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Jesus Culture

Originally formed at Redding, California's Bethel Church, Jesus Culture is an internationally operating, Christian revivalist youth outreach ministry that utilizes the power of music to spread its message. Led by youth worship leader and pastor Kim Walker-Smith, the Jesus Culture Band, which releases albums through the ministry's own record label, Jesus Culture Music, has issued nearly annual live praise & worship albums, including Everything (2006), We Cry Out (2007), Your Love Never Fails (2008), Come Away (2010), Emerging Voices (2012). With 2014's Unstoppable Love, they showcased the duo of singers Chris Quilala and Kim Walker-Smith. In 2015, Quilala and Walker-Smith were featured once again on This Is Jesus Culture, a collection drawn from the group's album that was their first release under a new recording contract with Sparrow Records, a spiritual imprint of EMI Records. The collective's follow-up Let It Echo debuted at number one on the Christian/Gospel chart, and marked the point where Jesus Culture releases had sold over one million copies worldwide (including JC albums as well as frequent solo efforts by members Walker-Smith and Quilala, plus Kristene DiMarco, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Chris McClarney, Justin Jarvis, and Derek Johnson. ~ James Christopher Monger
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Jesus Culture Em Português

1. Feroz (Feat. Chris Quilala)

2. Existe Um Rio (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

3. Cantamos (Feat. Chris Quilala)

4. Teu Amor Não Falha (Feat. Chris Quilala)

5. Teu Nome É Glorioso (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

6. Amor Sem Fim (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

7. Mostra-Me Tua Gloria (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

8. Quero Conhecer (Feat. Chris Quilala)

9. És Tudo Para Mim (Feat. Chris Quilala)

10. Santo Espírito (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

11. Aleluia (Feat. Chris Quilala)

12. Nos Ama (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)


Track List: Alive In You (Studio Version) (Single)


Track List: God With Us (Live)


Track List: Fierce (Single)

1. Fierce (Feat. Chris Quilala)


Track List: Let It Echo Unplugged (Live)

1. Never Gonna Stop Singing (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

2. Fierce (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

3. Alive In You (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

4. In The River (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

5. Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

6. God With Us (Feat. Bryan Torwalt) (Live)

7. Set Me Ablaze (Feat. Katie Torwalt) (Live)


Track List: Let It Echo (Live)

1. Never Gonna Stop Singing (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

2. Fierce (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

3. Alive In You (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

4. In The River (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

5. Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

6. God With Us (Feat. Bryan Torwalt) (Live)

7. Miracles (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

8. Set Me Ablaze (Feat. Katie Torwalt) (Live)

9. Everything And Nothing Less (Feat. Chris McClarney) (Live)

10. In Your Presence (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

11. I Stand In Awe (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

12. Power In The Cross (Feat. Derek Johnson) (Live)


Track List: Fierce (Live)


Track List: In The River (Live)


Track List: Esto Es Jesus Culture

1. Glorioso Eres Tu (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

2. Cantamos A El (Feat. Chris Quilala)

3. Tu Amor Nunca Falla (Feat. Chris Quilala)

4. Amor Imparable (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

5. Muestra Tu Gloria (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

6. Quiero Conocerte (Feat. Chris Quilala)

7. Mi Todo (Feat. Chris Quilala)

8. Santo Espiritu (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

9. Tuyo Soy (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)

10. Aleluya (Feat. Chris Quilala)

11. Ardemos Para Ti (Feat. Chris Quilala)

12. El Nos Ama (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith)


Track List: Jesus Culture Reconstructed Vol. 1

1. Forevermore (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

2. Alive (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

3. He Is The Light (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

4. I Belong To You (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

5. Awaken Me (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

6. Rooftops (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

7. Alleluia (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

8. Pursuit (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

9. King Of All The Earth (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

10. Your Love Never Fails (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)

11. Show Me Your Glory (Oh Snap It's Luke! Remix)


Track List: This Is Jesus Culture (Live)

1. I Want To Know You (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

2. Sing Out (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

3. Unstoppable Love (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

4. Rooftops (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

5. Your Love Never Fails (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

6. Alleluia (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

7. Agnus Dei (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

8. How He Loves (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

9. One Thing Remains (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

10. Your Name Is Glorious (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

11. Show Me Your Glory (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

12. Holy Spirit (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)


Track List: Awakening - Live From Chicago

1. Awaken Me (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

2. Father Of Lights (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

3. Perfect Love (Father Of Lights Reprise) (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

4. Break Every Chain (Feat. Kristene DiMarco) (Live)

5. Glorious (Feat. Katie Torwalt) (Live)

6. Burning Ones (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

7. Holy Are You (Burning Ones Reprise) (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

8. My Everything (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

9. Nothing But The Blood (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

10. He Is Faithful (Feat. Bryan Torwalt) (Live)

11. I Surrender (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

12. We Are Hungry (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

13. Fill Me Up (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

14. The Anthem (Feat. Jake Hamilton) (Live)

15. Holding Nothing Back (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

16. Dance (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)


Track List: Jesus Culture Awakening: Live From Chicago

1. Awaken Me

2. Father Of Lights

3. Perfect Love (Father Of Lights Reprise)

4. Break Every Chain

5. Glorious

6. Burning Ones

7. Holy Are You (Burning Ones Reprise)

8. My Everything

9. Nothing But The Blood

10. He Is Faithful

11. I Surrender

12. We Are Hungry

13. Fill Me Up

14. The Anthem

15. Holding Nothing Back

16. Dance


Track List: Consumed (Live)

1. Heaven Is Here (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

2. Burning Ones (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

3. Holding Nothing Back (Feat. Melissa How) (Live)

4. Revelation Song (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

5. Dance With Me (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

6. Light Of Your Face (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

7. Holy (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

8. You Are Faithful (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

9. Oh Lord You're Beautiful (Feat. Melissa How) (Live)

10. Obsession (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)


Track List: We Cry Out (Live)

1. We Cry Out (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

2. Your Love Is Everything (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

3. Rain Down (Feat. Melissa How) (Live)

4. I Adore You (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

5. See His Love (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

6. My Romance (Feat. Melissa How) (Live)

7. How He Loves (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

8. Fire Fall Down (Feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

9. All I Need Is You (Feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

10. The Time Has Come (Feat. Melissa How) (Live)


Track List: Everything (Live)

1. Oh How We Want You To Come (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

2. You (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

3. Prayer (Live)

4. I Was Made To Worship You (feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

5. Shining (feat. Melissa How) (Live)

6. Prayer 2 (Live)

7. We Are Hungry (feat. Chris Quilala) (Medley/Live)

8. Until The Day Breaks (feat. Melissa How) (Live)

9. How Great Is Our God (feat. Melissa How) (Live)

10. Prayer 3 (Live)

11. Everything (feat. Chris Quilala) (Live)

12. Dance (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

13. Spontaneous Song (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

14. You (feat. Chris Quilala, Kim Walker-Smith & Melissa How) (Reprise/Live)


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It got so bad that she called my girlfriend saying she was going to kill herself so my girlfriend races down to her house and it was too late she already stabbed herself they got her to the hospital and later that day she died and my girlfriend best friend mom blames her for her daughter's death saying she didn't get there fast enough and just yesterday my girlfriend and her best friend ex shows up at her house and fights her slammed her to where she hit her head on concrete and might have broke
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Men and women sorry to bother you but I just got to ask if you can prey for my GF she been through a lot of abuse and rape to wear she might have to have surgery because there a lot of blood in her stomach not to mention people talk and bully her and just last week she lost her best friend to suicide because her best friend got with her ex and they broke up because of something I really don't know but ik it was because of him so he expose her on Facebook and people started calling get her name's
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What are you doing
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Amen to all the comments! God bless you all! You will all one day shine in heavens glory and everyone in the gates of hell will cry for forgiveness, but you did your part in the world to change peoples hearts to Christ! I love you all and hope the best for all of you that you go into this world to change peoples lives forever! Amen!
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Fund Raising Raffle

5$ April 9

Saint Patrick Church

1046 E. 34th street

Los Angeles, California 90011

( 323 ) 234-5963

( 323 ) 232 - 8756

Fax : 323 - 234 - 6725

Rev. Timothy

✨10,000 ✨$✨ prize for winner ✨
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Secret to happy relationship with

significant other : wait as long as you

can, with God , good judgement &

don't wait just because I said so ,..

so sum research etcetera
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Your Love Never Fails
It Never Gives Up
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What an awesome truth. Jesus, chain breaker, mountain mover, creator and redeemer. Love this song.
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Yes I sure do..;) love is forever
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Good song
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I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Jesus must b so lonely ��
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I feel my Savior Jesus Christ....& The Holy Spirit in this song every time! Amen! Thank you for this song! ☝❤������
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Keep the whole armor God on this is the last hour father God stands at the door Amen
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I love JC they are the best in worship.brin g down of the Holy Spirit. The 1st time I listen to them I was hooked.alway s listing tothem on Pandora.❤���
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Thank you Jesus is my lord and king
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Just in time for saint patties day :)
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St. Patrick & St. Stephen

5$ fund raising raffle :)

1046 E. 34 th Street

Los Angeles, California 90011

( 323 ) 234- 5963 ( 323 ) 232- 8756

Fax : ( 323 ) 234- 6725

E-mail : Spatricio@ao l . c o m

Pastor : Rev. Timothy
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Somehow Jesus Culture cuts deeper into my worldy thick skin. Their lyrics resonate with the emptiness inside my hit or miss Christian life. Thank you for your musical paintbrushes that bring color to my primer gray existence.
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Be oojji
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I'm Happy Happy Happy.. Thank God
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Jesus will fulfill every word every promise to His Beloved Church- its us the Body of Christ. He will rule and reign in Jerusalem our inheritance. With Him forever and ever-Gloriou s ❤️
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Yes I did it again soon be the most part it to be a problem with that in a few other people who are not the intended recipient of the Rings RISK special edition * rare * * replacement cushion only * * this cushion goes to the side of the bed.
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I love this version! We sang this at Celebrate Recovery and as a recovering codependent this reminds me Jesus hasn't given up on me. The Jesus Culture band has great voices. I was having an awful day today and this just came on and I had to start singing.
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Enid dmld mlcd mlcd mc mcldd m Dmid mlcd mldd mldd mld ld dml dmld mldd ld mldd lc mcd dmld k dmld c,ldd mld lddd ld mld dmld d mldd mldd mld lldd c,ld dmld lld m dmld dmldd mldd mldd ,ldd,ld ld. Mdmld dmld cmldd mld dmldd,l d mkd kd
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This is my favorite song
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God has called everyone to run the race with endurance, faith and love. He said he'll be there at the finish line. I can't wait.
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I love JESUS
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Thank you Jesus even though I am not worthy signed Jessie amen
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Hey Jesus love you
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...I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." I pray this helps you my friend! Praise the Lord. He is so good. I pray that you and all others seeking, will find the answers you need in Jesus. He is the only way! And oh what a way it is! Blessings to you!!
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That is a great question. Luke 1:46,47 is a great example that Mary was not divine. She states that God is her Savior. She was born with a sinful nature, and although she was blessed and highly favored by the Lord, chosen to be the mother of Jesus, she still needed, longed for and prayed for the Messiah to come. To be her Savior.
Acts 4:12 shows us that there is no other name given under Heaven whereby we must be saved. Only through Jesus. :)
John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him
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Beautiful song so moving
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Does mother of Jesus exist as

something divine for you Christians ?
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BELIEVE BIG! Psalm 112:3 Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousnes s endures for ever. Everyman God has given riches and wealth, and have given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labour; this is the gift of God. He  shall not much remember the days of his life; because God answers him in the joy of his heart. Wisdom and knowledge is granted to me!
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God will give me riches, and wealth, and honour also, such as none have had that have been before me, neither shall there any after me have the like. I command my Riches, and Wealth, Wisdom, Knowledge and Honour to come to me; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into my bosom. For with the same measure that i mete withal it shall be measured to me again! My head is anointed with oil; my cup runs over! Blessings and FAVORE runs me down with God & men
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Length of days is in my right hand; and in my left hand riches and honour. Goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life: I dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. All things work together for good to me. I AM called according to God's purpose. I am predestinate , justified and glorified to take back what the DEVIL has stole from me! I Charlene E McRae abide in JESUS, and He in me, Jesus and I are the same and the same brings forth much fruit!
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I sit with Princes, Queens, and Kings of God's people. In every thing i am Enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge! I am counted worthy of His calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness! I believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. As a wait I don’t lack any gifts as I eagerly wait. God has grant me, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man.
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That Christ may dwell in my heart by faith; that i may be rooted and grounded in love, able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; To know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that i may be filled with all the fulness of God. The words that i speak SHALL goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. In Jesus name! Amen!
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I love this song
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God is AMAZING. Love this song.����
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Beautiful song
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Love how they praise Lord... It make me sing and dance! Love their voices music.
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Praise God for all the souls who embrace Jesus Christ the only son of God. Our Saviour and Redeemer. Jesus is alive!!!!!!! ! ! !
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Break every chain ⚡️ freedom from

thee oppressed, who have become

The oppresser
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