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John Hiatt

John Hiatt's sales have never quite matched his reputation. Hiatt's songs were covered successfully by everyone from Bonnie Raitt, Ronnie Milsap, and Dr. Feelgood to Iggy Pop, Three Dog Night, and the Neville Brothers, yet it took him 13 years to reach the charts himself. Of course, it took him nearly that long to find his own style. Hiatt began his solo career in 1974, and over the next decade he ran through a number of different styles, from rock & roll to new wave pop, before he finally settled on a rootsy fusion of rock & roll, country, blues, and folk with his 1987 album Bring the Family. Though the album didn't set the charts on fire, it became his first album to reach the charts, and several of the songs on the record became hits for other artists, including Raitt and Milsap. Following its success, Hiatt became a reliable hit songwriter for other artists, and he developed a strong cult following that continued to gain strength into the mid-'90s.

While he was growing up in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, Hiatt played in a number of garage bands. Initially, he was inspired by the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, and the music of those two artists would echo strongly throughout his work. Out of all the bar bands he played with in the late '60s, a group called the White Ducks was the one that received the most attention. Following his high school graduation, he moved to Nashville at the age of 18, where he landed a job as a songwriter for Tree Publishing. For the next several years, he wrote and performed at local clubs and hotels. Within a few years, his songs were being recorded by several different artists, including Conway Twitty, Tracy Nelson, and Three Dog Night, who took Hiatt's "Sure as I'm Sittin' Here" to number 16 in the summer of 1974. Eventually, his manager secured him an audition at Epic Records, and the label signed him in 1974, releasing his debut album, Hangin' Around the Observatory, later that year. Despite their critical acclaim, neither Hangin' Around the Observatory nor its 1975 follow-up, Overcoats, sold many copies, and he was dropped by the label. By the end of the year, Tree Publishing had let him go as well.

Following his failure in Nashville, Hiatt moved out to California. By the summer of 1978 he had settled in Los Angeles, where began playing in clubs, opening for folk musicians including Leo Kottke. With Kottke's assistance, Hiatt hired a new manager, Denny Bruce, who helped him secure a record contract with MCA Records. Slug Line, his first record for MCA, was released in the summer of 1979. Where his first two records were straight-ahead rock & roll and folk-rock, Slug Line was in the new wave vein of angry English singer/songwriters like Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, and Joe Jackson, as if Hiatt was vying for the role of the American angry young man. The new approach earned some strong reviews, yet it failed to generate any sales. Two Bit Monsters, his second MCA album, faced the same situation. Although it was well received critically upon its 1980 release, it made no impression on the charts, and the label dropped him.

Apart from working on Two Bit Monsters, Hiatt spent most of 1980 as a member of Ry Cooder's backing band, playing rhythm guitar on the Borderline album and touring with the guitarist. Hiatt stayed with Cooder throughout 1981, signing a new contract with Geffen Records by the end of the year. Produced by Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex), his Geffen debut All of a Sudden was released in 1982, followed by the Nick Lowe/Scott Matthews and Ron Nagel-produced Riding with the King in 1983. As with his previous records for Epic and MCA, neither of his first two Geffen releases sold well. By this time, Hiatt's personal life was beginning to spin out of control as he was sinking deep into alcoholism. Around the time he completed 1985's Warming Up to the Ice Age, his second wife committed suicide. Following the release of Warming Up to the Ice Age, Hiatt was dropped by Geffen. By the end of 1985, he had entered a rehabilitation program. During 1986, he remarried and signed a new deal with A&M Records.

For his A&M debut, Hiatt assembled a small band comprised of his former associates Ry Cooder (guitar), Nick Lowe (bass), and Jim Keltner (drums). Recorded over the course of a handful of days, the resulting album, Bring the Family, had a direct, stripped-down rootsy sound that differed greatly from his earlier albums. Upon its summer 1987 release, Bring the Family received the best reviews of his career and, for once, the reviews began to pay off, as the album turned into a cult hit, peaking at 107 on the U.S. charts; it was his first charting album. Hiatt attempted to record a follow-up with Cooder, Lowe, and Keltner, but the musicians failed to agree on the financial terms for the sessions. Undaunted, he recorded an album with John Doe, David Lindley, and Dave Mattacks, but he scrapped the completed project, deciding that the result was too forced. Hiatt's final attempt at recording the follow-up to Bring the Family was orchestrated by veteran producer Glyn Johns, who had him record with his touring band the Goners. Despite all of the behind-the-scenes troubles behind its recording, the follow-up album, Slow Turning, actually appeared rather quickly, arriving in the summer of 1988.

Slow Turning, like Bring the Family before it, received nearly unanimous positive reviews and it was fairly well received commercially, spending 31 weeks on the U.S. charts and peaking at 98. Within the next year, Hiatt successfully toured throughout America and Europe, strengthening his fan base along the way. Inspired by the success of Hiatt's two A&M albums, Geffen released the compilation Y' All Caught? The Ones That Got Away 1979-85 in 1989. That same year, other artists began digging through Hiatt's catalog of songs, most notably Bonnie Raitt, who covered "Thing Called Love" for her multi-platinum comeback album, Nick of Time.

In 1990, Hiatt returned with Stolen Moments, which was nearly as successful as Slow Turning, both critically and commercially. "Bring Back Your Love to Me," an album track from Stolen Moments that was also recorded by Earl Thomas Conley, won BMI's 1991 Country Music Award. By the time "Bring Back Your Love to Me" won that award, it had become a standard practice for artists to cover Hiatt's songs, as artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Ronnie Milsap, Suzy Bogguss, and Iggy Pop all covered his songs in the early '90s. In 1993, Rhino Records released Love Gets Strange: The Songs of John Hiatt, which collected many of the cover versions that were recorded during the '80s and '90s.

During 1991, the group that recorded Bring the Family -- Hiatt, Cooder, Lowe, and Keltner -- re-formed as a band called Little Village, releasing their eponymous debut in early 1992. Based on the success of Bring the Family and Hiatt's A&M albums, expectations for Little Village were quite high, yet the record and its supporting tour were considered a major disappointment. Later, the individual members would agree that the band was a failure, mainly due to conflicting egos.

Hiatt decided to back away from the superstar nature of Little Village for his next album, 1993's Perfectly Good Guitar. Recorded in just two weeks with a backing band comprised of members of alternative rock bands School of Fish and Wire Train, the album was looser than any record since Bring the Family, but it didn't quite have the staying power of its two predecessors, spending only 11 weeks on the charts and peaking at number 47. The following year, he released his first live album, Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan? Hiatt left A&M Records after the release of the record, signing with Capitol Records the following year.

Walk On, Hiatt's first Capitol album, was recorded during his supporting tour for Perfectly Good Guitar and featured guest appearances by the Jayhawks and Bonnie Raitt. The record entered the charts at 48, but slipped from there in nine weeks, indicating that his audience had settled into a dedicated cult following. Fittingly, after 1997's Little Head quickly came and went in the marketplace, Hiatt parted ways with Capitol, and his next album, 2000's Crossing Muddy Waters, was released on the established independent imprint Vanguard Records. After a second album with Vanguard, The Tiki Bar Is Open, Hiatt aligned himself with another independent label, New West, for the release of his 2003 set, Beneath This Gruff Exterior. Master of Disaster, along with CD and DVD versions of Live from Austin, TX, followed in 2005 but his 18th studio album, Same Old Man, didn't appear until 2008.

However, when The Open Road arrived early in 2010, it signified the start of a prolific period for the artist, and featured Patty Griffin collaborator Doug Lancio on guitar. Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns followed in 2010 and was recorded and produced in Nashville by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, the Black Crowes). Next, Mystic Pinball arrived in the fall of 2012; again produced by Shirley, it debuted at 39 on the Billboard 200. Lancio oversaw the sessions for Hiatt's subsequent album, a largely acoustic-based set entitled Terms of My Surrender, which was released by New West on July 15, 2014. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Damn This Town (Single)


Track List: We're Alright Now (Single)


Great showmen Super Writer!!!
Now there's an artist!!!
Just what the hell do you like bob.
I saw him a few years back in a guitar-pull type show with Lyle Lovett and Guy Clark in Cleveland. It was an outstanding show!
Hey Pandora! How about Have a Little Faith in me.
He is one of those musicians that when you first see him hear him you don't forget him. Saw him with Ry Cooder in 70 or 80 and wondered "who the hell is that!" Then I started listening to his albums. Great musician performer who deserves a Grammy.
thanx 4 NOT letting me listen 2 faith in me --J. Hiatt
steve.stodda r d 3 2 6
Bob, you are clueless
bob the hater strikes again. Sounds like a bunch of other artists? The guy is as unique as they come. Greatest songwriter ever.
His sales have never matched his reputation because he sounds like a bunch of other artists and isn't that interesting to listen to.
Very unappreciate d artist. I'm addicted. The voice. The music. Unmistakeabl e !
cpotter- I've been telling my friends that for the last 25 years. He's by far my favorite artist.
Eleven paragraphs on an artist I have never heard of. I guess this is more of an indictment of my musical knowledge that the quality of this artist. I need to expand my palette.
John puts on a great show! Guess we are part of his cult following now..Seeing him in Greenville, SC next week - cant wait!
saw JH in enfield ct last week. good show, but would have much rather heard tennessee plates than thing called love.
Have A Little Faith In Me... what an absolutely beautiful tune!
One of my favorite singer/songw r i t e r s ever!
Mr. Hiatt has laid down so much excellent music over the years... such a brilliant tunesmith... a real credit to americana
Love him! He can come over and drink some coffee and miss his feet on my cold tile floor! He is simply wonderful heart and soul!
Yea i can feel it brother. Still remember the day i bought slow turning.
Just played 'Hangin' Around the Observatory' from my archives. Doug Yankus( a person I went to H.S. with) plays lead guitar on some of the tracks...evi d e n t on Full Moon.
i have played the 'slow turning' album ,since it's released, so much that my grand kids know the songs. the songs never get old and his style of singing and playing soothe all the while producing tears....for me john hiatt is genius songwriter.. . . ' . . c a n ya feel it...'
This is my favorite Hiatt most of the songs on here. Awesome work John!!
sloman51nant u c k e t
J Hiatt is great live and always will be till he dies
Have seen JH four times in the last three years - the show is always great because he relates to his audience & never disappoints them!
I was at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts in Arroyo Grande, CA on September 7th and saw John Hiatt and The Combo... excellent show... wow, what great entertainers , John and the band! I had a wonderful time... his music speaks to me!
Hiatt is great and we're going to see him on Sept 7th in AG, California. I do love Robben Ford's version of I'm a Real Man.
John speaks me.
John Hiatt is under appreciated by the general public, but at least the right musicians are taking advantage of his talents. He's fantastic musician & song writer.
@ Bri bri and others wondering why he isnt a bright shining icon; sometimes a bad agent is responsible; other times the artist chooses this path to have more control than some music company exec. Fortunately channels like pandora etc., allow people to discover him. He is a great singer and songwriter and charachter. Love him!
John is the man.
more john hiatt's songs
Greatness & vision into the soul of humans! Love all of John Hiatts songs. Yes, he puts some of my experiences to his words in these songs. Don't Wanna Leave You Now!
As I like to say, John Hiatt's songs are like he's been reading my mail. He can nail an emotion with the turn of a phrase that will bring a tear to your eye and then a smile to your face, as you realize you are not the only one that has been left on the side of the road on the Highway of Love or been less than honest in one situation or another. I really enjoy his songs and music.
Cansomeone please, PLEASE, explain to me how John Hiatt isn't more popular. Great emotion in his lyrics, and when he sings or plays, you can hear his pride and joy.
John is such a mysifyingly well-kept secret, but I'd love to see him reach the point where he's so successful that we're all accusing him of selling out.
Saw Hiatt and Lyle Lovett on their solo acoustic tour at the Birchmere a couple years ago,an awesome show,yeah people don't know s**t!
probably one of the most under rated musicians, know as a lyricist he is just as accomplished an arranger of music, a band leader, guitar player, and a guy who can play with whomever you put in front of him. I swear people don't know s**t
john hiatt is probably one of the most underated musicians of rock and roll history. He is versatile, as a lyricist obviously but as a band leader, musical arranger; singer, guitar player, and a guy who can jam with whatever artist you put in front of him. I sometimes think that the public and critics wouldn't know real music if it slapped them in the face.
Meantime you mean. Great song --one of many --Hiatt is one of our greatest songwriters. I mean it.
john hiatt is really not known unless you really love music! originally being from Memphis i love the song Let's go to Memphis in the mentime.
Justin is coming along nicely - being the son of Steve Earle helps, along with the Townes Van Zandt influence. Great to see up and coming songwriters following in the footsteps of these giants. They have some big shoes to fill though...
John Hiatt is one of the best. He is the real deal, great respect for guys like JH. Right about the Avett bros, but Justin Townes Earle is riding the bullet to the top in great singer/songw r i t e r . Some day hope to visit Nashville and soak it all in.
You can learn to live with love or without it, but there ain't no cure...
@tim18831 - good to hear. Great comment. I also am a songwriter and have been to Nashville a few times. I agree and have always felt the way about those three. Pretty amazing to hear that about the way they are seen in Nashville considering the incredible amount of talent in that town. Thanks for letting us know about the Avett Bros. - will check them out.
grew up in indy and was listening to john since his first solo debut there as a senior in h.s and he just gets better. BRAVO
michaeljdono h u e 3
There's only two things life but I forget what they are...from Buffalo River Home by John Hiatt
Hiatt writes the kind of songs that you can remember where you were or a part of your life around the first time you heard it.
Love John - have had the pleasure of seeing him live many, many time. A favorite.
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