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Vicente Fernandez

More than just the undisputed king of Mexico's traditional ranchera music, Vicente Fernández -- "El Idolo de Mexico" -- is one of that country's most recognizable and influential cultural icons. Since his emergence in the mid-'60s, Fernández's popularity has escalated to the point that his status among Mexicans and Mexican-Americans has been likened to that of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley in the United States. His concerts in both Mexico and the U.S. routinely sell out despite a near-total dearth of non-Latino media coverage, and his 100-plus albums have sold in excess of 50 million copies. Fernández has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, been nominated for Grammy Awards, and collected a number of honors, including being named Person of the Year by the Latin Recording Academy in 2002 and garnering membership in the International Latin Music Hall of Fame.

With his supersized sombreros, prominent black mustache, eye-popping costumes, and an orchestra overpopulated with horns and string players in glittery, matching mariachi outfits, the glitzy Fernández on-stage is an imposing, larger-than-life figure. Matching his visual presentation is an operatic voice that plumbs the depths of the emotional spectrum to connect on an intimate level with his audience, which relates to the singer's humble beginnings and everyman song lyrics.

Vicente Fernández Gomez was born February 17, 1940, in Huentitan del Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. His youth was marked by struggle. Forced to drop out of school in the fifth grade to help support his family, he held a number of odd jobs. He began to sing and play guitar at age eight and won amateur contests almost from the start. Fernández lore claims that he would go to Guadalajara, where he would stop cars and offer to sing for the drivers for a few pesos. By the early '60s, he had turned semi-professional, singing with local mariachi bands. Moving to Mexico City, he joined Pepe Mendoza's band, Amanecer, and then the band led by José Luis Aguilar.

In Mexico City, Fernández was regularly rejected by record labels, but he was finally noticed by CBS Mexico in 1966. His career did not take off quickly. Although he managed to sell modest quantities of albums and singles, began appearing in Mexican films (he has been in more than 25 to date), and logged such hit singles as "Tu Camino y el Mio" and "Cantina del Barrio," it wasn't until 1976, ten years into his recording career, that Fernández truly began his ascent to the top. "Volver, Volver," a ranchera written by Fernando Z. Maldonado, became a massive hit, its lyrics of forgiveness in a relationship touching a nerve among listeners. The song established Fernández not only in his home country but in other Spanish-speaking populations, including the millions of Mexican-Americans in the U.S.. Many Mexican music groups cover the song when they perform live.

From that point on, Fernández could seemingly do no wrong. His every single and album was a hit, and the public adored him. He became the first performer to sell out Mexico's Plaza de Toros bullfighting stadium, singing to over 50,000 fans. In the U.S., he has sold out such large-capacity venues as New York's Madison Square Garden, where he once shared a bill with his son, Alejandro Fernández, himself a major singing star. Vicente Fernández, Jr., one of the star's other sons, is also a well-known singer. In 2005, Fernández opened a covered rodeo arena on his ranch outside of Guadalajara. He named it after himself. He followed the album with the multi-platinum-selling La Tragedia del Vaquero in 2006.

In 2007 after marathon sessions with producer Joan Sebastian (who wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the set with Miguel Trujillo), Fernandez released his 79th album, Para Siempre. It would net him five charting singles, and hit the top spot on the Mexican and Latin albums charts, and Mexico's pop chart. It sold over two million copies globally, and became the best-selling Regional Mexican album in the U.S. during the new century's first decade.

Fernandez, in his late sixties, went on a Latin Grammy tear beginning with 2009's Primera Fila, followed by 2010's Necesito de Ti, which also won the anglo Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Album. In addition, Latin Grammy wins continued for 2011's El Hombre Que Más Te Amó and 2013's Hoy. He was nominated for 2014's Mano a Mano: Tangos a La Manera de Vicente Fernandez, a change-up album that featured the singer and an all-star band of mariachi musicians performing classic Argentinian songs.

In July of 2015, the 75-year old Fernandez issued the pre-release single "No Vuelvas Por Favor." It debuted in the Top 20 on the Mexican Regional Songs charts and was followed by the album Muriendo de Amor in October. ~ Jeff Tamarkin & Thom Jurek
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Selected Discography


Track List: Mano A Mano - Tangos A La Manera De Vicente Fernandez

1. Mano A Mano

2. El Dia Que Me Quieras

3. Uno

4. Cristal

5. En Esta Tarde Gris

6. Cantando

7. Rencor

8. Sombras (Sombras Nada Mas)

9. Sus Ojos Se Cerraron

10. Tarde

11. Cuesta Abajo

12. Volver


Track List: Otra Vez

1. Otra Vez

2. Amores Malditos

3. Cada Manana

4. Volcanes Dormidos

5. Resbalandito

6. Mata El Recuerdo

7. Soy Mexico

8. El Vestido Blanco

9. El Ultimo Barco

10. Alitas

11. Dos Mares

12. Sonare


Track List: Un Mexicano En La Mexico: Vicente Fernandez

1. No Me Se Rajar

2. Por Un Amor

3. La Diferencia

4. La Ley Del Monte

5. Hermoso Carino

6. Motivos

7. El Jalisciense

8. El Ranchero

9. La Primera Caricia

10. Dolor

11. Yo Quiero Ser

12. Sin Que Lo Sepas Tu

13. Que Te Vaya Bonito

14. Mexico Lindo Y Querido

15. Si Acaso Vuelves / Cruz De Olvido

16. De 7 A 9

17. Que Te Vas Te Vas

18. De Que Manera Te Olvido

19. Tu Camino Y El Mio

20. Volver Volver


Track List: Necesito De Ti

1. Estado Civil

2. Para Que Me Recuerdes

3. A Puros Besos

4. Tengo

5. Mala

6. Camino Al Cielo

7. Que Dios Te Pague

8. Necesito De Ti

9. Me Tienes Mimado

10. Tengo Una Amante

11. Esa Noche Te Olvide

12. Dueno Del Mundo

13. Gracias


Track List: Vicente Fernandez Para Siempre

1. La Derrota

2. A Quien Vas A Amar Mas Que Ami

3. Los Cazahuates

4. Nina Hechicera

5. Amor Sin Cuenta

6. Para Siempre

7. Estos Celos

8. Adorado Tormento

9. El Ultimo Beso

10. Millon De Primaveras

11. El Ultimo En La Fila

12. El Chofer


Track List: La Tragedia Del Vaquero

1. La Tragedia Del Vaquero

2. El Coyote

3. Al Pie De Un Arbol

4. Ponle Precio

5. Cuando Te Canses De Llorar

6. Sufriendo A Solas

7. Que Chulada De Mujer

8. Que Va A Decir Tu Marido

9. Salud

10. La Mitad De Mi Vida

11. Quien Dijera

12. En Cuerpo Y Alma

13. Borracho Se Me Olvida

14. Lejos De Mi Tierra


Track List: Vicente Fernandez Con Mariachi

1. El Remedio

2. Un Minuto De Silencio

3. Camino De Canutillo

4. Me Acuerdo Mas De Ti

5. Quise Quererte Mucho (Cancion Ranchera)

6. Pideme Lo Que Quieras

7. Soy De Abajo

8. Perdon Madrecita

9. Sigue Tu Camino

10. Del Dolor

11. Ya Es Por Demas


Track List: Canciones De Sus Peliculas

1. Tu Camino Y El Mio

2. El Hijo Del Pueblo

3. La Ley Del Monte

4. Corrido De Juan Armenta

5. Las Llaves De Mi Alma

6. El Tahur

7. El Arracadas

8. Como Mexico No Hay Dos

9. Juan Charrasqueado

10. La Ruleta

11. Ya Me Voy Para Siempre

12. Cruz De Olvido

13. De Que Manera Te Olvido

14. Y Tu Me Vas A Recordar

15. Te Quiero Solo A Ti

16. Se Vende Un Caballo


Track List: El Hijo Del Pueblo

1. Escuche Las Golondrinas

2. La Primera Caricia

3. La Ley Del Monte

4. Campanas Del Olvido

5. No Me Hagas Menos

6. Dejo De Quererme

7. Hasta La Tumba

8. La Ley De La Vida

9. Que Triste Estoy

10. Le Pese A Quien Le Pese

11. El Hijo Del Pueblo


Track List: Arriba Huentitan

1. El Jalisciense

2. Voy A Navegar

3. Con Golpes De Pecho

4. Amor De La Calle

5. Al Final Del Camino

6. Te Voy Hacer Que Me Quieras

7. El Palenque

8. Volver Volver

9. Te Llevare Conmigo

10. La Cruz De Tu Olvido

11. Suena Mi Amor


Track List: Cuando Manda El Corazon (Single)


Track List: El Hombre Que Mas Te Amo (Radio Single)


Track List: La Vida Es Una Copa De Licor (Single)


Track List: Mano A Mano (Single)


Track List: Miedo (Radio Single)


Track List: Necesito De Ti (Radio Single)


Track List: No Vuelvas Por Favor (Single)


Track List: Nos Estorbo La Ropa (Single)


Track List: Un Azteca En El Azteca


Track List: Volcanes Dormidos (Single)


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Ijajai salud por todas ellas
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Bello mi amor, TE AMO un mundo ❤️️❤️️❤️️
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Vicente Fernandez
Phone number
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Phone number 786 2396 362
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Vicente Fernandez
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Qué puedo decir, soy un gran fan de Vicente Fernadez. Absolutament e !
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Puros buenos recuierdos Pura Musica buena . Para siempre
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Ijajai salud por chente esa cansion ala pura medida
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A ti te aposte aposte que nunca serias infiel y perdi ya que me toca pagar
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he's sings so beautiful i wish i could of been singer like that like linda Ronstadt you know who i mean l love to here her sing
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From 8 track to take
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Beautiful GOD BLESS
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Hijo Alejandro Fernandez
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Vicente Fernandez
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Chooooooooow !
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Lo canI gusta Vicente Fernández cantar! Gracias!
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My favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Ijajai arriba mexico ajajai
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Ijajai mucho mas muncho mejor chente
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Ijajai salud por ese ingrato amor
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Ijajai chingon chente no cabe duda
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Un monton de recuerdos ingratos una carta que no sea leido una histiria de de amor es perdida por que tu no quisiste ser mio esto es todo lo que hay en mi vida una vida que no bale nada
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