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Catherine Wheel

By using their influences as a mere launching pad and consistently developing their many strengths, Catherine Wheel was able to outlast all of their early peers. With their initial singles and first album, the band from East Anglia fit snugly with the remainder of bands that the British press eventually labeled as shoegazers, a short-lived sub-scene of bands that were characterized by an inactive stage presence, loads of effects pedals, and buried vocals. However, the always tuneful Catherine Wheel survived by refusing to repeat themselves and remaining accessible to their constantly swelling fanbase through touring like dogs. The band's extensive discography plays like a how-to guide for bands that aspire to do most things imaginable within the domain of bass/drum/guitar/vocals with enthusiasm and sharp skill. They might not have reached the level of popularity that they aimed for, but their career was one that most bands would commit felonies to experience.

Formed by Rob Dickinson (vocals and guitar), Brian Futter (guitar), Dave Hawes (bass), and Neil Sims (drums) in 1990, Catherine Wheel debuted on the tiny Norwich independent label Wilde Club with the She's My Friend and Painful Thing singles. Though inspired by the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and the House of Love, even the band's earliest recordings strayed from being derivative. Those singles earned them a spot on John Peel's BBC show. One listener was famed producer and "non-musician" Brian Eno, who was delighted enough by what he heard to phone the band's manager up and express admiration. Eno, who had his Opal label at the time, threw his hat into the ring of people wanting to release the band's future material. Since the tiny Opal imprint didn't fit into the big plans the band had for themselves, they declined to sign on with the bald wonder. Creation boss Alan McGee was another interested major figure. Since McGee was about to become knee-deep in debt, thanks to the extensive costs of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, the band passed on the pre-Oasis label. Fontana had the ability to market the band on a wider scale and the label's licensing deal with Mercury in the U.S. made them more attractive.

Signed to Fontana, the band set about wrangling a producer for their debut full-length. Being huge fans of Talk Talk's sonically expansive records, they contacted the band's associate, Tim Friese-Greene. To their pleasant surprise, Friese-Greene had bought the Wild Club singles and needed no convincing to work with them. Friese-Greene became the fifth Wheel as much as he was the fifth member of Talk Talk, playing a crucial role in sound development, production, and adding his trademark keyboards when necessary. Ferment gained the band a small following in their native land and abroad on the strength of the epic "Black Metallic," which remained the band's most recognized song throughout their career.

The cinematic Chrome followed in 1993, toughening the band's sound and providing increased exposure on U.S. alternative radio through "Crank." Dickinson's increased confidence as a singer allowed them more emotional depth. Another strong alliance was forged with engineer Gil Norton during the recording sessions. As always, extensive touring ensued and the band's heavier edge on stage was captured on 1995's Happy Days, which hardcore fans dismissed for being too flat-out rock for their tastes. Neo-metal single "Waydown" was the radio staple in the U.S., giving the band more exposure than ever. At this point, the band was criticized for abandoning Britain, which was something of a fallacy. Although they would routinely circle the U.S. multiple times while touring, only in relative terms did it appear that they were neglecting their homeland.

Meanwhile, Catherine Wheel had been stockpiling spectacular B-sides that only rabid collectors and those who would listen to their tales of depleted wallets knew about. To provide a stop-gap between albums, Like Cats and Dogs was released in 1996, which only contained a small fraction of those extras. Ingeniously, those that were selected were sequenced in a manner that resembled a regular studio album; the immediacy and experimentalism of the hodgepodge made for the band's best full-length in the eyes of several fans.

Peeling back from the aural onslaught of Happy Days, the band exposed more of their atmospheric knack for 1997's Adam and Eve (released by Chrysalis in the U.K.), which was also designed to play as a single piece. Frustrated with the current generation's aversion to listening to a single record through its entirety, they went so far as to bring in Bob Ezrin to give it a classic front-to-back feel; they obviously liked the result of Like Cats and Dogs and the result of Adam and Eve was just as pleasing. Despite having numerous radio friendly songs on the album, sales for the record stalled outside of the usual pack and those catching on by word of mouth and more gigging. Not pleased with Mercury, Catherine Wheel abandoned ship prior to the bloodshed that ensued when Mercury's distributor Polygram merged with Universal.

Creatively stalled by not knowing where to go next, it took a while for Catherine Wheel to come up with 2000's Wishville, which found release through the band's new label, Columbia. Dave Hawes was relieved of his bass duties prior to recording sessions; since he was the most accessible and affable member of the group (and an excellent musician), the announcement of his departure was met with much scrutiny by their fans. The band had their reasons in sacking Hawes and the bass lines for Wishville were handled by Dickinson, Futter, and Friese-Greene. Ben Ellis was eventually brought on as full-time bassist. Wishville gained noticeable play on alternative radio, but it translated into the usual amount of sales that the band was accustomed to. Frustrated with having all the tools to be a huge platinum act for nearly a decade, the band went on hiatus after touring. ~ Andy Kellman
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Wishville

1. Sparks Are Gonna Fly

2. Gasoline

3. Lifeline

4. What We Want To Believe In

5. All Of That

6. Idle Life

7. Mad Dog

8. Ballad Of A Running Man

9. Creme Caramel


Track List: Like Cats And Dogs

1. Heal 2

2. Wish You Were Here

3. Mouthful Of Air

4. Car

5. Girl Stand Still

6. Saccharine

7. Backwards Guitar

8. Tongue Twisted

9. These Four Walls

10. High Heels

11. Harder Than I Am

12. La La La La La

13. Something Strange/Angelo Nero/Spirit Of Radio


Track List: Waydown (Single)

1. Waydown

2. Broken Head

3. Chrome


Track List: Happy Days

1. God Inside My Head

2. Waydown

3. Little Muscle

4. Heal

5. Empty Head

6. Receive

7. My Exhibition

8. Eat My Dust You Insensitive F**k

9. Shocking

10. Love Tips Up

11. Judy Staring At The Sun

12. Hole

13. Fizzy Love

14. Kill My Soul


Track List: Chrome

1. Kill Rhythm

2. I Confess

3. Crank

4. Broken Head

5. Pain

6. Strange Fruit

7. Chrome

8. The Nude

9. Ursa Major Space Station

10. Fripp

11. Half Life

12. Show Me Mary


Track List: Ferment

1. Texture

2. I Want To Touch You

3. Black Metallic

4. Indigo Is Blue

5. She's My Friend

6. Shallow

7. Ferment

8. Flower To Hide

9. Tumbledown

10. Bill And Ben

11. Salt

12. Balloon


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Wow! I Really am liking this band, Catherine Wheel, I Want to Touch You. They sound fantastic! Not as dark as The Cure or The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen & lots better than The Stone Roses, if there other material's as good as this! Thanks a lot for this one, Pandora!!!
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Rob's new career is making 70's Porsche 911's into hotrods
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How does the bio not mention that Rob Dickinson's cousin is Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden? It's why they named the band after a torture device
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dmcguffey_20 0 0
I saw them at Sonic Sunday, the 88.5 Georgia state college radio festival in Atlanta in 92'. I've been a massive fan since then.
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I first heard about these lads from Matt Pinfield on an episode of 120 Minutes waaaay back in the day. He waxed poetic about this band and with great reason.
Report as inappropriate
Most dynamic band of their time with such amazing musical landscapes that anyone would fall into its chasm and forget where they are. Just beautiful songs. Miss seeing these guys live. Cheers and love.
Report as inappropriate
I'm surprised I hadn't commented on the Chrome album. I've loved it for years! I share the sentiment that C.W. disappointin g l y never made a big name for themselves despite beautiful songs and a distinct sound. I was lucky enough to go to one of their concerts!
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Absolutely the most sonic, heart breaking band, never given its due, phenomenal.
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My favorite band of ALL time. So glad this music exists. Cheers, Dave!
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Hi Dave! You guys did a record signing at a shop in Irvine California just before your show at the Whiskey in May '92. You were amazed that I had a copy of Painful Thing
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Hello David Hawes you are an amazing Bass player, I always have my Pandora on Catherine Wheel radio. It is such beautiful music and classic.
Report as inappropriate
As the bass player it is very humbling to read the comments. Thank you.
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liesel.neuba u e r
sausa band
Report as inappropriate
Underrated a.f.
Report as inappropriate
Well, if you don't like this song then you don't like this genre, ya' know?
Report as inappropriate
Love their musica..
Report as inappropriate
Dickinson solo album is worth a listen
Report as inappropriate
How the hell they didn't become one of the hugest band of the nineties I'll never understand. Saw them at the Whiskey right after Ferment was released, (the post LA riots curfew had just been lifted the week before!) . Great show, the whole band was grinning ear to ear as the entire audience sang along to Black Metallic
Report as inappropriate
Ha! Just read the comments of others below. Glad to see so many others agree with me. I repeat, UNDERRATED!
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Great band from the '90s. Sadly underrated.
Report as inappropriate
A life changing band.
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Go buy a Singer Porsche...Ro b would appreciate it!
Report as inappropriate
i cant help but blast the volume when I listen to them
Report as inappropriate
Saw them in 1992 opening for the Charlatans. They were fantastic.
Report as inappropriate
It still kills me that I never got around to seeing them live back then. But if Rob ever got the band together again, I think they'd do really well!

Just read the YouTube comments on major rock acts from the 90s posted by people as young as 11 years old, and you can see that even the youngest music fans see what a shitshow today's music scene really is.
Report as inappropriate
Well, you hate to use the word underrated, but I guess I just did.
Report as inappropriate
I'd steal myself a car.... A Ferrari or a Jaguar just to see them reunited and touring again.
Report as inappropriate
been listening since the beginning ............ . been trying to spread the news for over 20 years
Report as inappropriate
Of of THE MOST underrated groups of the 90's...I sure miss them
Report as inappropriate
Missing some stuff here in The Wheel album list but all is good. Such a great band they could put up a great wall of sound like no one else and the guitar was all their own it made their sound. If all you know is Black Metallic then give the rest of their albums a try.
Report as inappropriate
What a shame that they became the antithesis of what they once were......a GREAT guitar-drive n band. R.I.P. Boys
Report as inappropriate
I saw them open up for the Charlatans at the old Academy in NYC around 1992. What a combo show!! Never forget it!!
Report as inappropriate
Bruce Dickenson's cousin. So totally different, and if you heard a new song from him you'd pick out that voice in a heartbeat.
Report as inappropriate
Love their musica.. awesome group.
Report as inappropriate
No kidding - you can always tell a CW song apart when it starts up. I played Chrome for a friend of mine and he immediately agreed they sounded about 15 years ahead of their time. I think if they re-formed and went back to the early style they could be huge now.
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A sound all there own
Report as inappropriate
I too saw that show in DC. I caught them a couple of more times as well in Baltimore and Philly. caught them with Curve at one of those shows and got all the autographs on my Chrome album ( and Cuchoo for Curve )
Report as inappropriate
jamesryanwes t
Catherine Wheel put on the BEST show I've ever seen. Caught them at the 9:30 club in D.C.
Report as inappropriate
I too am sad I discovered them too late to catch a show. How about a reunion for my personal benefit, eh?
Report as inappropriate
Wonderful live band. The best was a set they did at the Cotton Club in Atlanta in which they played the entire Adam & Eve album straight through.
Very nice!
Report as inappropriate
damn, i've discovered them all too late....
Report as inappropriate
I lost some of my hearing because of Catherine Wheel shows in Chicago in the 90s. And I am ok with that. ;)
Report as inappropriate
Their earlier records are pretty great. Shame about Wishville, though.
Report as inappropriate
Growing up in the 80's and have seen bands like Black Flag to the Smiths. Then surviving the Grunge trend in the early 90's. Catherine Wheel is the best 90's band I ever seen live! I wish Rob would get the band back together!
Report as inappropriate
I agree with the former posts, I only saw CW 1x in 97', but it still stands out as one of the best shows I've ever witnessed. Love em, miss em.
Report as inappropriate
Ferment and Chrome are great albums. Unlike many CW fans, I think Happy Days is a criminally under-rated album too, although it is not similar in style to Ferment and Chrome.
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awkward Ronald... apologizing! ? all hail CW
Report as inappropriate
They have skills
Report as inappropriate
There's something about their sound...
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I love this band. Ditto on the B-side note by Chris - they could have put out 2 or 3 more CDs with their output. Saw them 3 times here in the US. Best was an acoustic Christmas show at a club in Philadelphia . Futter cheated by playing electric guitar with the effects off. It was an amazing lineup (CW, Live, Cowboy Junkies, Nick Heywood (post-Haircu t 100) and Tony Bennett(!) plus I shook hands with Tony Bennett. Good times...

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