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Adam & The Ants

One of the seminal figures of new wave, Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard) had several distinct phases to his career. Initially, he explored jagged, guitar-oriented post-punk with his group Adam and the Ants before giving way to a more pop-oriented, glam-tinged musical direction that brought him to the top of the charts. After that had run its course, he refashioned himself as a mainstream singer, which enabled him to stretch his career out for a couple of years. Once it seemed like his musical career had evaporated, he made an unexpected comeback in the early '90s as an adult alternative artist. During all this time, he recorded several great pop singles and had a surprisingly large impact on alternative rock.

Adam Ant formed Adam and the Ants with guitarist Lester Square, bassist Andy Warren, and drummer Paul Flanagan in London in 1977. The group's approach was more theatrical than most punk groups, incorporating sadomasochistic imagery into their concerts. During this time, the group's lineup was fairly unstable, with Square being replaced by Mark Gaumont. The band released their debut, Dirk Wears White Sox, on the independent label Do It in 1979. Dirk was an ambitious and somewhat dark album, filled with jerky rhythms and angular guitar riffs, and elements of glam rock crept into Ant's vocals; Ant re-acquired the rights to the record in 1983, reissuing it in a re-sequenced and remixed form, with the tracks "Catholic Day" and "Day I Met God" replaced by "Zerox" and "Kick," as well as including a new version of "Cartrouble."

At the time of its release, Dirk Wears White Sox wasn't a critical or a commercial success and the band felt the need to rework their image. Ant hired Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols, to help redefine their image. McLaren dressed the band in pirate outfits and suggested a more accessible and pop-oriented rhythmic variation on punk. Adam and the Ants followed his advice, preparing material for a new album. However, McLaren persuaded all of the Ants to leave Adam, using them as the core members of Bow Wow Wow. Adam Ant immediately formed a new version of the Ants, adding guitarist Marco Pirroni, bassist Kevin Mooney, and drummers Terry Lee Miall and Merrick (born Chris Hughes). Pirroni, in particular, became very important in the band's musical direction, co-writing the majority of the songs with Ant, thus beginning a collaboration between the duo that would continue into the '90s.

Driven by a relentless beat and chanting melodies, the new band's first album, 1980's Kings of the Wild Frontier, became an enormous hit in the U.K., launching three Top Ten hit singles, including the number two "Ant Music." The band's success was helped by a series of visually enticing videos, prominently featuring the skinny, handsome Adam Ant decked out in pirate gear. Prince Charming, released the following year, retained the same formula as Kings of the Wild Frontier, spawning two number one singles, "Stand and Deliver" and "Prince Charming." Even though the album was a commercial success, the formula was beginning to wear thin.

After Prince Charming, Adam Ant ditched the Ants for a solo career, retaining Marco Pirroni as a songwriting collaborator and a supporting musician. Ant's first solo album, Friend or Foe, was released in 1982 and featured the number one single "Goody Two Shoes" and the Top Ten title track. Although his next album, 1983's Strip, had some highlights and hit singles, it marked the end of his reign as one of Britain's top pop stars.

Released in 1985, the Tony Visconti-produced Vive le Rock had some fun moments, but the performance was too studied and the record didn't earn any hit singles, so Adam Ant pursued a surprisingly successful career in acting. In 1990, Ant made a comeback with the catchy hit single "Room at the Top" from the Manners & Physique record, but the album failed to produce another hit single. For the next five years, Ant concentrated on acting.

By the time Ant returned to recording in 1995, echoes of his music could be heard in the spiky singles of Elastica, the neo-goth industrial rock of Nine Inch Nails, and the pseudo-glam of Suede. Instead of capitalizing on the burgeoning new wave revival, Adam Ant's 1995 comeback, Wonderful, had little to do with the stylish, intensely rhythmic sound he made in the early '80s. Instead, the album repositioned him as a more mature pop/rocker, with crafted songs that featured acoustic guitars as prominently as electrics. The album was a moderate hit in the U.S. and the U.K., as was the single "Wonderful."

Adam Ant returned to the glory days of Adam and the Ants in the 2010s, reconnecting with the band's spirit on 2013's Adam Ant Is the BlueBlack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter and then supporting a full-scale revival of Kings of the Wild Frontier in 2016, touring behind a deluxe edition of the album. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Kings of the Wild Frontier (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. Dog Eat Dog (Remastered)

2. Antmusic (Remastered)

3. Feed Me to the Lions (Remastered)

4. Los Rancheros (Remastered)

5. Ants Invasion (Remastered)

6. Killer in the Home (Remastered)

7. Kings of the Wild Frontier (Remastered)

8. The Magnificent Five (Remastered)

9. Don't Be Square (Be There) (Remastered)

10. Jolly Roger (Remastered)

11. Making History (Remastered)

12. The Human Beings (Remastered)

13. Press Darlings (B Side Remastered)

14. Physical (You're So) (B Side Remastered)

15. Fall In (B Side Remastered)

16. Don't Be Square (Be There) (KPM Studio Demo)

17. The Human Beings (KPM Studio Demo)

18. Los Rancheros (KPM Studio Demo)

19. Making History (KPM Studio Demo)

Disc 2

1. The Human Beings (Live)

2. Dog Eat Dog (Live)

3. The Magnificent Five (Live)

4. Don't Be Square (Be There) (Live)

5. Los Rancheros (Live)

6. Ants Invasion (Live)

7. Killer in the Home (Live)

8. Cleopatra (Live)

9. Press Darlings (Live)

10. Kick! (Live)

11. Antmusic (Live)

12. Beat My Guest (Live)

13. Jolly Roger (Live)

14. Zerøx (Live)

15. Car Trouble (Live)

16. Kings of the Wild Frontier (Live)

17. Physical (You're So) (Live)

18. A.N.T.S.

19. Antmusic (Final Rough Cut)

20. Don't Be Square (Be There) (Final Rough Cut)


Track List: Kings Of The Wild Frontier (Expanded Edition)

1. Dog Eat Dog

2. Antmusic

3. Feed Me To The Lions

4. Los Rancheros

5. Ants Invasion

6. Killer In The Home

7. Kings Of The Wild Frontier

8. The Magnificent Five

9. Don't Be Square (Be There)

10. Jolly Roger

11. Making History

12. The Human Beings

13. Press Darlings (B Side)

14. Physical (You're So) (B Side)

15. Fall In (B Side)

16. Don't Be Square (Be There) (KPM Studio Demo)

17. The Human Beings (KPM Studio Demo)

18. Los Rancheros (KPM Studio Demo)

19. Making History (KPM Studio Demo)


Track List: Prince Charming (Remastered)

1. Scorpios

2. Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios

3. Prince Charming (Remastered)

4. 5 Guns West

5. That Voodoo!

6. Stand And Deliver (Remastered)

7. Mile High Club

8. Ant Rap (Remastered)

9. Mowhok

10. S.E.X.

11. Prince Charming (Demo Version)

12. Stand And Deliver (Demo Version)

13. Showbiz (Demo Version)

14. Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios (Demo Version)

15. Who's A Goofy Bunny Then? (Demo Version)

16. Scorpio Writing (Demo Version)


Track List: Prince Charming (1986)

1. Scorpios

2. Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios

3. Prince Charming

4. 5 Guns West

5. That Voodoo!

6. Stand And Deliver

7. Mile High Club

8. Ant Rap

9. Mowhok

10. S.E.X.


Track List: Kings Of The Wild Frontier

1. Dog Eat Dog

2. Antmusic

3. Los Rancheros

4. Feed Me To The Lions

5. Press Darlings

6. Ants Invasion

7. Killer In The Home

8. Kings Of The Wild Frontier

9. The Magnificent Five

10. Don't Be Square (Be There)

11. Jolly Roger

12. Physical (You're So)

13. The Human Beings


Track List: Dirk Wears White Sox (Remastered)

1. Car Trouble (Parts 1 & 2)

2. Digital Tenderness

3. Nine Plan Failed

4. The Day I Met God

5. Tabletalk

6. Cleopatra

7. Catholic Day

8. Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)

9. Animals And Men

10. Family Of Noise

11. The Idea

12. Zerøx

13. Whip In My Valise

14. Kick!

15. Physical (Single Version)

16. Car Trouble (Parts 1 & 2) (Chris Hughes Mix)

17. Friends (Single Version)

18. Car Trouble (Single Version)

19. Kick! (Single Version)


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just saw him in concert 2 days ago. He's amazing. Great show
Report as inappropriate
Adam and the ants kill it !!!!!! and he new stuff it killer
Report as inappropriate
He annoyed me in the 80's and hasn't gotten any better. Thumbs down
Report as inappropriate
the Antz are great with Adam 1977
Report as inappropriate

I'm actually serious and not desperate LOL!
I love adam ant!
brings back some good memories
Report as inappropriate
The first band that backed him was named the Antz. Always thought that as the Dirk album had it spelled like that.
http://www.a d a m - a n t . n e t / d i s c o g r a p h y / D i s c o g r a p h y i m a g e s / n e g s / d i r k 2 . j p g
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I got turned on to many bands through LA's music video program MV3 in the early 80's. They showed Adam Ant and Adam and the Ants often.
Report as inappropriate
Lucky,u are so beyond lucky,play the lotto!
Report as inappropriate
I saw him in the summer of 83 on the pure sex tour. Scandal was the opening act. I have every album including the original dirk wears white Sox and the new one.
Report as inappropriate
I am still not desperate but not delerious !!!!!!!! Bb
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There will never be a band with the Look,Style, and Sound that ADAM AND THE ANTS Had!!! Ant Music for sex people Sex Music for Ant People (Now )
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garammasala1 9 6 8
Adam is so creative and original. Most claim to be, but he truly is! Always and forever a fan...
Report as inappropriate
Thanks the Insect Nation that Antmusic has risen again from 2013 on! Still Johnny Depps role model though his acting skills should be left for , hands down the best music videos of all time. I forget the long manically inspired name of his new acts formation with the hot chix etc but what a comeback!
Report as inappropriate
yogahike-new s l e t t e r s
I had a huge crush on him back in the early 80's, too. Young teen hormones galore indeed. And I'll never forget the day my 13 year old cousin went up to Jamie Lee Curtis, his known girlfriend at the time, in Westwood (circa 1984?) and all she could say to her was, You're Adam Ant's girlfriend!! You're SOOOO lucky!! Lol. Jamie Lee Curtis looked at her and said, Well, I think he's the one who's pretty lucky. We all laughed and laughed at my cousin's boldness. Still think it's funny.
Report as inappropriate
platinummick e y
Saw the Ant King In San Diego 1983?..2nd row...when I saw him on stage I lost my mind,8th grade and HORMONES, geeeesh
Report as inappropriate
Awesome awesome awesome
Report as inappropriate
Lost my mind in a good way after MTV turned me on to SOOOOO many Bands I never would have heard otherwise.. Brings back memories of Winter 1979 -1980. All good.
PS Friend or Foe was a solo effort I think.
Report as inappropriate
Good band
Report as inappropriate
you think adam ant is good, you should hear by band Catholic ButtCrack
Report as inappropriate
My friends and I used to sing this when we were getting drunk!Circa 1980.
Report as inappropriate
Still waiting for that new album Adam et all ( Hopefully Marco will be onboard). I am ever hopeful!!
Report as inappropriate
Kings of the Wild Frontier is my fav I think but I love them all. Adam & the Ants forever. I start my day with Plastic Surgery blaring every morning at 5am followed up by Speed Racer by Devo ..then a little Noticable One & It Ain't None of Your Business by Missing Persons, and Finish it up with Blue Highyway by Billy Idol and bring it on home with a little Space Age Love Song by AFOS and Impressed by Charlie Sexton. I usually mix in some Cruiser by the Cars and Love until we Bleed by Lykke Li.
Report as inappropriate
so many memories to friend or foe..
Report as inappropriate
He played here Monday night. Great show! He played for almost two hours. Really rocked out. Played everything and more. He sounds great and his band is really good. Love the two drummers and Georgie Girl is a show stealer. Wonderful show - catch it if you can. Adam says his new album comes out in Jan 2013.
Report as inappropriate
I love friend or foe; great album!
Report as inappropriate
Just saw him in San Diego this last weekend. He was great. Considering his age, he is in great performing shape and played close to two hours. Very guitar heavy with 2 drummers. If you were a fan check him out.
Report as inappropriate
Adam Ant is touring the US (October 2012) and the UK (November 2012). Reviews of his shows have been positive. He has been playing in the UK for awhile.
Report as inappropriate
I had such the crush on him back in the day! Still love his music!!
Report as inappropriate
One of the strongest ties to my youth. I created a whole D&D Campaign form Antics in the Forbidden Zone, I reconciled with a good friend (Hey Eva) in homeroom singing Prince Charming. Got my friend his first speeding ticket jamming to Kings while driving... I love all the songs.
Report as inappropriate
I'm 50 years old, a successful Colorado business and family man. I STILL LOVE THE ANT!!! Mr. Ant...if you ever read these comments please know we appreciate your unique creativity and exceptionali s m Very much! My 6 1/2 year daughter and I dance to Friend or Foe regularly. Thanks for all you've given us!
Report as inappropriate
Best album was Dirk Wears White Sox. Kings and Prince also very good. Once he went solo I lost interest. I remember buying Friend or Foe and being so upset! The Ants had left the building!
Report as inappropriate
xyra_silverl e a f
Adam Ant always brightens my day, brings a smile to my face, and gets my blood pumping. I've loved his music since the early 80s.
Report as inappropriate
Been listening to him for about 30 years. Still really enjoy his music.
Report as inappropriate
He's brought me so much joy. I'm sorry to hear he has had troubles.
Report as inappropriate
visonary writer
Report as inappropriate
graveyard_ro m a n c e 1 9 8 9
If there was one thing I could do before I died it would be to meet Adam Ant.
Report as inappropriate
I saw Adam Ant in concert in the 80's and it was a blast. The set the costumes it was more like a theatrical musical. And I may add he was very sexy.
Report as inappropriate
Kings of the Wild Frontier is a great record. No one in the world sounded like them at the time, and no one does now.
Report as inappropriate
I have seen Adam And The Ants and Adam Ant in concert, and both put on some of the best shows I have ever seen. To say that they only wrote one good song shows that Sarah Kemp is either deaf or daft! Adam also released a book that was a very good read, I would suggest it to all.
Report as inappropriate
Recently while watching some old Adam and the Ants vids on youtube I caught my self noticing where Johnny Depp got inspiration for his Jack Sparrow character. Adam was an amazing musician and showman!
Report as inappropriate
pandora doesn't have beat my guest-the only good song he did
Report as inappropriate
He is in the hospital. Send him some love: Adam Ant c/o 1
Nightingale Place, Mulberry South Ward, Chelsea and Westminster
Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, London SW10 9NG UK.
Report as inappropriate
And no mention of the 6 months in the mental hospital in 2003
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
He also appeared as "Johnny" in Mad max as the dictionary definition of a PUNK on PCP.
Report as inappropriate
He was my first star crush and first conert. Oh man! The show was for Friend or Foe, I think I was twelve! I had a cool mom who found a way to get tickets for my bff and I. We were on cloud nine for weeks after. I'm so sentimental that I still have the program stashed somewhere. I wish his Persausion cd didn't get lost in the corporate shuffle. Sigh.
Report as inappropriate
I'm pleased to see this write-up not mention his troubles, but rather focus on his music. Love Pandora!
Report as inappropriate
Even though he is known for his contribution s to New Wave, Wonderful (from 1995)is probably my favorite thing he ever did.
Report as inappropriate
A very poor second fiddle to Bow Wow Wow.
They were his bandmates and they dumped him to pursue new singer Annabelle Lwinn in 1980(?).
Report as inappropriate
I love Adam and the Ants! They're the most talented punk rock band ever. Adam is a great inspiration to all those looking for a positive idol!

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