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Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons is the father of country-rock. With the International Submarine Band, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, the songwriter pioneered the concept of a rock band playing country music, and as a solo artist he moved even further into the country realm, blending the two genres to the point that they became indistinguishable from each other. While he was alive, Parsons was a cult figure that never sold many records but influenced countless fellow musicians, from the Rolling Stones to the Byrds. In the years since his death, his stature has only grown, as numerous rock and country artists build on his small, but enormously influential, body of work.

Gram Parsons was born Cecil Ingram Connor on November 5, 1946. He was the grandson of John Snivley, who owned roughly one-third of all the citrus fields in Florida, and the son of Coon Dog Connor, an Air Force veteran who owned a box-making factory in Waycross, Georgia. As a child, Parsons learned how to play the piano at the age of nine, the same year he saw Elvis Presley perform at his school; following the seminal performance, Parsons decided to become a musician. When he was 12, Parsons' father committed suicide, and the family moved in with Parsons' grandparents in Winter Haven, FL. A year after the move, his mother married Robert Parsons; Gram was then adopted by his stepfather, and the child legally changed his name to Gram Parsons.

At the age of 14, Parsons began playing in the local rock & roll band the Pacers, which evolved into the Legends. During its time together, the Legends featured Jim Stafford and Kent Lavoie, who would later come to fame under the name Lobo. In 1963, Parsons formed a folk group called the Shilos who performed throughout Florida and cut several demos. He graduated from high school two years later; on the same day he graduated, however, his mother died of alcohol poisoning.

Following his graduation, Gram Parsons enrolled at Harvard to study theology. He only spent one semester at Harvard, during which time he devoted more energy to playing music than attending classes. Meanwhile, he also formed the International Submarine Band with guitarist John Nuese, bassist Ian Dunlop and drummer Mickey Gauvin. After he dropped out of college, Parsons moved to New York City with the International Submarine Band in 1966. The group spent a year in New York, developing a heavily country-influenced rock & roll sound and cutting two unsuccessful singles for Columbia Records. The band then relocated to Los Angeles in 1967, where they secured a record contract with Lee Hazlewood's LHI record label. Their debut album, Safe at Home, was released in early 1968, but by the time it appeared in stores, the International Submarine Band had already disbanded.

Around the time the International Submarine Band dissolved, Parsons met Chris Hillman, the bassist for the Byrds. At that time, the Byrds were rebuilding their lineup and Hillman recommended to the band's leader, Roger McGuinn, that Parsons join the ranks. By the spring of 1968, Parsons had become a member of the Byrds and was largely responsible for the group's shift towards country music with the album Sweetheart of the Rodeo. The album was originally planned to feature Parsons' lead vocals, but as he was still contractually obligated to LHI, his voice had to be stripped from the final product.

Gram Parsons only spent a few months with the Byrds, leaving the band in the fall of 1968 because he refused to accompany them on a tour of South Africa, allegedly because he opposed apartheid. Chris Hillman left the band shortly after him, and the duo formed the Flying Burrito Brothers in late 1968. Parsons and Hillman enlisted pedal steel guitarist "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow and bassist Chris Ethridge to complete the band's lineup, and the group and recorded a debut album with a series of session drummers. The Gilded Palace of Sin, the Flying Burrito Brothers' debut album, was released in 1969. Although the album only sold a few thousand copies, the group gathered a dedicated cult following that was mainly composed of musicians, including the Rolling Stones. In fact, by the time the album was released, Parsons had begun hanging around the Rolling Stones frequently, becoming close friends with Keith Richards. Parsons had experimented with drugs and alcohol before he met Richards, but in 1969 he dove deep into substance abuse, which he supported with his sizable trust fund.

Parsons recorded a second album with the Flying Burrito Brothers, but by the time the record -- titled Burrito Deluxe -- appeared in the spring of 1970, he had already left the band. Shortly after his departure, he recorded a handful of songs with producer Terry Melcher but failed to complete the album. Following those sessions, Parsons entered a holding pattern in which he acted the role of a rock star instead of actually playing music. He spent much of his time either hanging out with the Stones or ingesting large amounts of drugs and alcohol; frequently, he did a combination of the two. In 1971, Parsons toured with the Rolling Stones in England and attended the recording of the band's Exile on Main Street, and it appeared that he would sign with the band's record label. Instead, he headed back to Los Angeles late in 1971, spending the rest of the year and the first half of 1972 writing material for an impending solo album. He met Emmylou Harris through Chris Hillman, and Parsons asked her to join his backing band; she accepted.

By the summer of 1972, he was prepared to enter the studio to record his first solo album. Parsons had assembled a band -- which included Harris, guitarist James Burton, bassist Rick Grech, Barry Tashian, Glen D. Hardin, and Ronnie Tutt -- and had asked Merle Haggard to produce the album. After meeting Parsons, however, Haggard turned the offer down, and Parsons chose Haggard's engineer, Hugh Davis, as the album's producer instead. The resulting album, G.P., was released late in 1972 to good reviews but poor sales.

Following the release of G.P., Parsons embarked on a small tour with his backing band, the Fallen Angels. After the tour was completed, they entered the studio to record his second album, Grievous Angel. The album was finished toward the end of the summer, and Parsons celebrated its completion by taking a vacation near the Joshua Tree National Monument in California. He spent most of his time there consuming drugs and alcohol. On September 19, 1973, he overdosed on morphine and tequila; although rushed to the Yucca Valley Hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival. According to the funeral plans, his body was to be flown back to New Orleans for a burial. However, Parsons' road manager stole the body after the funeral and carried it back out to the Joshua Tree desert, where he cremated the body using gasoline. Phil Kaufman later revealed that the cremation had been Parsons' wish, and although he could not be convicted for stealing the body, he was arrested for stealing and burning the coffin.

In the two decades following Gram Parsons' death, his legacy continued to grow, as both country and rock musicians built on the music he left behind. Musicians such as Emmylou Harris and Elvis Costello covered his songs, and his influence could still be heard well into the next millennium. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Gram & Emmylou Live

1. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

2. Six Days On The Road (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

3. California Cottonfields (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

4. The New Soft Shoe (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

5. Streets Of Baltimore (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

6. Big Mouth Blues (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

7. Drug Store Truck Driving Man (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

8. Country Baptizing (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

9. Love Hurts (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

10. Cry One More Time (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

11. That's All It Took (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]


Track List: Country Baptizing Feat. Emmylou Harris (Live)

1. Country Baptizing (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

2. Love Hurts (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

3. Cry One More Time (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

4. That's All It Took (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

5. Six Days On The Road (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

6. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

7. The New Soft Shoe (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

8. Streets Of Baltimore (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

9. California Cottonfields (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

10. Big Mouth Blues (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]

11. Drug Store Truck Driving Man (Feat. Emmylou Harris) [Live]


Track List: The Early Years, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Disc 1

1. I May Be Right (Feat. The Shilos)

2. Big Country (Feat. The Shilos)

3. Zah's Blues (Solo)

4. Mary Don't You Weep (Feat. The Shilos)

5. Bells Of Rhymney (Feat. The Shilos)

6. Goin' Away, Don't You Want To Go (Feat. The Shilos)

7. They Still Go Down (Feat. The Shilos)

8. On My Journey Home (Feat. The Shilos)

9. Surfinanny (Solo)

10. Oh, Didn't They Crucify My Lord (Feat. The Shilos)

Disc 2

1. The Great Silke

2. Race With The Wind

3. The Rains Come Down

4. Hand Within The Glove

5. Rolling Stone

6. Darkest Years

7. That Kind Of Livin'

8. A River Is Made Of Raindrops

9. Just Can't Take It Any More (Feat. The Like)

10. November Nights (Feat. The Like)

11. Together Again (Feat. Brandon DeWilde & The Like)

12. Do Right Woman (Feat. Brandon DeWilde)

13. Hickory Wind (Feat. Brandon DeWilde)


Track List: Folsom Prison Blues

1. Folsom Prison Blues (Feat. Rick Grech)

2. Ain't No Beatle, Ain't No Rollin' Stone (Feat. Rick Grech)

3. Still Feeling Blue (Feat. Rick Grech)

4. That's All It Took (Feat. Rick Grech) (Version 2)

5. Song For You (Feat. Rick Grech)

6. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning (Feat. Rick Grech)

7. Cold Cold Heart (Feat. Rick Grech)

8. Medley: How Can I Forget You / Cry One More Time (Feat. Rick Grech)

9. More And More (Feat. Rick Grech)

10. Streets Of Baltimore (Feat. Rick Grech)

11. That's All It Took (Feat. Rick Grech)

12. A Song For You (Feat. Rick Grech)

13. How Much I've Lied (Feat. Rick Grech)

14. Still Feeling Blue (Feat. Rick Grech) (Version 2)

15. Streets Of Baltimore (Feat. Rick Grech) (Version 2)

16. The New Soft Shoe (Feat. Rick Grech)

17. Daddy's Fiddle (Feat. Rick Grech)

18. Kentucky Blues (Feat. Rick Grech)

19. Lovesick Blues (Feat. Rick Grech)

20. Somebody's Back In Town (Feat. Rick Grech)

21. Teaching Emmy To Sweep Out The Ashes (Feat. Rick Grech)

22. A Song For You (Feat. Rick Grech) (Version 2)


Track List: Gram Parsons: The Early Years EP

1. Another Side to This Life

2. Maco Light

3. Run Little Boy, Run

4. Big Country (Solo Alternate Take)

5. 1000 Dollar Wedding (Solo Alternate Take)

6. Hot Burrito #1 (Solo Alternate Take)


Track List: Grievous Angel

1. Return Of The Grievous Angel

2. Hearts On Fire

3. I Can't Dance

4. Brass Buttons

5. $1000 Wedding

6. Medley Live From Northern Quebec [A] Cash On The Barrelhead [B] Hickory Wind

7. Love Hurts

8. Ooh Las Vegas

9. In My Hour Of Darkness


Track List: The Complete Reprise Sessions (US Release)

1. Still Feeling Blue

4. Streets Of Baltimore

6. That's All It Took

8. Kiss The Children

9. Cry One More Time

10. How Much I've Lied

11. Big Mouth Blues

13. How Did You Meet Emmylou Harris?

14. What Is The Story Behind "A Song For You"

15. What Is The Story Behind "The New Soft Shoe"

16. Wbcn Interview With Maxine Satori (3/73)

20. Hearts On Fire

21. I Can't Dance

23. $1000 Wedding

28. Return Of The Grievous Angel (Instrumental)

29. Did You Sing "Hickory Wind" At The Grand Ole Opry?

30. What Difference Do You See Between Pure Country And Country Rock?

31. She (Alternate Version)

32. That's All It Took (Alternate Version)

33. Still Feeling Blue (Alternate Version)

34. Kiss The Children (Alternate Version)

35. Streets Of Baltimore (Alternate Version)

36. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning (Alternate Version)

37. The New Soft Shoe (Alternate Version)

38. Return Of The Grievous Angel #1 (Alternate Version)

39. In My Hour Of Darkness (Alternate Version)

40. Ooh Las Vegas (Alternate Version)

41. I Can't Dance (Alternate Version)

42. Sleepless Nights (Alternate Version)

43. Love Hurts (Alternate Version)

44. Brass Buttons (Alternate Version)

45. Hickory Wind (Alternate Version)


Track List: Rhino Hi-Five: Gram Parsons Vol. 2

1. Return Of The Grievous Angel

2. $1000 Wedding

3. Sin City

4. Ooh Las Vegas

5. Hickory Wind (Alternate Version)


Track List: Another Side Of This Life: The Lost Recordings Of Gram Parsons 1965-1966

1. Codine

2. Wheel Of Fortune

3. Another Side Of This Life

4. High Flyin' Bird

5. November Nights

6. Zah's Blues

7. Reputation

8. That's The Bag I'm In

9. Willie Jean

10. They Still Go Down

11. Pride Of Man

12. The Last Thing On My Mind

13. Hey Nellie Nellie

14. She's The Woman I Love/Good Time Music

15. Brass Buttons (1965)

16. I Just Can't Take It Anymore

17. Searchin'

18. Candy Man


Track List: Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings, Bottled Blues

1. Zah's Blues

5. Hickory Wind

7. Reputation

11. Sin City

12. The Dark End Of The Street

14. She

15. The New Soft Shoe

16. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning

17. Brass Buttons

18. Return Of The Grievous Angel

20. Brand New Heartache

21. Love Hurts


Track List: GP /Grievous Angel

1. Still Feeling Blue

2. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning

3. A Song For You

4. Streets Of Baltimore

5. She

6. That's All It Took

7. The New Soft Shoe

8. Kiss The Children

9. Cry One More Time

10. How Much I've Lied

11. Big Mouth Blues

12. Return Of The Grievous Angel

13. Hearts On Fire

14. I Can't Dance

15. Brass Buttons

18. Love Hurts

19. Ooh, Las Vegas


Track List: GP

1. Still Feeling Blue

2. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning

3. A Song For You

4. Streets Of Baltimore

5. She

6. That's All It Took

7. The New Soft Shoe

8. Kiss The Children

9. Cry One More Time

10. How Much I've Lied

11. Big Mouth Blues


Track List: Live 1973 (Live)

1. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes (Live)

2. Country Baptizing (Live)

3. Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (Live)

4. Big Mouth Blues (Live)

5. The New Soft Shoe (Live)

6. Cry One More Time (Live)

7. Streets Of Baltimore (Live)

8. That's All It Took (Live)

9. Love Hurts (Live)

10. California Cottonfields (Live)

11. Six Days On The Road (Live)

12. Encore Medley: Bony Moronie/Forty Days/Almost Grown (Live)


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I'm camping at Joshua tree park right now, already checked out the inn , and ironically took a picture of cap rock two days before I found out that's where gram was rightly burned. I feel very grateful.... . . Cheers everyone.... . . And the twist of fate, I came here to work, in the forest, and I'm coming off , well, do I really need to say it, only took two days to get rid of the sickness.... . . Thx gram , if you helped me...... Yucca valley has some awesome odd folk, I dig it
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Blaze on Gram
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It's too bad this article isn't completely correct. There are a few discrepancie s in it. One is: Grams body wasn't stolen after his funeral. It was stolen at LAX, preparing to be enroute to New Orleans for his funeral.
Report as inappropriate
Great artist but he got involved in drugs which ruins the lives of so many and just the person who dies. I'm sorry but as O list a son to drugs I had little sympathy for Parsons. If only other realised yhe consequences of drugs maybe many other great artisy would stoll be alive.
Report as inappropriate
Chris Hillman probably deserves more credit than Gram does for the country rock bit that the Eagles perfected and made untold bazillions from
Report as inappropriate
What a great artist, I wasn't into his music when he was alive, too busy rockin' to appreciate it, Keith gives him a lot of credit on influence which you can hear in a few Stones songs. GP does a great cover of Wild Horses, and he could rock a Nudie suit like no other. Needless to say, another in a long line of great musicians we lost WAY too early.
Report as inappropriate
Saddened I didn't know about him in the early 70s. Thankful I found him a few years ago. Can't think of the proper adjective to explain how great his music is
Report as inappropriate
https://www. e v e r f e s t . c o m / e / g r a m - p a r s o n s - g u i t a r - p u l l - a n d - t r i b u t e - f e s t i v a l - w a y c r o s s - g a
Report as inappropriate
Great musician! He loved to perform and sing COUNTRY music!
Report as inappropriate
Tragic end of a legend and what he did for Country and Rock music. He inspires me with his soulful voice. Definitely not a pop singer. Move over Prince, this guy did far more for me than pop idols. No offense to Prince, may he Rest in peace.
God bless GP.
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There was Gram and then everyone else. McGuinn once said he gets a lot of credit for only being in my band for a short while. Universe to Roger: He made the Byrds Part 2 possible. You sure couldn't.
Report as inappropriate
Met him at a Camp Sea Gull dance. We had several little rendezvous in New Bern that summer and corresponded when he was at Graham-Eches school in Fla. He was so sweet, beautiful and so sadly confused even then... I read about his passing right after giving birth to my 1st daughter. My husband had no idea why he found me crying. ( not sure of the school's spelling... But the stationary (letters) had the school crest on them. Many years have past but his music still haunts me in a good way. He w
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jeremiahhink l e y 1 9 8 1
Music needs a gram parsons to keep inspiring the youth to keep playing music. Guitar Hero doesnt count.
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Been listening to him since the beginning pure genius
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RIP Gram. Hope you are having a blast with Jimi, Jim, Janice and Elvis in the Big Honky Tonk.
Report as inappropriate
So sad he died so young. Keith was a bad influence on him.
Report as inappropriate
rickleedesig n
Only the good die... U know the word
Report as inappropriate
With better management and without the destructive impulses, Gram could have been as big as Elvis. He had the looks, the charisma, and the voice. If only...
Report as inappropriate
In the years since his death, his stature has only grown, as numerous rock and country artists build on his small, but enormously influential, body of work

This is so true. RIP Gram. '
Report as inappropriate
This bio started off with a description of Gram as the father of country rock. I wish that he would get this recognition by main line record media types of today. What a great talent! Rest in peace Gram, I hope to see you in heaven.
Report as inappropriate
WHY THE F--- IS HE NOT IN THE HALL????? GO BOLLES BULLDOGS! Our greatest graduate!!!! ! !
Report as inappropriate
yup everyone should've taken notes man!
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Grievous angel is the most well arranged sings ever, Dylan should've taken notes
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claricentp91 7
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shawnnavuz71 1
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@ tedbujalski, the legendary guitarist James Burton is alive and well, he turned 74 yesterday Aug. 21, 2013
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best ever artist
Report as inappropriate
What a talented man!God Bless you Gram.
Report as inappropriate
johnsonjeann i e
Listen to gram parsons version of wild horses so much better than the stones RIP Gram
Report as inappropriate
Return of the Grievous Angel - One of the finest pop songs ever written. The duet w/ Emmylou gives me goose bumps.
Report as inappropriate
The very best of the country rockers. Its too bad he died so young.
Report as inappropriate
chadcarlson7 0
He sings so sad.
Report as inappropriate
High Fashion Queen is about as good as Rock 'n Roll gets.
Report as inappropriate
Don;t know why EMMYLOU HARRIS isn't credited for the other voice in the duet. MEANWHILE, The Birds can't replace Merle Haggard on SING ME BACK HOME. There's only one Merle and we'll never hear another like that ONE.
Report as inappropriate
I had heard that his mother (?) married George Wallace, ex-Governor of Alabama? Is this true? maybe it was a step-mother or some other relative. Anyone know? My college roomate at FSU used to get depressed and listen to Gram...usual l y while lying around shooting liquid v e r heard of him before (late 70's). Love that one song about I met a girl from Waycross GA.
Report as inappropriate
I like both Doug Sahm and Gram Parsons.
Report as inappropriate
Saw him several times in Winter Haven with the legends,alwa y s tried to go to his shows
Report as inappropriate
Chester, I am an lifelong Austinite and love Doug Sahm as much as any self-respect i n g texan, but gram was making country-rock with the ISB in '65, when Doug was still straight up rock
Report as inappropriate
Gone way too soon. What might have been!!
Report as inappropriate
Sorry..but Doug Sahm is the father of country rock
Report as inappropriate
Frankly I am unable to figure out why he is significant !
Report as inappropriate
Truly great, all the way from the Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo through the Burrito albums to Emmylou Harris duets. A rich, souful voice unlike any before or since.
Report as inappropriate
what a waste
Report as inappropriate
gram parson taught the stones country ( listen to beggars banquet ) tina turner taught jagger how dance...
Report as inappropriate
doesn't get much better...
Report as inappropriate
Gram was one of the best. I would love to hear what he would be playing now....RIP.. G P . .
Report as inappropriate

so much living in such a young life! Try to expose my kids to who came before them and why! I,m almost 50 and just over the past few years have been re-listening to his music. Love Emmylou, hope the future generation knows her songs and contribution s
Report as inappropriate
gram was the greatest who ever sang a song...
Report as inappropriate
It may be an unflattering portrait, but it is a true portrait. The unfortunate thing is, as is typical of most Palladia bios, it leaves out important information. Gram was asked by the Stones to help them develop a country sound for some of their songs. In return, Keth Richards wrote "Wild Horses" for Gram to record. This song is what caused the split between Gram and Chris Hillman. Hillman claimed that Parsons wrote the song and gave it to Richards.
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kristie.zimm e r
Gram Parson has yet to get the recognition and credit he deserves. Were all familiar with deceased talented musical artists such as; Hank Williams S., Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, Jim Croce and others. But rarely do you hear about Gram Parson’s music career and his untimely death. Gram Parson had a genuine true love and respect for his country/coun t r y rock music and was able to merge that into an era of hippies, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Gram is truly a legend....

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