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The Eels

Although Eels are often marketed as a full-fledged band, singer/songwriter E (real name: Mark Oliver Everett) is responsible for the group's sound and direction. Born in Virginia on April 9, 1963, Everett became interested in rock music at an early age via his sister's record collection, and began playing drums at the age of six, as well as tinkering on his family's piano. As the years progressed, Everett found himself leading a troubled teenage life, which was further complicated by his father's death. However, the turmoil led to an even stronger interest in music, as he taught himself how to play his sister's guitar and began writing his own original compositions. (Tragedy would later form the catalyst for Eels' magnum opus, Electro-Shock Blues.)

Due to the fact that several of his friends were also named Mark, it was around this time that Everett began going by his initials -- and eventually, solely by the letter E. By his early twenties, E was recording demo material on a used four-track cassette recorder, and eventually decided to pursue his rock & roll dreams by relocating to Los Angeles. Due to his prolific songwriting, the quality of his tunes naturally began to improve, which led to a recording contract as a solo artist for Polydor Records. This was followed by a pair of underappreciated releases, 1992's A Man Called (E) (which was supported with a tour opening for Tori Amos) and 1993's Broken Toy Shop, before E left the label and formed Eels along with bassist Tommy Walter and drummer Butch Norton. The trio inked a deal with the then-newly formed Dreamworks label, which issued Eels' debut, 1996's Beautiful Freak. The album spawned a sizable MTV/alternative radio hit with "Novocaine for the Soul"; its promo clip received three MTV Video Music Award nominations the following year, and the group's popularity rose in England (resulting in a Brit Award, which was presented to the group by goof metallists Spinal Tap).

What should have been a time of great promise for E turned out to be one of tragedy, as both the singer's sister and mother passed away in quick succession. This was compounded by Walter's departure from the group. The dark mood resonated in Eels' sophomore effort, Electro-Shock Blues, which proved to be stronger than its predecessor, yet failed to fuel much commercial success. With new bassist Adam Siegal in tow, the group toured behind the album's release before returning to the studio immediately afterward to work on a third album. Issued in 2000, Daisies of the Galaxy offered a slightly brighter outlook and featured a guest appearance from R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, who also helped co-pen a track. Despite the album's commercial failure, E put together the Eels Orchestra and launched an international tour in support of its release. The six-piece band featured saxophone, trombone, trumpet, banjo, guitar, violin, upright bass, piano, melodica, clarinet, and timpani; to make it work on-stage, each bandmember was required to play three to four different instruments each night.

After a live recording of the 2000 Eels Orchestra tour, Oh What a Beautiful Morning, was issued via the group's official website, E began preparing for Eels' fourth studio release. Instead of penning the entire album by himself (as he'd done with the group's previous work), E turned to John Parish for help. The two created Souljacker, which was issued throughout most of the world in September 2001 and hit American shores early the following year (in the U.S., the first edition of the CD also contained a bonus four-track disc). The resulting tour saw E and Norton joined by multi-instrumentalist Parish, as well as new bassist/synthesizer player Koool G Murder. A live disc, Electro-Shock Blues Show, followed soon after to promote the tour.

Spring 2003 began a flurry of Eels/E-related releases, beginning with MC Honky and his SpinART release I Am the Messiah. While the man behind Messiah's splattering mix of hip-hop beats, dance grooves, and kitschy samples was little more than E in DJ drag, the album was nevertheless an enjoyable slice of summertime fun. E's score for the indie film Levity arrived in April, and June saw the release of Eels' fifth studio album, Shootenanny! Its follow-up, 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, was an ambitious double album including 33 songs. Eels' With Strings: Live at Town Hall album, recorded June 30, 2005, documented their New York Town Hall performance during their 2005 tour of the same name, and another With Strings: Live at Town Hall edition was simultaneously issued in February 2006 with a concert DVD.

In 2008, Eels released two CD/DVD sets, the first a best-of package and the second a collection of odds & sods. The band's music also comprised the bulk of the soundtrack for Yes Man, a comedy featuring Jim Carrey. E then returned to the drawing board and emerged with Hombre Lobo, a concept album about desire that arrived in mid-2009, followed closely by the MySpace Transmissions Session 2009 live EP.

The lo-fi End Times, which revolved around the central theme of broken love, arrived in 2010, but was followed in August by Tomorrow Morning, a much more polished album of upbeat optimism that relied heavily on analog electronics to drive its songs. Eels' tenth album -- the eccentric, hard rock-focused Wonderful, Glorious -- arrived early in 2013. The stripped-down, acoustic, and lightly orchestrated The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett followed it roughly a year later in 2014. On June 30 the band performed at London's Royal Albert Hall. The show was filmed and recorded, then released as an audio and video disc package in the spring of 2015. ~ Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett

1. Where I'm At

2. Parallels

3. Lockdown Hurricane

4. Agatha Chang

5. A Swallow In The Sun

6. Where I'm From

7. Series Of Misunderstandings

8. Kindred Spirit

9. Gentlemen's Choice

10. Dead Reckoning

11. Answers

12. Mistakes Of My Youth

13. Where I'm Going


Track List: Wonderful, Glorious

1. Bombs Away

2. Kinda Fuzzy

3. Accident Prone

4. Peach Blossom

5. On The Ropes

6. The Turnaround

7. New Alphabet

8. Stick Together

9. True Original

10. Open My Present

11. You're My Friend

12. I Am Building A Shrine

13. Wonderful, Glorious


Track List: New Alphabet (Single)

1. New Alphabet


Track List: Tomorrow Morning

1. In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day

2. I'm A Hummingbird

3. The Morning

4. Baby Loves Me

5. Spectacular Girl

6. What I Have To Offer

7. This Is Where It Gets Good

8. After The Earthquake

9. Oh So Lovely

10. The Man

11. Looking Up

12. That's Not Her Way

13. I Like The Way This Is Going

14. Mystery Of Life


Track List: End Times

1. The Beginning

2. Gone Man

3. In My Younger Days

4. Mansions Of Los Feliz

5. A Line In The Dirt

6. End Times

7. Apple Trees

8. Paradise Blues

9. Nowadays

10. Unhinged

11. High And Lonesome

12. I Need A Mother

13. Little Bird

14. On My Feet

15. And Now For The End Times

16. Some Friend

17. Walking Cloud

18. $200 Tattoo

19. The Man Who Didn't Know He'd Lost His Mind


Track List: Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs Of Desire

1. Prizefighter

2. That Look You Give That Guy

3. Lilac Breeze

4. In My Dreams

5. Tremendous Dynamite

6. Longing

7. Fresh Blood

8. What's A Fella Gotta Do

9. My Timing Is Off

10. All The Beautiful Things

11. Beginner's Luck

12. Ordinary Man


Track List: Fresh Blood

1. Fresh Blood

2. Devil's Dog


Track List: Meet The Eels: Essential Eels, Vol. 1 (1996-2006)

1. Novocaine For The Soul

2. Susan's House

3. My Beloved Monster

4. Your Lucky Day In Hell

5. 3 Speed

6. Last Stop: This Town

8. Flyswatter

9. I Like Birds

10. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

11. It's A Motherf**ker

13. That's Not Really Funny

14. Fresh Feeling

15. Get Ur Freak On

16. Saturday Morning

17. Love Of The Loveless

18. Dirty Girl (Live)

19. I Need Some Sleep

20. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)

21. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart

22. Trouble With Dreams

23. Railroad Man

24. Losing Streak


Track List: With Strings: Live at Town Hall

1. Blinking Lights (For Me) (Live)

2. Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights (Live)

3. Bus Stop Boxer (Live)

4. Dirty Girl (Live)

5. Trouble With Dreams (Live)

6. The Only Thing I Care About (Live)

7. My Beloved Monster (Live)

8. Pretty Ballerina (Live)

9. It's A Motherf**ker (Live)

10. Flyswatter (Live)

11. Novocaine For The Soul (Live)

12. Girl From The North Country (Live)

13. Railroad Man (Live)

14. I Like Birds (Live)

15. If You See Natalie (Live)

16. Poor Side Of Town (Live)

17. Spunky (Live)

18. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart (Live)

19. Suicide Life (Live)

20. Losing Streak (Live)

21. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) (Live)

22. Things The Grandchildren Should Know (Live)


Track List: Live At Town Hall (Bonus Tracks)

1. Blinking Lights (For Me) (Live)

2. Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights (Live)

3. Bus Stop Boxer (Live)

4. Dirty Girl (Live)

5. Trouble With Dreams (Live)

6. The Only Thing I Care About (Live)

7. My Beloved Monster (Live)

8. Pretty Ballerina (Live)

9. It's A Motherf**ker (Live)

10. Flyswatter (Live)

11. Novocaine For The Soul (Live)

12. Girl From The North Country (Live)

13. Railroad Man (Live)

14. I Like Birds (Live)

15. If You See Natalie (Live)

16. Poor Side Of Town (Live)

17. Spunky (Live)

18. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart (Live)

19. Suicide Life (Live)

20. Losing Streak (Live)

21. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) (Live)

22. Things The Grandchildren Should Know (Live)


Track List: Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)

1. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)

2. After The Operation

3. The Bright Side


Track List: Trouble With Dreams (Single)

1. Trouble With Dreams

2. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart


Track List: Blinking Lights And Other Revelations

Disc 1

1. Theme From Blinking Lights

2. From Which I Came / A Magic World

3. Son Of A B**ch

4. Blinking Lights

5. Trouble With Dreams

6. Marie Floating Over The Backyard

7. Suicide Life

8. In The Yard, Behind The Church

9. Railroad Man

10. The Other Shoe

11. Last Time We Spoke

12. Mother Mary

13. Going Fetal

14. Understanding Salesmen

15. Theme For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists

16. Checkout Blues

17. Blinking Lights (For You)

Disc 2

1. Dust of Ages

2. Old S**t / New S**t

3. Bride of Theme From Blinking Lights

4. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)

5. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart

6. To Lick Your Boots

7. If You See Natalie

8. Sweet Li'l Thing

9. Dusk: A Peach In The Orchard

10. Whatever Happened To Soy Bomb

11. Ugly Love

12. God's Silence

13. Losing Streak

14. Last Days Of My Bitter Heart

15. The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight

16. Things The Grandchildren Should Know


Track List: Electro Shock Blues Show

1. Cancer For The Cure (Live)

2. Fingertips Part III (Live)

3. Going To Your Funeral Part I (Live)

4. Efils' God (Live)

5. Souljacker Part I (Live)

6. My Beloved Monster (Live)

7. Novocaine For The Soul (Live)

8. Not Ready Yet (Live)

9. Last Stop: This Town (Live)

10. Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas (Live)

11. Flower (Live)

12. Dead Of Winter (Live)

13. Electro-Shock Blues (Live)

14. The Medication Is Wearing Off (Live)

15. Climbing To The Moon (Live)


Track List: Shootenanny!

1. All In A Day's Work

2. Saturday Morning

3. The Good Old Days

4. Love Of The Loveless

5. Dirty Girl

6. Agony

7. Rock Hard Times

8. Restraining Order Blues

9. Lone Wolf

10. Wrong About Bobby

11. Numbered Days

12. Fashion Awards

13. Somebody Loves You


Track List: Souljacker

1. Dog Faced Boy

2. That's Not Really Funny

3. Fresh Feeling

4. Woman Driving, Man sleeping

5. Souljacker, Part I

6. Friendly Ghost

7. Teenage Witch

8. Bus Stop Boxer

9. Jungle Telegraph

10. World Of S#!t

11. Souljacker Part II

12. What Is This Note?


Track List: Daisies Of The Galaxy

1. Grace Kelly Blues

2. Packing Blankets

3. The Sound Of Fear

4. I Like Birds

5. Daisies Of The Galaxy

6. Flyswatter

7. It's A Motherf**ker

8. Estate Sale

9. Tiger In My Tank

10. A Daisy Through Concrete

11. Jeannie's Diary

12. Wooden Nickels

13. Something Is Sacred

14. Selective Memory

15. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues


Track List: Oh What A Beautiful Morning (Live)

1. Feeling Good (Live)

2. Overture:

3. Oh What A Beautiful Morning (Live)

4. Abortion In The Sky (Live)

5. It's A Motherf**ker (Live)

6. F**ker (Live)

7. Ant Farm (Live)

8. Climbing To The Moon (Live)

9. Grace Kelly Blues (Live)

10. Daisies Of The Galaxy (LIve)

11. Flyswatter (Live)

12. Vice President Fruitley (Live)

13. Hot And Cold (Live)

14. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Live)

15. Not Ready Yet (Live)

16. Susan's House (Live)

17. Something Is Sacred (Live)


Track List: Electro-Shock Blues

1. Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor

2. Going To Your Funeral Part 1

3. Cancer For The Cure

4. My Descent Into Madness

5. 3 Speed

6. Hospital Food

7. Electro-Shock Blues

8. Efil's God

9. Going To Your Funeral Part II

10. Last Stop: This Town

11. Baby Genius

12. Climbing To The Moon

13. Ant Farm

14. Dead Of Winter

15. The Medication Is Wearing Off

16. P.S. You Rock My World


Track List: Beautiful Freak

1. Novocaine For The Soul

2. Susan's House

3. Rags To Rags

4. Beautiful Freak

5. Not Ready Yet

6. My Beloved Monster

7. Flower

8. Guest List

9. Mental

10. Spunky

11. Your Lucky Day In Hell

12. Manchild


Report as inappropriate
Man, Eels are so sweet (bet that's never been said before). Beck isn't fit to lick their boots.
Report as inappropriate
Love Eels. Go listen to Rags to Rags on Beautiful Freak. One of my all time favorite songs!
Report as inappropriate
Can't get over how much he sounds like Beck. It's uncanny.
Report as inappropriate
Great song!
Report as inappropriate
Hey, I know more about eels now! ⤵..every song I hear by this band just gets better and better❣
Report as inappropriate
Eels are slimy tubular-shap e d bottom feeders that scour their surroundings to feed on any morsel they can find in their environment of sess. The Eels, on the other hand are talented musicians that make me smile. Goddam right.
Report as inappropriate
I like eels. I also like The Eels. Now this is really living.
Report as inappropriate
To me, Eels sounds like Beck if he had continued with his commercial 90s sound. And yet they/he don't really pander to a wide audience in an attempt to be commercial. Fascinating.
Report as inappropriate
A truly awesome indie-type band... They capture the essence if indie music
Report as inappropriate
Soul Jacker 1: Best song I heard all day. Not even the one I was fishing for. Awesome!
Report as inappropriate
colorblindcl o u d
Hey you (the eels) if your reading this that's really cool. Your voice and instruments play in my ears nearly everyday ,isn't that neat!? Like who are you?who am I? We have never met and we'll probably go to our graves keeping it that way. Yet through the power of technology and music you've impacted my life and brought me happiness. Much love to you.
Report as inappropriate
I think the Shrek soundtrack should be mentioned in this article, since those might be some of their most recognizable tunes because Shrek was such a big hit.
Report as inappropriate
what can be said?! absolutely brilliant comes to mind! e is a musical genius, a rare talent for a generation. life is a moe foe!
Report as inappropriate
Is there new stuff just as good as the old? I haven't heard much of it
Report as inappropriate
My favorite is My Timing is Off, this song relates to me in many ways.
Report as inappropriate
i want some hospital food!
Report as inappropriate
Electro shock Blues is the most personal and moving thing I've ever heard committed to recording. Not sure many other artists out there would be willing to lay their true hearts, minds, and bodies open like this.
Report as inappropriate
i love this
Report as inappropriate
Probably my favorite artist discovered on the Pandoradotco m so far!
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Report as inappropriate
Mark is the most underrated lyricist ever...E will always have a place in my heart (and pants if he wants to ;-))
Report as inappropriate
Really diggin' some EEL music these days...
Report as inappropriate
Oh, Mr E, You are so wonderful...
Report as inappropriate
Oh no, I broke the chain! but the little dead girl kissed me and asked me out. So wasn't such a bad day after all!
Report as inappropriate
Nothing makes me more depressed than counting numbered days. Pure Melancholy.
Report as inappropriate
The eels are this ish im reallyin liking this
Report as inappropriate
Eels are different and fun
Report as inappropriate
Like M. Everett's self-awarene s s . It's not easy looking at your own faults.
Report as inappropriate
p.s. but i love both
Report as inappropriate
they don't sound like beck at all, beck uses more sampling and poppier electronic rock experiementa l , mr E uses more earthy textures and stays more with the roots of music as beck is more of a digital artist
Report as inappropriate
The name of the band ks Eels, not The Eels. @Seth Beloved Balla: I've got a feeder for you to perch on.
Report as inappropriate
I like birds.
Report as inappropriate
Hit and Miss band. Some good some bad
Report as inappropriate
Electro-Shoc k Blues is one of the best albums. Very dark lyrics with bright music. It's what got me into the Eels to begin with. Plus his father wrote the first many worlds theory of Quantum Physics.
Report as inappropriate
E seems to have turned his troubled youth into some very emotive muxic.
Report as inappropriate
Souljacker is about the only record I regularly return to. It feels and sounds much more fleshed out, a little more listenable, not quite so morose...lik e somebody actually put some thought and effort into the the composition and progressions . The rest...I can only wish I liked it.
Report as inappropriate
I have long been a listener of both Beck and Eels and I do not believe they sound alike in the slightest, Eels have been around probably longer than Beck anyway. If you get a chance go see Eels live, I've seen then several times and never been disapointed!
Report as inappropriate
The voice sounds exactly like Beck, the music sounds like the Eels.
Report as inappropriate
You silly young fools, The Eels have been around for many years. Probably as many as Beck. And if you think they sound like Beck you haven't heard enough of either.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
liked this sound better when it was original. I guess beck's not going anywhere though..
Report as inappropriate
I'm sorry, but they sound exactly like Beck. I mean, I love Beck, so it's not a bad thing, but maybe I just haven't heard enough of their music.
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thomas.newel l
donkey balls
Report as inappropriate
thomasbbellf l o w e r
blunt and simple
Report as inappropriate
Down to earth, crisp, and clean
Report as inappropriate
really cool
Report as inappropriate
hi there! im going to your show on october 9th at the moore theatre! im BEYOND excited. i cried when i got the tickets. i have a piece of artwork that i made of you &i hope you would like to see it..
Report as inappropriate
Hey, did anyone see them at the Roxy, back when Mary Lynn Rajskub was a comedian and she and another chick opened for them with a bunch of really funny songs?? Starting to think it was a dream.
Report as inappropriate
I saw that PBS show as well. The song he wrote as an ode to his father and his legacy was fantastic, and he played part of it at the end of the show. That was one of the best shows I have seen on PBS, and that is sayng something as thier programming is so above most of what is on the "dumb down box." Just got done listening to SoulJacker . . great stuff!!
Report as inappropriate
Saw a thing on PBS about this dude. His Dad was a famous physicist whose theories are widely accepted today. The program was about him finding out more about his father and talking to his old friends and collegues. It was very interesting.
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