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Elvis Costello

When Elvis Costello's first record was released in 1977, his bristling cynicism and anger linked him with the punk and new wave explosion. A cursory listen to My Aim Is True proves that the main connection that Costello had with the punks was his unbridled passion; he tore through rock's back pages taking whatever he wanted, as well as borrowing from country, Tin Pan Alley pop, reggae, and many other musical genres. Over his career, that musical eclecticism distinguished his records as much as his fiercely literate lyrics. Because he supported his lyrics with his richly diverse music, Costello emerged as one of the most innovative, influential, and best songwriters since Bob Dylan.

The son of British bandleader Ross McManus, Costello (born Declan McManus) worked as a computer programmer during the early '70s, performing under the name D.P. Costello in various folk clubs. In 1976, he became the leader of country-rock group Flip City. During this time, he recorded several demo tapes of his original material with the intention of landing a record contract. A copy of these tapes made its way to Jake Riviera, one of the heads of the fledgling independent record label Stiff. Riviera signed Costello to Stiff as a solo artist in 1977; the singer/songwriter adopted the name Elvis Costello at this time, taking his first name from Elvis Presley and his last name from his mother's maiden name.

With former Brinsley Schwarz bassist Nick Lowe producing, Costello began recording his debut album with the American band Clover providing support. "Less Than Zero," the first single released from these sessions, appeared in April of 1977. The single failed to chart, as did its follow-up, "Alison," which was released the following month. By the summer of 1977, Costello's permanent backing band had been assembled. Featuring bassist Bruce Thomas, keyboardist Steve Nieve, and drummer Pete Thomas (no relation to Bruce), the group was named the Attractions; they made their live debut in July of 1977.

Costello's debut album, My Aim Is True, was released in the summer of 1977 to positive reviews; the album climbed to number 14 on the British charts but it wasn't released on his American label, Columbia Records, until later in the year. Along with Nick Lowe, Ian Dury, and Wreckless Eric, Costello participated in the Stiffs Live package tour in the fall. At the end of the year, Jake Riviera split from Stiff Records to form Radar Records, taking Costello and Lowe with him. Costello's last single for Stiff, the reggae-inflected "Watching the Detectives," became his first hit, climbing to number 15 at the end of the year.

This Year's Model, Costello's first album recorded with the Attractions, was released in the spring of 1978. A rawer, harder-rocking record than My Aim Is True, This Year's Model was also a bigger hit, reaching number four in Britain and number 30 in America. Released the following year, Armed Forces was a more ambitious and musically diverse album than either of his previous records. It was another hit, reaching number two in the U.K. and cracking the Top Ten in the U.S. "Oliver's Army," the first single from the album, also peaked at number two in Britain; none of the singles from Armed Forces charted in America. In the summer of 1979, he produced the self-titled debut album by the Specials, the leaders of the ska revival movement.

In February of 1980, the soul-influenced Get Happy!! was released; it was the first record on Riviera's new record label, F-Beat. Get Happy!! was another hit, peaking at number two in Britain and number 11 in America. Later that year, a collection of B-sides, singles, and outtakes called Taking Liberties was released in America; in Britain, a similar album called Ten Bloody Marys & Ten How's Your Fathers appeared as a cassette-only release, complete with different tracks than the American version.

Costello and the Attractions released Trust in early 1981; it was Costello's fifth album in a row produced by Nick Lowe. Trust debuted at number nine in the British charts and worked its way into the Top 30 in the U.S. During the spring of 1981, Costello and the Attractions began recording an album of country covers with famed Nashville producer Billy Sherrill, who recorded hit records for George Jones and Charlie Rich, among others. The resulting album, Almost Blue, was released at the end of the year to mixed reviews, although the single "A Good Year for the Roses" was a British Top Ten hit.

Costello's next album, Imperial Bedroom (1982), was an ambitious set of lushly arranged pop produced by Geoff Emerick, who engineered several of the Beatles' most acclaimed albums. Imperial Bedroom received some of his best reviews, yet it failed to yield a Top 40 hit in either England or America; the album did debut at number six in the U.K. For 1983's Punch the Clock, Costello worked with Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, who were responsible for several of the biggest British hits in the early '80s. The collaboration proved commercially successful, as the album peaked at number three in the U.K. (number 24 in the U.S.) and the single "Everyday I Write the Book" cracked the Top 40 in both Britain and America. Costello tried to replicate the success of Punch the Clock with his next record, 1984's Goodbye Cruel World, but the album was a commercial and critical failure.

After the release of Goodbye Cruel World, Costello embarked on his first solo tour in the summer of 1984. Costello was relatively inactive during 1985, releasing only one new single ("The People's Limousine," a collaboration with singer/songwriter T-Bone Burnett released under the name the Coward Brothers) and producing Rum Sodomy and the Lash, the second album by the punk-folk band the Pogues. Both projects were indications that he was moving toward a stripped-down, folky approach, and 1986's King of America confirmed that suspicion. Recorded without the Attractions and released under the name the Costello Show, King of America was essentially a country-folk album and it received the best reviews of any album he had recorded since Imperial Bedroom. It was followed at the end of the year by the edgy Blood and Chocolate, a reunion with the Attractions and producer Nick Lowe. Costello would not record another album with the Attractions until 1994.

During 1987, Costello negotiated a new worldwide record contract with Warner Bros. and began a songwriting collaboration with Paul McCartney. Two years later, he released Spike, the most musically diverse collection he had ever recorded. Spike featured the first appearance of songs written by Costello and McCartney, including the single "Veronica." "Veronica" became his biggest American hit, peaking at number 19. Two years later, he released Mighty Like a Rose, which echoed Spike in its diversity, yet it was a darker, more challenging record. In 1993, Costello collaborated with the Brodsky Quartet on The Juliet Letters, a song cycle that was the songwriter's first attempt at classical music; he also wrote an entire album for former Transvision Vamp singer Wendy James called Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears. That same year, Costello licensed the rights to his pre-1987 catalog (My Aim Is True to Blood and Chocolate) to Rykodisc in America.

Costello reunited with the Attractions to record the majority of 1994's Brutal Youth, the most straightforward and pop-oriented album he had recorded since Goodbye Cruel World. The Attractions backed Costello on a worldwide tour in 1994 and played concerts with him throughout 1995. In 1995, he released his long-shelved collection of covers, Kojak Variety. In the spring of 1996, Costello released All This Useless Beauty, which featured a number of original songs he had given to other artists but never recorded himself. Painted from Memory, a collaboration with the legendary Burt Bacharach, followed in 1998. The album was a success critically, but it only succeeded in foreign markets, outside of their home countries of the United States and Britain. A jazz version of the record made with Bill Frisell was put on hold when Costello's label began to freeze up due to political maneuvering. Undaunted, Costello and Bacharach hit the road and performed in the States and Europe. Then, after Bacharach left, Costello added Steve Nieve to the tour and traveled around the world on what they dubbed the Lonely World Tour. This took them into 1999, when both Notting Hill and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me featured significant contributions from Costello. In fact, he appeared with Bacharach in the latter as one of a pair of Carnaby Street musicians, albeit street musicians with a gorgeous grand piano at their disposal.

Continuing his tour with Nieve, he began singing the last song without a microphone, forcing the audience to sit in complete silence as he usually performed "Couldn't Call It Unexpected, No. 4" with nothing but his dulcet baritone filling the auditorium. After the record company's various mergers ended, Costello found himself on Universal Records and tested their promotional abilities with a second greatest-hits record (The Very Best of Elvis Costello). The label promoted the album strongly, making it a hit in his native Britain. Unfortunately, they also made it clear that they had no intention of giving a new album the same promotional push, leaving him to venture into other fields as he awaited the end of his record contract. His first project was an album of pop standards performed with Anne Sofie Von Otter, which included a few songs originally written by Costello. The album was released in March 2001 on the Deutsche Grammophon label, neatly coinciding with the extensive re-release of his entire catalog up to 1996 under Rhino Records. Each disc included an extra CD of rare material and liner notes written by Costello himself, making them incredible treats for fans.

In 2001, he found himself with a residency at UCLA, where he performed several concerts and was instrumental in teaching music during the year. He also began work on a self-produced album that featured Pete Thomas and Nieve -- now billed as a band called the Imposters -- entitled When I Was Cruel, and the album finally found release via Island Records in the spring of 2002; at the end of the year, he released a collection of B-sides and leftovers from the album's sessions entitled Cruel Smile.

When I Was Cruel kicked off another productive era for the ever prolific Costello. In 2003, he returned with North, a collection of classically styled pop songs pitched halfway between Gershwin and Sondheim. The next year, he collaborated with his new wife, Diana Krall, on her first collection of original material, The Girl in the Other Room. That fall, Costello released two albums of his own original material: a classical work entitled Il Sogno and the concept album The Delivery Man, a rock & roll record cut with the Imposters. Issued in 2006, My Flame Burns Blue was a live album with Costello fronting the 52-piece jazz orchestra the Metropole Orkest; the release featured classic Costello songs (with new orchestral arrangements) alongside new compositions and a performance of the entire Il Sogno.

The River in Reverse, a collaboration with R&B legend Allen Toussaint, arrived in 2006, followed by Momofuku, another effort credited to Elvis Costello & the Imposters, in 2008. That same year, Costello teamed up with veteran producer T-Bone Burnett for a series of recording sessions, the results of which were compiled into Secret, Profane & Sugar Cane and readied for release in early 2009. The pair also recorded a second album, National Ransom, which appeared the following year. In 2011, Costello & the Imposters released The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook!!!, which was recorded live over a two-day stint at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. The next year or so was relatively quiet for Costello, but at the end of 2012 he did release a new compilation called In Motion Pictures, which rounded up songs he contributed to films.

Costello devoted himself to working with hip-hop band the Roots in 2013. Originally planned as a reinterpretation of songs from his vast catalog, the album Wise Up Ghost turned into a full-fledged collaboration and was greeted by positive reviews upon its September 2013 release on Blue Note. In 2015, Costello announced that he was completing work on his memoirs, and that the book, titled Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, was scheduled for publication in October 2015. Costello also compiled a companion album, Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album, which featured a career-spanning selection of songs from his catalog, as well as two previously unreleased selections. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: In Motion Pictures

1. Accidents Will Happen

2. Lover's Walk

3. Miracle Man

4. Life Shrinks

5. Crawling To The U.S.A.

6. Seven Day Weekend

7. Days

8. I Want You

9. You Stole My Bell

10. My Mood Swings

11. Oh Well

12. God Give Me Strength

13. Sparkling Day

14. She

15. A Town Called Big Nothing


Track List: The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook

1. I Hope You're Happy Now (Live)

2. Heart Of The City (Live)

3. Mystery Dance (Live)

4. Radio Radio (Live)

5. Everyday I Write The Book (Live)

6. God Give Me Strength (Live)

7. Watching The Detectives (Live)

8. Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution) (Live)

9. Out Of Time (Live)

10. I Want You (Live)

11. Stella Hurt (Live)

12. All Grown Up (Live)

13. Lipstick Vogue (Live)

14. Man Out Of Time (Live)

15. National Ransom (Live)

16. (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding (Live)


Track List: National Ransom (Radio Single)

1. National Ransom


Track List: National Ransom

1. National Ransom

2. Jimmie Standing In The Rain

3. Stations Of The Cross

4. A Slow Drag With Josephine

5. Five Small Words

6. Church Underground

7. You Hung The Moon

8. Bullets For The New-Born King

9. I Lost You

10. Dr. Watson, I Presume

11. One Bell Ringing

12. The Spell That You Cast

13. That's Not The Part Of Him You're Leaving

14. My Lovely Jezebel

15. All These Strangers

16. A Voice In The Dark


Track List: Pomp & Pout

1. Bedlam

2. Stella Hurt

3. No Hiding Place

6. Tart

8. My Mood Swings

9. When I Was Cruel No. 2

11. Monkey To Man

14. 45

15. God Give Me Strength

16. She

18. Still


Track List: Secret, Profane And Sugarcane (Alternate Version)

1. Down Among The Wines And Spirits

2. Complicated Shadows

3. I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came

4. Hidden Shame

5. She Handed Me A Mirror

6. I Dreamed Of My Old Lover

7. How Deep Is The Red

8. She Was No Good

9. Sulphur To Sugarcane

10. Red Cotton

11. The Crooked Line

12. Changing Partners

13. Femme Fatale


Track List: Secret, Profane & Sugarcane

1. She Handed Me A Mirror

2. Sulphur To Sugarcane

3. She Was No Good

4. How Deep Is The Red

5. Complicated Shadows

6. Red Cotton

7. The Crooked Line

8. Hidden Shame

9. Changing Partners

10. I Felt The Chill

11. I Dreamed Of My Old Lover

12. Down Among The Wine And Spirits

13. My All Time Doll


Track List: Secret, Profane And Sugarcane (Bonus Track Version)

1. Down Among The Wines And Spirits

2. Complicated Shadows

3. I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came

4. My All Time Doll

5. Hidden Shame

6. She Handed Me A Mirror

7. I Dreamed Of My Old Lover

8. How Deep Is The Red

9. She Was No Good

10. Sulphur To Sugarcane

11. Red Cotton

12. The Crooked Line

13. Changing Partners

14. Femme Fatale


Track List: Complicated Shadows (Single)

1. Complicated Shadows


Track List: Kojak Variety

1. Strange

2. Hidden Charms

3. Remove This Doubt

4. I Threw It All Away

5. Leave My Kitten Alone

6. Everybody's Crying Mercy

7. I've Been Wrong Before

8. Bama Lama Bama Loo

9. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face

10. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man

11. The Very Thought Of You

12. Payday

13. Please Stay

14. Running Out Of Fools

15. Days


Track List: Rock And Roll Music

1. Lipstick Vogue

2. No Action

3. Big Tears

4. (I Don't Wanna Go To) Chelsea

5. This Year's Girl

6. Miracle Man

7. Pump It Up

8. Clean Money

9. Tiny Steps

10. Wednesday Week

11. Mystery Dance (Live)

12. You Belong To Me (Live)

13. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

14. Girls Talk

15. King Horse

16. Lovers Walk

17. Uncomplicated

18. Honey, Are You Straight Or Are Yuo Blind? (Alternate Version)

19. Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo

20. I Hope You're Happy Now

21. Tokyo Storm Warning

22. Welcome To The Working Week (Demo Version)


Track List: My Aim Is True (US Release 1977)

1. Welcome To The Working Week

2. Miracle Man

3. No Dancing

4. Blame It On Cain

5. Alison

6. Sneaky Feelings

7. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

8. Less Than Zero

9. Mystery Dance

10. Pay It Back

11. I'm Not Angry

12. Waiting For The End Of The World

13. Watching The Detectives


Track List: Bedlam (Single)

1. Bedlam (Nashville Alternate)


Track List: North

1. You Left Me In The Dark

2. Someone Took The Words Away

3. When Did I Stop Dreaming

4. You Turned To Me

5. Fallen

6. When It Sings

7. Still (Feat. The Brodsky Quartet)

8. Let Me Tell You About Her

9. Can You Be True

10. When Green Eyes Turn Blue

11. I'm In The Mood Again


Track List: Still (Single)

1. Still (Feat. The Brodsky Quartet)


Track List: When I Was Cruel

1. 45

2. Spooky Girlfriend

3. Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)

4. When I Was Cruel No.2

5. Soul For Hire

6. 15 Petals

7. Tart

8. Dust 2...

9. Dissolve

10. Alibi

11. ...Dust

12. Daddy Can I Turn This?

13. My Little Blue Window

14. Episode Of Blonde

15. Radio Silence


Track List: All This Useless Beauty


Track List: Kojak Variety (Bonus Disc)


Track List: Brutal Youth

1. Pony St.

2. Kinder Murder

3. 13 Steps Lead Down

4. This Is Hell

5. Clown Strike

6. You Tripped At Every Step

7. Still Too Soon To Know

8. 20% Amnesia

9. Sulky Girl

10. London's Brilliant Parade

11. My Science Fiction Twin

12. Rocking Horse Road

13. Just About Glad

14. All The Rage

15. Favourite Hour


Track List: Mighty Like A Rose

1. The Other Side Of Summer (Feat. Steve George, Richard Page & Steven Soles)

2. Hurry Down Doomsday [The Bugs Are Taking Over]

3. How To Be Dumb

4. All Grown Up (Feat. Gavyn Wright)

5. Invasion Hit Parade

6. Harpies Bizarre

7. After The Fall (Feat. Steven Soles)

8. Georgia And Her Rival

9. So Like Candy

10. Interlude: Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 2 (Instrumental)

11. Playboy To A Man

12. Sweet Pear

13. Broken

14. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4 (Feat. Michell Froom & Benmont Tench)


Track List: Spike

1. ...This Town...

2. Let Him Dangle

3. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

4. Veronica

5. God's Comic

6. Chewing Gum

7. Tramp The Dirt Down

8. Stalin Malone

9. Satellite

10. Pads, Paws And Claws

11. Baby Plays Around

12. Miss Macbeth

13. Any King's Shilling

14. Coal-Train Robberies

15. Last Boat Leaving


Track List: Out Of Our Idiot

1. Seven Day Weekend

2. Turning The Town Red

3. Heathen Town

4. The People's Limousine

5. So Young

6. Little Goody Two Shoes

7. American Without Tears

8. Get Yourself Another Fool

9. Walking On Thin Ice

10. Withered And Died

11. Blue Chair

12. Baby It's You

13. From Head To Toe

14. Shoes Without Heels

15. Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo

16. The Flirting Kind

17. Black Sails In The Sunset

18. A Town Called A Big Nothing

19. Big Sister

20. Imperial Bedroom

21. The Stamping Ground


Track List: King Of America

1. Brilliant Mistake

2. Lovable

3. Our Little Angel

4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

5. Glitter Gulch

6. Indoor Fireworks

7. Little Palaces

8. I'll Wear It Proudly

9. American Without Tears

10. Eisenhower Blues

11. Poisoned Rose

12. The Big Light

13. Jack Of All Parades

14. Suit Of Lights

15. Sleep Of The Just

16. The People's Limousine

19. Shoes Without Heels


Track List: King Of America (2007 Reissue)

1. Brilliant Mistake

2. Lovable

3. Our Little Angel

4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

5. Glitter Gulch

6. Indoor Fireworks

7. Little Palaces

8. I'll Wear It Proudly

9. American Without Tears

10. Eisenhower Blues

11. Poisoned Rose

12. The Big Light

13. Jack Of All Parades

14. Suit Of Lights

15. Sleep Of The Just


Track List: Trust


Track List: This Year's Model


Track List: My Aim Is True (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. Welcome To The Working Week

2. Miracle Man

3. No Dancing

4. Blame It On Cain

5. Alison

6. Sneaky Feelings

7. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

8. Less Than Zero

9. Mystery Dance

10. Pay It Back

11. I'm Not Angry

12. Waiting For The End Of The World

13. Watching The Detectives

14. No Action (Early Version)

15. Living In Paradise (Early Version)

16. Radio Sweetheart (Out-Take)

17. Stranger In The House (Out-Take)

18. Welcome To The Working Week (Demo)

19. Blue Minute (Pathway Studios Demo)

20. Miracle Man (Pathway Studios Demo)

21. Waiting For The End Of The World (Pathway Studios Demo)

22. Call On Me (Pathway Studios Demo)

23. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes [Pathway Studios Demo]

24. I Don't Want To Go Home (Pathway Studios Demo)

25. I Hear A Melody (Pathway Studios Demo)

Disc 2

26. Introduction By Dave Robinson

34. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea [Live]

38. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes [Live]


Track List: My Aim Is True

1. Welcome To The Working Week

2. Miracle Man

3. No Dancing

4. Blame It On Cain

5. Alison

6. Sneaky Feelings

7. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

8. Less Than Zero

9. Mystery Dance

10. Pay It Back

11. I'm Not Angry

12. Waiting For The End Of The World

13. Watching The Detectives

14. Radio Sweetheart

15. Stranger In The House

17. Mystery Dance

21. Blame It On Cain

22. Poison Moon


Track List: Futurama Sessions EP

1. The Delivery Man (Live For ITunes)

2. The Monkey (Live For ITunes)

3. Needle Time (Live For ITunes)

4. Monkey To Man (Live For ITunes)

5. Button My Lip (Live For ITunes)


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Like those other sticky valentines!
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It's OK to be different. Good Stuff:)
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Outstanding is all I can it's great for my head
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love elvis's version of good year for the roses
Report as inappropriate
some good songs, but hate his politics enough not to listen. thumbs down.
Report as inappropriate
michaelrocks 6 8
There ain't no radio,
Mister Costello,
It's the rabid socialists grabbing for control! !!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Pandora really needs to add lyrics to his songs
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Report as inappropriate
A truly unique talent. His formal music training shines through his innovative style.
Report as inappropriate
"The Beat" has to be my favorite song
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@milosdad and @ejol, try the album, Wake Up Ghost. It's Elvis Costello and The Roots. No rap, just great lyrics set to simmering music.
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Don't read this You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life Tomorrow will be the best day of your life Now that you've started reading this is so freaky But if you read this and ignore it you will have very bad luck put this on 15 songs in 144 minutes When you are done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters across the screen this is so freaky it actually works
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Loved the early stuff; the last decade...Not so much.
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michaelrocks 6 8
So, what the hell was he doing in the 1960s?!?
Report as inappropriate
One of the best lyricist ever.
Report as inappropriate
Hate his politics love his tunes. One of the last honest musical artists to make a buck with his talent a guitar and little else.
Report as inappropriate
Elvis Costello did enough great songs to allow him some duds like this one. But I will always love him for the wonderful Imperial Bedroom album
Report as inappropriate
HES the one and only Elvis
Report as inappropriate
What about Pump it up? No mention whatsoever.. .
Report as inappropriate
michaelrocks 6 8
Good stuff, though, I'm not originally a fan.
Report as inappropriate
Da udder Elvis....... s u p e r
Report as inappropriate
Great comment ejol. No artist is loved by all and sometimes, actually most times, it takes a personal connection and then reflection to love an artist. I myself have never been able to see what all the hype is regarding U2.
Report as inappropriate
Stayed True to his Muse !! (Not 4 all )
Report as inappropriate
Unpopular opinion, I know but I'm afraid his brilliance eludes me...
Report as inappropriate
Truly one of the very best. Alive with music.
Report as inappropriate
Brilliant singer/songw r i t e r . . . . . . a l o n g with The Smiths perfect example of what great pop music can be......
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napoleon dynamite
Report as inappropriate
he was pissed off because I stalked him once...
Report as inappropriate
I have enjoyed a connection to you long time .
Help me
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No doubt he's a great artist. Last time I saw him was about eight years ago at ACL in Austin. The moment he came out was spiritual for me and gave me such a high. However, to me, nothing is better than My Aim is True and This Year's Model. He was still raw and angry and that mixed well with his creativity. I'm grateful I got to see him while he was still pissed off. A true punk show that I can still smell.
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Get music
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Little triggers
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thexlostxpap e r c l i p
Elvis Costello did a mix of the new Johnny Cash song: http://pitch f o r k . c o m / n e w s / 5 4 2 0 4 - l i s t e n - j o h n n y - c a s h - s h e - u s e d - t o - l o v e - m e - a - l o t - e l v i s - c o s t e l l o - m i x /
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There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder

That's how you open a song!

Last time I saw him was the tower theater in Philly for the spin the wheel tour. I hope he comes to Miami
Report as inappropriate
Elvis Costello still has it. Saw him and the Roots last night at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York! Awesome show!
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The Dylan comparison is apropo.
Elvis, however, speaks strongly and direct, rather than with Mr. Zimmerman's cryptic symbolism.
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saw his solo tour on nov.22
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My grandfathers last trip out of Florida was to my college graduation. I had a 6 foot black and white poster of the trust album cover on our living room wall. He looked at it smirked and said "trust you had fun in college". All I could say is I sure did!
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She's got eyes like saucers; oh you think she's a dish. - love it.
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Those who say he's one of the greatest songwriters of his generation are 100% correct! And he's been doing it for 35 years. I first saw him in April of 1979 when I was in college.
Report as inappropriate
Influenced the way we think, the way we dressed.. Still relevant !
One of all time best
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Aztec camera , roddie frame and co
Live at the el mocambo. Toronto 1984.. Awesome
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Who is he married to?
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Spin the wheel tour 86 or 87 still seen nothing like it. Remarkable talent!
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jeffreymqs64 1
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Just saw his solo show in my town. Played for almost 3 hours, amazing night. His voice is as beautiful as ever.
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claricentp91 7
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shawnnavuz71 1
If you'd like to make extra cash using your computer check out BLUDOS.COM you can make money by filling out surveys. It's free to start.
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The greatest songwriter of our generation.
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I have seen h s few yd nit backup with Stimg and they dressed the same was priceless
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