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Young Buck

To most, rapper Young Buck was a fresh face when he became a member of 50 Cent's crew G-Unit, but he spent a long time waiting on the bench before that. The Nashville, TN, native started rapping at 12 and was in a recording studio by 14, the same age he was when he began peddling narcotics. Cash Money's main man, Brian "Baby" Williams, caught a 16-year-old Young Buck at a rap battle and soon the rapper was out of high school and in New Orleans, crowded into a small apartment with the rest of the Cash Money crew. Dedicated heart and soul to the crew, Buck "secured" the expensive cars for Juvenile's 1999 "Ha" video and spent the next four years working behind the scenes. It was too long for him not to get his own shot at stardom, so Buck left Cash Money and headed home. Back peddling and pushing, Buck paid the price when his door was kicked in by one man, guns blazing. He made it out the back with two gunshot wounds.

Around this time, Buck partnered with rapper D-Tay and the duo released the Thuggin' Til the End album on Next Level in 2000. The album didn't make much of an impact, but Cash Money was back on the phone, asking Buck to return to the label. He did, but after two weeks of just sitting around the office, Buck felt he was stuck once again. He ran into Juvenile -- who was ready to split with Cash Money at the time -- and hit the road with the rapper. When the tour hit New York City Buck met 50 Cent and was soon asked to join his G-Unit crew. He did -- with Juvenile's blessing -- and co-wrote and appeared on the 50 Cent track "Bloodhound." G-Unit's full-length debut, Beg for Mercy, brought Buck to everyone's attention in 2003. It had gone double platinum by the time Buck's first G-Unit associated record, Straight Outta Cashville, appeared on Interscope in 2004. Three years later he returned with the hard hitting Buck the World. ~ David Jeffries
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: 10 Bodies (Explicit)

1. Leftovers

2. The Old Me

3. Andele

4. Empty Mail Box

5. No Worries

6. Plug Money

7. Buss It Down

8. Foreign

9. Hit Da Floor

10. The Way I Move


Track List: Bust N Grams

1. Got A Pack

2. My Dough

3. We Can Do Dis

4. What You Thinkin

5. With A Check


Track List: 10 Bricks (Explicit)

1. Flex

2. Refill

3. Proud Of You

4. Timeout

5. Move Around

6. Not Comin' Home

7. Don't Come Around

8. All Night

9. I'm Workin'

10. Get Ya Money Right


Track List: 10 Bullets

1. Always Stay Strap'd

2. Lean And Molly

3. Not This Time

4. Lemme See It

5. Dope Boy

6. 4 Hoes And An Ounce

7. Shooters

8. Like I Love Her

9. Craccin And Poppin

10. Since Way Back


Track List: Runnin That Check Up (Single) (Explicit)

1. Runnin That Check Up


Track List: Gas 2 - Gangsta & Street 2 (Explicit)

1. Speaks

2. One More Time

3. I See Why

4. Throwed Off

5. P**sy Bill

6. Amerika

7. Disrespectful

8. Plastic Bag

9. Reason I Ball

10. I Ball Hard

11. God Bless 'Em

12. Scale & Trap Phone

13. Mama Spot

14. Rubberband Banks


Track List: Rubberband Banks (Explicit) (Single)

1. Rubberband Banks (Feat. Tha City Paper)


Track List: My Interview

1. My Interview

2. Hip Hop Can't Save Me

3. Cashville Country

4. The Strip Club

5. I Got Money

6. Go Hard

7. I'm Bout Mine

8. Money Made Me Crazy

9. They F**ks Wit Me

10. Bang Bang (Album Version)

11. Gotta Get It

12. Drop It


Track List: There Will Be Blood Vol 1

1. There Will Be Blood

2. Breach Of Contract

3. My Chevy

4. Cashville Solid

5. Pushin Dope

6. Rain Drops

7. Rock And Roll

8. Did You Miss Me

9. Homcoming

10. The Morning Paper

11. Letter To The Label

12. Anticipating

13. Ball Again

14. Gotta Love It

15. Murda Call

16. Swag On Em


Track List: Terminate On Sight

1. All Eyez On Me

2. My Whole Life

3. If I Die Tonight

4. Move On

5. Homeys

6. Soundscan

7. Honorable Discharge

8. Hit A Hata

9. Laugh Now Cry Later

10. I'm Out Here

11. Hip Hop Can't Save My Life


Track List: I'm The 153

1. Rep Ur Hood

2. Get Yo S**t Right

3. Issues

4. Bike Night

5. Eviction

6. Let's Have A Drink

7. Gangster In Me

8. Let's Do It

9. Problems

10. Soldiers Sermonr

11. Who's Winning

12. Stop Playing Wit Me

13. Boss B**ch

14. Choppin Bladez

15. Hood Politics

16. Aint No Problem

17. You Feel Me

18. All White Everything

19. What It Do

20. We Party


Track List: Welcome To The Dirty Dime

1. 420

2. Ghetto Glory

3. Quit Handcuffin

4. Streets Don't Sleep

5. Aint Slept In Dayz

6. AM FM

7. U Know What It Is

8. The Blues

9. Lockdown

10. Steroidz

11. Smoke Our Life Away

12. Sittin High-Fluid Outrage

13. Get Rowdy

14. Gunshine State

15. Swervin N Servin

16. Fast Life

17. 808


Track List: Live Loyal Die Rich

1. 2nd Chance

2. S**t Head

3. Something Got Me On It

4. Go Loco (Feat. Tha City Paper)

5. No Place For Me

6. Money In The Walls

7. Drug Related

8. Death Of Me

9. Touch The Ceilings (Feat. Starlito)

10. Personal (Feat. Cruna)

11. Car Clowdy (Feat. The Outlawz)

12. Think They Know

13. Closer (Feat. Goapele & Hambino)

14. Hate On Me

15. No Smiles

16. Touchdown (Feat. Ctn)

17. 21 Up

18. Get It All

19. Dusted (Feat. Bezzled Gang)

20. I'm Ready (Feat. Shannon Sanders)


Track List: Letter To The Label

1. Letter To The Label

2. Can't Catch Me

3. Swag On Em

4. I Want It All

5. Let Da Beat Rock

6. Media Takeout

7. Mistataylor-Shoot The F**k Up

8. Let It Go

9. I'm On It

10. Whatever

11. Did You Miss Me

12. Down South Hustlin

13. Hate

14. To The Graveyard

15. Dead Wrong

16. Fly Trap

17. Ball Again

18. Go Ahead

19. I Got It

20. I Got You

21. Ridin

22. 30 Birds Away

23. I Might Go


Track List: Im The S**t 4

1. I Got U

2. Media Takeout

3. N**gaz Change

4. My Zone

5. What They Talkin About

6. Dead Wrong

7. Ball Again

8. Dope Game

9. Fly

10. Round Me

11. I Might Go

12. Shoot The F**k Up (Feat. Mista Taylor)

13. To The Graveyard

14. Went Crazy

15. Glass House

16. What Can I Do

17. What U Talkin Bout

18. Krazy


Track List: Buck To The Future (Explicit)

1. Bike Night

2. I Been Gone

3. Let's Have A Drink

4. Gettin Money

5. Let Me Go

6. Dope Boy Swag

7. Ya Better Know It

8. Hang Time

9. Stop Playing With Me

10. Money

11. The Realest

12. Til I Get Off Work

13. Soldiers Sermon

14. Solid As A Rock

15. Whole Nother World

16. Headphones

17. Nothin To Tell

18. Callin My Name

19. Under Water

20. When The Rain Stops (From The Album The Rehab / From The Bottom 2 The Top) (Deluxe Edition)

21. Get To The Money

22. Gangsta In Me


Track List: Get Buck - The Official Mixtape

1. Get Buck Mutha Fuckas

2. F**k The Police

3. Dead Or Alive

4. No,No,No

5. Holla At The Clean-Up Man

6. The Clean-Up Man

7. Yay & Buck

8. Biggie Tribute Freestyle

9. Kill You

10. Blow Some Weed

11. Smoke Break Live In Jamaica

12. Come Around

13. Real Life Real Beef

14. Day Dreamin

15. Live At All-Star Weekend

16. Break Em Off

17. Back Stabbers

18. We Got That

19. Die Tonight

20. Remix Radio Freestyle

21. Deep Cover S**t

22. Ride Or Die

23. Stranger On The Street

24. Slow Ya Roll


Track List: Get Buck B**ch

1. Hate

2. Stupid Money

3. Murda Call

4. Swag On Em

5. I Got It

6. I Want It All

7. United Snakes Of Americe

8. Soundscan

9. My Whole Life

10. Laugh Now Cry Later

11. Move On

12. Taped Conversation

13. There Will Be Blood

14. Go Head

15. Terminate On Site

16. Hip-Hop Can't Save Me

17. Games Pain

18. My Chevy

19. Out Here Grindin

20. Did That

21. Swear To God

22. Kill Them


Track List: Dead Wrong Mixtape

1. Cmon

2. Dead Wrong

3. Grind Hard For The Money

4. Dead Or Alive

5. Why We Livin For

6. Everybody Do It

7. I Shoot You Shoot

8. Baller Remix

9. Don't Like Me

10. Man Down

11. It's Not OK

12. Let's Get It

13. Hate

14. My Chevy

15. Krispy Remix

16. Hold U Down

17. Don't Make Me Hurt You

18. Soldier

19. They Don't Bother Me

20. Soundscan


Track List: I'm The S**t 193

1. Cold (Feat. Tre)

2. Hard Drugz

3. One (Feat. Tre)

4. Rep Ur Hood

5. Back Door Boomin

6. I Don't Wanna Know How Broke Feels

7. Sittin High

8. Get High

9. Blues

10. Seen It All

11. Ink My Whole Body

12. Dueces

13. Eviction Notice

14. Hood Documentary (2012)

15. Let Me Go

16. Lock Down

17. Nothin 4 Ya

18. Throw It

19. Holster

20. Issues

21. Whos Winning


Track List: Touch The Ceiling

1. Body Bag

2. Forever Scoob

3. Hard For The Money

4. Lean Wit It

5. Na Wut

6. S**t Head

7. Somethings Got Me On It

8. Touch The Ceilings

9. 808

10. Think They Know

11. Brand New

12. Let's Talk About It

13. Money N Da Wall

14. Onions

15. Wake Up

16. Closer To My Dreams

17. Nothing For You


Track List: Only God Can Judge Me Mixtape

1. Only God Can Judge Me (Intro)

2. Without Me (Feat. 8Ball & MJG)

3. Sellin Dope Again

4. Serve Me (Feat. Cruna)

5. Nuthins Gonna Stop Me

6. Grind Don't Stop (That Money)

7. Anticipatin

8. You Know I Got It (Feat. All Star)

9. Can't Catch Me

10. Don't Want Nuthin

11. Something On My Books

12. Play Foul (Feat. All Star)

13. That Work

14. Money Maker (Feat. All Star & Yo Gotti)

15. Feelin’ Like A Million (Mixtape Version)

16. Bill Time

17. Get High

18. Burn Out

19. Shinin Down (Remix) (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)

20. Only God Can Judge Me (Outro)


Track List: Young Buck Unlimited

1. Intro Shady 45

2. I'm Taxin

3. Murda Call

4. There Will Be Blood

5. United Snakes Of America

6. Get Money

7. Cocaine

8. I'm Ready Now

9. Dead And Gone

10. Heavenly Father

11. So Long

12. Move On

13. Throw Your Hoods Up

14. Hit A Hata


Track List: Still Ten-a-Key Pt. 2

1. The Homicide Call

2. I Got It

3. Don't Hate

4. I Want It

5. Buck Swagger

6. Chevy Ridin

7. Did You Miss Me

8. The Whole One

9. Whatever

10. If I Go Away

11. Blood Will Be Shed

12. Discharge

13. Usoa

14. I'm On It

15. Gangsta Haters


Track List: Bury Me A G (Explicit)

1. Good Morning

2. Anticipation

3. Breach Of Contract

4. Shining Down

5. Rock N Roll

6. Support

7. Goin Shopping

8. Holdin Down

9. What They Talkin

10. Solid

11. Sown South Hustlaz

12. F**k Them N**gaz


Track List: Welcome To The Hood

1. Intro

2. Cloud 9

3. Welcome To The Hood Intro

4. Fed Coming

5. Be This Way

6. My Life

7. Black Talons

8. Change My Ways

9. 6 Bricks

10. You Know How I Get

11. Were Back

12. Real N**gas

13. Tipsy

14. Game Over

15. Luv Da Hood

16. Got 5 On It

17. Outro


Track List: Life After G-Unit

2. Steroidz

3. Whitney & Bobby

4. Trapstar

5. Raindrops

6. Gang Injunction

7. Homecoming

8. Morning Paper The Headlines

9. Anticipating

10. Breach Of Contract

11. F**k What They Talkin About

12. 30 Birds

13. My Zone

14. Cashville Solid

15. Pushin Dope

16. Hit Em Up

17. Lord Have Mercy

18. Freestyle

19. F**k You

20. No Excuses

21. Not Tonight

22. Soon Or Later


Track List: The Best Of Young Buck - The Buck You Thought

1. Sellin Dope Again

2. Court Date

3. Something On My Books

4. Murda Call

5. Nothin 4 Ya

6. Money

7. Like A Million

8. Leave It Alone

9. Aint Slept In Days

10. Problems

11. Early

12. Hit Em Up

13. Came Back

14. My Campaign

15. Where You At

16. Gang Juntion

17. In The Clouds

18. Nothing To Tell

19. Not Tonite

20. My N**ga


Track List: G-Unit Nemesis

1. My N**ga

2. Not Tonite

3. Whitney & Bobby

4. Steroidz

5. Rain Drops

6. Gang Junction

7. N**ga Owe Me

8. Don't Wait Up

9. F**k You

10. Tie The Bag

11. Homecoming

12. Support

13. Trapstar

14. Pushin Dope

15. If I Have To

16. Lord Have Mercy

17. Anticipating

18. Brach Of Contract

19. The Morning Paper

20. Hit Em Up


Track List: King Of The Trap

2. United Snakes Of America

3. Atl And Tennessee

4. Hit A Hata

5. There Will Be Blood

6. My Whole Life

7. Honorable Discharge

8. One False Move

9. Move On

10. Flossin

11. Let Us Pray

12. Laugh Now Cry Later

13. I'm Out Here

14. Money Right

15. My Chevy


Track List: Free Young Buck

1. Don;T Believe No Mo

2. No BS

3. No Competition

4. Money Talk

5. Shake Da City

6. Out My Mind

7. Shoot Em Up

8. I'm Hard

9. Turnin Myself In

10. Go Loco

11. Oh My Lord

12. Don Dada

13. Collect Call

14. Droppin It Off

15. No Nights Off

16. On My Counter

17. Breaka Breaka

18. CO Sign It

19. Its The Money

20. All Kinda Drugs

21. Aint Real No Mo

22. Black Flag

23. Neva Gonna

24. Dyin 2 Live

25. Set It Off

26. He Snitchin

27. Mornin Show

28. From Nuthin 2 Sumtin

29. My Turn

30. By Myself

31. Throw In The Towel

32. Lotta Hoes

33. Still Hustlin

34. Mr. Sportscenter

35. Rucker

36. Word Is

37. Shine On Em

38. Struggle

39. Salute

40. Put It All On Da Line

41. 1 By 1

42. Streets Don't Sleep

43. 2 All My Hatas

44. Not Here

45. Come On In

46. No Warnin

47. TN Tags


Track List: Rumors

1. Intro

2. War Witcha Homeboy

3. I'll Be Back

4. New York City

5. May-00

6. I Ain't F**king Wit U

7. I Don't Care

8. Feel Lights

9. I'm Puffin

10. Gone In The Morning

11. Respect The Shooter

12. Put Me In The Game

13. Throw Your Hoods Up

14. Mr. Ten A Key

15. I'm A Pimp

16. Go Hard (Feat. 615)

17. Damn Right I'm Bout Mine (Feat. Lil Boosie, 615)

18. Chronic 2008

19. Tell Me How It Feel

20. U Liein' (Feat. Allstar)

21. Come & Catch Me (Feat. Allstar, Lil Scrappy)

22. Hit Em Up

23. DUI (Drink & Drive) (Feat. 615)


Track List: Buck'd Up

1. Issues

2. Early

3. Lets Do It

4. Eviction

5. What You Gon Do

6. Whole Nother World

7. Let Me Go (Unreleased)

8. Solid As A Rock

9. I Been Gone

10. Lets Have A Drink

11. Headphones

12. Pushin Dope

13. Chopped Off

14. Big Work

15. Jump The Line

16. Maybe I'm Crazy

17. Stop Playing Wit Me

18. This Side

19. Throw It

20. Who's Winnin


Track List: Back On My Buck S**t V2

1. Let Me Go

2. Came Back

3. Got Me One

4. In The Clouds

5. Cleaned Off (Feat. The Outlawz)

6. Betta Tell Em (Feat. 8 Ball)

7. Identify (Feat. Rocko)

8. U Know What It Is (Feat. Mjg, Tity Boi)

9. I'm Done With Yall

10. Mark Barton

11. Gettin' It

12. Lockdown

13. The Streets

14. Down Wit Em

15. Taxin'

16. Round Me (Feat. Drumma Boy, 8 Ball, MJG)


Track List: Back For The Streets

1. The Future Producer At Gmail.Com

2. Chevy Music (Feat. Sosa Da Plug)

3. Young Buck Speaks

4. Everybody Do It (Feat. Bloodraw, Sosa Da Plug)

5. All Eyez On Me

6. Strip Club

7. Cocaine

8. Git It Back

9. Turn Ya Back


Track List: After The Unit 2

1. Eviction

2. Hood Documentary

3. Lock Down

4. Let's Have A Drink

5. This Is Mine

6. So Many (Feat. Croocked I & D-Eazy)

7. The Morning Paper

8. Whole Nother World

9. Smoke Our Life Away

10. Nothin 4 Ya

11. Problems

12. Til I Get Off Work

13. Under Water


Track List: Buck Marley

1. Let The Beat Rock

2. Swag On Em

3. Hate By Any Means

4. Did U Miss Me

5. Whatever

6. Puff Puff Pass

7. Get Shot

8. High Than A Mutha

9. Kill Me A N**ga

10. Stupid Money

11. I Want It All

12. Stomp That Snitch

13. Doin My Thang

14. Wanna Be Ur Lover

15. Rap Money

16. Catch Me

17. Get High

18. Every Body Do It (Feat. Bloodraw, Sosa Da Plug)


Track List: I AM TN (Young Buck Edition)

1. When The Rain Drops

2. Ya Better Know It

3. I Been Gone

4. Business Man (Feat. Boo Rossini)

5. The Realest (Feat. Boo Rossini)

6. Stop Playing Wit Me Buckstyle

7. Who's Winning

8. Nuthin 2 Tell

9. Whole Nutha World

10. Not 2night

11. Money Dirty

12. Getting Money (Feat. Savion)

13. No Broke B**ch

14. Big Work (Feat. Brisco)

15. Done It All (Feat. Bloodraw)

16. Headphones

17. Eviction Notice

18. Court Date

19. Till I Getoff Work

20. Finish What You Start

21. Chopped Off

22. Bike Night

23. Dope Boy Swag


Track List: Mr. Ten-A-Key Product Of The South

1. Buck Newz-Intro

2. Mr. Ten A Key

3. All I Need

4. Dice Game Shoot Out (Skit)

5. Gotta Win!

6. Run Thru Em

7. U Dead (Skit)

8. The Paper

9. Dope Man

10. Kill The Ketchup Guy (Skit)

11. Put Me In The Projects

12. Tell Me How It Feel

13. Lay Yo A** Down (Skit)

14. Gettin Money

15. Wittness (Skit)

16. Violate My Probation

17. Fat Body Gal (Skit)

18. Was A Lie

19. Let That B**ch Go

20. Drive By Music

21. High Speed Chase (Skit)

22. Never Take Me Alive

23. 100 Races

24. Put Me In The Game

25. Do Ya Thing

26. Murda Dem: Outro


Track List: Best Of G-Unit Radio - The Young Buck Edition

1. 1st Of The Month (September)

2. Intro

3. The City

4. No More Games

5. Kill 2 Birds

6. 300 Shots

7. Yall Aint F**kin Wit Us

8. Feel It In Da Air (Feat. D-Tay)

9. Why We Livin For

10. Game Over

11. Thuggin Til I'm Gone

12. Where I'm From

13. High Than A Muthafucka

14. Man Down

15. They Taking Pictures

16. I Shoot You Shoot

17. Snake

18. Baller Baby

19. Gd Up

20. They Don't Bother Me

21. You Know How I Get Down

22. Two Bricks

23. Help Me Change

24. F**k B**ches Pt.2

25. Got 5 On It

26. So Wrong

27. I Luv Da Hood

28. Sniper

29. Shorty Wanna Gangsta N**ga

30. My Hood

31. Outro


Track List: Rehab (Explicit)

1. Tha Streetz

2. This Is Mine

3. Smoke Our Life Away

4. Statistics

5. Keep It Moving

6. Hood Documentary

7. Ya Betta Know It

8. When The Rain Stops

9. Not Killing Me

10. Nothin 4 Ya

11. The Bust

12. Like A Million

13. Leave It Alone

14. Reality Check


Track List: Back On My Buck S**t (Explicit)

1. Young Buck Intro

2. Did You Miss Me

3. Way Out Here

4. Everythings On Sale

5. Smoke Break

6. I Just Done It

7. You Gotta Love It

8. Letter To The Labels

9. Real N**ga Thoughts

10. My City

11. 30 Birds Away

12. Nuthin On It

13. Bag It Up

14. Win Lose Or Draw

15. Lose My Mind

16. A Lot To Learn

17. What They Talkin Bout

18. Who Run It

19. Young Buck Outro

20. Somebody Gon Pay

21. Let The Beat Rock

22. Ups And Downs


Track List: Still 10 A Key (Explicit)

1. The Homicide Call

2. I Got It

3. Don't Hate

4. I Want It

5. Buck Swagger

6. Chevy Ridin

7. Did You Miss Me

9. The Whole One

10. Whatever

11. Re-Up

13. If I Go Away

14. Blood Will Be Shed

15. Discharge

16. U.S.O.A.

17. I'm On It

18. Not Myself

19. Dead Wrong

20. Gangsta Haters


Track List: Get Buck (Explicit) (Single)

1. Get Buck


Track List: Buck The World (Explicit)

1. Push Em Back

2. Say It To My Face

3. Buss Yo' Head

5. Get Buck

6. Buck The World

7. Slow Ya Roll

8. Hold On

9. Pocket Full Of Paper

10. Haters

11. U Ain't Goin Nowhere

12. Money Good

13. Puff Puff Pass

14. Clean Up Man

15. 4 Kings

16. I Know You Want Me

17. Lose My Mind


Track List: Do It Myself

1. Do It Myself (Edit)


Track List: I Know You Want Me (Single)

1. I Know You Want Me (Feat. Jazze Pha)


Track List: T.I.P. (Explicit)

1. Blood In Blood Out

2. Thug In The Club

3. Caught In The Wind

4. Crime Pays

5. Penny Pinchin'

6. All About Money

7. All My Life

8. Get Your Murder On

9. Can't Keep Livin'

10. Hard Hitters

11. Dickie Fits

12. Purse First

13. Thugged Out


Track List: Straight Outta Cashville (Explicit)

1. I'm A Soldier

2. Do It Like Me

3. Let Me In

4. Look At Me Now

5. Welcome To The South

6. Prices On My Head

7. Bonafide Hustler

8. Shorty Wanna Ride

9. Bang Bang

10. Thou Shall

11. Black Gloves

12. Stomp

13. Taking Hits

14. Walk With Me


Track List: Let Me In (Single)

1. Let Me In (Album Version (Edited))

2. Let Me In


Track List: All About Money (Radio Single)

1. All About Money


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You need a plug on:Actavis promethazine syrup,Weed STRIANS like sour disel,white widow,grandd a d d y purple,purpl e kush,hindu kush,silver haze,ak47,ha w a i i skunk,moonro c k s , c a n n a b i s oil and pills like xannies,roxi e s , o c 8 0 , a d d e r a l , m o r p h i n e , p e r c s , h y d r o s , d i l a u d i d , o p a n a , l s d , f e n t pops and more...
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Say it to my face ho
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Don't read now that you have started continue you will be kissed by the love of ur life don't stop this it's freaky! But if you read and ignore you will have bad luck.put this on 15 other songs in 144 minutes and when u are done press the space and your crushes name will appear in all caps it's creepy but it works!
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What up fam
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Post on 15 songs or bad luck
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Text..(775)3 4 6 - 8 2 3 9 (medshop50@g m a i l . c o m )
You need a plug on:Actavis promethazine syrup,Weed STRIANS like sour disel,white widow,grandd a d d y purple,purpl e kush,hindu kush,silver haze,ak47,ha w a i i skunk,moonro c k s , c a n n a b i s oil and pills like xannies,roxi e s , o c 8 0 , a d d e r a l , m o r p h i n e , p e r c s , h y d r o s , d i l a u d i d , o p a n a , l s d , f e n t pops and more...
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Little Rock f**k with Buck! ��✊1⃣0⃣0⃣
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Buck still the truth! While these n**gas around here sounding the same, my n**ga buck stayed true to his roots and keep dropping real s**t. He just drop a mix tape a few days ago that's the s**t! I love real music a playa can rate too!
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Keep it 100
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clevelandgan g s t e r 1 9
he's still droppin mixtapes and still better than all these garbage a** rappers out now
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Yo young buck,where are you now man?...
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smokinoneaph a t o n e
Buck str8 fire
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Ess fd ess jnzdaun d as cci as vzaaub was y rd hag ess u as can
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Buck Baby
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You Can't Do It Like Me
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This my man right here ya heard boy, let this man flow
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My Money Good We Ballin In The Hood
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Hood Documentary
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"SUCK IT!" Oh wait wrong young buck.
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Ten A key Baby
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I Know You Want me Shotty
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Hello I'm a (2x) suicide attempt survivor may you please listen to my freestyle and share this with your fiends
https://www. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = V Y D Z B b - P U I I
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Hello I'm a (2x) suicide attempt survivor may you please listen to my freestyle and share this with your fiends
https://www. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = V Y D Z B b - P U I I
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Cool i love this song is best ever!
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I know i know you want me shorty
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Text.(978)59 3 - 4 7 3 6 . ( m e d s h o p 5 0 @ g m a i l . c o m )
Buy Actavis cough syrup,tussio n e x , O G Kush,White widow,Sour disel,northe r n lights,Blue dream,Afghan kush,Grandda d d y purple,Green crack,xannie s , r o x i e s , o c 80s,adderal, p e r c s , h y d r o s , v i c o d i n , L S D , D i l a u d i d , r i t a l i n , M o r p h i n e .

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Shorty wanna ride with me u still bob after all this years
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YB..... SJF ��
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He is a bad a** rapper he is a go getter and as real as they come
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Real street real n**ga..
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Classic album cashville bang bang ��
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U got talent buck
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Garbage foh
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Young buck the hardest out of G-UNIT...
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I'm with u buck
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Young buck is a piece of work. I think he should stand alone. G unit is nothing with out him. He has talent and lots of swag. Street and book smart. I want to see him prosper alone just YOUNG BUCK. AKA KING DAVID. way too much shade in the game. Boosie stands alone, young jeezy, so should BUCK. SCREAMIN BUCK THE WORLD. HIS.#1-10000 0 0 0 fan! Love Mia Moore.
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