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The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter started as a solo side project by singer and keyboardist Casey Crescenzo, formerly a key member of Belchertown, Massachusetts emo act the Receiving End of Sirens. An outlet for Crescenzo's songs that didn't fit the Receiving End of Sirens' heavy post-hardcore vibe, the Dear Hunter was initially envisioned as a concurrent project. Indeed, Crescenzo's first gig as the Dear Hunter was an opening slot for the Receiving End of Sirens, at which he was backed by the other members of the band. Shortly afterward, however, he decided to leave the group and focus full-time on the Dear Hunter. Following a self-released EP taster called Dear Ms. Leading, Crescenzo wrote and recorded the full-length concept album Act I: The Lake South, The River North, which starts with the story of a young boy's birth at the dawn of the 20th century and his relationship with his mother. This was the first of a planned six-act project about the eponymous protagonist's tragic life, his loves, and death. The album matches the exceedingly sensitive lyrics with prog-influenced chamber pop arrangements played almost entirely by Crescenzo, with a few family members and friends helping out on drums, keyboards, trumpet, and harmony vocals.

For touring purposes, Crescenzo put together a full-band version of the Dear Hunter with guitarist Erick Serna, additional keyboardist Luke Dent, and drummer Sam Dent. The lineup was used to record an even more dynamic and symphonic second album in 2007 titled Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading, which chronicled the death of the Dear Hunter's mother and his subsequent search for love at the brothel where she was employed.

In 2009, the band released the third installment of the series, Act III: Life and Death (a dramatic arc that brought him to the frontlines of World War I -- mustard gas and all -- where he found both his father and half-brother on the battlefield). Crescenzo took a break from the narrative in 2011 with the release of The Color Spectrum, a nine-EP, three-hour concept based on the colors of the rainbow and black and white.

In 2013, the band further delayed the Dear Hunter's return with another LP, Migrant, and continued a steady schedule of live shows, which also featured a string quartet (these shows were recorded for a surprise release of The Dear Hunter Live album in early 2015, which Crescenzo stated was a “thank you” for the band’s dedicated fan base). Before the release of Act IV in 2015, Crescenzo composed his debut symphony, Amour & Attrition, which was influenced by Debussy and Gershwin and thematically focused on a male protagonist and his journey through a cast of lovers.

In September 2015, the band released Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise. Mirroring Crescenzo’s own place in life at that time, Act IV continued the Dear Hunter's saga, focusing on the protagonist’s return to familiar places where he picked up the pieces as a different person. A year later, Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional arrived. The penultimate installment in the series was recorded at the same time as Act IV, lending a familiar tone to the album, which focused on the protagonist's regression into vice and sin before an ultimate rebirth that had been hinted at as early as Act II. The band hit the road in support of the record, teasingly dubbing it "The Final Act Tour." ~ Stewart Mason & Neil Z. Yeung
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional

1. Regress

2. The Moon / Awake

3. Cascade

4. The Most Cursed Of Hands / Who Am I

5. The Revival

6. Melpomene

7. Mr. Usher (On His Way To Town)

8. The Haves Have Naught

9. Light

10. Gloria

11. The Flame (Is Gone)

12. The Fire (Remains)

13. The March

14. Blood

15. A Beginning


Track List: Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise

1. Rebirth

2. The Old Haunt

3. Waves

4. At The End Of The Earth

5. Remembered

6. A Night On The Town

7. Is There Anybody Here?

8. The Squeaky Wheel

9. The Bitter Suite IV And V: The Congregation And The Sermon In The Silt

10. The Bitter Suite VI: Abandon

11. King Of Swords (Reversed)

12. If All Goes Well

13. The Line

14. Wait

15. Ouroboros


Track List: Migrant

1. Bring You Down

2. Whisper

3. Shame

4. An Escape

5. Shouting At The Rain

6. The Kiss Of Life

7. Girl

8. Cycles

9. Sweet Naivete

10. Let Go

11. This Vicious Place

12. Don't Look Back


Track List: White EP

1. Home (White)

2. Fall And Flee (White)

3. No God (White)

4. Lost But Not All Gone (White)


Track List: The Color Spectrum (Complete Collection)

1. Never Forgive Never Forget

2. Filth And Squalor (Black)

3. Take More Than You Need

4. This Body

5. I Couldn't Do It Alone

6. A Curse Of Cynicism

7. Deny It All (Red)

8. We've Got A Score To Settle

9. Echo

10. Stuck On A Wire Out On A Fence

11. A Sea Of Solid Earth

12. But There's Wolves? (Orange)

13. She's Always Singing (Yellow)

14. The Dead Don't Starve

15. A Sua Voz

16. Misplaced Devotion

17. Things That Hide Away (Green)

18. The Canopy (Green)

19. Crow And Cackle

20. The Inheritance

21. Tripping In Triplets

22. Trapdoor (Blue)

23. What You Said

24. The Collapse Of The Great Tide Cliffs

25. What Time Taught Us (Indigo)

26. Mandala

27. Progress

28. Therma

29. Mr. Malum

30. Lillian (Violet)

31. Too Late

32. Look Away

33. Home (White)

34. Fall And Flee (White)

35. No God

36. Lost But Not All Gone


Track List: Blue (EP)

1. Tripping In Triplets (Blue)

2. Trapdoor (Blue)

3. What You Said (Blue)

4. The Collapse Of The Great Tide Cliffs (Blue)


Track List: Color Spectrum

1. Filth And Squalor (Black)

2. Deny It All (Red)

3. But There's Wolves? (Orange)

4. She's Always Singing (Yellow)

5. Things That Hide Away (Green)

6. The Canopy (Green)

7. Trapdoor (Blue)

8. What Time Taught Us (Indigo)

9. Lillian (Violet)

10. Home (White)

11. Fall And Flee (White)


Track List: Black

1. Never Forgive Never Forget (Black)

2. Filth And Squalor (Black)

3. Take More Than You Need (Black)

4. This Body (Black)


Track List: Green

1. Things That Hide Away

2. The Canopy

3. Crow And Cackle

4. The Inheritance


Track List: Orange

1. Echo (Orange)

2. Stuck On A Wire Out On A Fence (Orange)

3. A Sea Of Solid Earth (Orange)

4. But There's Wolves? (Orange)


Track List: Yellow EP

1. She's Always Singing (Yellow)

2. The Dead Don't Starve

3. A Sua Voz

4. Misplaced Devotion


Track List: Red

1. I Couldnt Do It Alone (Red)

2. A Curse Of Cynicism (Red)

3. Deny It All (Red)

4. We've Got A Score To Settle (Red)


Track List: Violet

1. Mr. Malum (Violet)

2. Lillian (Violet)

3. Too Late (Violet)

4. Look Away (Violet)


Track List: Indigo

1. What Time Taught Us (Indigo)

2. Mandala (Indigo)

3. Progress (Indigo)

4. Therma (Indigo)


Track List: Act III: Life And Death

1. Writing On A Wall

2. In Cauda Venenum

3. What It Means To Be Alone

4. The Tank

5. The Poison Woman

6. The Thief

7. Mustard Gas

8. Saved

9. He Said He Had A Story

10. This Beautiful Life

11. Go Get Your Gun

12. Son

13. Father

14. Life And Death


Track List: Act Ii: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

1. The Death And The Berth

2. The Procession

3. The Lake And The River

4. The Oracles On The Delphi Express

5. The Church And The Dime

6. The Bitter Suite 1 And 2: Meeting Ms. Leading And Through The Dime

7. The Bitter Suite 3: Embrace

8. Smiling Swine

9. Evicted

10. Blood Of The Rose

11. Red Hands

12. Where The Road Parts

13. Dear Ms. Leading

14. Black Sandy Beaches

15. Vital Vessals Vindicate


Track List: Act I: The Lake South The River North

1. Battesimo Del Fuoco

2. The Lake South

3. City Escape

4. The Inquiry Of Ms. Terri

5. 1878

6. The Pimp And The Priest

7. His Hands Matched His Tongue

8. The River North


Track List: An Escape (Single)

1. An Escape


Track List: Live

1. Bring You Down (Live)

2. The Procession (Live)

3. Shame (Live)

4. Girl (Live)

5. Home (Live)

6. The Thief (Live)

7. Mustard Gas (Live)

8. Progress (Live)

9. Where The Road Parts (Live)

10. Things That Hide Away (Live)


Track List: Pandora Whiteboard Session: September 26, 2013


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TDH is the best band of all times. Thanks for all the amazing tunes
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This bio is inaccurate
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One might describe this style music as Boston creme.
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The band has changed over the past few years sometime around 2010. Casey is still the focal point but the band members now include Nick Crescenzo on drums, (Caseys brother), Robert Parr (Guitar, keys and backup vocal), Connor Doyle (Guitar), Nick Sollecito (Bass) and Max Tousseau (Keyboards, Guitar, backup vocals). They are still in my mind one of the best bands out there today. Casey is a genius and I'm really shocked that this great group hasn't hit the big time. Totally agree with Joe Jarvis.
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Very well said, Mr. Jarvis, I agree completely with your well written and thought out statement.
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Migrant speaks to me on another level: only after being with the last person you ever planned on being with, sharing the deepest roots of your souls, and having the relationship slip through your fingers do you understand the gravity of Casey's incredible ability to emote through music and word with this piece...and it's my least favorite Dear Hunter album. This band is truly fantastic in every way. Conceptualiz e d compositions with attention to detail is a rare art.
Report as inappropriate
So glad I found these guys. I fell in love with Migrant but all their songs are amazing
Report as inappropriate
This is pure artistry, music still free from big label commercialis m . It's a shame he'll never get rich or famous from this music, but it's some of the best I ever heard. His music isn't just something to hear and get stuck in your head, it's something to listen to intently - each song tells an emotional story. Props to Casey for 7 years of great, non-commerci a l i z e d content.
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Meg Turney brought me here
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bailey_lampe y
Casey Crescenzo is by far one of the nicest people I've met. Saw him with RAGC and he was one of the best shows for the night.
Report as inappropriate
This is my favorite band. I love listening to the music so much that I unintentiona l l y learned the lyrics to almost all the songs from the acts and the color spectrum. THE MUSIC IS JUST THAT GOOD.
Report as inappropriate
Ah, this station always has a great variety :)
Report as inappropriate
Casey and nick are my personal friends and there music is and always has been amazing
Report as inappropriate
I was watching Attack of the Show one night and The Dear Hunter had performed on the show and after i heard Casey sing i was amazed. Such talent.
Report as inappropriate
Casey Crescenzo is an amazingly talented musician. His solo work is just incredible. @csullivan10 7 I had never heard the Dear Hunter until it came on one of my Pandora stations. Then I went out and bought Act I, II, & III. There's no problem with discovering a band on Pandora, but I agree if you like it, you have to get them all and listen straight through. I laid back and listened to it all in a row. Awestruck. I appreciated it so much more. I've gotten many of my friends into TDH too now.
Report as inappropriate
agreed sullivan. preferably on dxm.
Report as inappropriate
I really hope no one is using Pandora to discover TDH. You must get the albums and listen to them straight. preferably In isolation with your full attention.
Report as inappropriate
Love the Dear Hunter. I've seen them live a whole bunch of times and can't get enough of them. They remind me of this band from Jersey called The Poor Player. I can't find them on here though :/
Report as inappropriate
Using music to tell a story, what it was originally intended for. I find this return to the roots both refreshing/i n n o v a t i v e and traditional.
Report as inappropriate
themorningsl e e v e
Definitely an amazing band. The singer reminds me also of the singer for These City Limits, check them out if you haven't.
Report as inappropriate
Just watched these guys kill at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. I was at the show to see Manchester Orchestra and never heard of the opening acts before Saturday night.


It actually reminded me of the first time I saw Manchester Orchestra open up for Brand New.... No idea who they were, now they are my favorite band.

It was an true delight to see the band live and I cannot wait to explore more of The Dear Hunters music. The full concept ep of
Report as inappropriate
check out The Color Spectrum, everyone. incredible stuff.
Report as inappropriate
Probably one of my favorite bands ever. I love the music and lyrics so much! Freakymonkey ' s post is so true. Pandora, get ACT 3! People are missing out! ACT 2 is a panty-droppe r LOL, every album really is a great work of art and Casey continues to inspire and surprise.
Report as inappropriate
implicitly_m e
Act 1 definitely my favorite.
Report as inappropriate
I can't wait for Act IV!! Act II had to be my favorite album.. it's over an hour long!!! Make me think.. it all The Beatles were alive and still writing together today, I think they would sound something like The Dear Hunter :)
Report as inappropriate _ w a y l
I love Act III, especially since that's how I found them, but I haven't gotten the chance to listen to Act I, so I would love to see Act I and Act II on Pandora as well!
Report as inappropriate
Another Vote for Act 1 and Act 3.
Report as inappropriate
ACT1 ! , ACT3 ! get on it
Report as inappropriate
two other albums!! Please add them!
Report as inappropriate
By far the single most frantic, articulate, virtuosic, imaginative, ambient, crushing, literarily masterful, unrelenting, heartlessly soulful, morbidly beautiful, and auditorily-p i c t u r e s q u e Artists contributing to the ether today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
Report as inappropriate
i love how eclectic th songs are! suits my taste lol
Report as inappropriate
Act III is absolutely fantastic. Every album is a perfect response to the previous one. I am so glad that I was able to see them in St. Louis! They're great guys.
Report as inappropriate
I LOVE this band. They sound fantastic, and i love their use of voices- for example the first song in Act 1. it works really well with their music!
Report as inappropriate
What about The Dear Hunters other albums?? One cannot properly enjoy The Dear Hunter with only one album to listen to.
Report as inappropriate
They sound so much like Coheed.
NOTHING like the Used.
Report as inappropriate
just saw them in concert & chilled wit them b4 & after that concert. in pittsburgh they r really good & really down to earth ppl
Report as inappropriate
I just discovered them and they are amazing... they do sound a little like the Used though.
Report as inappropriate
What that guy said under me. These guys are real artists. The music played by this band is full of color.
Report as inappropriate
This is by far one of the best and most eclectic albums I have ever heard. I wish there was more music like this. Being a fan of TREOS I was initially skeptical but Casey definitely made the right decision. These guys are one of my favorites.
Report as inappropriate
these guys are amazing. PUT THE FIRST ALBUM ON HERE!!!
Report as inappropriate
this band is amazing live and they have some pretty good perosonaliti e s on stage as well! i love them! As for the bands different direction i think its a good thing to do what u want even if no one wants to join you. Im glad he did it because im even a bigger fan.
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anna0515mx_3 3 5
these guys are awsome every song on this cd is great they are a must on ur playlist so dont give them the thumbs down
Report as inappropriate
lindarogells 7
Where is act 1? That makes me a sad panda:(
Report as inappropriate
Well I know it was not Entirely his desicion, it seems like he was just headed in a different direction with his music than his band mates wanted to go. I have seem TREOS live two times and Casey was def my favorite part of that band. Now i am just SOOOO happy all that mess happend, becuase we all got blessed with these amazing works of art. Absolutely amazing.
Report as inappropriate
kind of amazing! seriously. there is nothing about The Dear Hunter i dislike.
Report as inappropriate
Yeah this band is awesome. I cant wait for act 3...seriousl y listen to this band.
Report as inappropriate
God I love these guys, TREOS are so good and i didnt even know that this guy was from TREOS, but man The Deer Hunter are so good and creative, I just can't get enough of their stuff, Im addicted, Pandora, please put their first Album, Act I: The Lake Sout, The River North.
Report as inappropriate
As far as I know, it wasn't entirely his choice to leave TREOS...

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