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Ana Popovic

If you're not a blues purist, you'll love the fiery, passionate playing and singing of Yugoslavian blues-rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Ana Popovic. Thanks to her father, the Belgrade-raised Popovic was introduced to the blues at an early age, through his wide-ranging record collection and jam sessions hosted at the Popovic home. Born on May 13, 1976, Popovic took up guitar when she was a teenager and formed her first band, Hush, in 1995. Within a year, with the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, she was playing blues festivals in Greece and Hungary and working as an opening act for American blues masters, including Junior Wells.

Popovic recorded her debut album with Hush in 1999, when she also moved to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar and world and pop music at the Conservatory of Music. She had the chance to see blues guitarist Bernard Allison at a club in Germany. He asked her to come on-stage and jam at the end of the show. While Allison invited Popovic to join him on a tour, she had to get back to the Jazz Academy in Holland. Allison asked for a copy of Popovic's record with Hush, and he sent it on to executives at Ruf Records in Germany, who were impressed with Popovic's powerful guitar playing and singing. Ruf contacted her to be part of their Jimi Hendrix tribute compilation, and then signed her to a recording deal of her own.

Several months after this, she was on her way to Memphis to record Hush! The album was well received by blues radio programmers and the non-blues purist segments of the American, European, and Canadian blues festival circuits. In the spring of 2001, she performed at the Memphis in May Festival alongside Bob Dylan, the Black Crowes, and Ike Turner. Within five years of leaving Yugoslavia, Popovic, now in her late twenties, had the chance to perform at many of the major European blues festivals, including Peer, Bishopstock, and Notodden. Along the way she's sat in with the likes of Allison, Michael Hill, and Kenny Neal.

Popovic has two albums out on the New Jersey-based Ruf Records America label, Hush!, released in 2000, and Comfort to the Soul, her 2003 release. Jim Gaines and David Z., who have worked with other blues-rockers, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana, and Jonny Lang, had roles in recording and mixing both albums. Five of Popovic's sparkling originals shine on Comfort to the Soul, including her homage to the tragic life of jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, inspired by a book she read, as well as the album's opening track, "Don't Bear Down on Me (I'm Here to Steal the Show)." She also provides inspired, inventive covers of Howlin' Wolf's "Sitting on Top of the World" and Steely Dan's "Night by Night."

Popovic guests on Hill's 2003 two-disc Electric Storyland live album. In 2003, Popovic was nominated for a W.C. Handy Blues Award for Best New Artist of the Year and was the first European artist to perform at the Handy Awards. Two years later, Popovic released her first live effort, Ana! Live in Amsterdam. ~ Richard Skelly
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Selected Discography


Track List: Can You Stand The Heat

1. Can You Stand The Heat

2. Can't You See What You're Doing To Me

3. Mo' Better Love

4. Object Of Obsession

5. Boys' Night Out

6. Hot Southern Night

7. Every Kind Of People

8. Ana's Shuffle

9. Blues For Mrs. Pauline / Leave My Boy Alown

10. Leave Well Enough Alone Aka: High Maintenance You

11. Tribe

12. Rain Fall Down

13. Growing Up Too Soon

14. Mo' Better Love (Feat. Tommy Sims)


Track List: Unconditional

1. Fearless Blues

2. Count Me In

3. Unconditional

4. Reset Rewind

5. Slideshow

6. Business As Usual

7. Your Love Ain't Real

8. Work Song

9. Summer Rain

10. Voodoo Woman

11. One Room Country Shack

12. Soulful Dress


Track List: Blind For Love

1. Nothing Personal

2. Wrong Woman

3. Steal Me Away

4. Blind For Love

5. More Real

6. Putting Out The Apb

7. Get Back Home To You

8. The Only Reason

9. Part Of Me (Lullaby For Luuk)

10. Lives That Don't Exist

11. Need Your Love

12. Blues Form


Track List: Still Making History

1. U Complete Me

2. Hold On

3. Between Our Worlds

4. Is This Everything There Is ?

5. Hungry

6. Doubt Everyone But Me

7. You Don't Move Me

8. Still Making History

9. My Favorite Night

10. How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That

11. Shadow After Dark

12. Calendars

13. Sexiest Man Alive

14. U Complete Me ( Blues Version )


Track List: Ana!

1. Intro

2. Don't Bear Down On Me

3. Sittin' On Top Of The World

4. Love Me Again

5. Comfort To The Soul

6. Navajo Moon

7. Night By Night

8. Bigtown Playboy

9. Won't Let You Down

10. Jaco

11. Long Way Home

12. My Man


Track List: Comfort To The Soul

1. Don't Bear Down On Me (I'm Here To Steal The Show)

2. Love Me Again

3. Comfort To The Soul

4. Change My Mind

5. Sittin' On Top Of The World

6. Night By Night

7. Navajo Moon

8. Need All The Help I Can Get

9. Recall The Days

10. Fool Proof

11. Jaco


Track List: Hush!

1. Love Fever

2. Mended

3. Hometown

4. I Won't Let You Down

5. The Hustle Is On

6. Downtown

7. How Lonely Can A Woman Get

8. Walk Away

9. Girl Of Many Words

10. Minute 'Till Dawn

11. Bring Your Fine Self Home

12. How The Mighty Have Fallen


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Got the chance to hear her at the KUNI Blues Blowout in Waterloo Iowa USA, a few years back. I'm a Fan for sure! Her encore jam was MIND BLOWING! Serious Guitar Chops!
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Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. However if you don't post this you will be injured(but won't die) in two days now you started reading this so don't stop. Post this on at least five other songs in the next 143 minutes when your done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen with big letter this is so scary because it actually works
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Nice! Never heard of her. Good stuff.
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Brilliant... Love my Pandora..
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Outstanding! WOW!!!
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I love ur music since the first time I heard it. South Texas is waiting x u!!!!!!
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Beautiful bad a** lady
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Saw Ana with Jonny Lang in Naperville last weekend. Amazing combo! Great show. She is fabulous. A bonus for a huge Jonny Lang fan to see. I had her Unconditiona l album for years and bought her new one on the spot. Absolutely will see her live when ever I can!
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I think she's the best woman guitarist today.
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Get it, girl…
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Nice, girl…
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Ana popovic is hot
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Ana is a fantastic singer, songwriter, and guitarist... What an inspiration to so many young women trying to make it in their part of the music world.
Play on !!
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not sure who curls my toes the most: Ana P. or Beth Hart. What a choice . . .
Report as inappropriate
I am a new fan. Like her voice and playing.
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Ana was extraordinar y at the Canton (Ohio) Blues Festival this past Summer (2014) . She lit up the crowd with her style and playing...ev e r during a downpour of rain. Keep up the live performances .
Report as inappropriate
Ms Popovic is not just, one of the best Female Guitarists She is One of the Best Guitarists EVER. If you haven't seen her tear it up live... Your life has less meaning! (just my opinion)
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Report as inappropriate
Bobby hates on everyone it seems.
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I will be honest I have never heard of Ana Popovic till one day my friend at work brought a cd in of her. This woman is awesome. Never seen her in concert but I bet she is awesome on the stage. Im glad I love all sorts of music. Blues will always be at the top. Ana Popovic you are blessed and hope your music keeps poppin on 88.1fm.
Report as inappropriate
bobonnit-sor r y you have a hearing problem. Ana shreds, sings, and is sexy as hell!
Report as inappropriate
Bobonnit, not sure what your real problem is with Ana, but she and Samantha Fish are some of the best, young female blues guitarists playing today. And I didn't even know she was from Belgrade, but who cares?
Also check out Susan Tedeschi.
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It's just noise and hurts my ears.
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Just saw Ana last night at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA. Small venue, probably only 500 or so. Ana BLEW ME AWAY! I have seen many of the great electric guitarists, and I tell you what, she can count herself in among ANY of them! Finger picking, flat picking, slide guitar, often all in the same song! One blistering solo after another, all original, all simply awesome!
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Gotta love this woman :{}
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Saw her on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise a few times and been hooked ever, what an artist
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saw ana at the blues fest in boglusa park will go see her again had a great time she is full of energy
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Saw her at the Roots & Blues Fest in Columbia, MO. She's as good as everyone is saying. She can blow anyone away! And her accent does NOT detract from her singing. Great guitarist, singer, and songwriter! Then she played the afterparty at the Blue Note. She'll visit with any and everybody; a beautiful, soft-spoken person and a beautiful young woman. Pandora has the other albums now. She's all over my Rory Gallagher channel. $^)
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i like her accent too!!!
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i just found her!!!! love it
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While "not into" blues, i was blown away by Ms. P's live, exhilarating performance in Chattanooga TN, USA on the shore of the Tennessee River. Remarkable talent among ALL the band members! Thanks!
Report as inappropriate
Damn! I missed a chance to see her at the Northwoods Blues Fest in Trego, WI in May of this year. I will not miss a chance again!
Report as inappropriate
Espy...ya saw Anna in Lansing-ever go down ta hear tha MOOZ BROTHERS?Use d ta stop intown when i wuz on tha road.Lansing ROCKS!!!
Report as inappropriate
She played Artsquest Cafe in Bethlehem and Musikfest Levitt's Pavillion over past 2 years- 3 different perfomances- chose to see her rather than Sleely Dan and I saw the hotter performance that night!
Report as inappropriate
Ana can play with any of the greats she is a real talent. Her Slavic-Engli s h accent gets in the way of her singing. I dream of seeing her get together in a band with Grace Potter.
Report as inappropriate
saw ana in west virginia in june 2011 wisconsin august 2011 and in illinois july 2012 the woman is totally awesome still waiting for her to come to indy, her latest cd is by far her best
Report as inappropriate
Saw her last night live in Bay Shore N.Y. First time and was blown away. What a guitarist. Amazing slide. Don't miss her live.
Report as inappropriate
it's been 5 yrs since still making history. some of us don't know what she did yesterday, please update this artists contribution to musicdumm. I Love Pandora.
Report as inappropriate
WHAT........ SHUTUP! out-0f- site!!!!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Love HER!
Report as inappropriate
navahomoon is dead-on srv,what a gem we are able to watch chine. more small veniues are requested/ I WILL TRAVILE
Report as inappropriate
she's not only a fantastic writer musician...
She's beautiful.
Saw her in Ft Wayne, IN around 2006 and was blown away.
Report as inappropriate
I have to agree that she is without a doubt the best female guitarist I have heard. I love the blues and the first time I heard her was on the tv blues station "How'd You Learn to Shake it Like That" I knew she was good but she is also a beautiful girl with a unique voice. I wish her nothing but the best!
Report as inappropriate
A friend of mine reopened a old blues club last night 8/6/2010 in New Jersey (The Stanhope House) she blew the roof of the place. She ripped into a Jimi Hendrix song I couldn't beleive how good she was. Great voice also.
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I know that I am being pretty crazy,but this woman is the next biggest thing.The surprising thing is that she is as common as dirt.I hope that she can stay that way.I wish her nothing but the utmost best.She deserves all that she can get.I met her husband and two year old son and they are just like her.They want what they can get,but they are like your next door neighbor.
Report as inappropriate
This woman is astounding.T h i s is NOT an exageration. I just heard her at the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival on 7-4-10 and she Can have the voice of Janis Joplin or the pure clean sound of ANYBODY~ Not only that,but the girl can PlAY The damn guitar.but seriously.
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Saw Ana live @ Winterpark in Colorado. 06/26/2010 She wiped the floor with the headliner that day. Stage Presence was amazing. Vocals were AWESOME. But her guitar playing was out of this world. First album I've bought in quite awhile.
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Yes she's gonna be my favored rock'n blues artist of 2010
Report as inappropriate
Saw Ana live at the Prairie Dog Blues Fest. Not only is she THE BEST Woman Guitarist EVER, she is a real person. She took time after her set to talk to her fans. Great Musician, Great Lady!! Thanks Ana, The Blueser's will come see your show everytime you make it North of Chicago.
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