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Paul Revere & The Raiders

One of the most popular and entertaining rock groups of the 1960s, Paul Revere & the Raiders enjoyed seven years of serious chart action, and during their three biggest years (1966-1969), sold records in numbers behind only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. And their hits -- "Steppin' Out," "Just Like Me," "Hungry," "Him or Me -- What's It Gonna Be," and "Kicks" in particular -- are now seen by compilers as bold, unpretentious pieces of '60s rock & roll with a defiant, punk edge.

Paul Revere was born Paul Revere Dick on January 7, 1938 in Harvard, Nebraska. He learned to play the piano as a boy, and developed a keen appreciation for the work of Spike Jones & His City Slickers. He joined his first real band while in his teens, and was later joined by 16-year-old Mark Lindsay (b. March 9, 1942), a singer/saxman who ended up replacing the group's vocalist. Called the Downbeats, they were popular at local dances, and cut a demo for Gardena Records in Los Angeles, where the company's owner was interested in issuing a record, but only if they changed their name. Revere's given name was such a natural as a gimmick that they became Paul Revere & the Raiders. Their third single, a Jerry Lee Lewis-style instrumental, charted low in the Hot 100, and by the middle of 1963, they were one of the major music attractions in the Pacific Northwest.

The song "Louie, Louie," which they'd picked up from their rivals the Kingsmen, got them a local release that was picked up by Columbia Records, which not only released it nationally but signed Paul Revere & the Raiders to a contract. Their next big break came in 1965 when their producer, Terry Melcher, suggested that they update their sound. He got them to create music that was a mix of fast-paced, guitar-and-vocal-dominated Beach Boys-style rock & roll, and also the more intense and intimidating brand of R&B produced by the Rolling Stones. Their new sound debuted with the single "Steppin' Out," a Revere-Lindsay original that was released during the summer of 1965. And they suddenly sounded punk -- like cool (yet frustrated) suburban white teenagers, which was the audience they were aiming for. Mark Lindsay sounded the way every male teen 14 through 17 pictured himself looking and acting at the age of 21, free and ready to say what he felt like and make it stick.

"Steppin' Out" coincided with the group's debut on the new Dick Clark afternoon music showcase Where the Action Is, which went on the air on June 27, 1965. The bandmembers had gone through a visual metamorphosis, adding Revolutionary War-style outfits to their look, and they stood out for playing straight-ahead rock & roll and having fun doing it. Their second album. Just Like Us!, released in early 1966, was a landmark record, filled with great songs and even better performances, and earned a gold record award. The group also learned quickly, under Melcher's guidance, how far they could go in making records. By the time of their next album, Midnight Ride, released three months later, and, Spirit of '67, issued in November of 1966, the group members were playing multiple instruments. Those albums went gold, lofted high and long into the charts by the hit singles "Kicks" -- a great song that managed to be cool and anti-drug -- "Hungry," "Good Thing," and "Him or Me -- What's It Gonna Be."

Their fortunes took a downturn, however, when Where the Action Is went off the air in the spring of 1967, and by 1968 the Raiders were looking for a newer sound; and in addition to trying to figure out what would sell for the group, Lindsay developed aspirations as a solo singer (later enjoying a huge MOR hit with "Arizona"). And suddenly it was 1969, the era of the "Woodstock Nation," and "Paul Revere & the Raiders," with their goofy costumes, seemed more than a little outmoded.

In a quest to shed their '60s image, the group switched to the name "the Raiders" in 1970. And suddenly, the Raiders tried to sound serious, heavy, and very modern. The result was the Collage album, a very strong rock record, built largely on songs by Lindsay and new member Keith Allison, that never found an audience. And the "Raiders" name change only seemed to confuse wary fans -- where was Mark Lindsay?

The group kept plugging along, however, and seemed to strike gold with their next single. The Raiders took a John D. Loudermilk song called "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)" and cut a version that shot all the way to number one, their first chart-topper in their history. The problem was that they just couldn't sustain the momentum, or translate the sales of the single into parallel LP sales, or hold the public or radio programmers' interest from one single to the next. By 1975, Columbia Records had abandoned the group, and Lindsay had parted company with Revere.

In the following decades, a version of the group that was as much devoted to comedy as music performed under the leadership of Paul Revere. Meanwhile, their old music continued to command respect, with a parade of serious reissue labels -- spearheaded by Sundazed, France's Magic Records, and Australia's Raven Records -- reissuing audiophile-quality expanded-disc versions of the group's entire Columbia Records library. Revere continued to front the band on the nostalgia circuit into the new millennium, although health issues prevented him from touring during July of 2014; in October of that year he died of cancer at his home in Garden Valley, Idaho at the age of 76. The group continued performing as "Paul Revere's Raiders," led by Paul's son Jamie Revere and featuring Darren Dowler on lead vocals. ~ Bruce Eder
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Arizona (Re-Recordings)

1. Arizona (Re-Recording)

2. Good Thing (Re-Recording)

3. Him or Me: What's It Gonna Be (Re-Recording)

4. Hungry (Re-Recording)

5. I Had a Dream (Re-Recording)

6. Indian Reservation (Re-Recording)

7. Just Like Me (Re-Recording)

8. Kicks (Re-Recording)

9. Let Me (Re-Recording)

10. Too Much Talk (Re-Recording)


Track List: Rock N' Roll Masters: Paul Revere & The Raiders

1. Good Thing

2. Him Or Me, What's It Gonna Be

3. Kicks

4. Too Much Talk

5. Just Like Me

6. Let Me

7. Indian Reservation

8. I Had A Dream

9. Arizona


Track List: Hard 'N' Heavy (With Marshmallow)

1. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

2. Money Can't Buy Me

3. Time After Time

4. Ride On My Shoulder

5. Without You

6. Trishalana

7. Out On That Road

8. Hard And Heavy 5 String Soul Banjo

9. Where You Goin' Girl

10. Cinderella Sunshine

11. Call On Me

12. Do Unto Others (Single Version)

13. Cinderella Sunshine (Single Version)

14. Theme From It's Happening (Vocal Version)

15. Judge GTO Breakaway (Mono)


Track List: Goin' To Memphis

1. Boogaloo Down Broadway

2. Every Man Needs A Woman

3. My Way

4. One Night Stand

5. Soul Man

6. Love You So

7. I Don't Want Nobody (To Lead Me On)

8. I'm A Loser Too

9. No Sad Songs

10. Cry On My Shoulder

11. Peace Of Mind

12. Goin' To Memphis

13. Go Get It

14. How Can I Help You

15. Peace Of Mind (Mono Version)


Track List: Alias Pink Puzz (Bonus Tracks)

1. Let Me!

2. Thank You

3. Frankfort Side Street

4. Hey Babro

5. Louisiana Redbone

6. Here Comes The Pain

7. The Original Handy Man

8. I Need You

9. Down In Amsterdam

10. I Don't Know

11. Freeborn Man

12. Let Me! (Mono Single Version)

13. I Don't Know (Mono Alternate Version)


Track List: A Mojo Workout!

Disc 1

1. What'd I Say (Live)

2. Louie, Louie (Live)

3. Night Train (Live)

4. Peter Gunn (Live)

5. Money (That's What I Want) (Live)

6. Louie - Go Home (Live)

7. Crisco Party / Walking The Dog (Live)

8. Fever (Live)

9. Whole Lotta Nothin' (Live)

10. Twist And Shout (Live)

11. You Can't Sit Down (Live)

12. Don't Be Cruel (Live)

13. Do You Love Me (Live)

14. Don't You Just Know It (Live)

15. Oo Poo Pah Doo (Live)

16. Over You (Live)

17. Big Boy Pete (Live)

Disc 2

1. Louie, Louie (Mono Version)

2. Night Train

3. Have Love, Will Travel

4. Louie - Go Home

5. Mojo Workout

6. Over You (Mono Version)

7. Swim

8. Irresistable You

9. Comin' Home Baby

10. Maybelline

11. I'll Be There

12. Big Boy Pete

13. You Were Wrong

14. High Heel Sneakers

15. My Wife Can't Cook

16. Blue Fox

17. Searchin'

18. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

19. Sweets For My Sweet

20. Sometimes

21. Gone

22. These Are Bad Times (For Me And My Baby)

23. Fever

24. Time Is On My Side

25. A Kiss To Remember You By

26. Have Love, Will Travel (Alternate Take)

27. Louie - Go Home (Alternate Take)


Track List: Collage

1. Save The Country

2. Think Twice

3. Interlude (To Be Forgotten)

4. Dr. Fine

5. Just Seventeen

6. The Boys In The Band

7. Tighter

8. Gone - Movin' On

9. Wednesday's Child

10. Sorceress With Blue Eyes

11. We Gotta All Get Together


Track List: Indian Reservation

1. Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)

2. The Shape Of Things To Come

3. Prince Of Peace

4. Heaven Help Us All

5. Take Me Home

6. Just Remember You're My Sunshine

7. Come In, You Get Pneumonia

8. Eve Of Destruction

9. Birds Of A Feather

10. The Turkey


Track List: Paul Revere & The Raiders Greatest Hits

1. Arizona

2. Him Or Me, What's It Gonna Be

3. Good Thing

4. Kicks

5. Indian Reservation

6. Let Me

7. Too Much Talk

8. I Had A Dream

9. Just Like Me


Track List: Kicks

1. Kicks

2. Just Like Me

3. Arizona

4. I Had A Dream

5. Hungry

6. Good Thing

7. Him Or Me / What's It Gonna Be (Medley)

8. Let Me

9. Too Much Talk

10. Indian Reservation


Track List: The Essential Paul Revere & The Raiders

Disc 1

1. Louie, Louie (Mono)

2. Over You (Mono)

3. My Wife Can't Cook

4. Steppin' Out

5. Just Like Me

6. Ride Your Pony

7. Kicks

8. Shake It Up

9. Louie, Go Home

10. Hungry

11. The Great Airplane Strike (Mono)

12. Louise

13. Good Thing

14. Ups And Downs (Mono)

15. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?

16. Mo'Reen

17. I Had A Dream

18. Goin' To Memphis

Disc 2

1. Do Unto Others (Mono)

2. Peace Of Mind (Mono)

3. Too Much Talk (Mono)

4. Happening '68 (TV Version) (Mono)

5. Don't Take It So Hard

6. Cinderella Sunshine (Mono)

7. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

8. Let Me!

9. Freeborn Man

10. Judge GTO Breakaway (Mono)

11. We Gotta All Get Together

12. Just Seventeen

13. Gone - Movin' On

14. Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)

15. Birds Of A Feather

16. Country Wine

17. Powder Blue Mercedes Queen

18. Song Seller


Track List: Paul Revere & The Raiders: The Complete Columbia Singles

Disc 1

1. Louie, Louie (Mono Version)

2. Night Train

3. Louie, Go Home

4. Have Love, Will Travel (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

5. Over You (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

6. Swim

7. Sometimes

8. Oo Poo Pah Doo

9. Steppin' Out

10. Blue Fox

11. SS 396 (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

12. Corvair Baby (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

13. Just Like Me

14. B.F.D.R.F. Blues

15. Kicks (Feat. Mark Lindsay) (Single Version)

16. Shake It Up

17. Hungry (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

18. There She Goes

19. The Great Airplane Strike

20. In My Community

21. Good Thing

22. Undecided Man

Disc 2

1. Ups And Downs

2. Leslie

3. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?

5. I Had A Dream

6. Upon Your Leaving

7. Peace Of Mind

8. Do Unto Others

9. Rain, Sleet, Snow

10. Brotherly Love (Adaptation Of "Greensleeves")

11. Too Much Talk

13. Don't Take It So Hard

16. Theme From It's Happening

17. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

Disc 3

1. We Gotta All Get Together (Feat. Mark Lindsay) (From The Motion Picture "Square Root")

2. Frankfort Side Street

3. Just Seventeen

4. Sorceress With Blue Eyes

5. Gone - Movin' On

6. Interlude (To Be Forgotten) (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

7. Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)

8. Terry's Tune

9. Birds Of A Feather

10. The Turkey

11. Country Wine

12. It's So Hard Getting Up Today

13. Powder Blue Mercedes Queen

14. Golden Girls Sometimes

15. Song Seller

16. A Simple Song (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

17. Love Music

18. Goodbye, No. 9 (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

19. (If I Had It To Do All Over Again, I'd Do It) All Over You (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

20. Seaboard Line Boogie

21. Your Love (Is The Only Love) (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

22. Gonna Have A Good Time (Feat. Mark Lindsay)


Track List: Choice Rock Cuts

1. Just Like Me

2. Kicks

3. Hungry

4. Good Thing

5. Him Or Me

6. I Had A Dream

7. Let Me

8. Arizona

9. Too Much Talk

10. Indian Reservation


Track List: Kicks! 1963-1972

1. Louie Louie

2. Steppin' Out

3. Just Like Me

4. Kicks

5. Action

6. Hungry

7. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone

8. Louie, Go Home

9. Ballad Of A Useless Man

10. The Great Airplane Strike

11. Good Thing

12. Why? Why? Why? (Is It So Hard)

13. Louise

14. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?

15. Mo'reen

16. Gone - Movin' On

17. Tighter

18. I Had A Dream

19. Ups And Downs

20. Peace Of Mind

23. Don't Take It So Hard

24. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

25. Let Me!

26. Just Seventeen

27. Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)

28. Birds Of A Feather

29. Country Wine

30. Powder Blue Mercedes Queen


Track List: Super Hits

1. Just Like Me

2. Kicks (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

3. Good Thing

4. Hungry

6. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?

7. Baby, Please Don't Go

9. Sometimes

10. I Had A Dream


Track List: The Essential Ride: The Best Of Paul Revere & The Raiders

1. Louie, Louie

2. Mojo Workout

4. Crisco Party / Walking the Dog

5. Steppin' Out

6. Just Like Me

7. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone

8. Kicks (feat. Mark Lindsay)

9. Ballad Of A Useless Man

10. Louie, Go Home

11. Take A Look At Yourself

12. Hungry

13. (You're A) Bad Girl

14. Louise

16. In My Community

17. Good Thing

18. Why Why Why (Is It So Hard)

19. Ups & Downs

20. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?


Track List: The Legend Of Paul Revere

Disc 1

6. Night Train

21. Action (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

Disc 2

3. I Had A Dream

4. Peace Of Mind (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

8. Cinderella Sunshine (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

11. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

16. Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) (Feat. Mark Lindsay)

17. Birds Of A Feather

18. Country Wine

19. Powder Blue Mercedes Queen

20. Song Seller

21. A Simple Song

22. Love Music

23. (If I Had It To Do All Over Again, I'd Do It) All Over You

25. Angels Of Mercy

26. Chain Of Fools


Track List: Alias Pink Puzz

1. Let Me!

2. Thank You

3. Frankfort Side Street

4. Hey Babro

5. Louisiana Redbone

6. Here Comes The Pain

7. The Original Handy Man

8. I Need You

9. Down In Amsterdam

10. I Don't Know

11. Freeborn Man


Track List: Something Happening

1. Happening Intro/Too Much Talk

2. Happens Every Day

3. Burn Like A Candle

4. Observation From Flight 285

5. Get Out Of My Mind

6. Don't Take It So Hard

7. Communication (Part 1 & 2)

8. Love Makes The World Go Round (Don't You Let It Stop)

9. Free

10. The Good Times

11. Happening '68

12. Too Much Talk (Columbia Single)

13. Happening '68 (TV Version)

14. Theme From It's Happening


Track List: Revolution!

1. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?

2. Reno

3. Upon Your Leaving

4. Mo'Reen

5. Wanting You

6. Gone - Movin' On (Mono Version)

7. I Had A Dream

8. Tighter (Mono Version)

9. Make It With Me

10. Ain't Nobody Who Can Do It Like Leslie Can (Mono Version)

11. I Hear A Voice

12. Ups And Downs

13. Try Some Of Mine

14. Legend Of Paul Revere (Unedited Version)


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. Louie, Louie

2. Louie - Go Home

3. Steppin' Out

4. Just Like Me

5. Melody For An Unknown Girl

6. Kicks

7. Hungry

8. The Great Airplane Strike

9. Good Thing

10. Ups And Downs

11. Legend Of Paul Revere

14. Him Or Me - What's It Gonna Be?

15. Peace Of Mind


Track List: Midnight Ride (Plus Bonus Trax)

2. There's Always Tomorrow

3. Little Girl In The 4th Row

4. Ballad Of A Useless Man

5. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone

6. There She Goes

7. All I Really Need Is You

8. Get It On

9. Louie, Go Home

10. Take A Look At Yourself

11. Melody For An Unknown Girl


Track List: Just Like Us!

1. Steppin' Out

2. I'll Be Doggone

3. Out Of Sight

4. Baby, Please Don't Go

5. I Know

6. Night Train

7. Just Like Me

8. Catch The Wind

9. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

10. I'm Crying

11. New Orleans

12. Action

13. Ride Your Pony

14. Just Like Me (Alternate Mix)

15. B.F.D.R.F. Blues


Track List: The Spirit Of '67

1. Good Thing

2. All About Her

3. In My Community

4. Louise

5. Why? Why? Why? (Is It So Hard)

6. Oh! To Be A Man

7. Hungry (1968)

8. Undecided Man

9. Our Candidate

10. 1001 Arabian Nights

11. The Great Airplane Strike

12. (You're A) Bad Girl

13. Hungry (Alternate Version)

14. The Great Airplane Strike (Columbia Single)


Track List: Here They Come!

1. You Can't Sit Down

2. Money

3. Louie Louie

4. Do You Love Me

5. Big Boy Pete

6. Oo Poo Pah Doo

7. Sometimes

8. Gone

9. These Are Bad Times (For Me And My Baby)

10. Fever

11. Time Is On My Side

12. A Kiss To Remember You By


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kelleylinda8 4 0
Report as inappropriate
Great band see them in reno for years. Long live the raiders
Report as inappropriate
To zero old is just a word
Report as inappropriate
To zorro get a life
Report as inappropriate
Just heard Paul Revere and the Raiders after the Animals. The former is an example of a group that has not aged well. In fact, they hadn't aged well in 1972! My best friend loves 'Kicks' but I can't see it. When people say music is crap today, just check out Paul Revere's catalog of hits.
Report as inappropriate
Drake was one of jimmy hendericks major influences. Drakes lead in to kick echos. Fang pushed the bass as a lead change the way the bass was used and it still echos today. The rock hall of fame over looks prr. Dont get it. Between the tv work the edge they bought etc.
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Report as inappropriate
My lighter still burns for Paul Revere. A grat group great sound . And Yes he was from Caldwell Idaho and his last name was Dick . My sister went to school with him and we lived down the street in Caldwell from him .
Report as inappropriate
Ups and Downs - my most favorite Paul Revere and the Raiders song! Sue Abbott
Report as inappropriate
I like the way The Monkees thru down on this jam. I was in 4th grade when the Monkeys were out.
Report as inappropriate
Despite UPS AND DOWNS and changes in musicians, you can't find a harder working, tighter sounding group of musicians. Mark Lindsay is solo but is as strong a vocalist as ever.
Report as inappropriate
The raiders were, are, and always will be a Great group. They put on a great show , and their music is all thumbs up!!
Report as inappropriate
I left town because of UNCLE SAM'S deal TOO !!
Report as inappropriate
Remember his keyboard had a mustang grill and bumper on its front.
Report as inappropriate
Never get sick of paul revere and the raiders.
Report as inappropriate
emilyhall184 1
Love this song
Report as inappropriate
I've been a raider fan since the early 60's. I never saw the original lineup but saw the current one over 25 times. 3 of these guys have been with Paul since the 70's. Great musicians and super friendly.
Report as inappropriate
I was stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station in Hawaii in the early 70's. In 73 or 74, Paul Revere and the Raiders were the act at the grand opening of the newly constructed NCO club. Terrific performance; they really rocked the crowd and the club. Keith (of 98.6 fame) played with them that night, and I got to meet them outside after the performance. Many great memories from that night.
Report as inappropriate
The Raiders rocked and were a lot of fun. Those corny costumes were somehow cool and the Raiders spoke to us. True then, even truer now--The kicks just keep getting harder to find!
Report as inappropriate
i am a Raider fan since i first saw them on ACTION. a long time, but i have been with them through the highs and lows, or should i say UPS AND DOWNS?? i have seen Mark Lindsay in concert many times and plan to see him twice this summer with the HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR. the last concert was at Blackwood New Jersey and i made a Raider costume and hopefully get his attention. i have gotten twice to have a pic with him, and it was worth the many years' wait.
Report as inappropriate
the monkees stand -ins lol
Report as inappropriate
Fun, fun, fun! It was great coming home from high school and watching the Raider's antics on Where The Action Is. That show also introduced a lot of people to Buffalo Springfield.
Report as inappropriate
good song.
Report as inappropriate
Mark Lindsay & the Raiders----g r e a t old group from a forever ago!
Report as inappropriate
Great band of the 60's
Report as inappropriate
I have had a thirty year argument with my wife about a supposed bootleg version of Paul Revere and the Raiders covering the Barry Maguire song Eve of Destruction. Can't find any trace of this version. She claimed they played it on Armed Forces radio when she lived overseas in the 1960s. Anyone familier with this cover song? I have been only able to come up with a version done by the Grass Roots. I thik she may have confused the two as it was from that time period.
Report as inappropriate
I just looked up this band on wiki and my brother Doug was correct . Originally from Boise Idaho .and founded by Paul Revere Dick . While house shopping in Biose I was shown a place that used to be Pauls and the bands hangout/ rehearsal party zone . One of thoese if these walls could talk moments . To my knowledge Paul still resides in Boise close to the Biose State campus . I always liked this band which always had catchy tunes and strong beats like the Dave Clark Five .
Report as inappropriate
I get the pacific northwest connection and was told by my brother in law that he went to school with Paul in Boise , Idaho and that his real last name was Dick . He changed his last name for obvious reasons . Maybe someone else can verify this side note .
Report as inappropriate
All of Portland Oregon et al agrees
Report as inappropriate
All of Portland Oregon et al agrees
Report as inappropriate
Deserve To Be In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..Can't Even Get On The Ballot For Nomunation.. .
Report as inappropriate
Too late Aaron. Guitarist, Drake Levin, passed July 4, 2009. A very underrated showman and musician, Jimi Hendrix, admired and imitated his style long before anyone knew who he was. It is a crime these guys aren't inducted already. Shame on the R&RHF. More TV appearances than any other musical act in the decade of the 60's.
Report as inappropriate
This band belongs in the R&R HOF before any more of them pass away!!!
Report as inappropriate
michaelrocks 6 8
I just love their 60s music.
Report as inappropriate
Fabulous band -- the original one, I mean . . . the one with Mark Lindsay, Mike Smith and Drake Levin. Very creative and (like Leon Russell, who was recently inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame), very underrated.
Report as inappropriate
I also met Mark Lindsay in Eugene, Oregon. Great guy.
Report as inappropriate
worked as a roadie for a sound and light company in 2002 i think and worked with Paul Revere & The Raiders. They are amazing live. Paul Revere is an awesome guy. I asked him to autograph the album Midnight Ride and he did along with 2 other members of the band. Paul Revere & The Raiders used to play in the armory in Roseburg, Oregon in the 60s I know a guy they wanted to take on tour with them because one of their members at the time got drafted. Paul remembered and told me alot.
Report as inappropriate
I saw Paul and crew a couple of years ago in Billings. They worked hard, put on a great show, and signed autographs and visited with fans for an hour and a half afterward. Great band, very tight - they have played together as a group for a long time now (without Mark Lindsay). Paul is funny (an old man now!). Damn nice guys, very real. They support Vietnam vets with a fundraiser Harley ride to DC every year. Don't know if they are still gigging, but long live Paul and the guys!
Report as inappropriate
An extremely entertaining dance band, especially to those of us residing in the Pacific Northwest. They were a bit cornball, but were a great counterpoint (punch) to the British Invasion. Dick Clark saw dollar signs and put them on his television shows. Frankly, the five of them standing in surf up to their knees just didn't fit the image that had been burned into my brain after seeing them at the armories in Puyallup and Tacoma. As for 'punk', I don't think so. A great band, nonetheless.
Report as inappropriate
R.I.P. Mike Smitty Smith & Drake Levin
Report as inappropriate
saw mark lindsay this summer in daytona. it was so awsome! like nothing i've ever seen before! he was so cool and really got into the music. great experience, wish i could meet him!
Report as inappropriate
To my surprise, I randomly encountered Mark Lindsay and his band playing the main stage at the BigE (Eastern States Exposition) in West Springfield, MA on September 20, 2010. I had no idea he was playing, but knew straight away who it was when I heard "Hungry" blaring through the air. Mark's voice was spot on, the band was super tight, and the set was awesome. Seeing Lindsay and company made a great day with the family even better.
Report as inappropriate
I just saw these guys in Branson Missouri. Great show and it was wonderful meeting and talking witht hem after the show.
Report as inappropriate
the first punk band?
Report as inappropriate
one of the MOST under rated bands! I've been a Raider Rooter since 1967!
Report as inappropriate
i love this band, especially mark!
Report as inappropriate
I really like their music.
Report as inappropriate
They put on a great show and played great material.
Report as inappropriate

we saw them a number of times at armory dances.

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