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Dennis Brown

One of Jamaica's most beloved and prolific artists, the late Dennis Brown has left behind a slew of classic songs and myriad hits, a rich musical legacy born of a career that spanned over 30 years. Born Dennis Emmanuel Brown in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1957, his childhood home virtually destined him to a future in the music industry. He grew up on Orange Street, the heart of the island's music scene, with most of the major recording studios a mere stone's throw away. As the stars and future hitmakers paraded by day and music pumped out of the studios, the child could not help but be entranced. It was truly serendipitous that Brown himself had a voice that would set the studios ablaze. It didn't take long for the producers to discover his talent and by the time he was 11, the youngster had a first hit to his name, with a cover of the Impressions' "No Man Is an Island." It was the beginning of a successful, but not exclusive, partnership (Brown also scored with "If I Had the World" for producer Prince Buster). However, Dodd was responsible for Brown's debut album, 1970's No Man Is an Island, and its follow-up the next year, If I Follow My Heart.

Now entering his teens, the singer was ready to start making the studio rounds on a regular basis, cutting songs with a clutch of different producers. The album Super Reggae & Soul Hits gathers some of his work during this period and features a mix of superb, if lightweight, covers alongside a number of self-penned classics, all cut with producer Derrick Harriott. 1975's Best Of gathered a similar selection of material recorded for Joe Gibbs earlier in the decade. In 1972, the 16-year-old entered Gibbs' Duhaney Park studio and recorded the song that later established his international reputation, "Money in My Pocket." However, it wasn't Gibbs himself who oversaw this session, but a young engineer/producer who had replaced the recently departed Lee Perry. Twenty-year-old Niney "the Observer" Holness had stunned the island two years earlier with his seminal "Blood & Fire" single, a roots classic. Now he was presented with a teenager best known for his sweet ballads and silky lovers cuts. Regardless, the two young men immediately clicked and by 1973, Brown was recording exclusively with Holness. Their work together virtually defies belief, as hits rained from the sky and the pair redefined the roots genre in their own image.

Perhaps it was simply a matter of timing as the teen was determined to leave his youthful balladeer image behind, and Holness was offering the perfect opportunity to present himself in a more mature light. The young producer was seeking a singer to help bring his own musical vision to fruition and Brown was malleable enough to make that happen. Or perhaps it was just fate. In any event, over the next two years, Jamaica was rocked by a stream of seminal songs, all released via Holness' own Observer label. The haunting "Westbound Train," the powerfully emotive "Cassandra," the evocative "Africa" -- the list goes on and on. Many of these were bundled up, along with a few unreleased songs, on 1975's Just Dennis album. Brown cut his last song, "Tribulation," with Holness that same year. At this point, Brown's reputation was established; an awed Bob Marley was even ecstatically calling him the best reggae singer in the world. Brown's own songwriting was now razor-sharp, and whether taking on cultural themes or lovers' concerns, his lyrics and delivery were always emotionally potent. Now he was ready to strike out on his own -- or so he thought. Over the next year, the teen sensation made the studio rounds, recording a handful of songs for the likes of Phil Pratt and Sydney Crooks. But it was evident something was missing and by the end of the year, Brown had returned to Holness' side. The pair began recording again early in 1977 and their chemistry was still as strong as ever. The 1978 album Wolf & Leopard, titled after one of their hits, compiles most of the seminal string of singles the two men unleashed, including such masterpieces as the poignant "Here I Come" and the title-track.

The Heartbeat label has helpfully compiled all of the pair's work across two albums -- Some Like It Hot and Open the Gate -- while Cleopatra's two-disc The Golden Years: 1974-1976 draws heavily from this material (into 1977, regardless of the title). In 1978, the 21-year-old singer was now determined to stand on his own and set up his own label, DEB. Although it folded the following year, during that time Brown released a clutch of his own singles, as well as those by other artists, and a number of albums. The latter include his own excellent So Long Jah Rastafari and Joseph's Coat of Many Colours. Although the latter was produced by Gibbs and Errol Thompson, Brown himself was now also moving into production, and his work behind the board is featured on a number of DEB releases. It really was a stellar year, with the singer also one of the highlights of the One Love Peace Concert that year, as well as being one of the major draws at the first-ever Reggae Sunsplash. Upon DEB's closure, Brown again began the studio rounds, cutting singles for a wide variety of producers, including Bunny Lee, Ted Dawkins, and Ossie Hibbert. And Joe Gibbs, of course, with whom he had continued recording even during DEB's lifetime. 1978's Visions of Dennis Brown contained some of the fruits of their labor, and unusually, many of the album's strongest tracks never graced a 45, helping to push the sales of this stunning record even higher. The following year, a resurrected "Money in My Pocket" gave the pair a mega-hit and spawned the Words of Wisdom album, which also boasted the classic "Ain't That Loving You."

By 1979, Brown was already a legend, even though he'd barely reached adulthood. In addition to his work with Holness, he had a virtual shop's worth of successful singles to his credit: "Man Next Door," "Cup of Tea," "Equal Rights," "How Can I Leave," "Funny Feeling" (a duet with DJ Trinity), and many more. And the hits just kept coming. Unbelievably, it took until 1981 and interest spurred by that year's Gibb-produced Spellbound album for a major label to finally show serious interest, and Brown finally inked a deal with A&M. By this point, the singer had emigrated to London and it was there where he recorded his next two albums: Foul Play and Love Has Found a Way. But perhaps the move abroad was unwise, for although Foul Play in particular contained some classic roots, Brown seemed to be losing touch with his audience. The Prophet Rides Again did little to change this situation, with the vinyl's A-side pushing into instantly forgettable light R&B.

Inevitably, perhaps, it spelled the end of Brown's deal with A&M and the demise of his relationship with Gibbs. Back in Jamaica, however, the island had given roots the heave-ho in favor of the exuberance of DJs. Brown had already stuck a toe into these fresh waters back in 1979 when he had recorded a duet with Trinity. Now the singer would wade back in, first as a contributor to DJ Brigadier Jerry's 1983 album Live at the Controls at Jack Ruby Sound Ocho Rios J.A., and then alongside a similarly intrigued Gregory Isaacs for the Prince Jammy-produced Two Bad Superstars Meet. The success of that record demanded a follow-up and in 1985, Judge Not duly arrived to further acclaim. During this time, Brown also cut singles with the likes of Gussie Clarke, Sly & Robbie, and Starlight Productions, all on the cutting edge of the new scene. Meanwhile, the rise of DJs had prompted a group of veteran vocalists to join forces and retaliate with truckloads of their own releases. Brown, Gregory Isaacs, and John Holt were among the leading co-conspirators. It was a clever plan, based on the theory that DJs were only succeeding because there wasn't enough fresh vocal material in the market. Now the market would be flooded, with the vocalists each releasing around six albums a year and as many singles as they physically could. Compared to Isaacs (estimated to have released over 400 albums and counting), Brown was pretty lax, releasing a mere 100 or so full-lengths and over 200 compilations. Many came from his own new label, Yvonne's Special (named in honor of his wife), but the singer also cut records for just about every label who would let him. The flaw in this plan was that quantity took precedence over quality, and fans should choose carefully from among the clutter. However, Brown continued to release much material of note throughout the rest of the '80s, as well as continuing his chart success with a string of seminal singles.

1985's Prince Jammy-produced Slow Down and its follow-up, The Exit, are both classic albums recorded at the beginning of the digital age and showcase the singer's vociferous talent across cultural themes and into the passion of lovers, all cut through with a simmering dance beat. Co-producing with Trevor Bow, that same year Brown also offered up the much rootsier Wake Up. The following year's Brown Sugar, released by Sly & Robbie's Taxi label, compiles seven superb hits (and three 12" remixes) from this period. 1986 also saw the release of a collaborative album with Horace Andy, Reggae Superstars Meet, bringing together two of the most beautiful voices in reggae's history. The decade was seen out by the mega-hit "Big All Round," a duet with Gregory Isaacs that was produced by Gussie Clarke, which helped spur the trio to record the full-length No Contest, again boasting both solo tracks and duets. Clarke helped Brown inaugurate the new decade with the stellar Unchallenged album, which boasts a fiery guest appearance by Mutabaruka and the sweet vocals of Beres Hammond.

Across the decade some of the artist's most intriguing work was in collaboration with other artists. 1991's One Man One Vote, a recording by an artist's collective led by Mikey Bennett, found Brown singing alongside Cocoa Tea and Third World's Bunny Clarke. That same year, he recorded the excellent Victory Is Mine album, cut with producer Leggo Beast. Brown reunited with Tea and, joined by Freddie McGregor, recorded the Legit album, which boasted solo cuts as well as trio numbers. But there was also a series of truly disposable albums, notably 1993's abysmal General, a whole album of MOR covers done MOR style. Yet that same year, the singer reunited with Holness for Cosmic Forces, a crucial record powered by Sly & Robbie's rhythms in a deeply rootsy, totally dancehall mode. The Riddim Twins were also featured on the following year's Light My Fire, which, while not quite as innovative as Forces, is essential as one of the final recordings by the classic lineup of the Roots Radics. 1994 also was graced by Nothing Like This, which was co-produced by Brown and Junior Reid. And amidst this flood, Brown was continuing to provide the dulcet singing to complement DJ's toasts.

Back in 1991, the singer had stormed the dancehalls in the company of Twist, Brian, and Tony Gold. The next year, Brown's otherwise mediocre Blazing album was set alight by a version of "Fever," a duet with Maxi Priest that also featured the gruff tones of Shabba Ranks. Then, in 1994, Brown recorded a full collaborative album with Beenie Man and Triston Palma: Three Against War. The singer also cut singles with a host of other hot DJs during this period, among them Bounty Killer, Tiger, and Fabiana, joining forces with Roger Robin, Peter Hunningale, and Saxon later in the decade. At the same time, Brown's success as a soloist also continued unabated across a further string of hits. 1994 saw the release of the Flabba Holt-produced Blood Brothers and its follow-up, the far superior Milk and Honey. (The RAS label's May Your Food Basket Never Empty fills up a CD of Brown's recordings with Holt.) Equally entertaining was another reunion with Holness, 1996's Dennis, while producer Musclehead bundled up a batch of hits for You Got the Best of Me that same year and tossed in some new intriguing versions of old classics to boot. As the decade deepened, the artist's output continued unabated -- singles and albums flew out of the studios in breakneck fashion. These include: Tribulation (produced by Alvin Ranglin), Hold Tight, Bless Me Jah, the Gussie Clarke-overseen Stone Cold World, and a clutch of albums all claiming to be Brown's last.

Perhaps it was to maintain this output that Brown first started using cocaine. Addiction eventually followed, and with it inevitable bodily ravages. Still, few expected it to end in his death. But on July 1, 1999, the unconscious singer was rushed to a Kingston hospital with a collapsed lung. This is not usually a fatal condition, but Brown was so weakened from drug use that he expired on the table. Jamaica had lost one of her greatest stars. Brown's legacy, however, was in no danger as new compilations, best-of collections, and reissues continued to appear regularly. ~ Jo-Ann Greene
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Satisfaction Feeling: Deluxe Edition

1. If This World Were Mine (Extended Version)

2. Praise Without Raise

3. Satisfaction Feeling (Extended Version)

4. Unite Brotherman

5. The Look Of Love (Extended Version)

6. I Play Rub A Dub All The Time (Feat. Anthony Cruz)

7. Oh Girl

8. Easy Take It Easy (Extended Version)

9. Give Me Your Loving

10. I Don't Want To Be A General


Track List: Reggae Max

1. Little Green Apples

2. Perhaps

3. Baby I Love You Madly

4. Caress Me Girl

5. Rocking Time

6. My Love

7. I'm Coming Home Tonight

8. Someone Special

9. Do I Worry

10. Love Light

11. Oh Girl

12. You Are

13. I Like It Like That

14. Your Love Is A Blessing

16. Deceiving Girl

17. Here I Come (80's Style)

18. Wildfire

19. Ray Of Light


Track List: Jah Can Do

1. Jah Can Do It


Track List: Dennis Brown Songs

1. Jah Can Do It

2. Loving You

3. Take My Hand


Track List: The Exit

1. Too Late

2. We Should Make Love

3. History

4. Up-Full One

5. Tracks Of Life

6. Material Girl

7. The Exit

8. Dance All Night

9. I'll Be Waiting There


Track List: Satisfaction Feeling: Remastered

1. You Are (1985 Radio Mix)

2. If This World Were Mine (Extended Version)

3. I Play Rub A Dub All The Time (Feat. Anthony Cruz)

4. The Promise Land

5. Easy, Take It Easy (Extended Version)

6. Unite Brotherman

7. Oh Girl

8. Your Love Is A Blessing

9. I Like It Like That

10. Satisfaction Feeling (Extended Version)

11. The Look Of Love

12. Armagedon

13. I Don't Want To Be No General

14. Give Me Your Loving

15. Praise Without Raise

16. Rub A Dub All The Time

17. You Are (1983 Club Mix)


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. Africa

2. Here I Come Again

3. Silver Words

5. Money In My Pocket

6. So Long Rastafari

7. Tribulation

8. My Time

9. Wolf And Leopards

10. Equal Rights

11. Unite

12. Home Sweet Home


Track List: The Exit (Single)

1. The Exit

2. The Exit (Dub Version)


Track List: Ain't That Lovin You (Live) (EP)

1. Ain't That Lovin' You (Live)

2. Money In My Pocket (Live)


Track List: Trojan Classics

1. Money In My Pocket (1978 Version)

2. Westbound Train

3. Wolves & Leopards

4. Man Next Door

5. Lips Of Wine

6. Ain't That Loving You

7. Black Magic Woman

8. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

9. (I Am The) Conqueror

10. Concentration


Track List: Trojan Classics (Alternate Version)

1. Money In My Pocket (1978 Version)

2. Westbound Train

3. Wolves And Leopards

4. Man Next Door

5. Lips Of Wine

6. Ain't That Loving You

7. Black Magic Woman

8. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

9. (I Am The) Conqueror

10. Concentration


Track List: Silhouettes / Bass & Drum Version

1. Silhouettes


Track List: 50 Greatest Hits Dennis Brown

1. No Man Is A Island

2. A House Is Not A Home

3. I Forgot To Be Your Lover

4. Rain From The Skies

5. Love I Can Feel

6. Write Me A Letter

7. Living In The Footsteps

8. Always On My Mind

9. Wonderful World

10. If You Don't Know Me By Now

11. Just My Imagination

12. Another Day In Paradise

13. The Look Of Love

14. Beautiful Morning

15. My Girl

16. Big John

17. Why Can't I Touch You

18. Dancing Mood

19. Going To Be A Ball

20. Mr Fix It

21. Do You Love Me

22. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

23. Spanish Harlem

24. Love Me Forever

25. Satamasagana

26. Stick By Me

27. I'm Your Puppet

28. Knock On Wood

29. Let It Be Me

30. Fancy Make-Up

31. Lonely Girl

32. Right There Waiting

33. Declaration Of Rights

34. Hooks In Me

35. Never Found A Girl

36. My Sunshine

37. Starting All Over Again

38. Skin To Skin

39. Tell It Like It Is

40. Dock Of The Bay

41. I'm Going Home

42. Bring It On Home

43. Rainbow Country

44. All In This Together

45. Rainbow Country Dub

46. Declaration Of Rights Dub

47. A Version I Can Feel Dub

48. Do You Love Me Dub

49. No Man Is A Island Dub

50. Fancy Make Up Dub


Track List: Switzerland Welcome Dennis Brown

1. Ain't That Lovin You (Live)

2. Don't Feel No Way (Live)

3. Milk and Honey (Live)

4. Money in My Pocket (Live)

5. So Jah Say (Live)

6. The Drifter

7. Whip the Jah (Live)

8. Wolves and Leopards (Live)

9. Words of Wisdom (Live)

10. Yabby You (Live)


Track List: Exit / Exit Version (Single)


Track List: Brown Reggae

1. Melting Pot

2. Foolish Men

3. Bobby Socks

4. Name Brand

5. Girl You Know

6. Why Can't I Touch You?

7. Heart And Soul

8. Hold On Steady (Be Mine Tonight)

9. Keep Away

10. Shine On

11. Three Meals A Day

12. My Heart Is An Open Book

13. New Love Forever

14. Hold Your Head Up High

15. People Be Free (Black Liberation)

16. Satta

17. Take Me To The Top

18. Playing Around Woman

19. Well Without Water

20. Money In My Pocket


Track List: Love's Got A Hold On You

1. Mr. Brown

2. Cold Hearted Fools

3. Live It Up

4. Give Me All You Got

5. You've Got the Best of Me

6. Ballroom Floor

7. Don't Want to Lose Your Love

8. Wolves and Leopards

9. Unite

10. Piece of the Pie

11. Love's Got a Hold On You


Track List: King Jammys Presents The Best Of: Dennis Brown

1. All For One (Feat. Leroy Sibbles)

2. Build Our Dreams

3. Exit

4. Give Me Your Love

5. Here We Go Again

6. Ok Fred

7. Slow Down

8. So They Fight I

9. Tracks Of Life

10. You Don't Know Right


Track List: Legend Platinum Edition

1. Mr Fix It

2. Do You Love Me

3. Party Time

4. I'll Never Fall in Love

5. Write Me a Letter

6. All in This Together

7. Moving Away

8. Whiter Shade of Pale

9. Rainbow Country

10. Loving You

11. Beautiful Morning

12. No Man Is a Island

13. Love I Can Feel

14. Take My Hand

15. Fancy Make Up

16. Declaration of Rights

17. Left With a Broken Heart

18. Satta

19. Rain from the Sky

20. Dancing Mood

21. Lonely Girl

22. Forget to Be a Lover

23. You're Always On My Mind

24. Spanish Harlem


Track List: Whiter Shade Of Pale (Single)

1. Whiter Shade Of Pale


Track List: Deep Down

1. So Long Rastafari Calling

2. Travelling Man

3. You're No Good

4. Voice Of My Father

5. Open The Gate

6. Go Now

7. God Bless Our Souls

8. Say Mama Say

9. Shame

10. Tribulation (1976)

11. If You're Rich Help The Poor


Track List: Best Of Dennis Brown

1. No Man Is An Island

2. All in This Together

3. Fancy Make Up

4. I'm Your Puppet

5. Just My Imagination

6. My Girl

7. Rain From The Skies

8. Take My Hand

9. A House Is Not a Home

10. Always on My Mind

11. Dancing Mood

12. Going to a Ball

13. I'll Never Fall in Love Again

14. Let It Be Me

15. Love I Can Feel

16. Satamasagana

17. Rainbow Country

18. Stealing Stealing

19. Spanish Harlem

20. Stick By Me

21. Declaration of Rights

22. Dock of the Bay

23. If You Don't Know Me By Now

24. Left With A Broken Heart

25. Living In the Footsteps

26. Mr Fix It

27. Moving Away

28. Lonely Girl

29. Tell It Like It Is


Track List: Black Label Reggae Vol. 31

1. Lovers Paradise

2. Sweeten My Coffee

3. Weeping And Moaning

4. It's Time To Have Fun

5. You Are Sugar And Spice

6. Woman, I Tell You No Lie

7. Wolga Nagga Fire

8. You Are My Honey

9. I Live Just For You

10. Your Hearts Desire

11. That's No Lie

12. No Matter What You Do


Track List: So Jah Say

1. So Jah Say

2. Words Of Wisdom

3. Money In My Pocket

4. Father To The Son

5. Children Of Israel

6. Show Us The Way

7. Wolf And Leopards

8. Gimme Sweet Lovin

9. (I Am The) Conqueror

10. Black Liberation


Track List: Sings Reggae Love Songs

1. The Look Of Love

2. Left With A Broken Heart

3. Love I Can Feel

4. Do You Love Me

5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

6. Write Me A Letter

7. Forgot To Be A Lover

8. Whiter Shade Of Pale

9. Loving You

10. Lonely Girl

11. All In This Together

12. Love Me Forever

13. Spanish Harlem

14. You're Always On My Mind


Track List: Money In My Pocket: The Best Of Dennis Brown

Disc 1

1. Money In My Pocket (1978 Version)

2. Love Has Found Its Way

3. Man Next Door

4. Halfway Up, Halfway Down

5. Revolution

6. How Can I Leave You

7. Your Man

8. Sitting And Watching

10. Ain't That Loving You

11. Girl I've Got A Date

12. The Exit

13. Let Me Love You

14. Hold On To What You've Got

15. I Can't Stand It

16. Oh Girl (You Are My Inspiration)

17. Your Love's Got A Hold On Me

20. Have You Ever

Disc 2

1. Wolves And Leopards

2. Children Of Israel

3. Here I Come

4. Ghetto Girl

5. Westbound Train

6. Party Time

7. Whip Them Jah Jah

8. My Time (It's The Right Time)

9. Blood Sun

10. Here I Come Again (Aka Have No Fear)

11. Black Magic Woman

12. No More Will I Roam

13. What About The Half

14. (I Am The) Conqueror

15. In Their Own Way

16. Cassandra

17. Silhouettes

18. Cheater (1972 Version)

19. Lips Of Wine

20. Money In My Pocket (1972 Version)


Track List: History (Single)

1. History


Track List: Reflections

1. Money In My Pocket

2. When You Are Down

3. Let Me Live

4. Pretend

5. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend

6. Play Girl

7. Smile Like An Angel

8. Poor Side Of Town

9. We Will Be Free

10. Summertime

11. My Kind

12. Golden Streets

13. Girl I've Got A Date

14. Equal Rights

15. Let Me Love You

16. Vineyards

17. Stop The Fussing & Fighting

18. Get To Love In Time

19. Tell Me You Love Me


Track List: Radio Live: Dennis Brown

1. So Jah Say

2. Wolf And Leopards

3. Yabby You

4. Ain't That Loving You

5. Milk And Honey

6. Words Of Wisdom (Live)

7. Don't Feel No Way

8. The Drifter


Track List: Reggae Anthology: Dennis Brown - Crown Prince Of Reggae - Singles (1972-1985)

Disc 1

1. Musical Heatwave

2. Let Me Down Easy

3. Concentration

4. Silhouette

5. Don't You Cry

6. What About The Half

7. Let Love In

8. Black Magic Woman

9. Song My Mother Used To Sing

10. At The Foot Of The Mountain

12. Satisfaction Feeling

13. Created By The Father

14. Troubled World

15. A Cup Of Tea

17. Praise Without Raise

18. Rocking Time

19. Promised Land

20. Breaking Down The Barriers

Disc 2

1. Rub A Dub All The Time Aka If This World Were Mine

2. (I Am The) Conqueror

3. No More Will I Roam

4. So Long Rastafari Calling

5. Voice Of My Father

7. Have No Fear

8. Whip Them Jah Jah

9. Children Of Israel

10. Ghetto Girl

11. I Hope We Get To Love In Time

12. Equal Rights

13. Words Of Wisdom

14. Your Love Gotta Hold On Me

15. Love Has Found It's Way

16. Halfway Up, Halfway Down

17. The Prophet Rides Again

18. Love Light

19. Revolution

20. Rebel With A Cause Aka I'm A Rebel With A Cause (Feat. Jackie Mittoo On Vocoder)


Track List: Super Reggae & Soul Hits

1. Concentration

2. Concentration (Version 3)

3. Silhouettes

4. Wichita Lineman

5. Musical Heatwave

6. He Can't Spell

7. I Didn't Know

8. I Didn't Know (Version 3)

9. How Could I Let You Get Away

10. Lips Of Wine

11. Let Me Down Easy

12. Changing Times

13. Concentration (Version 2)

14. Silhouettes Version

15. Dock Of The Bay

16. Bass & Drum Version

17. Acid Version

18. Isic (Means Music)

19. Changing Times


Track List: The Reggae Artists Gallery

1. Left With A Broken Heart

2. Party Time

3. Living In The Footsteps

4. Loving You

5. Moving Away

6. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

7. All In This Together

8. Why Can't I Touch You

9. No Man Is An Island

10. Satta Massagana

11. Want More

12. Fancy Make Up


Track List: The Legendary Dennis Brown Live In New York

1. Introduction (Live)

2. Halfway Up, Halfway Down (Live)

3. Have You Ever Been In Love (Live)

4. Oh Lord It's Magic (Live)

5. Hold Tight (Live)

6. Slow Down (Live)

7. The Existance Of Jah (Live)

8. The Prophet Rides Again (Live)

9. Woe To The Bloody City (Live)

10. I Can't Stand It (Live)

11. Your Love Has Got A Hold Of Me (Live)

12. How Could I Leave (Live)

13. Words Of Wisdom (Live)

14. Revolution (Live)

15. Stop Your Fighting (Live)

16. Ragga Muffin (With Freddie McGregor) (Live)

17. Whip Them Jah Jah (Live)


Track List: Temperature Rising

1. Temperature Rising

2. Never Let Your Heart Be Troubled

3. Is It Me You Loving

4. Gonna Find A New Lady

5. You Won't See Me

6. A Little Respect

7. Sea Shore

8. Take A Stand

9. Gangster

10. Something In Reserve

11. Have You Ever


Track List: The Best Of Dennis Brown: The Niney Years

1. Westbound Train

2. Cassandra

3. Tenement Yard

4. Tribulation

5. Africa

6. Here I Come (Love And Hate)/Jah Come Here [Feat. I-Roy]

7. Whip Them Jah Jah (Version)

8. Wolf And Leopards/Step On The Dragon (Feat. I-Roy)

9. Give A Helping Hand

10. Run Too Tuff

11. Created By The Father

12. Black Liberation Time

13. Oh What A Day

14. Spellbound

15. Coming Home Tonight

16. Give Me Your Love

17. Can't Take Another Day

18. My Whole World


Track List: Legendary Dennis Brown

1. Money In My Pocket

2. You're No Good

3. Give Me Time

4. Don't Know Why

6. Name Brand

7. Three Meals A Day

8. Well Without Water

11. Playing Around Woman

12. More Than Words Can Say

13. Hold On Steady (Be Mine Tonight)

14. Moving Away

15. Inseparable

16. Embrace Me Girl

18. People Be Free (Black Liberation)

19. Hold Your Head Up High

20. Buss Off Head

21. Created By The Father

22. My People (Be Still)


Track List: A Little Bit More: Joe Gibbs 12" Selection (1978-83)

1. Equal Rights Style (Feat. Big Youth)

2. Running Up And Down (Feat. Big Youth)

3. How Can I Leave You

4. Ain't That Loving You / Hole In The Bucket (Feat. Kojak & Liza)

5. Say What You Say

6. Girl I've Got A Date (Feat. Trinity)

7. Three Meals A Day

8. The Man Next Door

9. Let Me Love You

10. A Little Bit More

11. Your Love Got A Hold On Me

12. I Can't Stand It / Locomotion (Feat. Little U Brown)


Track List: Let Me Be The One

1. Let Me Be The One

2. Catch Me If You Can

3. I Dig You Baby

4. Gee Baby

5. Keep Your Love A Coming

6. What's New Pussycat

7. Honor The Lord

8. Keep It Up Girl

9. Baby, I'm A Want You

10. Clean Up Your Heart

11. Never My Love

12. Give Peace A Chance

13. Say A Prayer

14. A Song For Dennis


Track List: Stone Cold World

1. Life Is A Mystery

2. Stone Cold World

3. I'll Never Leave You Alone

4. Showers Of Blessing

5. Pure And Simple

6. Let's Start Something Serious (Tonight)

7. Merry Go Round

8. This Morning

9. Friends

10. Running Up And Down

11. Now I Wanna Honor You

12. I Did It All For You

13. Mi A No Bad Boy


Track List: Best Of The Joe Gibbs Years

1. Deliverance Will Come

2. Black Liberation Time

3. Money In My Pocket (Extended 12" Version)

4. Malcolm X

5. Oh Mother

6. Ain't That Loving You

7. Rasta Children

8. Coming Home Tonight

9. So Jah Say

10. Sitting And Watching

11. The World Is Troubled

12. Hold On To What You Got (Extended 12" Version)

13. A Litttle Bit More (Extended 12" Version)

14. Lovelight


Track List: Lips Of Wine: The Roots Of Dennis Brown

1. Lips Of Wine

2. Don't You Cry

3. Baby Don't Do It

4. Stick By Me

5. Let Love In

6. Song My Mother Used To Sing

7. Pretend

8. Wichita Lineman

9. I Didn't Know

10. Run Too Tuff

11. Lightning And Thunder

12. Why Seek More (Give A Helping Hand)

13. Go Now

14. Rock With Me Baby

15. Show Us The Way

16. My Mama Say

17. Love Jah

18. Live After You

19. Moving Away

20. You're No Good

21. Only A Smile

22. Tenement Yard

23. Have You Ever

24. Hold On To What You Got

25. Wildfire (Feat. John Holt)


Track List: In Loving Memory

1. Get Ready

2. Rocking On Time

3. Say What You're Saying

4. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

5. Why Can't I Touch You

6. Dancing Mood

7. Fancy Make-Up

8. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

9. Do You Love Me

10. Take My Hand

11. Whiter Shade Of Pale

12. Beautiful Morning

13. Any Day Now

14. Moving Away

15. Always On My Mind

16. Spanish Harlem


Track List: Here I Come Again - CD 1

1. Here I Come - Original

2. Long And Winding Road - Original

3. Blood Sun - Original

4. Go Now - Original

5. Open The Gate - Original

6. My Time - Original

7. You're No Good - Original

8. Fight For Truth And Rights - Original

9. Cassandra - Original

10. Run Too Tuff - Original

11. Westbound Train - Original

12. Africa - Original

13. Some Like It Hot - Original

14. Whip Them Jah Jah - Original

15. Conqueror - Original

16. Rain From The Skies - Original

17. Hot Like A Melting Pot - Original

18. Home Sweet Home - Original


Track List: Timeless

1. My Time

2. Rainbow Country

3. Passion Of Love

4. Wolf And Leopards

5. Equal Rights

6. You Dont Love Me (feat. Chukki Starr & Vicki)

7. We Been Travellin'

8. You Got The Best Of Me

9. Rocky Road

10. Keep It Up

11. Live It Up

12. Unite

13. Love's Got A Hold On You

14. Don't Want To Lose Your Love

15. Feel The Spirit


Track List: Best Of Dennis Brown Platinum Edition

1. Tell It Like It Is

2. Lonely Girl

3. The Look Of Love

4. Moving Away

5. Mr Fix It

6. No Man Is An Island

7. All In This Together

8. Fancy Make-Up

9. I'm Your Puppet

10. Just My Imagination

11. Living In The Footsteps

12. Dock Of The Bay

13. Left With A Broken Heart

14. If You Don't Know Me By Now

15. Declaration Of Rights

16. Another Day In Paradise

17. Stick By Me

18. My Girl

19. Rain From The Skies

20. Beautiful Morning

21. Take My Hand

22. Spanish Harlem

23. Stealing Stealing

24. Rainbow Country

25. A House Is Not A Home

26. Always On My Mind

27. Dancing Mood

28. Party Time

29. Going To A Ball

30. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

31. Let It Be Me

32. Bring It On Home

33. Love I Can Feel

34. Satamasagana

35. Why Can't I Touch You

36. Do You Love Me


Track List: Sings Revival Classics

1. Take My Hand

2. Write Me A Letter

3. Why Can't I Touch You

4. Love I Can Feel

5. Living In The Footsteps

6. Left With A Broken Heart

7. Satmasagana

8. Declaration Of Rights

9. No Man Is A Island

10. Dancing Mood

11. Fancy Make-Up

12. Do You Love Me

13. Mr Fix It

14. Got To A Ball

15. Moving Away

16. Whiter Shade Of Pale

17. All In This Together

18. Loving You


Track List: Pure Gold - Dennis Brown

1. The Look Of Love

2. Left With A Broken Heart

3. Love I Can Feel

4. Do You Love Me

5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

6. Write Me A Letter

7. Forget To Be A Lover

8. Winter Shade Of Pale

9. Loving You

10. Rainbow Country

11. No Man Is An Island

12. Lonely Girl

13. Take My Hand

14. All In This Together

15. Love Me Forever

16. Spanish Harlem

17. You're Always On My Mind

18. Party Time

19. Declaration Of Rights

20. Rainbow Country (Dub Version)

21. Dancing Mood


Track List: Dennis Brown Sings Love Songs

1. Forget To Be A Lover

2. Lonely Girl

3. No Man Is An Island

4. Do You Love Me

5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

6. Love I Can Feel

7. Party Time

8. Take My Hand

9. Spanish Harlem

10. Why Can I Touch You

11. Left With A Broken Heart

12. Write Me A Letter

13. All In This Together

14. Stick By Me

15. Living In The Footsteps

16. Left With A Broken Heart (F. John Holt)

17. Got To A Ball

18. The Look Of Love

19. Fancy Make-Up

20. Dancing Mood

21. Winter Shade Of Pale


Track List: Money In My Pocket: The Definitive Collection

Disc 1

1. Lips Of Wine

2. He Can't Spell

3. Silhouettes

4. Baby Don't Do It

5. Things In Life

6. Concentration

7. Musical Heatwave

8. What About The Half

9. Black Magic Woman

11. Stages In Life

12. Westbound Train

13. Cassandra

14. (I Am The) Conqueror

15. No More Will I Roam

16. Why Seek More (Give A Helping Hand)

17. This Tribulation

18. Take A Trip

19. Wolf And Leopards

20. Whip Them Jah Jah

21. Here I Come Again (AKA Have No Fear)

22. Here I Come

24. Blood Sun

25. Tenement Yard

26. Ain't That Loving You

Disc 2

2. Money In My Pocket (1978 Version)

3. Man Next Door

4. Sitting And Watching

5. Have You Ever

6. Love Has Found Its Way

7. Halfway Up, Halfway Down

8. The Prophet Rides Again

9. Hold On To What You've Got

10. Rocking Time

11. Promised Land

12. Revolution

13. History

14. The Exit

15. Wildfire

16. Revolution Part 2

17. Hold Tight

18. Death Before Dishonour

19. Wisdom


Track List: Sings Rare Grooves

Disc 1

1. A House Is Not A Home

2. Wonderful World

3. Just My Imagination

4. Another Day In Paradise

5. Big John

6. Knock On Wood

7. Lonely Girl

8. Never Found A Girl

9. My Sunshine

10. Skin To Skin

11. Dock Of The Bay

12. Spanish Harlem

Disc 2

1. I Forgot To Be Your Lover

2. Always On My Mind

3. If You Don't Know Me By Now

4. My Girl

5. I'm Your Puppet

6. Let It Be Me

7. Right There Waiting

8. Hooks In Me

9. Starting All Over Again

10. Tell It Like It Is

11. I'm Going Home

12. Bring It On Home


Track List: Complete A&M Years

Disc 1

1. On The Rocks

2. The Existence Of Jah

3. Come On Baby

4. The World Is Troubled

7. Your Man

8. If I Had The World

9. If I Follow My Heart

10. The Cheater

11. Love Has Found Its Way

12. Get High On Your Love

15. Blood, Sweat And Tears

Disc 2

1. Halfway Up, Halfway Down

2. Any Day Now

3. I Couldn't Stand Losing You

4. Why Baby Why

5. Get Up

6. Out Of The Funk

7. Jammin' My Way To Fame

8. Save A Little Love For Me

9. Wonders Of The World

10. Too Hot

12. Historical Places (Ethiopia)

13. This Love Of Mine

15. Storms Are Raging


Track List: The Promised Land

2. Promised Land

3. Well Without Water

5. Creator, The

6. Troubled World

7. Half, The

8. Oh What A Day

10. A Cup Of Tea

11. Slave Driver

12. Three Meals A Day

13. Man Next Door

16. Home Sweet Home


Track List: Dennis Brown In Dub

1. Caress Me Dub

2. Black Magic Dub

3. Half Dub

4. How Could I Dub

5. Make It Easy On Your Dub

6. Your Love Is Amazing Dub


Track List: Cassandra

1. Show Us The Way

2. Cassandra (2006)

3. Run Too Tuff

4. Westbound Train

5. Africa

6. Love Jah

7. No More Will I Roam (2006)

8. Some Like It Hot (2006)

9. Too Much Information

10. Here I Come Again

11. Silver Words

12. Whip Them Jah Jah (2006)

13. Hot Like A Melting Pot

14. You And Your Smiling Face

15. If I Didn't Love You


Track List: Travelling Man

1. Travelling Man

2. You're No Good

3. Have No Fear

4. If You're Rich

5. God Bless My Soul

6. If I Didnt Love You

7. Birds Have Their Nest

8. Run Too Late

9. Only A Smile

10. Silver Words

11. Show Us The Way

12. Love Jah

13. No More Will I Roam

14. Too Much Information

15. You And You Smiling Face

16. Here I Come Again


Track List: May Your Food Basket Never Be Empty

4. Make It Easy On Yourself

5. Money In My Pocket

7. Straighten My Life

9. Emanuel

11. Praise Without Raise

13. Joy In The Morning


Track List: Live At Brixton Academy

1. Here I Come (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

2. Have You Ever Been In Love (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

3. Love Is Never To Say You're Sorry

4. Slow Down Woman (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

5. The Prophet Rides Again (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

6. The Promised Land (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

7. I Can't Stand It (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

8. Your Love Gotta Hold On Me (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

9. Silhouettes (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

10. Whip Them Jah (Live, Brixton Academy, London)

11. How Can I Leave


Track List: Ready We Ready

1. Dark Continent

2. Buss Off Head

3. Ready We Ready

4. Be Mine Tonight

5. The Spirit

6. Not My Baby

7. Bless Us Now

8. What's On Your Mind

9. River Jordan/Heathen

10. Rainbow Country

11. I'm Your Man

12. Keep It Up

13. Sad News

14. I Don't Know

15. Be Still


Track List: Believe In Yourself

1. Believe In Yourself

2. Pack Your Things

3. John Tom

4. A Bird In Hand

5. Nice Bad Minded Friend

6. It's A Fact

7. A Winner

8. I'll Be On My Way

9. Be Mine

10. Glow

11. Smile

12. Right Time To Show You


Track List: Crown Prince Of Reggae

1. Westbound Train

2. Wolf And Leopards

3. Cassandra

4. Silhouettes

5. No More Will I Roam

6. Tribulation

7. Let Me Down Easy

8. Without You

9. Rock With Me Deborah

10. Rolling Down

11. Black Magic Woman

12. Go Now

13. Melting Pot

14. The Song My Mother Used To Sing

15. You're No Good

16. How Could I Let You Get Away

17. Love You Madly

18. I Didn't Know

19. Only A Smile

20. Africa


Track List: The Godlike Genius Of Dennis Brown

1. Wolf And Leopards

2. Emmanuel

3. Here I Come

4. Whip Them Jah Jah

5. Created By The Father

6. Party Time

7. Rolling Down

8. Boasting

9. Children Of Israel

10. Lately Girl

11. Right Fight

12. Hooligan

13. I Can't Stand It

14. Souls Keep Burning

15. Let Love In

16. How Can I Leave Him

17. Get To Love In Time

18. Should I

19. Love Has Found It's Way