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The Dells

The Dells were one of the finest and longest-lived R&B vocal groups in history, and what's most amazing is that they did it with nearly all the same members. They were one of the very few doo wop outfits to successfully update their sound, finding their strongest commercial niche in the late '60s and '70s as a polished smooth soul harmony group. While their chart fortunes certainly fluctuated over the years, they remained a viable act right up into the '90s, by which time they had long since achieved legendary status in the R&B community.

The Dells were formed in 1953 in southern suburbs of Chicago, specifically the town of Harvey, Illinois, where all the members attended high school together. The original lineup featured lead baritone Marvin Junior, lead tenor Johnny Funches, tenors Verne Allison and Lucius McGill, second baritone Mickey McGill, and bass Chuck Barksdale. Initially called the El-Rays, the group recorded their first single, "Darling I Know," for Chess Records subsidiary Checker that year; it flopped. Lucius McGill departed not long after, and wasn't replaced, cutting the group down to a quintet. Newly christened the Dells, they got another shot in 1955 when they signed to Vee-Jay. They had a minor R&B hit with the ballad "Dreams of Contentment" that year, but really scored big in 1956 with the doo wop classic "Oh What a Nite," which featured Funches singing lead and went Top Five on the R&B charts. Thus established, the Dells hit the road, although they found it difficult to duplicate their chart success. Tragedy nearly struck in 1958; on their way to a gig in Philadelphia, the body of the group's station wagon failed, resulting in a serious accident that lacerated Junior's larynx (slightly altering his voice thereafter) and nearly cost McGill the use of his leg. The Dells went on hiatus to recover; in the meantime, Barksdale became a temporary member of the Moonglows, where he sang alongside Marvin Gaye.

The Dells reconvened in 1960 and successfully auditioned to tour with Dinah Washington, as both her opening act and backup group. Funches, however, was tired of touring and decided to stay home with his family, which would be the last time any member left the group. He was replaced by lead/falsetto tenor Johnny Carter, a former member of the Flamingoes. Working with vocal coach Kirk Stewart, the Dells perfected the more challenging art of jazz harmony singing. They toured with Washington for two years, subsequently signing with the Chess subsidiary Argo and releasing four jazz-flavored singles, all of which tanked. They returned to Vee-Jay in 1964 and began recording R&B again, though their local nightclub act centered more around jazz; 1965 brought them a Top 30 R&B hit with "Stay in My Corner," their biggest success since "Oh What a Nite." However, Vee-Jay went bankrupt in 1966, and the Dells returned to Chess for a third time, this time the Cadet subsidiary; their first two singles, "Thinking About You" and "Run for Cover," became local hits. Also in 1966, the Dells became Ray Charles' touring vocal backup, giving them an opportunity to sing in some of their biggest concert venues yet.

Cadet was where the Dells' career really started to take off. In 1967, the label assigned producer Bobby Miller and arranger Charles Stepney to handle the group, and they began to exploit the striking contrast between Junior's earthy baritone and Carter's luminous falsetto, adding lush orchestrations and plenty of horn charts. The Dells' first album under the Miller-Stepney aegis, There Is, was a smashing success, spawning no less than four hit singles including an expanded remake of "Stay in My Corner" that topped the R&B charts and went Top Ten pop. Suddenly the group was bigger than it had ever been; their follow-up album, 1968's Always Together, spun off another four singles. Released in 1969, Love Is Blue gave them another R&B number one and pop Top Ten with a remake of their '50s classic "Oh What a Nite." Miller moved on to other projects in early 1970, and Stepney became the Dells' producer on the following year's Freedom Means, which featured the hit ballad "The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)." After a Dionne Warwick repertory album in 1972, Cadet hired Don Davis as the group's new producer, which paid immediate dividends in the form of the Dells' first certified million-selling single, 1973's "Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation." After a few more hits with Davis, the Dells left Cadet in favor of Mercury in 1975.

Although the group's production kept pace with the times, incorporating nods to disco, their Mercury stint wasn't as successful, and they switched labels again in 1978, jumping to ABC for a couple of albums. It seemed their career momentum had stalled, at least until 1980's I Touched a Dream LP, recorded for 20th Century. Produced by the Chi-Lites' Eugene Record, I Touched a Dream recaptured the Dells' old magic, and was greeted with enthusiastic reviews. The follow-up, Whatever Turns You On, wasn't quite as successful, though, and the Dells wound up spending a number of years off record, returning with a little-noticed old-style soul album in 1988's The Second Time. It looked as though they might be consigned to the oldies circuit until filmmaker Robert Townsend approached them to serve as consultants on his movie about a fictional vocal group, The Five Heartbeats. The Dells recorded a song called "The Heart Is a House for Love" for the soundtrack, which became a left-field R&B chart hit when it was released as a single in 1991. That led to a new album for Zoo in 1992, I Salute You, which attempted to mate the Dells' sound with urban contemporary and new jack swing production; however, it wasn't a hit, and the group returned to touring. Former lead singer Johnny Funches died of pneumonia in January 1998, and Verne Allison underwent a successful triple bypass in 2000, the same year the Dells released Reminiscing on the revived Volt label; it was their first album of new material in eight years. Johnny Carter died of cancer in August 2009, and in May 2013 Marvin Junior died after suffering from heart and kidney problems. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Early Years - The Complete Singles A's & B's 1954-62

1. Darling I Know

2. Christine

3. Tell The World

4. Zing Zing Zing

5. Dreams Of Contentment

6. Oh What A Nite

7. Jo Jo

8. Movin' On

9. I Wanna Go Home

10. Why Do You Have To Go

11. Dance, Dance, Dance

12. Q-Bop She Bop

13. A Distant Love

14. Pains In My Heart

15. Time Makes You Change

16. What You Say Baby

17. The Springer

18. I'm Calling

19. Jeepers Creepers

20. Wedding Day

21. My Best Girl

22. Dry Your Eyes

23. Baby, Open Up Your Heart

24. Swingin' Teens

25. Hold On To What You've Got

26. God Bless The Child

27. I'm Going Home

28. The (Bossa Nova) Bird

29. Eternally


Track List: They Said It Couldn't Be Done, But We Did It!

1. Teaser

2. Our Love

3. Could It Be

4. Rich Man, Poor Man (Peace)

5. They Said It Couldn't Be Done (But We Did It)

6. Waiting For You

7. Get On Down

8. Betcha Never Been Loved (Like This Before)

9. Betcha Never Been Loved (Like This Before) (Single Version)

10. Our Love (Single Version)

11. Could It Be (Single Version)


Track List: Since I Fell For You

1. Learning To Love You Was Easy

2. My Pretending Days Are Over

3. Hi Diddley Dee Dee Dum

4. If It Ain't One Thing It's Another

5. Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday

6. Run For Cover

7. I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue

8. Goodbye Mary Anne

9. Oh What A Night

10. The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)

11. I'm Not Afraid Of Tomorrow

12. Oh What A Day

13. Come Out Come Out

14. Open Up My Heart

15. Darling Dear

16. Since I Fell For You

17. Nadine

18. Lonely Lonely Nights

19. Off Shore


Track List: American Doo Wop Classics 1954-1960

1. Time Makes You Change

2. Zing Zing Zing

3. Why Do You Have To Go

4. Someone To Call Darling

5. Wedding Day

6. Jeepers Creepers

7. Pain In My Heart

8. Now I Pray

9. Oh What A Good Night

10. You're Steeling MY Heart

11. Tell The World

12. Darling I Know

13. Jo Jo

14. I Wanna Go Home

15. I'm Calling

16. A Distant Love

17. Oh What A Night

18. Christine

19. I Can't Help Myself

20. Dreams Of Contentment

21. Dry Your Eyes

22. Baby Open Up YOur Heart

23. My Dreams

24. Cherry Bee

25. She's Just An Angel

26. My Best Girl

27. Restless Days Sleepless Nights


Track List: Their Very Best

1. There Is

2. Oh What A Night

3. Stay In My Corner

4. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

5. Always Together


Track List: Best Of The Vee Jay Years

1. Tell The World

2. Dreams Of Contentment

3. Zing Zing Zing

4. Oh What A Nite

5. Jo-Jo

6. Movin On

7. I Wanna Go Home

8. Why Do You Have To Go?

9. Pain In My Heart

10. Time Makes You Change

11. Jeepers Creepers

12. My Best Girl

13. Dry Your Eyes

14. Baby Open Up Your Heart

15. Lil Darlin

16. Stay In My Corner

17. It's Not Unusual


Track List: The Dells Live

1. Intro

2. There Is (Live)

3. The Love We Had Stays On My Mind (Live)

4. Oh What A Night (Live)

5. Always Together (Live)

6. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation (Live)

7. A Heart Is A House For Love (Live)

8. Tico Playing Trumpet (Live)

9. Stay In My Corner (Live)


Track List: Dells Live From New York City

1. Introduction (Live)

2. There Is (Live)

3. The Love We Had Stays On My Mind (Live)

4. Oh What A Night (Live)

5. Always Together (Live)

6. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation (Live)

7. A Heart Is A House For Love (Live)

8. Stay In My Corner (Live)


Track List: Ultimate Collection

1. Stay In My Corner

2. There Is

3. O-O I Love You

4. Always Together

5. Oh, What A Night

6. I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue

7. Oh, What A Day

8. Open Up My Heart

9. The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)

10. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

11. My Pretending Days Are Over

12. I Miss You

13. Learning To Love You Was Easy

14. We Got To Get Our Thing Together

15. Our Love

16. Super Woman

17. I Touched A Dream

18. A Heart Is A House For Love


Track List: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of The Dells

1. Stay In My Corner

2. Always Together

3. There Is

4. I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue

5. Oh, What A Night

6. Oh, What A Day

7. Open Up My Heart

8. The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)

9. I Miss You

10. My Pretending Days Are Over

11. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation


Track List: Reminiscing (2006 Remaster)

1. Dells Welcome/The Love We Had

2. Say That You'll Stay

3. You Were My 911

4. Reminiscing

5. Here 4 U

6. Corner Cafe

7. The Whole Truth

8. Where Do We Go From Here

9. Baby Come Back

10. I Need You


Track List: Oh, What A Night! / The Great Ballads

1. Oh, What A Night

2. Close Your Eyes

3. The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)

4. Soul Strollin'

5. Always Together

6. O-O I Love You

7. My Pretending Days Are Over

8. I Miss You

9. Does Anybody Know I'm Here?

10. I Can't Do Enough

11. I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue

12. Love Is So Simple

13. Open Up My Heart (Long Version)

14. Since I Fell For You

15. Stay In My Corner


Track List: Bring Back The Love / Classic Dells Soul

1. The Glory Of Love

2. Oh, What A Day (Single Version)

3. I Can't Do Enough

4. Darling Dear

5. Strung Out Over You

6. A Little Understanding

7. Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday (Single Version)

8. If You Move I'll Fall

9. Does Anybody Know I'm Here? (Single Version)

10. If You Really Love Your Girl (Show Her)

11. Be For Real With Me

12. Long Lonely Nights (Single Version)

13. I'm Not Afraid Of Tomorrow

14. Sweeter As The Days Go By (Single Version)


Track List: Passionate Breezes: The Best Of The Dells 1975-1991

1. A Heart Is A House For Love

2. I Touched A Dream

3. Whatever Turns You On

4. Betcha Never Been Loved (Like This Before)

5. Slow Motion

6. Stay In My Corner

7. All About The Paper

8. God Helps Those (Who Help Themselves)

9. Passionate Breezes

10. You Don't Care

11. Wasted Tears

12. Could It Be

13. Private Property

14. We Got To Get Our Thing Together

15. All Your Goodies Are Gone


Track List: Dreams Of Contentment (Special Deluxe Collection)

1. Zing, Zing, Zing

2. Dreams Of Contentment

3. She's Just An Angel

4. Oh, What A Nite

5. Now I Pray

6. Jo Jo

7. Baby Do

8. I Wanna Go Home

9. Why Do You Have To Go

10. Pain In My Heart

11. Cu Bop Che Bop

12. Baby Open Up Your Heart

13. Someone To Call Me Darling

14. Dry Your Eyes

15. My Best Girl

16. Jeepers Creepers

17. Restless Days

18. Rain

19. Wedding Day

20. Oh What A Good Nite

21. Lil Darlin'

22. It's Not For Me To Say

23. Stay In My Corner

24. It's Not Unusual


Track List: On Their Corner: The Best Of The Dells

2. Wear It On Our Face

3. Love Is So Simple

4. I Can Sing A Rainbow/ Love Is Blue

5. O-O I Love You

6. There Is

7. Nadine

9. Run For Cover

10. Stay In My Corner

11. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

12. Always Together

13. Open Up My Heart

14. I Miss You

16. My Pretending Days Are Over

17. Learning To Love You Was Easy


Track List: New Beginnings

1. Super Woman

2. Drowning For Your Love

3. I Wanna Testify

4. All Your Goodies Are Gone

5. My Life Is So Wonderful

6. Call Me (Right By Your Side I'll Be)

7. Cherish

8. Tripped Slipped Stumbled And Fell


Track List: Face To Face

1. Face To Face

2. Hooked On Loving You

3. Thought I Could

4. (You Bring Out) The Best In Me

5. Changed Man

6. Love Me

7. Plastic People

8. Wrapped Up Tight


Track List: Love Connection

1. Private Property

2. God Helps Those (Who Help Themselves)

3. I'm In Love (I Can't Explain What I Feel)

4. Don't Trick Me, Treat Me

5. How Can One Man Be So Lucky

6. Should I Or Should I Not

7. Love Connection

8. Wasted Tears

9. Private Property (Single Version)


Track List: No Way Back

1. West Virginia Symphony

2. When Does The Lovin' Start

3. I'll Make You My Girl

4. Life Is The Time

5. Ain't No Black And White In Music

6. No Way Back

7. Too Late For Love

8. You're The Greatest

9. Adventure (No Way Back - No Way Back Pt.2)

10. I'll Try Again

11. Slow Motion


Track List: We Got To Get Our Thing Together

1. We Got To Get Our Thing Together (Single Version)

2. Strike Up The Band

3. Reminiscing

4. I'll Be Waiting There For You

5. Thank God You Are My Lady

6. Love Is Missing From Our Lives (Single Version)

7. Overnight (Something So Right Went So Wrong)

8. Gotta Get Home To My Baby

9. The Power Of Love

10. You Don't Care


Track List: Oh, What A Night

1. (You Bring Out) The Best In Me

2. Changed Man

3. Face To Face

4. Hooked On Loving You

5. Oh, What A Night

6. Pain In My Heart

8. Wrapped Up Tight

9. Super Woman

10. Choosing Up On You


Track List: There Is

1. There Is

2. Stay In My Corner

3. Wear It On Our Face

4. Please Don't Change Me Now

5. Show Me

6. The Change We Go Thru (For Love)

7. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher

8. Close Your Eyes

9. Run For Cover

10. Love Is So Simple

11. When I'm In Your Arms

12. O-O I Love You


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This version,Oh what a night.By far the best.Great,j u s t great
Report as inappropriate
Stay in my corner.Yes sirree
Report as inappropriate
This goes out to you ricky holiday love you baby always and forever I'll never forget you
Report as inappropriate
enriquezrita 4 0
Memories from the 90's on our way to Redondo beach
Report as inappropriate
Pain in my heart. Good Doo wop .The Dells where outstanding
Report as inappropriate
These guys were great and this was the best song on the Five Heartbeats soundtrack.
Report as inappropriate
South side park,the love I lost
Report as inappropriate
Love we had stay on my mind the Dells music is my comfort and love is so good to me ����❤️��
Report as inappropriate
Yes my is Morris he has to know that the love we had still lives in my heart he was my hero my friend my first love and anytime we seen each other our magic was still strong for each other and the word of God says love never cease. That means that it never dies. Love is everlasting. Amen
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I'll never forget you ricky holiday how i wish you were here love you baby always and forever
Report as inappropriate
I never will forget you how I wish you were here
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To my secret Love
How wish u were here
But I must do the right thing
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Bady I Touch A Dream with you .❤️⚔️������T h a t song is your And I give this to you .alway love ❤️ at peace .
Report as inappropriate
Our love will always stay in my mind!!!! Till then my love .....soon!!! ! !
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Memories of you ricky are everywhere the love we had stays on my mind. I will always remember and love you baby
Report as inappropriate
Oh what a night ,the old a great song
Report as inappropriate
The Love We Had (Stay on My Mind)~~The Dells sanging that song you can feel those lyrics.....
Report as inappropriate
Listen bady if you are not happy come and see me so we can talk ok .Love ALWAYS Frenchie.❤️❤
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Lupe this song reminds me of you and the times we has in the 70' we made love all night in hotel remember love alway your man who love 's you Frenchie!
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I alwayDream of you bady went I listened to this song makeup to break up still love you lupe Frenchie alway love you!
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As a little girl growing up,my family & I lived in a 4plex. My mom would leave for awhile & ask the neighbor next door to listen out for us. Leaving the 45's of the greatest songs of the Dells for me to listen to . I fell in love with those guys forever to this day!
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steven_gonza l e s 1 9 7 8
Me too
Report as inappropriate
I LOVE the Dells. They are my FAVORITE music group of ALL times...
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It was a night one I'll never ever for get.
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One of the best begging song on my list this is my # 1 song after all times
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One of the best groups
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This version is the best
Report as inappropriate
Carl f alaimo what vibes what's up tell me something
Report as inappropriate
I was born in 56, but I remember their best hirs.
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Memories of you ricky are everywhere the love we had stays on my mind love you baby always and forever
Report as inappropriate
Missed a few curfews in high school when parked and listening to Oh, what a night. The Dells got me in a lot of trouble back in the day.
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The smile of hear this soulful ballad~The Love We Had Stays On My Mind by The Dells...ummm .
Report as inappropriate
Classic..... b e a u t i f u l music
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Report as inappropriate
I have both versions
Report as inappropriate
I have this 1971 version and Dru Hill's 2013 version.
Report as inappropriate
I have this version and Dru Hill's version, as well, on my ipod.
Report as inappropriate
Timeless classic, nothing like the music I grew up listening to, not now or not ever again.
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Come on and stay...
Report as inappropriate
Beautiful nights we spend together my love!!Rememb e r i n g those nights always!!!
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Pandora, you have another fan!
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I Wil always stay in your corner ricky love you baby
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Timeless music thanks Pandora for this music still sound good now
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Report as inappropriate
One of the great groups who's music will never die it will live on.
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The first time I heard this group I was a guest of Daria Langford, then an up and comer at RCA records. I was attending another convention in the hotel and she invited me to the BRE (Black Radio Exclusive) banquet in Chicago where the Dells performed. I was a young runny nose kid who while growing up in Detroit, had never heard harmony like the Dells. I was introduced to them afterward and I was totally speechless (that rarely happens). But I can tell you their sound is timeless!
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