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Morgana King

None of the more than 30 albums recorded by singer Morgana King since the mid-'50s have been embraced by the size of the audience that bought tickets to see the first two chapters of The Godfather film trilogy, in which King acted in the role of Mama Corleone. But it would be wrong to assume she has had more impact as an actress than as a vocalist. Her acting roles, few and far between, are chosen with care, but do not have the resonance of some of her finest recordings. Millions saw her onscreen in The Godfather films, but her performance was certainly overshadowed by performers such as Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, not to mention the famous turn by Marlon Brando as her husband. Another role of King's was in the 1997 film A Brooklyn State of Mind; she has also appeared in several television productions.

It is possible that there are actors and actresses who have named Morgana King as a great inspiration. Yet, the results of a simple Internet search under her name only yielded dozens of quotes from vocalists and other musicians about the great influence of her recordings and singing style, not her work before the camera. It might not be a surprise when a young female singer gushes about King's albums, but these fans also include deeper thinkers such as classical bass virtuoso Gary Karr. References to her music also show up regularly in fiction as a kind of mood-setting device, such as: "It was a beautiful day in Malibu. He got up, made a coffee and put on a Morgana King record."

Some record collectors might be surprised to realize that a complete set of King sides might eliminate any elbow room for, say, the discography of one of the prolific blues guitarists with this regal surname. Morgana King sides can be divided into several periods. It took her almost eight years to peak at whatever commercial success she was going to have with the 1964 A Taste of Honey album, thus ending the early years. She then was absorbed into the Atlantic and Reprise corporation and an exemplary series of releases by singers such as Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker, and Ray Charles. The label's greatest producers stared the oncoming rock & roll in the eye, never forgetting their basic R&B orientation. Within a few years, a sub-category developed, seen through paisley glasses. The material became more philosophical, the increasing intellectual depth not surprisingly accompanied by the audience stampeding in the opposite direction. This might make sense, though; while 1965's The Winter of My Discontent is a masterpiece, 1968's Gemini Changes is laughably pretentious.

By the early '70s she was anxious to get into films, the music business pushing away any and all veteran talent. Later in the decade she launched the mature period of her career, though, once again recording as more of a jazz-flavored artist for Muse, a label which in itself indicates a disinterest in pop culture. The label was loyal to her, regularly recording her through the following decade. This material was reissued in the late '90s by the 32 Jazz label, whose honcho, Joel Dorn, also presided over the reissue of her Reprise sides. If a special sort of bittersweet feeling pervades her later performances, perhaps it has something to do with this return to her jazz singing roots. Her father had been a performer of folk and popular music on voice and guitar, and she had begun singing in nightclubs such as Basin Street in New York City when she was in her mid-twenties.

Only a few years earlier, she had been immersed in classical studies at the Metropolitan School of Music. Basin Street may have been in the same city, but it must have seemed like a completely different musical world. The formal training undoubtedly filled in aspects of her musical walk where some of her peers might have had to limp. For this reason alone, some listeners find her efforts the most swinging of the '60s generation of pop singers. It meant much critical acclaim during her career, if not great commercial success. At many stages, King seems to have been making other plans. For the 1960 Encyclopedia of Jazz by Leonard Feather, she lists this ambition: "To become a dramatic actress." ~ Eugene Chadbourne
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Jazz infusion - Morgana King

1. Down in the Depths

2. Ev'rything I Love

3. Delovely

4. Something to Remember You By

5. And the Angels Sing

6. Everything I Got

7. I See Two Lovers

8. You're Not so Easy to Forget

9. I Love You Much Too Much

10. Here I'll Stay

11. For You for Me Forever More

12. Mad About Him, Sad Without Him, How Can I Be Glad Without Him Blues


Track List: Let Me Love You

1. All Or Nothing At All

2. Let Me Love You

3. I Love You Much Too Much

4. I'll Never Smile Again

5. I'll Remember April

6. You Always Hurt The One You Love

7. The End Of A Love Affair

9. That Ole Devil Called Love

10. Undecided

11. You Don't Know What Love Is

12. I've Found A New Baby (Slow Version)

13. I've Found A New Baby (Fast Version)


Track List: For You, For Me, For Evermore

2. Here I'll Stay

3. There's A Lull In My Life

5. Down In The Depths

6. The Song Is You

7. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

9. If You Could See Me Now

10. I'll String Along With You

11. Everything I've Got

12. You're Not So Easy To Forget


Track List: Gemini Changes

1. I Have Loved Me A Man

2. This Is My Song (From "A Countless From Hong Kong")

3. The Look Of Love (From "Casino Royale")

4. A Time For Love (From "An American Dream")

5. Watch What Happens

6. Sunny

7. Walk On By

8. What's Wrong With Me

9. Once I Loved (O Amor En Paz)

10. Softly Say Goodbye

11. I'd Stay With You

12. On The South Side Of Chicago


Track List: This Is Always

1. This Is Always

2. They Can't Take That Away From Me

3. Let's Get Away From It All

4. It's You Or No One

5. This Can't Be Love

6. On A Slow Boat To China

7. Just Friends

8. The Best Things In Life Are Free

9. Things We Did Last Summer

10. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me


Track List: Tender Moments

1. Through The Eyes Of Love

2. Body And Soul

3. My Funny Valentine / You Are So Beautiful

4. Lush Life

5. Everything Must Change

6. Everytime We Say Goodbye

7. Time After Time

8. Lilac Wine

9. You Go To My Head

10. Dearly Beloved

11. Could It Be Magic

12. Like Someone In Love

13. Imagination / I'm Old Fashioned

14. Time Was

15. Just The Way You Are


Track List: I Just Can't Stop Loving You

1. Drive

2. A Song For You

3. Human Nature

4. The Love Of My Life

5. How About You

6. Sleepin' Bee

7. It Only Happens When I Dance With You

8. Summer Me, Winter Me

9. The All Laughed

10. I Just Can't Stop Loving You


Track List: Wild Is Love!

1. Anything Goes

2. Nobody Else But Me

3. I Thought Of You Last Night

4. You Are A Story

5. Don't Explain

6. Bee-Bom

7. You Fascinate Me So

8. The Moment Of Truth

9. The Shadow Of Your Smile

10. The Best Is Yet To Come

11. Wild Is Love


Track List: It's A Quiet Thing

1. It's A Quiet Thing

2. Dindi

3. Useless Landscape

4. Gone With The Wind

5. Little Girl Blue

6. Mountain High, Valley Low

7. How Insensitive

8. Here's That Rainy Day

9. Deep Song

10. If You Should Leave Me


Track List: Morgana King Sings The Blues

1. More Than You Know

2. Frankie & Johnnie

3. Mean To Me

4. When Your Lover Has Gone

5. Something To Remember You By

6. I See Two Lovers

7. Body And Soul

8. Mad About The Boy

9. It's Only A Paper Moon

10. Bill

11. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man

12. Why Was I Born


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does she ever come to Denver. I should be so lucky. Sinatra said she was the best and she is...
Report as inappropriate
I first heard Morgana King singing a TV commercial It's a Lazy Afternoon. I came right up out of my chair and have been floating in her ether ever since!
Report as inappropriate
Where can I find the original LP that first introduced "A Taste of Homey"? With that wonder 17 note if brilliant finish. The CD's don't have the same recording or they cut it off. OUCH! Help! anyone..……
Report as inappropriate
Morgan is a very special artist. Her style and composition reflect the balance and color composition of a fine Modigliani painting or the elegance and precision of a sudden Vermeer.
I have seen here many times in Manhattan jazz clubs; Blue Note, Village Gate , she is this mysterious goddess of magi. And sound. Joe Hudson
Report as inappropriate
Morgana was all about style. She was a musician's musician. The slack-jawed masses never got her.
Report as inappropriate
Oh my God...what can one say that might be enough to describe the ethereal voice Ms King has shared with us over these many years of her career. Her voice take me in its arms and floats me thorough the air with her thoughts. Morgana puts you in a mood...for sure.
Others with the ability to be special have left me disappointed . . . . M i n n i e and Mariah. Whitney..spe c i a l but went the wrong way sadly. r voice lives in my head and heart....THA N K YOU
You never got the ACCLAIM why???
Report as inappropriate
I first heard Morgana on WFVN while in Vietnam on 1968. They played I Have Loved Me A Man and a I loved it. Saw her twice live in Chicago. Still love her - I think I have everything she recorded Call me a fan!
Report as inappropriate
Morgana....w h e r e are you now. So many of us miss your voice and the pleasure it brought. Only you could bring so much love thru in a love song. The beauty and warmth- the tears and smiles- the complete meanings from every line sung. Your missed beautiful lady. Come back and allow lessons to be learned and singers to hear a singer,
Report as inappropriate
Search for song title: My Ship
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"It's A Quiet Thing"The Voice smoove-as-si l k
Stone-Cold Super-Badd Super-Star Soul-Sissta
LOVE'S Disciple*978 * ~ 6 m 1 4 y ~
Report as inappropriate
lump1953 a taste of honey my all time favorite
Report as inappropriate
I saw Morgana perform years ago at the Merry Go Round lounge at the Copley Plaza hotel in Boston
She was beautiful... a n d complete with a huge red boa. Will never forget her.
Report as inappropriate
no one does lazy afternoon like Morgana.
Report as inappropriate
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Report as inappropriate
Morgana's Taste of Honey was my favorite, I thought it was the sexiest of her songs. I have a number of her LPs that I plan to transfer to MP3s.
Report as inappropriate
Morganna King - One of my all-time favorite female vocalist! Her rendition of It' A Lazy Afternoon is a timeless favorite of mine. It's what I think of, when I hear her name or hear her sing. She left the music scene all too soon. I have several old LP's of her. I would love to know where I can purchase CD's of the LP's I have.
Report as inappropriate
carmencita79 4 3
What a voice, the entire New Beginnings album was wonderful. I think the song was Didn't we but not sure of that. I wore it out.
Report as inappropriate
wolftickets2 0 1 1
I love Morgana King. What is she doing now.
Report as inappropriate
her recording of corcavado is chiling i love her
Report as inappropriate
Morgana King doesn't get the credit she deserves, for her music. My favorite song is "You are the the sunshine of my life", from her album New Beginnings. Would please add the song to your library.
Report as inappropriate
A superb artist that didn't get her prop's.For those who never heard of her,have a listen a different kind of voice.And most underated.
Report as inappropriate
I've loved her since I first heard "It's a quiet thing" back in 1967. She sang at a small local (L.A.) night spot in the 90's and I missed her. I was heart broken : (
Report as inappropriate
She had the best rendition of "Lazy Afternoon" I've ever heard. I listened to her contstantly back in the late 60's. I kept waiting for her to sing in the GF, but guess that movie wasn't about her. Shoot!
Report as inappropriate
Despite her Vocal accomplismen t s . . . . . I f i were to label her anything at all( other than miracules ) I would say she is one of the most underrated musicians of all time.
Report as inappropriate
Between 1988 and 1992 I was a jazz disc jockey at WPBX, the fm station of Southampton College, then a part of LIU in Southampton, NY. While doing my show, I would receive a call on an on going basis from Morgana asking for one of her sonds to be played on air. I always got a kick out of this. Morgana lived in Montauk Point at that time and did some concerts to help raise money for the stations upgrade in power.
Report as inappropriate
Morgana King is the artist that Minnie Ripperton or Mariya Carey could have prayed to be. Perfection with this angelic voice tempting me to follow her every note, her every mood, her every recording. My only sadness is how have we let this incredible magnificent talent slip from our finger tips. Recording companies should have paved the path for her, and groveled at her feet while filling her bank account with dollars. This voice is a treasure lost. If only she were black....the y would have
Report as inappropriate
Most of you will recognize the face of Mama Corleone, the matriarch who quietly ruled the roost in the first two movies of the Godfather Series. But this woman had touched many of us for years before those movies came out, and as a singer she reigns supreme. With an amazing range, when she sings you cannot help but be transported. Truly one of the great female vocalists. I am delighted to find her included. Pandora has my support.
Report as inappropriate
When I was a lot youger I found an album by this artist and I was so moved by
her range and intensity when she sang. From her heart and soul was all I could relate to when discribing her to others. I have albums mentioned above and another CD. I wore out the records I am sure. Thanks for having her in your list of artist I have enjoyed and would like to add her to my range for listening selections.

Trudy Leija

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