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Mark Knopfler

The most celebrated British guitar hero to emerge in the 1970s and '80s, Mark Knopfler rose to fame as the leader of Dire Straits, and his songwriting and incisive guitar work played a decisive role in making them an international success story. At a time when punk and new wave were making technique for its own sake seem irrelevant, and metal was taking the guitar solo in noisier and unpredictable directions, Knopfler's clean but dexterous picking proved there was still room for traditionalism and chops in mainstream rock & roll. But even without considering Dire Straits, Knopfler has accumulated an impressive résumé as a producer, sideman, songwriter, and film composer, working alongside some of the best and best-known figures in the music business.

Mark Freuder Knopfler was born in Glasgow, Scotland on August 12, 1949. His father, a Hungarian émigré, worked as an architect, while his mother, of English heritage, was a schoolteacher. The Knopfler family moved to England when Mark was seven years of age, settling in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and he developed a passion for music while spending time with his uncle; as he told journalist Dan Forte, "I heard my Uncle Kingsley playing boogie-woogie on the piano when I was about eight or nine, and I thought that those three chords were the most magnificent things in the world -- still do." A few years later, Knopfler began learning to play guitar, first on an inexpensive Hofner model before moving up to a Fender electric his father bought for him. At 16, Knopfler and some pals cut a demo single that was never released, and he performed in a vocal group that was successful enough to merit an appearance on local television.

In 1967, Knopfler enrolled at Harlow Technical College, where he studied journalism, and a year later he landed a job at the Yorkshire Evening Post, where he wrote news stories and music criticism. After two years at the Post, Knopfler opted to return to school, studying English at Leeds University. While at Leeds, he became friends with a fellow guitarist named Steve Phillips, and they began playing out under the name the Duolian String Pickers; while working with Phillips, Knopfler began developing the fingerpicking style that would become his trademark.

After graduating from Leeds in 1973, Knopfler moved to London and joined a pub rock band called Brewer's Droop, featuring drummer Pick Withers. Knopfler's tenure with the band was short-lived, and he took a position as a lecturer at Essex's Loughton College. Knopfler became friends with a handful of local musicians, and they formed a new band called the Café Racers. Mark's brother, David Knopfler, who was also a guitarist and songwriter, introduced Mark to a fellow musician, John Illsley, who played guitar but was also a solid bassist. When the Café Racers found themselves in need of a bass player one night, Mark asked Illsley to sit in, and before long, Mark, David, and John were sharing an apartment and working on songs, with Mark on lead guitar, David on rhythm, and John on bass. Mark invited Pick Withers to play drums with the new combo, and while they played their first few gigs as the Café Racers, before long they adopted a new name coined by Withers -- Dire Straits.

After cutting a demo tape, Dire Straits found a champion in BBC disk jockey Charlie Gillett, who began playing their demo on his show, attracting the attention of manager Ed Bicknell and Polygram A&R man John Stainze. Bicknell took Dire Straits under his wing and Stainze signed the group to Polygram's progressive and hard rock subsidiary Vertigo Records; Warner Bros. picked up the band for the United States. Dire Straits' self-titled debut album was released in the fall of 1978, and the song "Sultans of Swing" became a surprise hit single in both America and the U.K., with the album following it into the charts, as the group's clean, expert playing, and Knopfler's deft lead guitars, Dylanesque vocals, and evocative songs won the band airplay on pop and classic rock playlists. It was the first of a long string of successes for Dire Straits, and while the lineup would shift frequently over the group's lifespan -- Mark Knopfler and John Illsley would prove to be the group's only constants -- between 1978 and 1995 the group was a top concert draw and a frequent presence on radio and record charts; their landmark 1985 album Brothers in Arms sold over nine million copies in the United States alone, and was the top-selling CD of the '80s in the U.K.

It wasn't long after Dire Straits made their commercial breakthrough that Knopfler began expanding his creative boundaries. In 1979, he was invited to play lead guitar on Bob Dylan's album Slow Train Coming, and in 1983, he produced Dylan's Infidels, as well as leading the backing band. In addition to producing much of Dire Straits' catalog, Knopfler was behind the controls for albums by Aztec Camera, Randy Newman, and Willy DeVille. Knopfler lent his talents as a session guitarist to an impressive and diverse range of artists, including Van Morrison, Phil Lynott, Steely Dan, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Cliff Richard, and Scott Walker. He also penned the song "Private Dancer" for Tina Turner's triumphant comeback album of the same name, and found his songs being covered by the Shadows, whose legendary guitarist Hank Marvin was one of Knopfler's first inspirations. In 1983, Knopfler added "film composer" to his résumé when he wrote the score for the Scottish comedy Local Hero; Knopfler's music was cited in many of the film's rave reviews, and he would later score the films Cal, The Princess Bride, Last Exit to Brooklyn, and Wag the Dog, among others. And when Weird Al Yankovic asked Knopfler's permission to record a parody of Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" for the soundtrack to his film UHF, Knopfler agreed under one condition -- that he be allowed to re-create his guitar parts for Yankovic's version. Weird Al happily acceded to Knopfler's request.

After Knopfler made guest appearances on several albums by another of his heroes, Nashville icon Chet Atkins, the two cut a collaborative project in 1990, called Neck & Neck, which was the first non-soundtrack album Knopfler released under his own name. Knopfler also showed off his love of country sounds with his side project, the Notting Hillbillies, which featured Brendan Croker, Guy Fletcher, and Mark's old Duolian String Pickers partner Steve Phillips. In the fall of 1992, Dire Straits played their last concert, a show in Spain on the tour in support of On Every Street, and in 1995, Knopfler quietly announced that he'd retired the band, feeling they'd become too big. Released in 1996, Golden Heart became Knopfler's official solo debut, followed in 2000 by Sailing to Philadelphia, which included guest appearances by Van Morrison, James Taylor, Gillian Welch, and Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford of Squeeze. The newly prolific Knopfler shortly returned to the studio and released The Ragpicker's Dream in the fall of 2002; a world tour was planned, but after Knopfler was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken shoulder and collarbone, the dates were canceled. However, he was soon feeling well enough to go back to recording, and issued Shangri-La in 2004, a set recorded at the Malibu compound where the Band recorded and rehearsed in the '70s.

As Knopfler's taste for rootsy, country-influenced sounds became a growing presence in his solo work, he began working on material with singer Emmylou Harris, and their collaborative album, 2006's All the Roadrunning, was recorded during sessions spread over seven years. Knopfler and Harris toured together in support of the set, and a live album, Real Live Roadrunning, came out later the same year. Knopfler continued to record at a steady pace, releasing Kill to Get Crimson in 2007 and Get Lucky in 2009, while still finding room to contribute to albums by Sonny Landreth, Bill Wyman, Diane Schuur, Bap Kennedy, and America. The year 2012 found Knopfler releasing Privateer, the first double-disc studio set of his career; the album debuted at eight in the U.K. Three years lafter, Knopfler returned with Tracker; the album debuted at three in the U.K. and 14 in the U.S. In 2016, he collaborated with Evelyn Glennie on the soundtrack for Altamira. ~ Mark Deming
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Tracker (Deluxe)

1. Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes

2. Basil

3. River Towns

4. Skydiver

5. Mighty Man

6. Broken Bones

7. Long Cool Girl

8. Lights Of Taormina

9. Silver Eagle

10. Beryl

11. Wherever I Go (Feat. Ruth Moody)

12. .38 Special

13. My Heart Has Never Changed

14. Terminal Of Tribute To

15. Heart Of Oak


Track List: Tracker (Sampler)

1. Beryl

2. Wherever I Go (Feat. Ruth Moody)

3. Broken Bones

4. Basil


Track List: Beryl (Single)

1. Beryl


Track List: Going Home (Theme Of The Local Hero) (Live / 2014)

1. Going Home (Theme Of The Local Hero) (Live / 2014)


Track List: Privateering (Sampler)

1. Redbud Tree

2. Privateering

3. Corned Beef City

4. Got To Have Something

5. I Used To Could


Track List: Privateering - Deluxe Edition

Disc 1

1. Redbud Tree

2. Haul Away

3. Don't Forget Your Hat

4. Privateering

5. Miss You Blues

6. Corned Beef City

7. Go, Love

8. Hot Or What

9. Yon Two Crows

10. Seattle

Disc 2

1. Kingdom Of Gold

2. Got To Have Something

3. Radio City Serenade

4. I Used To Could

5. Gator Blood

6. Bluebird

7. Dream Of The Drowned Submariner

8. Blood And Water

9. Today Is Okay

10. After The Beanstalk

Disc 3

1. Why Aye Man

2. Cleaning My Gun

3. Corned Beef City

4. Sailing To Philadelphia

5. Hill Farmer's Blues


Track List: Get Lucky (W/ Bonus Tracks)

1. Border Reiver

2. Hard Shoulder

3. You Can't Beat The House

4. Before Gas And Tv

5. Monteleone

6. Cleaning My Gun

7. The Car Was The One

8. Remembrance Day

9. Get Lucky

10. So Far From The Clyde

11. Piper To The End

12. Early Bird

13. Time In The Sun


Track List: Get Lucky

1. Border Reiver

2. Hard Shoulder

3. You Can't Beat The House

4. Before Gas And Tv

5. Monteleone

6. Cleaning My Gun

7. The Car Was The One

8. Remembrance Day

9. Get Lucky

10. So Far From The Clyde

11. Piper To The End


Track List: Kill To Get Crimson

1. True Love Will Never Fade

2. The Scaffolder's Wife

3. The Fizzy And The Still

4. Heart Full Of Holes

5. We Can Get Wild

6. Secondary Waltz

7. Punish The Monkey

8. Let It All Go

9. Behind With The Rent

10. The Fish And The Bird

11. Madame Geneva's

12. In The Sky


Track List: Punish The Monkey (Single)

1. Punish The Monkey


Track List: One Take Radio Sessions

1. The Trawlerman's Song

2. Back To Tupelo

3. Song For Sonny Liston

4. Rudiger

5. Boom, Like That

6. Everybody Pays

7. Donegan's Gone

8. Stand Up Guy


Track List: Shangri-La

1. 5.15 a.m.

2. Boom Like That

3. Sucker Row

4. The Trawlerman's Song

5. Back To Tupelo

6. Our Shangri-La

7. Everybody Pays

8. Song For Sonny Liston

9. Whoop De Doo

10. Postcards From Paraguay

11. All That Matters

12. Stand Up Guy

13. Donegan's Gone

14. Don't Crash The Ambulance


Track List: Boom, Like That (Single)

1. Boom, Like That


Track List: The Ragpicker's Dream

1. Why Aye Man

2. Devil Baby

3. Hill Farmer's Blues

4. A Place Where We Used To Live

5. Quality Shoe

6. Fare Thee Well Northumberland

7. Marbletown

8. You Don't Know You're Born

9. Coyote

10. The Ragpicker's Dream

11. Daddy's Gone To Knoxville

12. Old Pigweed


Track List: A Shot At Glory (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. Sons Of Scotland

2. Hard Cases

3. He's The Man

4. Training

5. The New Laird

6. Say Too Much

7. Four In A Row

8. All That I Have In The World

9. Sons Of Scotland (Quiet Theme)

10. It's Over

11. Wild Mountain Thyme


Track List: Sailing To Philadelphia

1. What It Is

2. Sailing To Philadelphia

3. Who's Your Baby Now

4. Baloney Again

5. The Last Laugh

6. Do America

7. El Macho

8. Prairie Wedding

9. Wanderlust

10. Speedway At Nazareth

11. Junkie Doll

12. Silvertown Blues

13. Sands Of Nevada


Track List: Golden Heart

1. Darling Pretty

2. Imelda

3. Golden Heart

4. No Can Do

5. Vic And Ray

6. Don't You Get It

7. A Night In Summer Long Ago

8. Cannibals

9. I'm The Fool

10. Je Suis Desole

11. Rudiger

12. Nobody's Got The Gun

13. Done With Bonaparte

14. Are We In Trouble Now


Track List: Screenplaying

1. Irish Boy

2. Irish Love

3. Father And Son

4. Potato Picking

5. The Long Road (Theme From Cal)

6. A Love Idea

7. Victims

8. Finale-Last Exit To Brooklyn

9. Once Upon A Time... Storybook Love

10. Morning Ride

11. The Friends' Song

12. Guide My Sword

13. A Happy Ending

14. Wild Theme

15. Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)

16. The Mist Covered Mountains

17. Smooching

18. Going Home (Theme From "Local Hero")


Track List: Last Exit To Brooklyn (Original Soundtrack)

1. Last Exit To Brooklyn

2. Victims

3. Think Fast

4. A Love Idea

5. Tralala

6. Riot

7. The Reckoning

8. As Low As It Gets

9. Finale-Last Exit To Brooklyn


Track List: The Princess Bride (Original Soundtrack)

1. Once Upon A Time... Storybook Love

2. I Will Never Love Again

3. Florin Dance

4. Morning Ride

5. The Friends' Song

6. The Cliffs Of Insanity

7. The Swordfight

8. Guide My Sword

9. The Fireswamp & The Rodents Of Unusual Size

10. Revenge

11. A Happy Ending

12. Storybook Love


Track List: Local Hero (Original Soundtrack)

1. The Rocks And The Water

2. Wild Theme

3. Freeway Flyer

4. Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)

5. The Way It Always Starts

6. The Rocks And The Thunder

7. The Ceilidh And The Northern Lights

8. The Mist Covered Mountains

9. The Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite Billy's Tune

10. Whistle Theme

11. Smooching

12. Stargazer

13. The Rocks And The Thunder

14. Going Home (Theme From "Local Hero")


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Mark Knopfler v J..J Cale,who wins?....... . W e do,just love them both.
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truly a gift from GOD.
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So smooth and effortlessly
Report as inappropriate
Devil Baby is heartbreakin g
A torch song for the lost and disregarded
Report as inappropriate
His music has enriched my life for over 30 years couldn't live without it.
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lol, AMEN!
Great turn!
& it's 5:15 am
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Absolutely, my favorite artist, from sultans of swing on. I have mark knopfler radio on pandora, and listen to it when i'm painting for hours on end.i never get tired of listening. an amazing, amazing talent!
Guy up above- i was actually born in 1953, saw the Beatles come out, and listened to everybody mentioned, and more. It's all a question of personal taste, I guess, feel knopfler has been more exploratory in his directions musically, as with the americana format, which I came to love in nort
Report as inappropriate
Mark is the ultimate singer, songwriter/s t o r y t e l l e r , guitar player and his shows here in CO at Red Rocks Amphitheater are some of the most sublime memories of my life!
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Knoffler has always been in my soul.He has so much bloody talent yet doesn't care what the generality of people think, he is himself and I love his heartfelt music!
Report as inappropriate
Fantastic musician and writer.
Report as inappropriate
.voice and guitar sound so much like the late JJ Cale. Soothing.
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Just beautiful guitar music. He knows when to pull back, and make us want more.
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Pacific Amp. LA 1985

Report as inappropriate
Mark Knopfler was here in Boston last year - what a show. He's a genius- love him.
Report as inappropriate
Never did get to see Knopfler with Dire Straits but I did see him with the Notting Hillbillies! Damn good show, too.
Report as inappropriate
Clapton is slow hand...mark is smooth hand..awesom e !
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Like Mark Knopfler can do & only Mark
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hemant.bhusk u t e
Deep voice + crisp guitar... Perfect combination
Report as inappropriate
His post Dire Straits music is excellent. Some his songs on Philadelphia and with Harris sound a bit like Robert Plant's recent recordings, especially those with Alison Kraus.
Report as inappropriate
Sometimes he sounds like James Taylor, his voice is wonderful!
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Beautiful music, super fantastic voice!
Report as inappropriate
I love Dire Straits and MK.

--And you have to love Pandora bio writers -- for their ridiculous use of words to try to sound articulate. Incisive guitar work? Wow. Grab a dictionary.
Report as inappropriate
I once read that Mark knits sweaters for the handicap in his spare time. Congrats to spare time. Way to go Mark!
Report as inappropriate
What beautiful pure notes time after time he lifts us up
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I'm in love & peace & happiness with Mark knopfler ! Who couldn't be? Yah yah!
Report as inappropriate
silky smooth . . .w/just enough rasp . .
Report as inappropriate
Who the hell are those people in the photo.
Report as inappropriate
Song for sonny liston!
Report as inappropriate
Speedway at Nazareth kicks.
Report as inappropriate
I love Marks guitar playing and he has good singing voice and style.
Report as inappropriate
I could listen to Mark in this song brother in arms and most of his songs all day without tiring.
Report as inappropriate
Evolve is the passing of time, stick to listening not using words on your own.
Mark K. collaboratio n is his finest work, he can expand to higher highs and the sound of his Fender is pure genius.
Report as inappropriate
Apparently, I need to see him live!
Report as inappropriate
the best, of the best.....nic e red rock's show Mark....
Report as inappropriate
I've been a fan since Dire Straits. His music evolves with the passing of time.
Report as inappropriate
M.Knopfler = Genius - If Clapton is God - Then Mark is the Messiah! :-)
Report as inappropriate
i like studio recorded songs i dont like recordings at concerts
Report as inappropriate
i was referring to the song by Dire Straits song being Brothers in Arms in the Miami Vice ep in the 80s Bruce McGill {D-Day from Animal House} was a dectective in the ep I remember Crocket & Tubbs driving down a highway and Brothers in Arms was the background song I went out in morning and bought that album on vinyl excellent song by an excellent band
Report as inappropriate
I remember hearing this song on an ep of Miami Vice in the 80s it blew me away - the lyrics the guitar work he is a real guitarist - not like the wanna bes of today - hes one of the best
Report as inappropriate
As a guitar player, I can say playing a clean tone, as Mark does in this song, shows his talent. It's easy to hide those accidental / clumsy notes picked / strummed playing in distortion, but those notes can be easily heard when played clean. I did not hear any misplayed notes in this one. And he plays electric guitar with his fingers. I'm glad that a talented musician such as himself has been so successful in his career. I only wish there were more of them out there. note to self...
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I went to go see Mark all by myself in Oakland t0:O
Going Oakland alone IS a harrowing experience all by itself
Mark is amazing artist and musician I recommend anybody to go see him....
He will not disappoint!

Report as inappropriate
Oh and I love that he is not selfish! He really listens and enjoys the other phenomenal artists he plays with... Most of the time you just don't see that. He is engaged at all times! Love!
Report as inappropriate
Saw him in St. Augustine a few nights back. While he was great and the band and all of their instruments was amazing his mic was off from even before sound check. Thats on the venue and sound guy(s)I'm sure he wasn't happy with it either!. Still enjoyed seeing him live as I have been a huge fan since early Dire Straits!
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Didn't realize they had so many good songs brothers in arms my favorite so far
Report as inappropriate
Saw him in Pittsburgh last week. I know you're not just sayin' Monika!
Report as inappropriate
Saw Mark yesterday at Warner Theatre downtown DC. Awesome show! Thanks for coming and playing for us :-) Luv Ya!
Report as inappropriate
Sam Mark yesterday at Warner Theathre downtown DC. Awesopme Show! Thank You for coming and playing for us :-) Luv ya.
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Some guitarists just play fast when they don't know what to play. Knopfler always knows what to play.
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