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Jennifer Knapp

Alternative CCM folk-rocker Jennifer Knapp debuted in 1994 with a self-released cassette that sold over 2,000 copies in its first year. Her first full-length, Wishing Well, appeared two years later; its success brought Knapp to the attention of the Gotee Records label, which issued her LP Kansas, produced by Audio Adrenaline frontman Mark Stuart, in 1998. The Grammy-nominated Lay It Down arrived in early 2000, followed by the biographical storybook of The Way I Am in 2001. Knapp put her public career on hiatus for the remainder of the decade and relocated to Australia before reappearing in 2010 with the more secular Letting Go. Coinciding with the publication of her memoir Facing the Music, she released her fifth album, Set Me Free, on Righteous Babe Records. ~ Jason Ankeny
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Set Me Free

1. Remedy

2. Set Me Free

3. Why Wait

4. Neosho

5. What Might Have Been

6. Mercy's Tree

7. The Tale

8. So Happy

9. The End

10. Sweet Love

11. Come Back


Track List: Letting Go

1. Dive In

2. Want For Nothing

3. Fallen

4. On Love

5. Inside

6. Letting Go

7. Mr. Gray

8. Better Off

9. If It Made A Difference

10. Stone To The River


Track List: Live

1. Romans (Live)

2. Lay It Down (Live)

3. Whole Again (Live)

4. When Nothing Satisfies (Live)

5. Usher Me Down (Live)

6. The Way I Am (Live)

7. His Grace Is Sufficient (Live)

8. Martyrs & Thieves (Live)

9. Fall Down (Live)

10. Refine Me (Live)

11. A Little More (Live)

12. Into You (Live)

13. Undo Me (Live)


Track List: The Collection

1. A Little More

2. Undo Me

3. Breathe On Me

4. Say Won't You Say

5. Into You

6. The Way I Am

7. Lay It Down

8. Whole Again

9. Hold Me Now

10. Martyrs & Thieves

11. Diamond In The Rough

12. Refine Me

13. When Nothing Satisfies

14. By And By

15. Romans


Track List: The Way I Am

1. By And By

2. Breathe On Me

3. The Way I Am

4. Say Won't You Say

5. Around Me

6. Come To Me

7. Charity

8. Fall Down

9. Sing Mary Sing

10. In Two

11. Light Of The World

12. No Regrets


Track List: Lay It Down

1. A Little More

2. Lay It Down

3. Usher Me Down

4. Into You

5. All Consuming Fire

6. You Answer Me

7. You Remain

8. Diamond In The Rough

9. When Nothing Satisfies

10. Peace


Track List: Kansas

2. Whole Again

3. Undo Me

4. Trinity

5. In The Name

6. His Grace Is Sufficient

7. Martyrs & Thieves

8. Romans

9. Refine Me

10. Hold Me Now

11. Visions

12. Faithful To Me (Reprise)


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This is for Miss Jennifer Knapp as well as the post from 4 years ago by "b2189"...Je n n i f e r , I just love you and your music! When I first became a Christian, it has been yours as well as the music of many that has inspired me to seek a deeper relationship with our Loving Savior. Thank You!! To b2189..I see your profile is private, so if you happen upon my post I want you to know that today I really learned a great lesson from what you said about focusing on my OWN sin and HATE that; instead of pu
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How have toll Ben���������
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ashleighbmas s e y
I love this song
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Awesome, blessed and a blessing to others.
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Amazing artist, Christian, and Woman!
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I am so grateful for her music. She always makes me so joyful and happy with her music.
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ALWAYS joy-filled to hear Jennifer's music again. Her message of love and acceptance is a refreshing spirit in times of spiritual division.
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Jennifer I am becoming addicted to your music..can't wait to see you in town, until rock on. Namaste
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Just discovered Jennifer Knapp today. 2014. I am grateful beyond any words for her beautiful voice of inspiration and glory unto God. I have also read some of these posts. The majority of you see her just as I do. A daughter of Christ with a talent that most certainly should not be overlooked. Her relationship with God is an awesome one. I know in my heart that upon that day, she will have her place in heaven. She touches the hearts and souls of millions of people in the name of Christ.
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Her songs are a powerful testimony of Christ and his immeasurable love and mercy. I don't care what her sexual orientation is, the woman is graced with the ability to reveal The Heart of Christ through music! She's beautifully talented and amazingly gifted. My all time favorite female artist.
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Where is her latest album, Letting Go?
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Life changing songs from an artist who is graced by God's pen.
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Love her music...alwa y s will
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harmonygrand b l a n c
��Shine on! Your light is bright!
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farrelljamel o
I am a lesbian Christian and Jennifer Knapp gave my heart encouragemen t . You have it all wrong you religious Christians. What matters is the heart. That is said over and over again. Jesus taught us nothing if not that.
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We're all going to face God one day, and can only give account for ourselves. All I can say about Jennifer is she has wrtten a lot of beautiful music glorifying God, a
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I saw Jennifer yesterday and had the opportunity to speak with her briefly. She is a person with an amazing ability to sing and I am glad she used it to glorify The Lord!
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nicholeseabo l t
I'm just in awe reading all these comments. I just recently went to a concert with Margret Becker and Jennifer Knapp. Jennifer has her own relationship with Christ. Her relationship with Christ is her own, not yours to sum up. First you judge her for not being a Christian, then you judge her for saying she is, which is it? The judgement from many of you on this blog is heartbreakin g . You have no idea the damage you do to her by placing judgement on her. My prayer for her is that she can se
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It is not our duty as a church, nor as christians to condemn people... However it is our duty and obligation, our main priority to love... everyone will answer for their own transgressio n s to the One and ONLY judge... your sins of unforgivenes s are just as serious as hers or any other person who isnt perfect (that pretty much sums up all of humanity including Christians). . . so until judgement day comes, i would encourage anyone who finds hatred and rejection within themselves toward anyone for A
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Continues to be one of my favorite e p making great music Jennifer.
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Just because Knapp supposedly lives a life different than your interpretati o n of the Bible doesn't lessen the impact of the lyrics she writes or sings. Just appreciate her for what she is; very talented yet flawed...lik e all of us. Get over it and move on. Instead, let's discuss the emotion, depth, and yearning in her lyrics, not whom she finds attractive.
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I love how people are always saying love the sinner, hate the sin. Here's an idea. Why doesn't everyone just concentrate on their OWN sin and hate it, and leave everyone else's sin alone. Seriously. Who has the time to worry about other's sin? Imagine all the extra time we would have to LOVE each other if we only worried about our own sin.
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lindawhitese l l
Love the sinner, hate the sin. Regardless of Ms. Knapp's struggles, her lyrics are right on and she is wonderfully talented. If I dismissed every good biblical message based on the sins of the speaker, there would be no one to listen to. Liars, adulterers, cheaters, gossipers, backbiters, I could go on and on. I pray for all who spread the message of the Gospel and God's love for us -- that whatever their struggles, He will pull them through in His time.
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check out http://www.j e n n i f e r k n a p p . c o m .
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There is an awesome story behind this woman that, if you can believe it, even exceeds her captivating vocals...I had the privilege of meeting her briefly in mid-90s. Would love to have a glass of wine with her...anyone know where she is now (label, city, anything?).. . p l e a s e post back to arleabelle@g m a i l . c o m . Love Ms. Knapp...she' s about 28 now I'm guessing.
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We should expect more of these kinds of confusing people and artist messages as Christians become a minority (like in the first centuries of the NT). Knapp is a talent and that is what attracts and disappoints. The tendency is to react emotionally instead of Biblically with an informed and grounded world view. Please don't get suckered by the really dumb argument that Jesus never spoke against homosexualit y . He was a Jew. It was assumed. Paul picks this up with the Gentile pagans. That's us.
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miss_chariss a
By the way, sklups you ARE RIGHT ON. Accept her as a sister in Christ. Don't tell me you don't sin every day.
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miss_chariss a
You are awesome girl!
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I saw her tonight singing at my church. She's a great performer and a lovely person!
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her work has uplifted many many of us and if she ever sees these posts i hope she knows that we still miss her sound and want her to return renewed and with something awesome to share.
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one of her albums sang me to sleep on one of the worst nights of my life. after an event that changed me forever. i had already loved her music and have since been wishing her to return to us with something new. when i put away the Christian music i always kept hers out along with a few other groups like water deep and caedamons call. she is one of great vision and from her gift i owe part of my singing ability to her because i always sing along.
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Praying for Jen, I know how much Jesus loves her, He died on the cross for her soul - and that is something that is far more significant than any of our life choices - we have all made poor choices - Thank God for His Grace and Mercy!
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It's the false Christians that accuse others of not being saved. It is the false Christians who judge and condemn the most. No different from the Pharisees in Jesus' day - which, BTW, were the ONLY ones he personally condemned.
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This bio and info needs to be updated d her past discography moved to the Christian section only as she is now no longer in the Christian genre.
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Are songs from "Letting Go" on Pandora?
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Its sad, but we can only hope the Truth that she has seen, heard, and sung of will fill her once again soon.
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But she isn't, not anymore. Perhaps if you are holding that Kansas has some value, then I could agree with that. But her latest album, it's not only bad music, but it isn't Christian (though being sold in the Christian sections). Letting Go was very disappointin g . :(
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Truth is still true no matter who tells it. Paul says, it doesn't matter why they preach the gospel as long as the gospel is preached. Let him who is without sin...
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Whether her music is powerful or not is not in question. The question is whether you should accept the beliefs of one who leads a blatantly sinful life. We are all sinners, and none of us are perfect, but we should guard our minds against those who profess to be Christ-like, yet deny him with their life. There is no hypocrisy in this, only common sense. You don't seek money from the poor, so why should you seek holiness in one who is spiritually destitute?
Report as inappropriate
to sklups: Devils believe and tremble, scripture says. A true follower of Jesus Christ hears His words and obeys them. What did He say about homosexualit y ? LOTS of people say they are Christians. Scripture says "by our fruit we will be known"- what a challenge to us all- to pray God would keep us from temptation and deliver us from evil. He defines evil, doesn't He? He also said we wouldn't be tempted without a way of escape...and if we confess our sins He is faithful to forgive us and cleans
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We all struggle with sexuality or sexual immoralities or whatever demons we possess simply because we're human. I'd suggest trying to show people who don't know Christ what knowing Him is like and not pushing those strangers away from His kingdom by slandering others for the things in their lives they struggle with. Also, be thankful you don't have to struggle with those things. Take a look in a mirror at our own lives and how we can better become what God intended us to be.
Report as inappropriate
I'm not liberal in any sense but I have a heart for people and I believe if we all strived to be more Christ-like we'd all be a little less judge mental. Besides her lifestyle does not alleviate how powerful her music and lyrics are. She's an amazing artist and poet...lesbi a n or not.
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Just because she's lesbian doesn't make her a non christian. Look up what a Christian is. It's a person who believes in Our Lord. Her "sin" is no different in His eyes than yours. That's actually the problem with "Christians"
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I read she still claims to be a Christian while embracing a lesbian lifestyle.
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she is not a christian any more
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I have listened to her album "Kansas" so many times and the Holy Spirit has worked through her songs in my life in deep ways.
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