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Monster Magnet

Retro-rock visionaries Monster Magnet spent much of the 1990s struggling against the prejudices imposed upon image and sound by alternative rock fashion nazis. In fact, it wasn't until that movement's late-'90s decline that the band's dogged persistence finally paid off and their fourth album, Powertrip, catapulted to gold sales status on the strength of its massive hard rock hit "Space Lord." In the meantime, Monster Magnet had managed to become one of the most successful and influential bands associated with the so-called underground "stoner rock" scene. And yet their influences span much further than that scene's foundations in '70s hard rock and metal, delving into space rock, psychedelia, and beyond.

New Jersey native Dave Wyndorf was already a rock & roll veteran by the time he formed Monster Magnet in 1989, having cut his teeth with little-known punk band Shrapnel (also featuring future punk producer Daniel Rey on guitars) in the late '70s before retiring from music altogether. But, after teaching himself guitar, Wyndorf began assembling Monster Magnet with a handful of fellow New Jersey natives, vocalist Tim Cronin, guitarist John McBain, bassist Joe Calandra, and drummer Jon Kleiman. Fusing their metal, punk, space rock, and psychedelic influences, the band developed a sludgy, feedback-heavy hard rock sound that helped them stand out from the era's burgeoning retro-rock movement -- also counting the Black Crowes, White Zombie, and many others. After releasing a self-titled six-song EP through Germany's Glitterhouse Records, Wyndorf assumed all vocal responsibilities, while Cronin retreated to a behind-the-scenes "conceptual consultant" position -- much like that of John Sinclair for the MC5.

In the meantime, Monster Magnet had signed with independent label Caroline Records in 1992, and recorded their first full-length album: the very impressive, uniquely dark psychedelic masterpiece Spine of God. The productive sessions also yielded a number of extensive space rock jams that would later be issued as the Tab album in 1993. A video for first single "Medicine" and a support tour with the fast-rising Soundgarden also helped attract powerhouse A&M Records, but even as they prepared to sign with the label, Wyndorf had a serious falling-out with guitarist McBain, who was soon replaced by Ed Mundell. Despite the last-minute change, 1993's Superjudge proved to be a stellar major-label debut -- although it did see the band sacrificing some of its rampant feedback in exchange for more clearly defined, muscular metal riffs. Unfortunately, the group's retro-rock image had become highly unfashionable at the time, arriving at the height of the post-Nirvana alternative boom, and the album sold poorly. Under mounting pressure to make their follow-up more commercial, Monster Magnet delivered a decidedly sleeker -- though no less space rock-drenched -- effort in 1995's Dopes to Infinity. This yielded a Top Ten rock single in "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" and was supported by extensive touring with C.O.C., among others, but the album sold only slightly better than its predecessor.

Finding himself mentally and physically exhausted in the aftermath, Wyndorf exiled himself to Las Vegas to begin composing the tracks that would shape 1998's breakthrough release, Powertrip. By far the group's most straightforward hard rock album, Powertrip channeled all of Sin City's vice, greed, and sex into its hedonistic but surprisingly accessible tracks, and first single "Space Lord" went on to dominate rock radio that summer, driving the album over the gold sales plateau. With new rhythm guitarist Phil Caivano in tow, Monster Magnet then embarked on a marathon two-year world tour, both as a headliner and as support to the likes of Aerosmith, Metallica, and Megadeth. By the year 2000, the band had contributed the track "Silver Future" to the Heavy Metal FAKK2 soundtrack and completed work on its fifth album, God Says No, released in Europe in October. But the group's new American record label, Interscope (which had swallowed A&M in a hostile takeover the year before), inexplicably fussed and messed with the album before finally releasing it domestically in April 2001. Precious momentum and sales were therefore lost to an influx of import copies of God Says No -- according to most seasoned fans, already a "difficult," overtly commercial album to begin with -- and Monster Magnet soon found themselves rudely dropped.

Following this unforeseen setback, Wyndorf watched as various bandmembers pursued side projects. Ed Mundell recorded a number of well-received albums with his power trio the Atomic Bitchwax, while Tim Cronin and Jon Kleiman collaborated on the Ribeye Brothers and Gallery of Mites. But, Monster Magnet duly reunited for a short North American tour in early 2002 and, a year later, a new deal with the German SPV label was announced. Recorded in late 2003, the group's sixth full-length album, 2004's Monolithic Baby!, would be recorded with a new rhythm section consisting of bassist Jim Baglino and drummer Bob Pantella. In 2005, Phil Caivano left the band amicably, and the rest of the group started recording in L.A. with producer Matt Hyde. Reissues of Tab and Spine of God were released in the meantime, along with a 20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection disc of their greatest-hits. In November 2007, after a European tour, 4-Way Diablo was released. In 2009, Monster Magnet signed with metal label Napalm Records, and the next year released Mastermind, followed in 2013 by their ninth long-player, Last Patrol. Milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol -- which was described by Dave Wyndorf as a "reimagined" version of their prior album after being tweaked with "a weird '60s vibe" -- arrived the following year. That same spirit informed Monster Magnet's next album, Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux); it was released in the fall of 2015. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

1. She Digs That Hole

2. Watch Me Fade

3. Mastermind '69

4. Cobras And Fire (Hallucination Bomb)

5. Gods, Punks And The Everlasting Twilight

6. The Titan

7. When The Planes Fall From The Sky (Sitar And Psych Version)

8. Ball Of Confusion

9. Time Machine (Instrumental)

10. I Live Behind The Paradise Machine: Evil Joe Barresi's Magnet Mash, Vol. 1


Track List: Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol

1. Let The Circus Burn

2. Mindless Ones '68

3. No Paradise For Me

4. End Of Time (B-3)

5. Milking The Stars

6. Hallelujah (Fuzz And Swamp)

7. I Live Behind The Clouds (Roughed Up And Slightly Spaced)

8. Goliath Returns

9. Stay Tuned (Even Sadder)

10. The Duke (Full On Drums 'N Wah)

11. Last Patrol (Live)

12. Three Kingfishers (Live)


Track List: No Paradise For Me (Single)

3. No Paradise For Me


Track List: Last Patrol (Special Edition)

1. I Live Behind The Clouds

2. Last Patrol

3. Three Kingfishers

4. Paradise

5. Hallelujah

6. Mindless Ones

7. The Duke Of Supernature

8. End Of Time

9. Stay Tuned

10. Strobe Light Beatdown

11. One Dead Moon


Track List: Mastermind

1. Hallucination Bomb

2. Bored With Sorcery

3. Dig That Hole

4. Gods and Punks

5. The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby

6. Mastermind

7. 100 Million Miles

8. Perish in Fire

9. Time Machine

10. When The Planes Fall From The Sky

11. Ghost Story

12. All Outta Nothin


Track List: 4-Way Diablo

1. 4-Way Diablo

2. Wall Of Fire

3. You're Alive

4. Blow Your Mind

5. Cyclone

6. 2000 Light Years From Home

7. No Vacation

8. I'm Calling You

9. Solid Gold

11. A Thousand Stars

12. Slap In The Face

13. Little Bag Of Gloom


Track List: God Says No

1. Melt

2. Heads Explode

3. Doomsday

4. Medicine

5. God Says No

6. Kiss Of The Scorpion

7. All Shook Out

8. Gravity Well

9. My Little Friend

10. Queen Of You

11. Cry

12. Take It

13. Silver Future


Track List: Powertrip

1. Crop Circle

2. Powertrip

3. Space Lord

4. Temple Of Your Dreams

5. Bummer

6. Baby Gotterdamerung

7. 19 Witches

8. 3rd Eye Landslide

9. See You In Hell

10. Tractor

11. Atomic Clock

12. Goliath And The Vampires

13. Your Lies Become You


Track List: Dopes To Infinity

1. Dopes To Infinity

2. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

3. Look To Your Orb For The Warning

4. All Friends And Kingdom Come

5. Ego, The Living Planet

6. Blow 'Em Off

7. Third Alternative

8. I Control, I Fly

9. King Of Mars

12. Vertigo


Track List: Superjudge

1. Cyclops Revolution

2. Twin Earth

3. Superjudge

4. Cage Around The Sun

5. Elephant Bell

6. Dinosaur Vacume

7. Evil (Is Going On)

8. Stadium

9. Face Down

10. Brainstorm

11. Black Balloon


Track List: 25 Tab


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The Leopard, the Lion, and the She-Wolf...
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Love them volcanos
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☠☠☠☠ I Have NOT heard This Song in Years!!! It's Still ROCKS!!! & SO DOES EVERYONE WHO IS ROCKIN OUT!!! ☠☠☠☠
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I've loved listening to MONSTER MAGNET SINCE 91 & a very close friend of mine won MM in his back yard the year they toured with Airosmith. 1 of the best sets I ever saw plus Dave Worndorf shotgun me right in the middle of the set & a song.
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Dick read see now
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If so call me or text me back 9096771494
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I dig all the Monster Magnet remakes. One of the greatest masterminds of all time.
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pandora seems to forget monster magnets biggest influence, the original space rock master, Hawkwind. if you dont know who they are, look up their live double album Space Ritual. monster magnet is awesome, saw them in Worcester, MA. IN 2001, but Hawkwind had them beat in 1969.
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RIGHT ON!!! down a few comments is an AZZHOLE that likes to rank on the bands I dig. HEY FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! so here we go. Bobbit ur a waste of space piece of chit. No wonder your whore took her nail clippers and cut off and threw out a car ur pathetic excuse for a dick. Well at least you got the sex change u always wanted. So pull that poor gerbil out ur azz and lick the chit of its fur and shut the phuck up!! There's sum freedom of speech for ya.
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Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. However if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you've started reading don't stop. This is scary. Put this in at least 5 songs in 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lovers name will come on the screen in big letters. This is scary because it works.
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Love the sound of the lead vocalist - Space Lord Motha Motha!
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I've seen and met these guys when they were touring with C.O.C great music but unfortunatel y drugs have been their downfall..No t a source of inspiration
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Dude burned a f**king guitar on stage at Milwaukee Summerfest '98!!!! I was trippin balls on 4 hits of liquid, =mind blown that night
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Phil did not leave the band in 2005--Ed Mundell did in 2010.
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Straight up rock n roll
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Seen Monster Mag twice!! Flipping awesome music great for all kinds of things like driving, cleaning, working, drinking, gaming, sex - I can't think of an inappropriat e time to hear some MM!
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Why does Pandora play so much Tool on most of the hard rock and metal stations? Tool is a good band--I know some people love them--but I'm getting sick of hearing them all the time. There are many, many other good bands in the world. Just sayin'.
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F**king awesome more people should get this
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I like the Black Crowes (the 1st 2 CD's at least) all I was saying is Monster Magnet & the Crowes don't have much if anything in common
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Big fan i have tatoos of monster magnet trouble the black crowes and marrilion on my body its called open minded
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I last saw these guys in Portland Oregon in 92. They left a lasting impression. Saw them 2 months ago and they f ing rocked!!!! Cant wait to see them again. Would pay double to see them. Awesome live show. They sound studio quality live!
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I saw these guys after the Powertrip, Spine of God and Monolithic releases. I have seen many shows; Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Jane's Addiction, etc. way back in the day, and Monster Magnet was the most fun time!!!!
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The Black Crows are to Mnstr Mgnt, as America were to AC/DC. HEY PANDORA! I'm out of work. Can you hire me to write the bio's? :D
Report as inappropriate
How the hell was White Zombie retro-rock?. . . & how the hell do u put the Black Crowes in the same sentence with Monster Magnet & White Zombie? ...whoever wrote that doesn't know their a** from a hole in the ground
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I didn't even know they were still around ..they should've been alot bigger in the late 90s-early 00's...I guess those are the breaks
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new album is sweet
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dave wyndorf is the dark cosmic bullgod. looking forward to the new album in oct.
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where's Super Judge on the list WTF!
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where's Super Judge on the list WTF!
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Ho hum. Another band of barely competent hacks who substitutes gimmicks and posturing for talent and individualit y .
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Longtime fan of MM and I love how they have never compromised their sounds for trends. DW keeps on making the music he wants to make, and it's been listen worthy for all these years.
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When somone asks me who i think of when they say rock and roll, I say Monster Magnet
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most underrated rock band maybe ever
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soshumasamun e
Oldest band I can remember liking, along with Soundgarden- thanks to playing Road Rash on PS1 back when it first came out- I loved the hell out of that game, but the soundtrack was even better! Earliest musical memory was of Monster Magnet- and they kick a** still.
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My friend said , wait till you hear this s**t tripin, little did he know, I already was. Been a fan ever since. Thanks Cousin Ronnie!!!!!
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one of the greatest bands ever!
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these guys kick serious asss !!!! saw them open for Rob Zombie....bu t sadly wasn't their best performance ..... apparently they were pissed because Rob Zombie's equipment took up most of the stage..... \M/
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song black ballon off superjudge shows how different they are..check it ..great song great band !!
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good stuff
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Best concert I EVER saw......... . . . . M o n s t e r Magnet and Soundgarden 1989?90?91? @ THE FASTLANES Asbury Park, NJ>>>>>shroo m s ! ! !
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lol i thought him adding little bit of his own way to put things such as "nazi's" made it sound more down to earth and bad a** :)
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new album mastermind is awesome
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Nazi's? lol...really . . . d o e s the commentator understand what it takes to be a nazi? I doubt it, wholehearted l y . Eduardo Rivadavia... . n e x t time proof read what your posting on a commerical website. LOL nazi's
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