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Liberace (born Wladziu Valentino Liberace) was the most flamboyant, popular easy listening pianist of the '60s and '70s by a wide margin. His campy, theatrical appearance and performances often disguised his prodigious talent.

Liberace was a child prodigy born to a musical family. His father, Salvatore, played French horn in John Philip Sousa's Concert Band, as well as the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Instead of following in his father's footsteps and playing horn, Wladziu Liberace decided to play piano instead. Liberace was exceptionally gifted at piano, earning strong words of praise from Ignace Paderewski, which helped him land a scholarship at the Wisconsin College of Music at the age of seven; he retained his scholarship for 17 years, the longest period of time in the history of the academy. When he was 11, he debuted as a concert soloist. When he was in his teens, he was performing with symphony orchestras.

Instead of following the accepted path of classical recitals and university courses, Liberace chose to be a showman. At encores at his concerts, he began playing novelty songs like "Mairzy Doats." To ensure that he had widespread appeal as an entertainer, he took elocution lessons in order to mask his Polish accent.

During World War II, Liberace performed in a variety of overseas entertainment units. When he came back to America, he began performing in clubs, playing and singing with dance bands. While he was on the club circuit, he began performing under the sole name of Liberace.

In 1940, he moved to New York City, where he became a fixture on the club circuits. However, his stint in New York wasn't particularly successful, as the Musicians Union banned the pianist after he began playing counterpoints to certain records played over the club's sound system. Undaunted, Liberace moved to California. While he was playing at a local hotel, he was spotted by Decca Record executives who offered him a contract. Decca attempted to make Liberace into a big-band leader, but it was unsuccessful. In the late '40s, he signed with Columbia Records and, under the direction of producer Mitch Miller, recorded an over-the-top rendition of "September Song." Along with a live concert album, the single helped bring Liberace to a national audience.

Liberace became a star in the '50s, both through his records and assorted television and film appearances. His appearance and repertoire were becoming increasingly campy, as he dressed himself in rhinestone, gold lame, furs, and sequins while playing everything from Gershwin and show tunes to lounge jazz and light classical pieces, with a candelabra placed on his piano. Liberace's star rose rapidly in the early '50s, as he had his own television show, appropriately titled The Liberace Show. His celebrity reached a peak in the mid-'50s. Not only did he star in the 1955 film Sincerely Yours, a movie about a deaf concert pianist, but he was mentioned in "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes and he published his own cookbook. In 1956, Liberace celebrated his 25 years in show business with an extravagant concert at the Hollywood Bowl. That same year, he made some headway in the U.K. market, playing three Royal Command Performances.

Though it was a heady time for the pianist, 1956 was also the year that his star began to dim somewhat. Cassandra, a columnist for the English tabloid The Daily Mirror, inferred that Liberace was homosexual. He sued the paper and won, yet he still made an effort to tone down his appearance. However, the public didn't want a subdued Liberace, and he reverted to his kitschy showmanship in the early '60s.

Liberace didn't have any more pop hits in the '60s,'70s, and '80s, yet he continued to sell out concerts around the world and sell a number of records, even though he never earned the favor of the critics. In 1982, a former chauffeur and bodyguard sued the pianist for palimony; the case was settled out of court. Liberace remained a celebrity and a popular performer until his death in 1987. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Love & Music Festival - Live

1. We've Only Just Begun (Live)

2. Nikki (Live)

3. Themes From Love Story (Live)

4. Overture From Tommy (Live)

5. The Long And Winding Road (Live)

6. Over The Rainbow (Live)

7. My Buddy (Live)

8. Tea For Two (Live)

9. Ciao (Live)


Track List: Piano On Fire

1. Old McDonald (Live)

2. Blues Medley

3. Strings Boogie (Live)

4. Cumana (Live)

5. Cow Cow Boogie (Feat. Ella Mae Morse)

6. St. Louis Blues (Live)

7. Carioca (Live)

8. Flight Of The Bumble Bee Boogie

9. Tiger Rag (Live)

10. Ragtime Melody

11. Mambo Jambo (Live)

12. Boogie Woogie (Live)

13. Kitten On The Keys (Live)


Track List: They Call Me Liberace

1. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Duet With Vince Cardell)

2. Feelings

3. Evergreen

4. As Time Goes By

5. Dixie / My Own True Love (Tara's Theme)

6. All The Things You Are / Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2 In C Minor

7. Don't Blame Me / Blue Moon

8. New York, New York

9. My Melancholy Baby

10. For All We Know / Once In A While


Track List: I Play Piano And Sing (Volume Two) (Live)

1. You Don't Bring Me Flowers

2. Say It With Music / Cheek To Cheek

3. The Love Nest

4. I'll Cry Tomorrow

5. Till The End Of Time

6. September Song

7. Over The Rainbow

8. Young At Heart

9. The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

10. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

11. Remember

12. I'll Be Seeing You


Track List: A Brand New Me

1. A Brand New Me

2. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

3. Parks & Recreation: Cherry Hill Park/MacArthur Park/Echo Park

4. Here There And Everywhere

5. Holly, Holy/Sweet Caroline

6. Footprints On The Moon

7. Something

8. Traces

9. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

10. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

11. Mixed Emotions


Track List: Piano Melodies

1. French Medley

2. How Insensitive

3. Third Man Theme

4. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

5. Beer Barrel Polka

6. Medley: Classic Concertos

7. Johnson Rag

8. Claire De Lune

9. Sometimes I'm Happy

10. Exodus

11. Moon River

12. 12th Street Rag

13. Footprints On The Moon

14. Mixed Emotions

15. Piano Concert Nº 1 In B Minor

16. Alley Cat

17. Nocturne In E Flat

18. Stardust

19. Moonlight Sonata

20. Tico-Tico


Track List: Liberace Plays Chopin

1. Waltz In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 64, No. 2

2. Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66

3. Polonaise In A Major, Op. 40, No. 1

4. Etude In A-Flat Major, Op. 25, No. 1

5. Nocturne No. 5 In F-Sharp Major

6. Nocturne No. 2 In E-Flat Major, Op. 9


Track List: Sincerely Yours

1. Cornish Rhapsody

2. Traumerei

3. Chopsticks

4. Liebestraum

5. Gershwin Melody

6. Sonata No. 9

7. Concerto No. 1 In B Flat Minor

8. Rhapsody In Blue

9. Sincerely Yours

10. El Cumbanchero

11. Minuet In G

12. Tea For Two

13. Polonaise In A Flat Major

14. Beer Barrel Polka


Track List: Piano Memories

1. Someone To Watch Over Me

2. Medley

3. It's Impossible

4. Clair De Lune

5. Sayonara

6. Smile

7. Waltzing Matilda

8. Sometimes I'm Happy

9. The Nearness Of You

10. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

11. Begin The Beguine

12. Sleepy Time Gal


Track List: 16 Biggest Hits

1. El Cumbanchero

2. Warsaw Concerto

4. Easter Parade

5. Alexander's Ragtime Band (Live)

6. Moonlight Sonata

8. September Song

9. Beer Barrel Polka

10. Liberace Boogie (Live)

11. Cement Mixer (Put-Ti, Put-Ti)

12. Chopsticks

14. Sincerely Yours

15. Twelfth Street Rag

16. I'll Be Seeing You


Track List: Super Hits

1. Begin The Beguine

2. September Song

3. Liebesträum (Love's Dream) (78 Rpm Version)

4. Kitten On The Keys

5. Warsaw Concerto (Instrumental)

6. El Cumbanchero

7. Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66 (Instrumental)

8. Spellbound Concerto (Instrumental)

9. Beer Barrel Polka (Live)

10. Chopsticks


Track List: Lounging With Lee

1. El Bimbo

2. Strangers In The Night

3. Medley: Close To You / Alfie / Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

4. Yesterday

5. Holly Holy / Sweet Caroline

6. Brazil

7. A Brand New Me

8. The Long & Winding Road

9. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

10. You Don't Send Me Flowers

11. Send In The Clowns

12. Carioca

13. Here, There And Everywhere

14. Overture From Tommy

15. Ciao


Track List: The Golden Age Of Television

1. Beer Barrel Polka

2. Tiger Rag

3. Bye Bye Blues

4. Unchained Melody

5. Piano Roll Blues

6. Flight Of The Bumble Bee Boodie

7. Me And My Shadow

8. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White

9. Alexander's Ragtime Band

10. Begin The Beguine

11. Darktown Strutters Ball

12. St. Louis Blues

13. I'll Be Seeing You


Track List: 16 Most Requested Songs

1. Begin The Beguine

2. Stella By Starlight

3. Nola

4. Laura

5. Tico-Tico

6. You're Just In Love

7. Stardust (78 Rpm Version)

8. Kitten On The Keys

9. Indian Love Call

10. Lover

11. (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings

12. Chopsticks

13. Blue Tango

14. The Old Piano Roll Blues

15. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue

16. I'll Be Seeing You


Track List: Love Letters

1. Around The World In Eighty Days

2. Fascination

3. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

4. Moon River

5. Greensleeves

6. Love Letters

7. Over The Rainbow

8. You Belong To Me

9. As Time Goes By

10. I'm In The Mood For Love


Track List: Liberace: Concert Favorites

1. Warsaw Concerto (Instrumental)

2. Cornish Rhapsody (Instrumental)

3. Dream Of Olwen (Instrumental)

4. Concerto In A Minor (Instrumental)

5. Spellbound Concerto (Instrumental)

6. Concerto No.1 In B-Flat Minor (Instrumental)

7. Polonaise In A-Flat Major, Op. 53 "Heroic" (Instrumental)

8. Waltz In D-Flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1 "Minute Waltz" (Instrumental)

9. Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66 (Instrumental)

10. Waltz In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 64, No. 2 (Instrumental)

11. Polonaise In A Major, Op. 40, No. 1 "Military" (Instrumental)

12. Chopin Fantasia (Instrumental)


Track List: The Best Of Liberace

1. Moon River

2. Mack The Knife

3. Over The Rainbow

4. Theme From A Summer Place

5. Near You

6. Schubert Serenade

7. September Song

8. Never On Sunday

9. Love Letters

10. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

11. Tammy

12. More Theme From Modo Cane

13. Bewitched

14. Fascination

15. Little Things Mean Alot

16. Gigi

17. Third Man Theme

18. I'll Be Seeing You

19. Intermezzo

20. Me & My Shadow

21. Greensleeves

22. Misty

23. As Time Goes By

24. Charade


Track List: Liberace's Greatest Hits

1. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

2. Warsaw Concerto

3. Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1

4. I'll Be Seeing You

5. Beer Barrel Polka

6. Moonlight Sonata

7. El Cumbanchero

8. Cement Mixer

9. Johnson Rag

10. September Song

11. As Time Goes By


Track List: As Time Goes By

1. As Time Goes By

2. Don't Take Your Love From Me

3. I'm In The Mood For Love

4. Misty

5. I'll Be Seeing You (1993)

6. Love Letters In The Sand

7. My Reverie

8. Little Things Mean A Lot

9. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

10. Somewhere My Love


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Generosity of spirit combined with a great talent.
Report as inappropriate
He was one of the nicest people I ever worked for. He loved the fact that I sang as well as played. After we played Radio City Music Hall together, he booked me to play Caesars Tahoe in the cabaret while he was in the main room and every night when he was done with his show he would come in to listen to me sing and play. Talk about a thrilling audience! He was enthralled with the fact that I used a synthesizer as well as the piano and he was very supportive of everything I did.

When we played
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During the shows I played piano with him, he was always so complimentar y and very humble.
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Report as inappropriate
I really enjoyed listening to him play the piano. I do believe that Mr. Liberace was a kindhearted person that love music. I still to this day love to listen to him play. What a great pianist and entertainer. He will truly be miss.
Report as inappropriate
no ever will replace him ... EVER .... AIDS such an evil disease.... lost so many wonderful people... famous and not famous...
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Great entertainer and artist
Report as inappropriate
He shined on Johnny Carson
Report as inappropriate
His showmanship antics did not appeal to me - Nevertheless , his glorious talent left me awe struck, thus I admire him immensely!
Report as inappropriate
Small minded people with nothing better to say or do.
Report as inappropriate
My all time favorite piano player of all time
Report as inappropriate
A truly gifted man, I grew up watching The Liberace Show
Report as inappropriate
I remember watching The Liberace Show as a toddler in the mid 50's. I LOVED listening to his piano and especially loved when he blew the audience a kiss at the end of each concert!! I'd tell my mom he was blowing ME a kiss!
Report as inappropriate
Lauren Bacall
Report as inappropriate
He was incredible. I was 7 years old when I went to his TV show for my birthday he sang Happy Birthday to me and Autumn Leaves. He was my favorite since age of 3. It was so exciting that my parents took me to see him for my birthday. I saw him in Vegas a number of times, many times on my birthday. I am now in my 60's and to this day his music helps me through stressful days. I have many of his albums. Wonderful pianist and showman.
Report as inappropriate
Wonderful artist
Report as inappropriate
Will never get tired of the greatest talents showmanship

Report as inappropriate
You must remember this. A kiss is just a kiss. A si is just a si. The fundamental rules apply as time goes bye. It's still the same old story. A fight for love and glory. A case of do or die. The world will always welcome lovers as time goes bye. Moon light and love songs never out of place. Passion and ????? jealousy and hate. Woman needs man and man must have his mate. That no one can deny...... Casa Blanca, Humphrey Bogart/Loren Bacall. Here's look'in at ya kid.
Report as inappropriate
There are some great and wonderful stations on Pandora but for me this is the greatest with the most beautiful performances and memories. Thank you Pandora.
Report as inappropriate
I was just wondering if Liberace is on YouTube. His show were sooooo elegant and warm. Do you remember Korla Pandant? He was great too.
Report as inappropriate
Well here I go again.....I was just getting ready to wax enthusiastic about the maestro but alas I've already beaten myself to it....and it was good too and I still mean it. So, just scroll down, enjoy and the next time your out axe somebody about Liberace.... h u h ? ? ? ? DMB.
Report as inappropriate
I love Liberace, and me and my piano teacher talk about him all the time. I have this recurring dream where he has dinner with me at my house, and throughout the meal I beg him to play piano for me. After dinner he agrees, and then walks over to my piano. Just as his fingers are reaching toward the keys I wake up. It's the worst thing ever.
Report as inappropriate
Always enjoyed Liberace in every concert and particularly in the 50's
Report as inappropriate
I remember when I was young, and spent a year in the wheel chair, I could not wait until 1PM to watch his TV show. I had a piano but had to have a candelabra too. He was a great pianist, showman and person. I wish I had every album he ever made .
Report as inappropriate
Reading the bio, you'd think that Liberace was somewhat of a has-been after the 1950s and NOTHING could be further from the truth! He was one of the biggest concert draws and Vegas headliners right up until his death. He appeared frequently on the top late night TV shows and was truly one of a kind. What an enormous talent and wonderful man.
Report as inappropriate
This is another of Pandora's gifts to the culture. A fine artist and being not gone lost and forgotten but still here to be remembered and enjoyed. Good grief, 52 years ago. Pass the Geritol DMB
Report as inappropriate
I have always considered that Liberace was a girly man, but what a magificent, warm, funny, talented, lovable human being he was. I am very glad that I was alive in the first days of black and white television and that I came to know and enjoy who he was. You can see it in his face. One of his shows with his outragious but elegent dress, candeloberas , banter with the never seen brother George and magnificent music and style was a gift that remains in your heart for the rest of your life. DM
Report as inappropriate
Say! Does anybody remember Ina Ray Hutton and her all girl band or Spade Cooley? I just found Spade. DMB
Report as inappropriate
Liber-ah-che e had elegance, talent, class, style, grace, showmanship, a great candle holder and a brother named George. He was another of the great talents to grace the early days of television. DMB
Report as inappropriate
Liberace was a little before my time, however I began later to see the prodigy he was.
Report as inappropriate
I grew up with Liberace's music - loved it then - love it now. One of the best musical entertainers ever.
Report as inappropriate
He brought a musical piece of sunshine to our minds and imaginations back then. His showmanship was delightful.
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Leave a comment…
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Liberace was the MAN! He showed alot of musicians the way. Lee's shows were a must see in my Moms house and we all love him and do.
Report as inappropriate
Re Liberace: I was working at NBC when a co-worker asked me if I wanted tickets to see him at Radio City Music Hall as he couldn't go. I took piano lessons for 6yrs classical, 2yrs violin and school orchestra, self taught spanish guitar for years, Stand-up bass viol in USAF jazz quintet, watched "Voice of Firestone Symphany Orchestra" and the Liberace TV shows. I had to accept the tickets! Center, front 1st mezzenine with my wife who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. What a terrific show he gav
Report as inappropriate
One of a one today can compare to Lee in terms of talent, showmanship and star quality.
Report as inappropriate
Who cares if he was gay? He was a great entertainer.
Report as inappropriate
I have a magnet with a picture of him in all his pimped out glory & it says "Got Bling?"
Report as inappropriate
I share my birthday with Liberace. :o)
Report as inappropriate
marilyncurti s 1 2 3 4
I hear this wonderfully talented man play songs familiar to my family. Long ago when both my mom and dad were with us in the family living room we silently shared the magic of his music. As I listen tonight I am filled with both love and longing for my parents. thanks for the memories dear liberace. marilyn, daughter of Vernon and Mary.
Report as inappropriate
love rhapsody in blue. a awesome entertainer i remmember when i was 6 years old watching him and his brother george on tv at the end of the show liberace would always say "I want to thank my brother george for playing here tonight good night and god bless.
Report as inappropriate
"In fact, the buttons are the most expensive part of the outfit. They're real diamond buttons....b u t I couldn't come out in just in the buttons. Coax me! See - on the front are the L - I - B - E - R - A and on the back, here are the C and the E. Are ya lookin' at the buttons?"
Report as inappropriate
Liberace's artistry elevates me, and grandly I smile. The flamboyance of his music was also reflected in the originality of his attire, attesting to his successful showmanship as an entertainer, which since has been unequaled. More availability of Liberace on Pandora please. 02/07/09. Thank you.
Report as inappropriate
This man was a staple in our house. Everything stopped to watch the Liberace show! He was an awesome piano player and a wonderful performer. I have loved him since I was a kid. Thanks for this...
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Love the music. How do I find a pianist, last name Burger,was with Gaither Gospel for yrs. Would like to have him on my station.
Report as inappropriate
We saw him twice in Las Vegas over a 5 year span and both shows were knockout. He was a GREAT Showman.
Report as inappropriate
3 cheers for liberace

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