2009 they launched their own TOP Records label with The Great American Soulbook, in which they covered a dozen soul and R&B classics in the trademark Tower of Power style. In 2007, Tower of Power celebrated their fourth decade together with a special concert at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium, and a year later the show was issued in a special CD/DVD package, simply titled 40th Anniversary. In 2013, Tower of Power took a look back with the release of Hipper Than Hip: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, which documented a live radio broadcast from 1974. The bandmembers also announced they would be touring in 2013 and 2014 with two other iconic acts from Northern California, Journey and the Steve Miller Band. ~ Greg Prato & Steve Leggett
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: 40th Anniversary (Live)

Disc 1

1. We Came To Play

2. Soul With A Capital "S"

3. Can't Stand To See The Slaughter

4. Down To The Nightclub

5. It's Not The Crime

6. You Got To Funkifize

7. As Surely As I Stand Here

8. So I Got To Groove

9. This Time It's Real

10. Souled Out

11. Time Will Tell

12. Only So Much Oil In The Ground

13. Credit

14. A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing)

15. What Is Hip?

16. You're Still A Young Man

17. Knock Yourself Out

Disc 2

Track List: Great American Soulbook

1. You Met Your Match

2. I Thank You

3. Loveland

4. It Takes Two

5. Me And Mrs. Jones

6. Star Time (Tribute To James Brown)

7. Mr. Pitiful

8. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

9. Since You've Been Gone (Baby, Baby, Sweet Baby)

10. (Heaven Must Have Sent) Your Precious Love

11. 634-5789

12. Who Is He And What Is He To You


Track List: Collection

1. What Is Hip?

2. Clever Girl

3. This Time It's Real

4. Will I Ever Find A Love?

5. Get Yo Feet Back On The Ground

6. So Very Hard To Go

7. Soul Vaccination

8. Both Sorry Over Nothin

9. Clean Slate

10. Just Another Day


Track List: Rhino Hi-Five: Tower Of Power

1. You're Still A Young Man

2. So Very Hard To Go

3. This Time It's Real

4. What Is Hip?

5. Time Will Tell


Track List: The Oakland Zone

1. Eastside...

2. Give Me Your Love

3. Get What You Want

4. Could've Done It Better

5. This Type Of Funk

6. Pocketful Of Soul

7. Remember Love

8. Oakland Zone

9. Life Is What You Make It

10. Happy 'Bout That

11. Stranger In My Own House

12. Back In The Day

13. Page One

14. ...Eastside


Track List: Soul With A Capital "S" - The Best Of Tower Of Power

1. Attitude Dance

2. Soul With A Capital 'S'

3. Souled Out

4. So I Got To Groove

5. Diggin' On James Brown

6. Funk The Dumb Stuff

8. You Ought To Be Havin' Fun

9. And You Know It

10. Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now

11. We Came To Play

13. You're Still A Young Man (Live)

14. What Is Hip? (Live)


Track List: The Very Best Of The Tower Of Power: The Warner Years

1. You Got To Funkifize

2. What Happened To The World That Day?

3. Down To The Nightclub

4. You're Still A Young Man

5. What Is Hip?

6. So Very Hard To Go

7. This Time It's Real

8. Will I Ever Find A Love?

9. Soul Vaccination

10. Time Will Tell

11. Below Us, All The City Lights

12. Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)

13. Willing To Learn

14. Only So Much Oil In The Ground

15. I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me To

16. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous


Track List: What Is Hip? - The Tower of Power Anthology

Disc 1

1. Knock Yourself Out

2. Back On The Streets Again

3. Sparkling in the Sand

4. Down to the Nightclub

5. You're Still a Young Man

7. What Happened To The World That Day

8. What Is Hip?

9. Will I Ever Find a Love?

10. This Time It's Real

11. So Very Hard To Go

12. Soul Vaccination

13. Below Us, All The City Lights

14. Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong)

15. Squib Cakes

Disc 2

1. Oakland Stroke

2. Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)

3. TIme Will Tell

4. It's Not The Crime

5. I Won't Leave (Unless You Want Me To)

6. Only So Much Oil In The Ground

7. Willing To Learn

8. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous

9. Just Enough And Too Much

10. As Surely As I Stand Here

12. The Soul Of A Child

15. Credit

16. A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing)

17. I Like Your Style

18. Soul With A Capital 'S'

19. Souled Out

20. So I Got To Groove


Track List: Rhythm & Business

1. So I Got To Groove

2. Crazy For You

3. East Bay Way

4. Unconditional Love

5. You Do The Math

6. The More You Know

7. Recapture The Magic

8. What's Your Trip

9. Rhythm And Business

10. Don't Knock Me Down

11. That Was Then And This Is Now

12. It Really Doesn't Matter

13. Spank-A-Dang


Track List: Souled Out

1. Souled Out

2. Taxed To The Max

3. Keep Comin' Back

4. Soothe You

5. Do You Wanna (Make Love To Me)

6. Lovin' You Forever

7. Gotta Make A Change

8. Diggin' On James Brown

9. Sexy Soul

10. Just Like You

11. Once You Get A Taste

12. Undercurrent


Track List: T.O.P.

1. Soul With A Capital "S"

2. It All Comes Back

3. Please Come Back (To Stay)

4. The Real Deal

5. Come To A Decision

6. Cruise Control

7. The Educated Bump Part I

8. Mama Lied

9. Quiet Scream

10. I Like Your Style

11. You

12. South Of The Boulevard

13. Come On With It

14. The Educated Bump Part II


Track List: Monster On A Leash

1. A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing)

2. How Could This Happen To Me

3. Who Do You Think You Are

4. Attitude Dance

5. You Can't Fall Up (You Just Fall Down)

6. Funk The Dumb Stuff

7. Believe It

8. Personal Possessions

9. Miss Trouble (Got A Lot Of Nerve)

10. Keep Your Monster On A Leash

11. Someone New

12. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride


Track List: Direct Plus!

1. Fanfare/You Know It

2. You're Gonna Need Me

3. Squibcakes

4. That's Why I Sing

5. What Is Hip

6. Never Let Go Of Love

7. Fanfare/You Know It (Previously Unreleased)

8. Squibcakes (Previously Unreleased)

9. That's Why I Sing (Previously Unreleased)

10. What Is Hip (Previously Unreleased)


Track List: Back On The Streets

1. Rock Baby

2. Our Love

3. Heaven Must Have Made You

4. And You Know It

5. Nowhere To Run

6. Something Calls Me

7. It Takes Two (To Make It Happen)

8. In Due Time

9. Just Make A Move (And Be Yourself)


Track List: We Came To Play!

1. We Came To Play

2. Lovin' You Is Gonna See Me Thru

3. Let Me Touch You

4. Yin-Yang Thang

5. Share My Life

6. Bittersweet Soul Music

7. Am I A Fool

8. Love Bug

9. Somewhere Down The Road


Track List: Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now

1. Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now

2. By Your Side

3. Make Someone Happy

4. Doin' Alright

5. Because I Think The World Of You

6. You Ought To Be Havin' Fun

7. Can't Stand To See The Slaughter

8. It's So Nice

9. Deal With It

10. While We Went To The Moon


Track List: Live And In Living Color

1. Down To The Nightclub (Bump City) (Live 1976)

2. You're Still A Young Man (Live 1976)

3. What Is Hip? (Live 1976)

4. Sparkling In The Sand (Live 1976)

5. Knock Yourself Ou (Live 1976)


Track List: In The Slot

1. Just Enough And Too Much

2. Treat Me Like Your Man

3. If I Play My Cards Right

4. As Surely As I Stand Here

5. Fanfare: Matanuska

6. On The Serious Side

7. Ebony Jam

8. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous

9. Vuela Por Noche

10. Essence Of Innocence

11. The Soul Of A Child

12. Drop It In The Slot


Track List: Urban Renewal

1. Only So Much Oil In The Ground

2. Come Back, Baby

3. It's Not The Crime

4. I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me tO

5. Maybe It'll Rub Off

6. (To Say The Least) You're The Most

7. Willing To Learn

8. Give Me The Proof

9. It Can Never Be The Same

10. I Believe In Myself

11. Walkin' Up Hip Street


Track List: Back To Oakland

1. Oakland Stroke...

2. Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)

3. Just Then We Start Makin' It

4. Can't You See (You Doing Me Wrong)

5. Squib Cakes

6. Time Will Tell

7. Man From The Past

8. Love's Been Gone So Long

9. I Got The Chop

10. Below Us All The City Lights

11. ...Oakland Stroke


Track List: Bump City

1. You Got To Funkifize

2. What Happened To The World That Day?

3. Flash In The Pan

4. Gone

5. You Strike My Main Nerve

6. Down To The Nightclub

7. You're Still A Young Man

8. Skating On Thin Ice

9. Of The Earth


Track List: East Bay Grease

1. Knock Yourself Out

2. Social Lubrication

3. The Price

4. Back On The Streets Again

5. The Skunk, the Goose, and the Fly

6. Sparkling In the Sand


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Great Horns! These Dudes Are Cool!!
Report as inappropriate
Mimi live social lubrication come on every body gots there one way e bay g let's here it live e bay g in its true form best band on the planet saw you guys in the sixties horn on mimi
Report as inappropriate
where r the bands like this today
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Down on my knees? I don't think so begging you? Don't hold your breath . Not when I was young
Sorry...beau t i f u l song.
Report as inappropriate
This here is another get in the car and blaze jam.
Report as inappropriate
Saw T of P in 1974 opening for Santana in Chicago. Sparkling in the sand blew me away. Seeing them live is the best.
Report as inappropriate
Damn, Lenny Williams could sing it and the band could bring it. Their East Bay Grease album first put me in touch with the Tower and i have never left. Listen to that drummer. Talk about someone with some savage chops!
Report as inappropriate
the music in the bay area (San Fran) ruled with great music,,this was one of those primo bands,,ahhh thevery early 1970s
Report as inappropriate
Blessed to have been in the studio with them (literally on the soundstage) when they backed Poncho Sanchez on Do It!... will never forget.
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nancyweissbe i n
Love this song! And the trumpet . You are still a young man!
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Listen to Los Conquistador e s Chocolates, from the Johnny Hammon Gears album and you'll know the inspiration for this song:
https://www. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = r _ o P D K F m J _ Y
Report as inappropriate
Tower of Power, still and ALWAYS will be the baddest muthafuckas on the block!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Your still a young man, So very hard to go,Clever girl and Sparkling in the Sand it doesn't get any better
Report as inappropriate
Tower of power,where are they now?...
Report as inappropriate
Cxxnffgghfff f f f r
Report as inappropriate
i saw them @Sea World in Mt. View (torn down now) and @ intermission EVERYBODY was singing along w/the music (it was AWESOME) Then TOP came on stage and Blew That Mother UP. One of my top 3 concerts. (And I've been to almost 100, so that's saying something) Best To All!!
Report as inappropriate

I got to see them twice! I've been Blessed!! ��
Report as inappropriate
I got to see them twice! I've been Blessed! ��
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
K wen
Report as inappropriate
It brings back happy times nd many sad sand painful times in life. I only focus on the extremely happy times. Armymom 6
Report as inappropriate
What About Bruce Conte ,lead guitar player backed the likes of chaka can and the likes of many ,the boy can play the lead to any type of music ,was givin guitar lessons in the 6 th grade when we both had paper routes for the F@@ kin Fresno Bee , WTD
Report as inappropriate
Tower of Power joins the rest of my all time favorite groups, the hits just keeps getting better.
Report as inappropriate
I love tower of power been checking them since I was 16 . I am a Drummer .
Report as inappropriate
NO Power, NO Tower, without the incredible grooves provided by drummer David Garibaldi!
Report as inappropriate
Your still a young man ..
Report as inappropriate
I absolutely agree with Timothy.mcdo n a l d 3 . The band is always on point. In a side note, I saw Lenny Williams in an intimate concert recently and he sounded fabulous...h i t t i n g every note.
Report as inappropriate
See this group whenever you can. Whatever musicians are in it you can bet they will be top notch although Lenny Williams charismatic vocals can never be duplicated! Let them show you What is Hip! Bravo
Report as inappropriate
I'm sorry but there is no TOP without Dave Garibaldi. That guy can groove, make it funky, stir it up and cook with gas all in a comfy pocket that you never want to leave.
Report as inappropriate
No mention of founding member, Mic Gillette, who just passed last month. His opening notes in You're Still A Young Man are considered to be the greatest four notes in Rock. Great trumpet player, great teacher and a great friend. RIP Mic.
Report as inappropriate
Just saw Tower of Power with Average White Band two weeks ago on tour in Oregon. They still have the funk!!!
Report as inappropriate
Not a single mention of Dave Garibaldi? Only one of the most influential drummers ever, and generally regarded as one of the best, period.
Report as inappropriate
Saw them live in Lake Tahoe this weekend, for the third time. Always a great show.
Report as inappropriate
bonjoursuzet t e 7
True music. Nothing makes me feel as good. True talent. Funk lover for life!
Report as inappropriate
This song is the s**t
Report as inappropriate
Back in high school 8 of us put a band together and called it Clean Slate. A name we took from the lyrics of one of their songs. We worshiped these guys. Some years later at a club in Fremont Ca. (Harlow's) some of the members came on stage and played all the tunes we knew of theirs. Tower will always be in my blood. Bad A** Dudes
Report as inappropriate
dragonlady60 8 8
Miss this funk
Report as inappropriate
Tower of Power one of the greatest funk bands ever sorry I never got to see them in person but caught them on don kershners rock concert as a kid . Amazing
Report as inappropriate
Rocco my brother always. Member gothan city 1965@ kennedy h.s. steve w.
Report as inappropriate
Just great music
Report as inappropriate
My Aunt Norma loved Tower of Power!! Sure do miss her, RIP
Report as inappropriate
o man love this band and this song,, so fortunate I got to see them live a couple of years ago! phenomenal !!!
Report as inappropriate
How could they mention Rocco Prestia and not mention the other half of the most solid and funkiest rhythm section ever David Garibaldi
Report as inappropriate
Like this rendition ....going out to Rob Sky McCloud....
Report as inappropriate
Worked with Tower n the mid 70's a great Funky time! Great Band Good People!!!
Report as inappropriate
What a coincidence robboct! I was just reading the bio for the second time, and was blown away that there is not a single mention of David...WHAT ? ! HOW COULD THEY HAVE NOT EVEN MENTIONED HIM?
For those who don't know, David Garibaldi is a world renowned drummer, very responsible for TOP's signature sound. He plays many very unique, and totally Funky, and soulful rhythms with ease, and is a driving force in the band's live shows. Shame on the bio writer for not even a nod to this truly great drum
Report as inappropriate
I'm disappointed that not once did I see one of the worlds most talented drummers name mentioned as part of T.O.P. David Garibaldi. Who made this mistake when writing there summary
Report as inappropriate
Soundtrack of my life .... just don't make them like this anymore !.. Nor-Cal ♡'s U .!
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