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Creedence Clearwater Revisited

The idea of a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band formed by ex-CCR members Stu Cook and Doug Clifford is either the biggest obscenity in '60s rock revivals, or the only fully musically just and honest cover band phenomenon there is.

To people who take rock & roll seriously, the existence of Creedence Clearwater Revisited is probably an abomination -- the equivalent of Paul and Ringo going back on the road leading a Beatles cover band, complete with replacements for John and George. But before anyone tunes out on this, bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug "Cosmo" Clifford have as much right to capitalize on the Creedence Clearwater Revival repertory as anyone other than John Fogerty -- yes, he wrote the stuff, but they were the rhythm section, and as good a rhythm section as any American white rock & roll band of the '60s ever had, on songs where the beat, not to mention the textures of the bass and the drums, counted for a lot. And they were with Fogerty and his brother Tom from the beginning, playing lots of thankless gigs for short-end money before lightning struck in 1968. And since Fogerty kept this repertory at more than arm's length for more than 25 years after their breakup, and the songs were more popular than ever, it was almost inevitable that a CCR cover band would emerge. The unexpected aspect is that it was done by former CCR members.

Following the breakup of CCR in 1972, Cook and Clifford, who'd been friends since junior high, formed a production company together. Clifford later joined the latter-day Sir Douglas Quintet, while Cook joined a group of ex-members of the Doobie Brothers in forming the country-rock outfit Southern Pacific. They kept fairly low profiles as working musicians, although they were still busier musically than Fogerty, who, for a variety of personal reasons, didn't really re-emerge in the public eye until the end of the 1980s. Creedence Clearwater Revisited was initially supposed to be a short-run project, conceived in 1995 -- Elliot Easton, formerly of the Cars, played lead guitar, and John Tristao handled the vocals. They were only supposed to play private parties, but soon the band was getting 100 gigs a year.

Suffice it to say that these guys are singularly unlikely to ever be a major creative force (or even part of one) in rock music the way they were 30 years ago, and the chance of anything new or fresh issuing forth from them is practically nil. But that's also true of Chuck Berry and a lot of other names bigger than Cook or Clifford, and CCRevisited does put on a good show, and crowds looking for good-time rock & roll music enjoy them, the same way that Rob Grill & the Grass Roots or whatever version of "Herman's Hermits" Peter Noone is fronting can pull 15,000 to an outdoor venue on a decent summer night. At least CCRevisited doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is, even if they're not too much more than a flesh-and-blood jukebox.

Of course, the eerie backdrop to their presence is the fact that Fogerty (who cut a great blues-rock album in 1997) finally overcame his reticence about his old songs and issued his own live album, at virtually the same time that CCRevisited got its double live CD out. So fans once limited to a choice of original CCR recordings are now faced with Fogerty's own new versions of his old hits, and new live versions of those same hits by this band. Anyone under 25 without a lot of background in music will probably need a program to sort through it all. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi
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Thank you for Susie Q
New times.
C c r. Rules
These guys cover the songs better than Fogarty anyway.
CCR was a good band up until Bayou Country, after that they became annoying since Fogerty's vocal style showed he was a one trick pony and the songs got sappy and pseudo-polit i c a l . I also understand that John Fogerty and the other original members weren't on speaking terms for the last 40+ years and other than John Fogerty they didn't make much money.
My uncle`s favorite R.I.P. past away oct 2014
It's about losing self,keep what you Love!
Feel good anyways.Spec i a l l y This One! Rock On!
#1 70's band. I still play, and we play lots of ccr , just great feel good music!
Any wonder this subject attracts so much attention?! Fogarty was Credence! Stu and Co. lent the rhythm and they all got ripped by management. Methinks both parties have a right. Fogarty still has a million ton of ability and Cook and Associates have a right. Damn shame that Tom isn't still in the mix, to level the argument. Together they were the best for this '68 boy and always will be! Perhaps only B Seger can match it
You are either a Fogerty fan or a Revisited fan. Revisited doesn't come close to sound or rhythm of John Fogerty. Who to this day makes and releases new music. Long live Creedence Clearwater Revival
All ways #1 with me!!
Balls eat em suzie
Kind of ironic. While CCR was officially in business they never had a no. 1 hit. Not till after they broke up did that happen. So sad. What a great, great group. Listen to them while working in my garage.
I hate the fact that they pretty much stole John Fogerty's music from him. I agree with philip6586-w i t h o u t Fogerty, it ain't Creedence!
this sucks i love revival but revisted is dumb
I happen to like these guys, and have seen them in concert. It was a great night out and brought back a lot of memories!
The singer tries to hard to sound like Fogarty and fails miserably.
What a abomination! ! ! ! If john fogerty is not there its not creedence.
mucho bueno homie
"I kin still heah mah hown dog bawkin', chasin' down a hoodoo there" my favorite line because I can barely understand the lyrics! Great song too!
I think CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVIAL is one of the best classic rock artist that was around in their time
I'm getting sick of ccr quit playing them much !!!!!!!
I don't think the guitar here lacks the soul of fogerty, I think it's a rather great emulation and tribute really, he's playing the style, and hitting some of the same riffs while maintaining some originality as well in his jam of this bad song. having heard many bar bands and been to many a free jam session, this song usually sounds good whoever is playing it.
Granted, Fogerty's version is still the best overall, and stuff, these guys sound pretty darn good to me.
Stop lying to me!!!
Dear pandora dont play this s**t on a bluegrass station.ther e isnt any f**kin bluegrass roots in this song
Awesome & Cool:)
Definitely lacks the soul of John Foggerty but very good regardless.. . a studio or road tour of the three founders would be quite good...
Fogerty goes on, while the others fade...Go John!!!
Why won't John fogerty hook back up with Stu & Doug? Fogertys' solo stuff is good, and all, and him and his new band playing his old ccr stuff is good too, but the drummer he has ain't got quite the same mojo as doug, and the new bass player ain't got a thing on stu. The new guys workin with fogerty aren't bad, they're just not spectacular either, they are just kinda like average studio musicians, not really stars.
james.wilson 4 9
My bad, comment below is re: I Put A Spell On You, not on the band in general.
james.wilson 4 9
To add to the irony - this song is a cover of a song originally written by a race-prevent e d opera singer posing as a New Orleans voodoo doctor. So its a cover band covering half the original bands material written by someone else who was pretending to be something he wasn't to pander to racist public expectations . Go figure.
If you think Revisited is awesome, try listening to Revival. They are the original and FAR better. This is nothing but a butchering of all the songs due to John getting screwed out of his material.
Best band EVER...
Why would anyone settle for an inferior copy when they can easily have the original?
Nothing beats the original.
Money, it's a hit. Don't give me any of that goody-good BS.
There is more to the controversy than just the band splitting, and JCF not wanting the band back together. Fantasy records owned the songs, and like so many artists of that time, the writer and creator would have had to share royalties with the label should he have re-launched earlier than he did. What a mess. Add in the death of the older brother Tom...and the bitterness that goes along with ego, resentment and record company greed....Wel l , I guess that is why they call it the Blues!
THE guitars are much more mature and more interesting than the original in my humble opinion! Listen to Suzie Q and tell me it aint so!
the 3 remaining members need to get over things and regroup. period !!!
I had the distinct real pleasure of seeing CCR in St. Louis at the Pavillion in Forest Park in 1967.
This isn't the same at all. The soul isn't there. CCR Revisited can play. but I won't go to see them. It's amazing how much influence the Fogerty's really had on the original band. No real pleasure in listening to this. One might expect it to bring back memories, 'good ones' , alass, no so. I just can't feel it like back during the free concert in the park.
teri_pde - I'm pretty sure Lodi refers to Lodi, CA (in the CA Central Valley). CCR were CA boys.
John Trestao sings Fogerty better than Fogerty.
Is Lodi in the song Lodi,VA?
(continued) marriage. One partner is the breadwinner, the other one stays home and takes care of the kids and the home. If the two divorce, you don't give the breadwinner everything and leave the other partner out in the cold. The spouse is entitled to support because of the years invested in the partnership.
It is not wrong for the former band members to perform the old CCR songs. They were part of the band for many years. It would not be fair to bar them from performing. John Fogerty was the talented songwriter and singer but these guys supported him. John could have continued to write songs and continue as a top singer if he had chosen, but he refused for 10 years. True, these guys didn't have the same talent, so they would not have the same opportunity to make a good living. Think of it like a ma
Pandora needs a Dislike button for bands. I want CCR, not CCRevisited.
I like bands that cover hits from a wide variety of artists. I hate cover bands that try to imitate one very good band. CC Revisited is not CCR without the Fogerty brothers. It is a bad copy formed with a couple of former members to prosper on the music and reputation of John Fogerty. I would not be so biased against them if they had not been a large part of barring John Fogerty from performing his own music for so many years. We all missed seeing John perform classics live for many years b
Wow, CCR without John Fogerty....s t u p i d .
that being said i saw ccrevisited in '04 at rockjam in colorado and they were quite entertaining . the lead guitarist of the cars was playing with them and they put on a damn good show... but still not fogerty.
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