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Nils Lofgren

For much of his professional rock & roll career, Nils Lofgren has been known as the lead guitarist for Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band -- the guy who replaced Steven Van Zandt in 1984 and stayed on after Little Steven returned to the fold. Prior to the E-Street Band, Lofgren was a member of Neil Young's backing band Crazy Horse, and these associations have tended to dominate any mention of the guitarist's career, as any support for two legendary singer/songwriters would. But take away Bruce and Neil from Lofgren's résumé and he has an impressive, idiosyncratic cache in his own right, starting with the records he made with Grin, an acclaimed but underappreciated band from the late '60s, running through his own compositions with Crazy Horse and then on a series of solo recordings that started with 1975's eponymous debut. Anchored with "Keith Don't Go," a tribute to the Rolling Stones guitarist that stands as one of rock's great love letters, that record earned good reviews but his subsequent Cry Tough (1976), I Came to Dance (1977), and Night After Night (1977) performed better on the album rock charts, laying the foundation for a discography that stretched well into the new millennium, consisting of records made during downtime for the E-Street Band, or even when the group was in full force.

That constant activity suggests how music was always central to Nils Lofgren. Raised in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Garrett Park, Maryland, he began playing music at an early age, picking up the accordion at the age of five, spending time studying classical and jazz, then getting seduced by rock & roll as a teenager. Lofgren picked up guitar and piano at the age of 15, forming the band Grin with drummer Bob Berberich and bassist George Daly soon afterward. As the group played the local circuit, Lofgren happened to meet Neil Young. Impressed with Nils, Young invited the teenage guitarist to head out to California and Lofgren accepted the invitation, taking Grin with him. The band set up in a Laurel Canyon home rented by Young and began rehearsing while Lofgren played guitar and piano on Neil's 1970 LP After the Gold Rush. Lofgren was just 17.

Although Nils was so thoroughly within Young's orbit that he appeared on the 1971 album by Crazy Horse -- he played throughout and sang lead on his original composition "Beggar's Day" -- he remained devoted to his D.C. band. Grin landed a record contract with A&M Records in 1971. By this point, Daly had left the band and was replaced by Bob Gordon. Produced by Young's right-hand man David Briggs, Grin's eponymous debut arrived in 1971 and, soon enough, the group was earning more critical attention than sales. Grin worked steadily over the next few years, cutting three more records with Briggs: the 1972 LP 1+1, which featured Nils alone on the front cover, and All Out and Gone Crazy, both of which appeared in 1973 and also featured Nils' brother Tom on rhythm guitar. By that year, the group had begun to splinter and Young invited Lofgren to join his touring band and that tour spilled into the studio, when Young recorded Tonight's the Night in the haze of Danny Whitten's death.

By the time Tonight's the Night hit the stores in 1975, Lofgren had signed to A&M as a solo artist. Anchored by the Stones tribute "Keith Don't Go," Nils earned considerable praise upon its release -- future Springsteen manager Jon Landau praised it in Rolling Stone and it appeared on NME's Top 10 for the year; it also placed at 19 on the Village Voice's Pazz & Jop poll -- but it didn't sell particularly well, peaking at 141 on the Billboard charts. The following year's Cry Tough did much better. Building upon the word of mouth for the debut, album rock radio play, and tours, it went all the way to 32 on the Billboard charts. I Came to Dance and the live double-album Night After Night, both released in 1977, were also modest album rock hits -- they peaked at 36 and 44, respectively -- as was 1979's Nils. The latter was the fruit of Lofgren's late-'70s partnership with the Lou Reed axis, containing co-writes with Lou and Reed's guitarist Dick Wagner while being produced by Bob Ezrin; Nils also played on Lou's The Bells LP that year. Lofgren ended his streak of relatively highly charting albums when Night Fades Away squeaked into the first half of the Billboard Top 200 by reaching 99. He released one more album for Backstreet/MCA -- 1983's Wonderland, a record that failed to chart -- before parting ways with the label.

Prior to the release of Wonderland, Lofgren rekindled his collaboration with Neil Young, playing on the 1982 electro experiment Trans and appearing on its supporting tour in 1983. Despite this renewal, the allegiance that defined Nils Lofgren's '80s -- and would factor strongly for the rest of his career -- was his new partnership with Bruce Springsteen. When Steven Van Zandt left the E-Street Band in 1984 to pursue a solo career -- the first major shift in the band's lineup since 1975 -- Springsteen turned to Lofgren to replace his lieutenant. From this point on, Nils was the lead guitarist for the E-Street Band, appearing on Bruce's solo albums and also finding space when Van Zandt chose to climb back aboard in 1995. Bruce leaned on Lofgren but Nils also pursued his solo career, beginning with Flip, his star-studded debut for Columbia in 1985. The record didn't reach great heights –- it peaked at 150 -- but it eased Lofgren's transition from a "could've been" to a cult act. After Flip, he never showed up again on a major label. He moved to the CD-only independent Rykodisc in 1990. The label reissued 1975's Nils Lofgren that year and released the brand-new Silver Lining in 1991, followed by Crooked Line in 1992; the former was his last album to chart, reaching 153 in 1991.

By the early '90s, he had cultivated his own peculiar cult -- a contingent attracted to his blend of album rock and roots-rock, while also appreciating how he toured with Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band. Major labels never crossed Lofgren's radar in the next two decades. His move to Rykodisc was the first step in a process that brought him toward total independence by the early 2000s. He recorded steadily, alternating full-fledged studio albums like 1995's Damaged Goods and 2011's Old School, with interesting detours like 1997's Acoustic Live or 2008's The Loner: Nils Sings Neil. Lofgren would record when he wasn't playing guitar with others. During the extended hiatus for the E-Street Band in the '90s, he was often a gun for hire, playing on tours by Bruce's wife Patti Scialfa and Ringo Starr, popping up on Neil Young's Unplugged and also playing on several Springsteen solo albums. Once the E-Street Band returned to active duty in the 2000s, Lofgren continued to balance his Bruce duties with his own solo career.

All of Lofgren's journeys, from his early days with Grin through his long years as an independent rocker, was celebrated in the 2014 box set Face the Music, a nine-CD and one-DVD set selected by Nils himself. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Old School

1. Old School

2. 60 Is The New 18

3. Miss You Ray

4. Love Stumbles On

5. Amy Joan Blues

6. Irish Angel

7. Ain't Too Many Of Us Left

8. When You Were Mine

9. Just Because You Love Me

10. Dream Big

11. Let Her Get Away

12. Why Me


Track List: The Loner - Nils Sings Neil

1. Birds

2. Long May You Run

3. Flying On The Ground

4. I Am A Child

5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

6. Harvest Moon

7. Like A Hurricane

8. The Loner

9. Don't Be Denied

10. World On A String

11. Mr. Soul

12. Winterlong

13. On The Way Home

14. Wonderin'

15. Don't Cry No Tears


Track List: Sacred Weapon

1. In Your Hands

2. Fat Girls Dance

3. Comfort Your Love Brings

4. Pay Your Woman

5. Whiskey Holler

6. You're Not There

7. Tried And True

8. Mr. Hardcore

9. Come A Day

10. Frankie Hang On

11. Trouble

12. Can't Take The Rock


Track List: Nils Lofgren: Favorites 1990-2005

1. New Kind Of Freedom

2. Valentine

4. A Child Could Tell

6. Little Bit O' Time

7. Bein' Angry

10. Trouble's Back

11. Walkin' Nerve

12. Shot At You

13. Open Road

14. You

15. Girl In Motion


Track List: Break Away Angel

1. Puttin' Out Fires

2. I Found You

3. Love A Child

4. Tears Ain't Enough

5. I Can't Fly

6. All I Have To Do Is Dream

7. Driftin Man

8. Love You Most

9. Cryin' Tonight

10. Heaven's Answer To Blue

11. Seize Love

12. The Hill

13. Without You

14. Open Road


Track List: Nils Lofgren: The Ultimate Collection

1. Rock And Roll Crook

2. I Don't Want To Know

3. Keith Don't Go

4. Two By Two

5. The Sun Hasn't Set On This Boy Yet

6. Cry Tough

7. It's Not A Crime

8. Mud In Your Eye

9. Can't Get Closer (WCGC)

10. I Came To Dance

11. Shine Silently

12. Night Fades Away

13. Empty Heart

14. Wonderland

15. Room Without Love

16. Across The Tracks

17. Girl In Motion

18. You

19. Life

20. No Mercy (Live)


Track List: Acoustic Live

1. You (Live)

2. Sticks And Stones (Live)

3. Some Must Dream (Live)

4. Little On Up (Live)

5. Keith Don't Go (Live)

6. Wonderland (Live)

7. Big Tears Fall (Live)

8. Believe (Live)

9. Black Books (Live)

10. To Your Heart (Live)

11. Man In The Moon (Live)

12. I'll Arise (Live)

13. Blue Skies (Live)

14. Tears On Ice (Live)

15. All Out (Live)

16. Mud In Your Eye (Live)

17. No Mercy (Live)


Track List: Damaged Goods

1. Damaged Goods

2. Only Five Minutes

3. Alone

4. Trip To Mars

5. Here For You

6. Black Books

7. Setting Sun

8. Life

9. Heavy Hats

10. In The Room

11. Nothin's Fallin'

12. Don't Be Late For Yesterday


Track List: Flip

1. Flip Ya Flip

2. Secrets In The Street

3. From The Heart

4. Delivery Night

5. King Of The Rock

6. Sweet Midnight

7. New Holes In Old Shoes

8. Dreams Die Hard

9. Big Tears Fall


Track List: The Best

1. No Mercy

2. Cry Tough

3. Rock And Roll Crook

4. Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)

5. Goin' Back

6. I Came To Dance

7. Back It Up

8. Shine Silently

9. It's Not A Crime

10. Beggar's Day (Eulogy To Danny Whitten)


Track List: Wonderland

1. Across The Tracks

2. Into The Night

3. It's All Over Now

4. I Wait For You

5. Daddy Dream

6. Wonderland

7. Room Without Love

8. Confident Girl

9. Lonesome Ranger

10. Everybody Wants

11. Deadline


Track List: I Came To Dance

1. I Came To Dance

2. Rock Me At Home

3. Home Is Where The Hurt Is

4. Code Of The Road

5. Happy Ending Kids

6. Goin' South

7. To Be A Dreamer

8. Jealous Gun

9. Happy


Track List: Cry Tough

1. Cry Tough

2. It's Not A Crime

3. Incidentally ... It's Over

4. For Your Love

5. Share A Little

6. Mud In Your Eye

7. Can't Get Closer (WCGC)

8. You Lit A Fire

9. Jailbait


Track List: Back It Up!! Live... An Authorized Bootleg

1. Take You To The Movies Tonight/Back It Up (Live)

2. Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin) (Live Bootleg Version)

3. I Don't Want To Know (Live Bootleg Version)

4. The Sun Hasn't Set On This Boy Yet (Live)

5. Goin' Back (Live Bootleg Version)

6. Like Rain (Live)

7. Beggar's Day/Soft Fun


Track List: Nils Lofgren

1. Be Good Tonight

2. Back It Up

3. One More Saturday Night

4. If I Say It, It's So

5. I Don't Want To Know

6. Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)

7. Can't Buy A Break

8. Duty

9. The Sun Hasn't Set On This Boy Yet

10. Rock And Roll Crook

11. Two By Two

12. Goin' Back


Report as inappropriate
Christmas 1970, little club in Georgetown,t h e Emergency, was the first time I saw him, been a fan since
Report as inappropriate
Most of Nils Lofgren's lyrics don't measure up--maybe that's why he's never become a star in his own right. But I have a soft spot in my heart for You--in this case, the melody comes up short, but the lyrics are spot on regrading an unequal 'balance of power' in a relationship . If only he could have pout it all together.
Report as inappropriate
I love Nils' version of 'Long May You Run'--much better than Neil Young's 'overproduce d ' version ('Oh Caroline, no)--a rare case of the cover exceeding the original.
Report as inappropriate
Is Nils Lofgren still doing back flips off the springboard at age 65? If he gained weight, I'll be bummed.
Report as inappropriate
If you go to the only rock bar in Rivendell, Nils plays there all the time.
Report as inappropriate
double live album was his best(keith don't go). never see it anymore
Report as inappropriate
SawSo nils at troubadour in la in the mid seventies blew me away. Been a fan every since.
Report as inappropriate
Nils was raised in Bethesda. He lived in Garret Park as an adult in the late 70's/
Report as inappropriate
Saw Nils last week (6/15) at the Birchmere in DC. He still has it from his super guitar riffs to his soft vocals. Accompanied by family members, a great night of music. I have been a Nils fan back from his Grin days.
Report as inappropriate
I know I Came to Dance isn't to everyone's taste, but IMHO, it sounded great as a kid, and it hasn't lost much as it aged...kind of wrote his epitaph at age 25.
Report as inappropriate
So underrated, so good, but Nils don't care, he's him, and that's good enough, love my Lofgren
Report as inappropriate
saw nils at winterland 1974 excellent guitar player and performer...
Report as inappropriate
And I third that comment---Ni g h t after Night captures Nils at his absolute best---wore out the grooves on it--not so easy to find on CD these days. Either Bruce or age calmed him down too much--I like the No Mercy days better.
Report as inappropriate
blest811: Absolutely correct! Night After Night is outstanding. For the longest time I wanted flared jeans like the ones he's wearing on the cover! Shame it is not on CD. The official bootleg radio concert is nice but just doesn't cut it.

I'm going to take you to see.....Star Wars tonight..... . . . . . . . . . . . .
Report as inappropriate
Is it me or does he sound earily similar to Neil Young? Im 'wonderin' if he sang tracks on any of neils albums?
Report as inappropriate
night after night. absolutely fantastic double live album by Nils from late 70's. Eclectic but rocking.
Report as inappropriate
Saw him solo in Bergen,Norwa y , in a night club. in 1999, Did acoustic and sounded like a band. The best acoustic concert I have seen. I talked to him afterwards and he sold and signed his acoustic live CD for me.I have turned on so many people with that CD. A must get is the DVD Nils Lofgren live Acoustic with u n k Baster...
Report as inappropriate
there is simply NO better or more vesitile musician and his songwriting and vocals are outstanding. b e sue to catch Nils live !!
Report as inappropriate
Nils Lofgren, Rockland County, NY in the 70's..trampo l i n e ! ! that was a 1st back then and I've been a fan since...woul d love to see the live album Night after Night released on CD!
Report as inappropriate
Been a fan since the 80's....saw him live in Michigan in 06 (I think) with a crowd of 120.......on e of the best shows I've amazing guitarist and gifted lyricist. If you don't own Live Acoustic.... . y o u ' r e missing out. Best of Grin is a must have, too.
Report as inappropriate
Bio needs an update. The E-Street Band reunited in 1999 with both Nils and Steve Van Zandt on guitars, and Lofgren has been an important part of Springsteen' s increasing variety of styles since 1984.
Report as inappropriate
I met Nils as a 14yr old in '71 at a St Andrews Church (Arlington, VA) friday night dance and have loved his music ever since. His classic Keith Don't Go on the Fatman Album is rife with historical content and is a signature of his incredible talent. He is truly a rare talent that only the discerning can really appreciate.
Report as inappropriate
Been a big fan since I first heard Cry Tough & Moontears!! Saw him in the mid-late 70's in a small venue on campus where he did the trampoline act....simpl y awesome! Also check out the season finally to season 4 or 5 of the Sopranos.... c l o s i n g song when Tony is walking into the adult store early in the AM....."Blac k Book"
Report as inappropriate
I came to dance from one his early albums is great.The same goes for all of his early material.I also discovered Nils in the early 70's.I bought an album at a garage sale and have bought most of his records since.Some friends have told me they think his music is "simple".To me it is just straight forward from the heart music that is not overdone.Yes it is simple.Simpl e and easy to listen to.
Report as inappropriate
heard him in London in 1982 and still love him!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Been listening to Nils since 74, he is one of the few artist I can listen to all day, even after 36 years. I've never thought of him as anything other than himself, even though most like to note his Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen connections. . . and as far as that goes i can listen to more of Patti Scialfa's (springsteen ' s wife) music than the boss(Born to Run being the only exception) Check her out if you haven't already
Report as inappropriate
Nils is to Bruce and Neil as Keith Richards is to Mick. (SAT test analogy question) If you take the time to download a Richards solo vocal track from the Stones recent tours, you'll note exceptional songwriting, beautiful vocals, and great musicianship . Most folks leave the arena to have a smoke when Mick leaves the stage and Keith heads to the center microphone. A mistake: check the youtube videos.

I purchased Nils old "Grin" 're-released ' cd's ten yers ago (before he joined the E Stree
Report as inappropriate
saw his trampoline act winterland early seventies thought i was
Report as inappropriate
Just discovered Mr. Lofgren, really enjoy what I've heard so far, but I admit it's all been off of his newest album that Pandora has posted. The fav's at this point are 'Loner' and 'Mr. Soul,' pretty good stuff!
Report as inappropriate
I've been a fan of Nils since the '70s and have never been disappointed by his work and recognize what he brought to the stage when playing with Neil Young and with Bruce Springsteen. What better testament could an artist receive than a recent statement by Neil Young about m e t h i n g to the effect of how Nils was such a great addition to the band, but that he was always so much better than us.....
Report as inappropriate
josephhfieti v
I saw Nils as the warm-up band for Boston back in the day........h e was waaaayyyy better than they were,hands down!

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