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Of Montreal

The brainchild of singer/guitarist Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal was among the second wave of bands to emerge from the sprawling Elephant 6 collective. A native of Athens, Georgia, Barnes was inspired to form the euphoric indie pop group in the wake of a broken romance with a woman from Montreal. He signed with Bar/None Records while living in Florida, subsequently moved to Cleveland and Minneapolis in search of compatible bandmates, and finally returned home to collaborate with bassist Bryan Helium (also a member of Athens' Elf Power) and drummer Derek Almstead.

Of Montreal's debut album, Cherry Peel, appeared in mid-1997, followed that autumn by an EP entitled The Bird Who Continues to Eat the Rabbit's Flower. From the start, the band buoyed its bright, flamboyant indie pop sound with elements of psychedelia and vaudeville; Of Montreal's earliest records also exhibited a lo-fi sound that bordered on twee pop, although the band steadily shed those influences throughout the early 2000s. After Helium left the group in 1998 to focus on Elf Power full-time, Almstead assumed bass duties, while keyboardist Dottie Alexander and drummer Jamie Huggins both joined the lineup. Nevertheless, the band's second album, 1998's The Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy, was recorded primarily as a Barnes solo project.

Multi-instrumentalist A.C. Forrester signed on for 1999's sublime The Gay Parade, while the retrospective album Horse & Elephant Eatery followed in the spring of 2000. The group continued with the release of Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse in April 2001 and Aldhils Arboretum in September of 2002, both of which were issued by the Georgia-based label Kindercore Records. With the subsequent folding of Kindercore, the departures of multi-instrumentalist Andy Gonzales and Almstead, and Barnes' marriage, 2003 proved to be an up-and-down year for the group. Barnes' wife, Nina, joined Of Montreal's lineup as the group signed to Polyvinyl Records and delivered one of its most celebrated records, Satanic Panic in the Attic, in early 2004.

The following year found Barnes exploring a bouncier, synth-driven avenue with the release of Sunlandic Twins, but things began to get complicated in his personal life at the same time. He and his wife moved to Norway for the birth of their baby. Deprived of familiar touchstones, Barnes fell into a deep depression and, upon returning to the States, continued to travel progressively downhill. He and his wife separated for a time, and she returned to her family in Norway with their new daughter. Through the emotional turmoil, Barnes concocted what was to be his darkest, most personal, and ambitious album yet -- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? -- in 2007.

Arriving one year later, Skeletal Lamping furthered that ambitious sound by emphasizing Barnes' outrageous alter ego "Georgie Fruit," whose influence pushed the album toward funk and prog territory. An Eluardian Instance (Jon Brion Remix EP) followed in early 2009, featuring five remixed tracks from the previous album. Of Montreal's tenth studio release, False Priest, arrived the following year and featured cameos from fellow genre-hoppers Janelle Monáe and Solange Knowles. Songs written for that album but not used saw the light of day in April of 2011 with the release of an EP entitled thecontrollersphere. The following year Barnes revisited the raw emotion of Hissing Fauna with the album Paralytic Stalks, exploring themes of self-loathing, revenge, and romantic turmoil to create Of Montreal's most personal offering yet. At the end of 2012, the band issued the Daughter of Cloud compilation, a collection of unreleased B-sides and outtakes from 2008-2011.

Arriving in 2013, the full-length Lousy with Sylvianbriar was a huge departure for Barnes' project, finding him recording live to tape with a host of studio musicians, making an album's worth of roots rock-styled compositions indebted to the influence of Neil Young, the Rolling Stones, and other '70s FM radio superstars. After separating from his wife of ten years and touring heavily into 2014, Barnes took a two-week break in New York City in the spring and wrote much of the material for his 13th record, Aureate Gloom. The history of the '70s CBGB music scene and the aftermath of his separation inspired the album's raw, confessional lyrics and punk rock edge. Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios outside of El Paso, Texas with the same core group of musicians as Lousy with Sylvianbriar -- keyboardist Jojo Glidewell, guitarist Bennett Lewis, bassist Bob Parins, and drummer Clayton Rychlik -- it was released in early 2015. The group's first live recording, the 19-track Snare Lustrous Doomings, which captured October 2014 performances in Portland and San Francisco with the same lineup, was released later in 2015. The following summer saw Barnes and company embrace an updated glam pop for Innocence Reaches, their 14th studio album and ninth with Polyvinyl. ~ Jason Ankeny & Andrew Leahey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Rune Husk

1. Internecine Larks

2. Stag To The Stable

3. Widowsucking

4. Island Life


Track List: Innocence Reaches

1. Let's Relate

2. It's Different For Girls

3. Gratuitous Abysses

4. My Fair Lady

5. Les Chants De Maldoror

6. A Sport And A Pastime

7. Ambassador Bridge

8. Def Pacts

9. Chaos Arpeggiating

10. Nursing Slopes

11. Trashed Exes

12. Chap Pilot


Track List: It's Different For Girls (Single)

1. It's Different For Girls


Track List: Snare Lustrous Doomings

1. Suffer For Fashion (Live)

2. Fugitive Air (Live)

3. A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger (Live)

4. The Party’s Crashing Us (Live)

5. Triumph Of Disintegration (Live)

6. Coquet Coquette (Live)

7. Obsidian Currents (Live)

8. Time Will Show The Wiser (Live)

9. Honeymoon In San Francisco (Live)

10. You Do Mutilate? (Live)

11. Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games (Live)

12. Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider (Live)

13. Plastis Wafer (Live)

14. St. Exquisite’s Confessions (Live)

15. Oslo In The Summertime (Live)

16. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse (Live)

17. Gronlandic Edit (Live)

18. She’s A Rejecter (Live)

19. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (Live)


Track List: Aureate Gloom

1. Bassem Sabry

2. Last Rites At The Jane Hotel

3. Empyrean Abattoir

4. Aluminum Crown

5. Virgilian Lots

6. Monolithic Egress

7. Apollyon Of Blue Room

8. Estocadas

9. Chthonian Dirge For Uruk The Other

10. Like Ashoka's Inferno Of Memory


Track List: Jigsaw Puzzle

1. Jigsaw Puzzle

2. Triumph Of Disintegration (PIP Version)


Track List: Lousy With Sylvianbriar

1. Fugitive Air

2. Obsidian Currents

3. Belle Glade Missionaries

4. Sirens Of Your Toxic Spirit

5. Colossus

6. Triumph Of Disintegration

7. Amphibian Days

8. She Ain't Speakin' Now

9. Hegira Emigre

10. Raindrop In My Skull

11. Imbecile Rages


Track List: Lousy With Sylbianbriar

1. Fugitive Air

2. Obsidian Currents

3. Belle Glade Missionaries

4. Sirens Of Your Toxic Spirits

5. Colossus

6. Triumph Of Desintegration

7. Amphibian Days

8. She Ain't Speakin' Now

10. Raindrop In My Skull

11. Imbecile Rages


Track List: Fugitive Air (Single)

1. Fugitive Air


Track List: Daughter Of Cloud

1. Our Love Is Senile

2. Obviousatonicnuncio

3. Sails, Hermaphroditic

4. Steppin' Out

5. Hindlopp Stat

6. Partizan Terminus

7. Georgie's Lament

8. Jan Doesn't Like It

9. Feminine Effects

10. Tender Fax

11. Psychotic Feeling

12. Alter Eagle

13. Kristiansand

14. Micro University

15. Subtext Read, Nothing New

16. Noir Blues To Tinnitus

17. Expecting To Fly


Track List: Paralytic Stalks

1. Gelid Ascent

2. Spiteful Intervention

3. Dour Percentage

4. We Will Commit Wolf Murder

5. Malefic Dowery

6. Ye, Renew The Plaintiff

7. Wintered Debts

8. Exorcismic Breeding Knife

9. Authentic Pyrrhic Remission


Track List: Thecontrollersphere

1. Black Lion Massacre

3. Holiday Call

4. L'Age D'Or

5. Slave Translator


Track List: False Priest

1. I Feel Ya' Strutter

2. Our Riotous Defects

3. Coquet Coquette

4. Godly Intersex

5. Enemy Gene

6. Hydra Fancies

7. Like A Tourist

8. Sex Karma

9. Girl Named Hello

10. Famine Affair

11. Casualty Of You

12. Around The Way

13. You Do Mutilate?


Track List: Coquet Coquette EP

1. Coquet Coquette

2. Coquet Coquette (Starfucker Remix)

3. Coquet Coquette (Yip Deceiver Remix)


Track List: The Sunlandic Twins Bonus EP

1. Art Snob Solutions

2. The Actor's Opprobrium

3. Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks

4. Everyday Feels Like Sunday


Track List: For Our Elegant Caste

1. For Our Elegant Caste

2. For Our Elegant Caste (Depressed Buttons Remix)

3. For Our Elegant Caste (Acoustic Version)


Track List: Jimmy (Single)

1. Jimmy


Track List: Jon Brion Remix Ep

1. First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix Of "An Eluardian Instance")

2. First Time High (Of Chicago Acoustic Version)

3. Gallery Piece (Jb Remix)

4. Gallery Piece (Long Version)

5. Gallery Piece (Instrumental)


Track List: Mad Decent Remixes

1. Id Engager (Mad Decent Remix)

2. Id Engager (DJ Sega Remix)

3. Id Engager


Track List: Skeletal Lamping

1. Nonpareil Of Favor

2. Wicked Wisdom

3. For Our Elegant Caste

4. Touched Something's Hollow

5. An Eluardian Instance

6. Gallery Piece

7. Women's Studies Victims

8. St. Exquisite's Confessions

9. Triphallus, To Punctuate!

10. And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow

11. Plastis Wafer

12. Death Is Not A Parallel Move

13. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants

14. Mingusings

15. Id Engager


Track List: Id Engager (Single)

1. Id Engager

2. Alter Eagle


Track List: Everything About Her Is Wrong / The Pimps Are Simpering (Single)

1. Everything About Her Is Wrong

2. The Pimps Are Simpering


Track List: Satanic Panic Covers EP

1. Know Your Onion!

2. Spanish Dance Troupe

3. Delinquency

4. Color Me In


Track List: Icons, Abstract Thee Ep

1. Du Og Meg

2. Voltaic Crusher / Undrum To Muted Da

3. Derailments In A Place Of Our Own

4. Miss Blonde Your Papa Is Failing

5. No Conclusion


Track List: Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer

1. Suffer For Fashion

2. Sink The Seine

3. Cato As A Pun

4. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

5. Gronlandic Edit

6. A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger

7. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

8. Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider

9. Faberge Falls For Shuggie

10. Labyrinthian Pomp

11. She's A Rejecter

12. We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling


Track List: Suffer For Fashion

1. Suffer For Fashion

2. Du Og Meg

3. Tropical Ice-Land


Track List: Gender Mutiny Tour

2. Subtext Read, Nothing New


Track List: She's A Rejecter

1. She's A Rejecter

2. Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider

3. Little Rock


Track List: Satanic Twins (Remixes)

1. Disconnect The Dots (Mixel Pixel Remix)

2. How Lester Lost His Wife (Pocket Remix)

3. My British Tour Diary (Restiform Bodies (Anticon. Remix)

4. Climb The Ladder (Rory Phillips Trash UK Remix)

5. Chrissy Kiss The Corpse (Nils Lannon Remix)

6. Rapture Rapes The Muses (DJ Dave P. And Adam Sparkles Making Time Remix)

7. Forecast Fascist Future (IQU Remix)

8. The Party's Crashing Us (I Am The World Trade Center Remix)

9. Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games (Broken Spindles Remix)

10. I Was A Landscape In Your Dream (Grizzly Bear Remix)

11. Requiem For O.M.M.2 (United State Of Electronica Remix)

12. I Was Never Young (Supersystem Remix)

13. My British Tour Diary (Caro Remix)


Track List: The Sunlandic Twins

2. I Was Never Young

3. Wraith Pinned To The Mist & Other Games

4. Forecast Fascist Future

5. So Begins Our Alabee

6. Our Spring Is Sweet Not Fleeting

7. The Party's Crashing Us

8. Knight Rider

9. I Was A Landscape In Your Dream

10. Death Of A Shade Of A Hue

11. Oslo In The Summertime

12. October Is Eternal

13. The Repudiated Immortals


Track List: Satanic Panic In The Attic

1. Disconnect The Dots

2. Lysergic Bliss

3. Will You Come And Fetch Me

4. My British Tour Diary

5. Rapture Rapes The Muses

6. Eros' Entropic Tundra

7. City Bird

8. Erroneous Escape Into Eric Eckles

9. Chrissie Kiss The Corpse

10. Your Magic Is Working

11. Climb The Ladder

12. How Lester Lost His Wife

13. Spike The Senses

14. Vegan In Furs


Track List: If He Is Protecting Our Nation, Then Who Will Protect Big Oil, Our Children?

1. My, What A Strange Day With A Swede

2. An Ill-Treated Hiccup

3. Cast In The Haze (Been There Four Days)

4. Mimi Merlot (Beatnik Version)

5. Girl From Nyc (Named Julia)

6. Inside A Room Full Of Treasures A Black Pygmy Horse's Head Pops Up Like A Periscope

7. Charlie And Freddy

8. There Is Nothing Wrong With Hating Rock Critics

9. Maple Licorice

10. Barely Asian At The Beefcake Horizon

11. Spooky Spider Chandelier

12. Friends Of Mine

13. Christmas Isn't Safe For Animals


Track List: Aldhils Arboretum

1. Doing Nothing

2. Old People In The Cemetery

3. Isn't It Nice

4. Jennifer Louise

5. The Blank Husband Epidemic

6. Pancakes For One

7. We Are Destroying The Song

8. An Ode To The Nocturnal Muse

9. Predictably Sulking Sara

10. Natalie And Effie In The Park

11. A Question For Emily Foreman

12. Kissing In The Grass

13. Kid Without Claws

14. Death Dance Of Omipapas And Sons For You


Track List: Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies A Collection of Whimsical Verse

2. Peacock Parasols

3. Look At The Bell

4. An Introduction For Isabell

5. Let's Do Everything For The First Time Forever

6. Coquelicot's Tea Party

7. Rose Robert

8. It's A Very Starry Night

9. Mimi Merlot

11. Coquelicot, Claude And Lecithin Dance Aboard The Ocean Liner

12. Go Call You Mine

13. The Events Leading Up To The Collapse of Detective Dullight

14. Penelope

16. Hello From Inside A Shell

17. Lecithin's Tale Of A DNA Experiment That Went Horribly Awry

18. It's Just So

19. The Frozen Island

21. Let's Go For A Walk

22. The Hopeless Opus Or The Great Battle of the Unfriendly Ridiculous


Track List: The Early Four Track Recordings

1. Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs A Bath

2. Dustin Hoffman Gets A Bath

3. Dustin Hoffman Thinks About Eating The Soap

4. Dustin Hoffman Scrubs Too Hard And Loses Soap

5. Dustin Hoffman Does Not Resist Temptation To Eat The Bathtub

6. Dustin Hoffman's Wife Comes Home

7. Dustin Hoffman's Wife Seems Suspicious About The Absent Tub

8. Dustin Hoffman Feigns Ignorance Of Missing Bathtub

9. Dustin Hoffman's Wife Calls In Detective To Dust For Porcelain Particules On Dustin Hoffman's Tongue

10. Dustin Hoffman's Tongue Taken To Police Lab Where It Is Used As Toilet Paper And Reading Material While On The Toilet (Naughty)

11. Dustin Hoffman Offers Lame Possible Explanation For Missing Bathtub (Front Cover)

12. Dustin Hoffman's Wife Makes Sarcastic Remark, Cuts The Head Off Of A Duck, Places It Where The Tub Was And Begins To Groan (Growl)

13. Dustin Hoffman Becomes Indignant And Wets Himself

14. Dustin Hoffman Quits Bathroom And Climbs A Tree

15. Dustin Hoffman's Children Enter The Bathroom

16. Dustin Hoffman's Children Don't Enter The Bathroom


Track List: Horse & Elephant Eatery (No Elephants Allowed): The Singles & Songles Album

1. A Celebration Of H. Hare

2. Joseph And Alexander

3. The Problem With April

4. Nicki Lighthouse

5. Was Your Face A Head In The Pillowcase

6. Julie The Mouse

7. In The Army Kid

8. Buried With Me

9. Spoonful Of Sugar

10. Iras Brief Life As A Spider

11. The World Keeps Going Round

12. Scenes From My Funeral

13. True Friends Don't Want To Do Things Like That

14. The You I Created


Track List: The Gay Parade

1. Old Familiar Way

2. Fun Loving Nun

3. Tulip Baroo

4. Jaques Lamure

5. The March Of The Gay Parade

6. Neat Little Domestic Life

7. A Collection Of Poems About Water

8. Y The Quale And Vaguely Bird Noisily Enjoying Their Forbidden Tryst/I'd Be A Yellow Feathered Loon

9. The Autobiographical Grandpa

10. The Miniature Philosopher

11. My Friend Will Be

12. My Favorite Boxer

13. Advice From A Divorced Gentlemen To His Bachelor Friend Considering Marriage

14. A Man's Life Flashing Before His Eyes While He And His Wife Drive Off A Cliff Into The Ocean

15. Nickee Coco And The Invisible Tree

16. The Gay Parade Outro


Track List: The Bedside Drama A Petite Tragedy

1. One Of A Very Few Kind

2. Happy Yellow Bumblebee

3. Little Viola Hidden In The Orchestra

4. The Couple's First Kiss

5. Sing You A Love You Song

6. Honeymoon In San Francisco

7. The Couple In Bed Together Under A Warm Blanket Wrapped Up Ineach Other's Arms Asleep

8. Cutie Pie

9. Panda Bear

10. Sadness Creeping Up And Scaring Away The Couple's Happiness

11. Please Tell Me So

12. My Darling, I've Forgotten

13. You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go!

14. Just Recently Lost Something Of Importance

15. The Hollow Room

16. It's Easy To Sleep When You're Dead


Track List: Cherry Peel

1. Everything Disappears When You Come Around

2. Baby

3. I Can't Stop Your Memory

4. When You're Love Like You Are

5. Don't Ask Me To Explain

6. In Dreams I Dance With You

7. Sleeping In The Beetle Bug

8. Tim, I Wish You Were Born A Girl

9. Montreal

10. This Feeling (Derek's Theme)

11. I Was Watching Your Eyes

12. Springtime Is The Season

13. At Night Trees Aren't Sleeping

14. You've Got A Gift


Track List: The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower

1. You Are An Airplane

2. The Inner Light

3. When A Man Is In Love With A Man

4. If I Faltered Slightly Twice

5. Disguises

6. On The Drive Home

7. The Secret Ocean

8. I Felt Like Smashing My Head Through A Clear Glass Window


Track List: Ambivalent Stumbling Hysterical Dispatches, Strictly In Unisex (Digital Box Set)

1. I Feel Ya' Strutter

2. Our Riotous Defects (Feat. Janelle Monae)

3. Coquet Coquette

4. Godly Intersex

5. Enemy Gene (Feat. Janelle Monae)

6. Hydra Fancies

7. Like A Tourist

8. Sex Karma (Feat. Solange Knowles)

9. Girl Named Hello

10. Famine Affair

11. Casualty Of You

12. Around The Way

13. You Do Mutilate?

14. Nonpareil Of Favor

15. Wicked Wisdom

16. For Our Elegant Caste

17. Touched Something's Hollow

18. An Eluardian Instance

19. Gallery Piece

20. Women's Studies Victims

21. St. Exquisite's Confessions

22. Triphallus, To Punctuate!

23. And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow

24. Plastis Wafers

25. Death Is Not A Parallel Move

26. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants

27. Mingusings

28. Id Engager

29. Suffer For Fashion

30. Sink The Seine

31. Cato As A Pun

32. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

33. Gronlandic Edit

34. A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger

35. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

36. Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider

37. Faberge Falls For Shuggie

38. Labyrinthian Pomp

39. She's A Rejecter

40. We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling

41. Requiem For O.M.M. 2

42. I Was Never Young

43. Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games

44. Forecast Fascist Future

45. So Begins Our Alabee

46. Our Spring Is Sweet Not Fleeting

47. The Party's Crashing Us

48. Knight Rider

49. I Was A Landscape In Your Dream

50. Death Of A Shade Of A Hue

51. Oslo In The Summertime

52. October Is Eternal

53. The Repudiated Immortals

54. Disconnect The Dots

55. Lysergic Bliss

56. Will You Come And Fetch Me

57. My British Tour Diary

58. Rapture Rapes The Muses

59. Eros' Entropic Tundra

60. City Bird

61. Erroneous Escape Into Eric Eckles

62. Chrissie Kiss The Corpse

63. Your Magic Is Working

64. Climb The Ladder

65. How Lester Lost His Wife

66. Spike The Senses

67. Vegan In Furs

68. Coquet Coquette (Starfucker Remix)

69. Coquet Coquette (Yip Deceiver Remix)

70. First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix Of "An Eluardian Instance")

71. First Time High (Of Chicago Acoustic Version)

72. Gallery Piece (JB Remix)

73. Gallery Piece (Long Version)

74. Id Engager (Mad Decent Remix)

75. Id Engager (DJ Sega Remix)

76. Alter Eagle

77. For Our Elegant Caste (Depressed Buttons Remix)

78. For Our Elegant Caste (Acoustic Version)

79. Du Og Meg

80. Voltaic Crusher/Undrum To Muted Da

81. Derailments In A Place Of Our Own

82. Miss Blonde, Your Papa Is Failing

83. No Conclusion

84. Little Rock

85. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (With The Lost Trees)

86. Art Snob Solutions

87. The Actor's Opprobrium

88. Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks

89. Everyday Feels Like Sunday

90. Know Your Onion!

91. Spanish Dance Troupe

92. Delinquency

93. Color Me In

94. Everything About Her Is Wrong

95. The Pimps Are Simpering


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This song is ripping off a Billy Cobham song off of the spectrum lp.
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Aureate Gloom is a huuuuuge improvement from Lousy With Sylvianbriar imo! Just saw them in Philly the other day and they kicked a**. Last time I saw them I think I was too in shock over the lineup change to appreciate the show.
Report as inappropriate
My new favorite band! I am blown away by Kevin's song writing. It's reminiscent of classic progressive rock music and glam rock, but with a modern, electronic, experimental twist. I love it!!!
Report as inappropriate
Their new film about the band is AMAAAAAZING! SO comprehensiv e . And you get to see his D if you're into that haha :\
Report as inappropriate
Is it just me or is there Scissor Sister influences?
Report as inappropriate
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Report as inappropriate
Whats with the new backing band?! I saw them in Philly a week ago and it was really weird not seeing Jamie and Brian and Dottie with him. N they played a few old song and it just sounded...of f
Report as inappropriate
A Must-See Live Show. Love the artistry behind this band. Not afraid of big ideas and of taking chances. Plus lots of fun!
Report as inappropriate
Love them! They always make me feel better c:
Report as inappropriate
First time I heard this band I was in high school. Kelsey always listened to them. I remember thinking wow he has such a unique voice. I think that is my favorite part about this whole band. It just ties the whole thing together. He doesn't sound like anyone else. Truly original.
Report as inappropriate
Magg-z: I'm a big fan of both and I sees it! N nice save btw by explaining yourself lol. I'm sure a bunch of a**holes would have given you pun intended... they probably still will haha. I also hear a ton of later-era E.L.O. in their more recent stuff
Report as inappropriate
Does anyone else think they sound like the Beatles? I mean not like their voices and instruments, but in their songwriting?
Report as inappropriate
Whoooo! Just got my tickets for the Philly show in December. I haven't been to the Trocadero in quite a while...
Report as inappropriate
Oh no I gave them a capital O (he said in a droll inflection)
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Just saw them in Philly. Great show in a Great new venue (Union Transfer) Met the dude from Loney Dear during Of Montreals set.
Report as inappropriate
Just saw them in San Francisco... amazing live performance.
Report as inappropriate
HAHA!!! Nice cupcakes, Kevin. They've always had interesting band photos if nothing else (aside from their interesting music)
Report as inappropriate
different sound - good.
Report as inappropriate
Wow, very similiar to XTC. Great sounding band!
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best band!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
there's NOTHING like seeing them live. If you get a chance, grab it.
Report as inappropriate
I've been hooked ever since I heard Id Engager.
Report as inappropriate
The perfect blend of avant-garde and Mainstream. A wonderful group with a fresh sound. Got a sneak peek of their new album, definitely worth buying!
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This band is amazing, hopefully going to their concert on sat. :)
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of radical
Report as inappropriate
i love these guys :)
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say what you want, but can anyone dispute that they have the absolute best album/song names ever?

I personally love this band. Weirdest ever.
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i lovveee Of Montreal!!! ^_^
-one of my fav. bands right now.. :))
Report as inappropriate
What little I've heard was alright.
Report as inappropriate
matthewalber t c u n n i n g h a m
Of Montreal is by FAR my favorite band, they always find some way to really get to me. Definitely a band I NEED to see before I die.
Report as inappropriate
amadeus_anto n i n
they just pick me up on one of those bad days^^
Report as inappropriate
Pfffffft. Adam Duritz writes good lyrics? NO. He writes psudeo-intel l e c t u a l college pissant bullshit garbage and gets laid unbelievably enough. He BORES me. Of Montreal I also find quite without any real musical merits. Good lyrics are important, but great music with a hook rules.

That guy is the most pretentious stinking hippie slob ever. God, talk about a fathead for no discernable reason.
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Dear Hipsters,

Kill yourselves.



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Aahh! I saw them at Monolith (red rocks)...the y were the shiz! <3
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I've been to 4 of Montreal concerts... they never fail!
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they are the most amazing band ever! i highly recommend seeing them live if you haven't already.
they are hands down my favorite band. i absolutely adore them
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the gay parade...the black parade...
Report as inappropriate
best. concert. ever. even for a david bowie rip off.
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Of Montreal AND the Counting Crows are both awesome... maybe you just have no appreciation for lyrics
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If they are as pretentious and dull live as they are recorded...n o thanks. Seriously, where did the adrenaline go?

I'm going to play a song.


I call this "Counting Crows" Syndrome. Gross.
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the most amazing band ever!!! i grew up listening to them. they're amazing live also...if anyone hasn't seen them live yet well you must!! :D :D
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Yea, if you read the biography, they aren't Canadian. Not a bad group though. pretty nutz
Report as inappropriate lol, seriously? If twelve years is new then I'm the f**king pope.

Great band, yo~ :D They make me smile. It's fun! I'd truly, truly love to see them in concert.
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Ahhhh, listen to the cute little shiny new Canadian indie band. Aren't they precious?
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Fun, I guess.
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Of Montreal is truly one of the greatest musical gatherings of all time. They have put me in my place several times whether it was right after a break-up, on the way home from getting a tattoo I didn't really think I was gonna get, or smoking a jib driving through Cambridge, Ma thinking I was gonna die. One of the greatest to see in person. Thanks guys.
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It's not actually them, just a cover band doing a lame cover.
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