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The Replacements

The Replacements initially formed in 1979, when Paul Westerberg joined a garage punk band formed by brothers Bob (guitar) and Tommy Stinson (bass) and drummer Chris Mars. Originally called the Impediments, the Minnesota residents changed their name to the Replacements after being banned from a local club for disorderly behavior. In their early days, they sounded quite similar to Hüsker Dü, the leaders of the Minneapolis punk scene. However, the Replacements were wilder and looser than the Hüskers and quickly became notorious for their drunken, chaotic gigs. After they built up a sizable local following the Minneapolis label Twin/Tone signed them.

Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash, a sloppy hardcore collection, was released in 1981 but failed to make much of an impact on the national scene. It was followed the next year by the Stink EP, which followed the same pattern as the debut. It was the band's second album, 1983's Hootenanny, that first garnered the band attention and helped build their fan base. On Hootenanny, the group started playing around with other genres, adding elements of pop, straightforward rock & roll, country, and folk, although sometimes the eclecticism was ironic.

Hootenanny set the stage for Let It Be, the band's critical and artistic breakthrough. Released in 1984, Let It Be showed that the band had successfully expanded their musical reach and that Westerberg had grown considerably as a songwriter; he was now capable of pop like "I Will Dare," full-throttle rock & roll, and introspective ballads like "Answering Machine." Critics and fellow musicians were quick to praise the band, and they developed a large underground following. The buzz was large enough to convince Sire to sign the band in 1985.

The Replacements' first major-label album, Tim, was scheduled to be produced by Westerberg's idol, Alex Chilton, but the sessions fell through; the album was produced by former Ramone Tommy Erdelyi. Upon its release in 1985, Tim garnered rave reviews that equalled those for Let It Be. Though the band was poised for a popular breakthrough, they were unsure about making the leap into the mainstream. As a result, they never let themselves live up to their full potential. The Replacements landed a spot on Saturday Night Live, but they were roaring drunk throughout their performances and Westerberg said "f*ck" on the air. Their concerts had became notorious for such drunken, sloppy behavior. Frequently, the band was barely able to stand up, let alone play, and when they did play, they often didn't finish their songs. The Replacements also refused to make accessible videos -- the video for "B**tards of Young" featured nothing but a stereo system, playing the song -- thereby cutting themselves off from the mass exposure MTV could have granted them.

After the tour for Tim, Bob Stinson was fired from the band, allegedly for his drug and alcohol addictions. The Replacements recorded their next album as a trio in Memphis, TN, with former Big Star producer Jim Dickinson. The resulting album, Pleased to Meet Me, was more streamlined than their previous recordings. Again, the reviews were uniformly excellent upon its spring 1987 release, but the band didn't earn many new fans. During the tour for Pleased to Meet Me, guitarist Slim Dunlap filled the vacant lead guitarist spot and he became a full-time member after the tour.

Two years later, the band returned in the spring of 1989 with Don't Tell a Soul, the Replacements' last bid for a mainstream audience. The bandmembers had cleaned up, admitting that their years of drug and alcohol abuse were behind them, and were now willing to play the promotional game. Don't Tell a Soul boasted a polished, radio-ready production and the group shot MTV-friendly videos, beginning with the single "I'll Be You." Initially, the approach worked -- "I'll Be You" became a number one album rock track, crossing over to number 51 on the pop charts. However, Don't Tell a Soul never really took off and failed to establish the band as a major commercial force.

Defeated from the lackluster performance of Don't Tell a Soul, Paul Westerberg planned on recording a solo album, but Sire rejected the idea. Consequently, the next Replacements album, All Shook Down, was a solo Westerberg record in all but name. Recorded with a cast of session musicians as well as the band, All Shook Down was a stripped-down, largely acoustic affair that hinted at the turmoil within the band. Chris Mars left shortly after its fall 1990 release, claiming that Westerberg had assumed control of the band; he would launch a solo career two years later. The Replacements toured in support of All Shook Down, with Steve Foley, formerly of the Minneapolis-based Things Fall Down, as their new drummer. Neither the tour nor the album were successful, and the Replacements quietly disbanded in the summer of 1991.

Tommy Stinson formed Bash & Pop the following year; in 1995, he formed a new band called Perfect. Dunlap released a solo album in 1993. Bob Stinson died February 15, 1995, from a drug overdose. Westerberg began a solo career slowly, releasing two songs on the Singles ("Dyslexic Heart," "Waiting for Somebody") soundtrack in 1992; he also scored the film. He released his debut solo album, 14 Songs, in the summer of 1993 to mixed reviews. Paul Westerberg's second solo album, Eventually, was released in the spring of 1996. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Songs For Slim (Single)

1. Busted Up

2. Radio Hook Word Hit

3. I'm Not Sayin'

4. Lost Highway

5. Everything's Coming Up Roses


Track List: Tim [Expanded Edition]

1. Hold My Life (2008 Remastered Version)

2. I'll Buy (2008 Remastered Version)

3. Kiss Me on the Bus (2008 Remastered Version)

4. Dose of Thunder (2008 Remastered Version)

5. Waitress in the Sky (2008 Remastered Version)

6. Swingin Party (2008 Remastered Version)

7. B**tards of Young (2008 Remastered Version)

8. Lay It Down Clown (2008 Remastered Version)

9. Left of the Dial (2008 Remastered Version)

10. Little Mascara (2008 Remastered Version)

11. Here Comes a Regular (2008 Remastered Version)

12. Can't Hardly Wait [Outtake - Acoustic]

13. Nowhere Is Near My Home

14. Can't Hardly Wait [Outtake - Electric]

15. Kiss Me on the Bus (Demo Version)

16. Waitress in the Sky (Alternate Version)

17. Here Comes a Regular (Alternate Version)


Track List: Stink [Expanded Edition]

1. Kids Don't Follow

2. F**k School

3. Stuck In The Middle

4. God Damn Job

5. White And Lazy

6. Dope Smokin' Moron

7. Go

8. Gimme Noise

9. Staples In Her Stomach [Outtake]

10. Hey, Good Lookin' [Outtake]

11. [We're Gonna] Rock Around The Clock [Outtake]

12. You're Getting Married [Solo Home Demo]


Track List: Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?

1. Takin A Ride

2. Shiftless When Idle

3. Kids Don't Follow

4. Color Me Impressed

5. Within Your Reach

6. I Will Dare

7. Answering Machine

8. Unsatisfied

9. Here Comes A Regular

10. Kiss Me On The Bus

11. B**tards Of Young

12. Left Of The Dial

13. Alex Chilton

14. Skyway

15. Can't Hardly Wait

16. Achin' To Be

17. I'll Be You

18. Merry Go Round

19. Message To The Boys

20. Pool & Dive


Track List: All For Nothing - Nothing For All

Disc 1

1. Left Of The Dial

2. Kiss Me On The Bus

3. B**tards Of Young

4. Here Comes A Regular

5. Skyway

6. Alex Chilton

7. The Ledge

8. Can't Hardly Wait

9. I'll Be You

10. Achin' To Be

11. Talent Show

12. Anywhere's Better Than Here

13. Merry Go Round

14. Sadly Beautiful

15. Nobody

16. Someone Take The Wheel

Disc 2

1. Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version)

2. Birthday Gal

3. Beer For Breakfast

4. Till We're Nude

5. Election Day

6. Jungle Rock

7. All He Wants To Do Is Fish

8. Date To Church

9. Cruella DeVille

10. We Know The Night

11. Portland

12. Wake Up

13. Satellite

14. Like A Rolling Pin

15. Another Girl, Another Planet

16. Who Knows

17. All Shook Down

18. I Don't Know (Alternate Take)


Track List: All Shook Down

1. Merry Go Round

2. One Wink At A Time

3. Nobody

4. Bent Out Of Shape

5. Sadly Beautiful

6. Someone Take The Wheel

7. When It Began

8. All Shook Down

9. Attitude

10. Happy Town

11. Torture

12. My Little Problem

13. The Last

14. When It Began (Demo)

15. Kissin' In Action (Demo)

16. Someone Take The Wheel (Demo)

18. Happy Town (Demo)

19. Tiny Paper Plane (Demo)

20. Sadly Beautiful (Demo)

21. My Little Problem (Alternate Version)

22. Ought To Get Love

23. Satellite

24. Kissin' In Action


Track List: Don't Tell A Soul

1. Talent Show

2. Back To Back

3. We'll Inherit The Earth

4. Achin' To Be

5. They're Blind

6. Anywhere's Better Than Here

7. Asking Me Lies

8. I'll Be You

9. I Won't

10. Rock 'n' Roll Ghost

11. Darlin' One

12. Portland

13. Wake Up

14. Talent Show (Studio Demo)

15. We'll Inherit The Earth (Mix 1)

17. We Know The Night


Track List: Pleased To Meet Me

1. I.O.U.

2. Alex Chilton

3. I Don't Know

4. Nightclub Jitters

5. The Ledge

6. Never Mind

7. Valentine

8. Shooting Dirty Pool

9. Red Red Wine

10. Skyway

11. Can't Hardly Wait


Track List: Tim

1. Hold My Life

2. I'll Buy

3. Kiss Me On The Bus

4. Dose Of Thunder

5. Waitress In The Sky

6. Swingin Party

7. B**tards Of Young

8. Lay It Down Clown

9. Left Of The Dial

10. Little Mascara

11. Here Comes A Regular


Track List: Let It Be

1. I Will Dare

2. Favorite Thing

3. We're Comin' Out

4. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out

5. Androgynous

6. Black Diamond

7. Unsatisfied

8. Seen Your Video

9. Gary's Got A Boner

10. Sixteen Blue

11. Answering Machine


Track List: Hootenanny

1. Hootenanny

2. Run It

3. Color Me Impressed

4. Willpower

5. Take Me Down To The Hospital

6. Mr. Whirly

7. Within Your Reach

8. Buck Hill

9. Lovelines

10. You Lose

11. Hayday

12. Treatment Bound


Track List: Hootenanny [Expanded Edition]

1. Hootenanny

2. Run It

3. Color Me Impressed

4. Willpower

5. Take Me Down To The Hospital

6. Mr. Whirly

7. Within Your Reach

8. Buck Hill

9. Lovelines

10. You Lose

11. Hayday

12. Treatment Bound

13. Lookin' For Ya [Outtake]

14. Junior's Got A Gun [Outtake - Rough Mix]

15. Ain't No Crime [Outtake]

16. Johnny Fast [Outtake - Rough Mix]

17. Treatment Bound [Alternate Version]

18. Lovelines [Alternate Vocal]

19. Bad Worker [Solo Home Demo]


Track List: Stink

1. Kids Don't Follow

2. F**k School

3. Stuck In The Middle

4. God Damn Job

5. White And Lazy

6. Dope Smokin Moron

7. Go

8. Gimme Noise


Track List: Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

1. Takin' A Ride

2. Careless

3. Customer

4. Hangin' Downtown

5. Kick Your Door Down

6. Otto

7. I Bought A Headache

8. Rattlesnake

9. I Hate Music

10. Johnny's Gonna Die

11. Shiftless When Idle

12. More Cigarettes

13. Don't Ask Why

14. Somethin To Du

15. I'm In Trouble

16. Love You Till Friday

17. Shutup

18. Raised In The City


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alexandraabe l l a 1 7
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Represent America
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I still blame Rolling Stone and their "Best Band in the World" hype for causing them to fall apart after Don't Tell a Soul failed to become a mega hit. As a band that never really cared about success nor took itself seriously, there was no way could ever have dealt with the pressure
Report as inappropriate
I love this band of rock the Replacements is good band of rock band they will win the Grammy
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Great Band!!! Seen them numerous times in their heyday. Like Thunders, some great shows, some very messed up, but somehow still fun. Small clubs. Westerberg wrote some great songs. Singing and playing teetering on the edge is what rock n roll is all about. Some guys comment here complained about those very things. Obviously doesnt have a clue what rock n roll is
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What a Band ... My Fav
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Such an awesome band. Really cool music
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Thu kouiio
Report as inappropriate
the hipster took his levis 501s out of the dryer and burned himself badly on the rivets because HE WAS INTO THEM BEFORE THEY WERE COOL
Report as inappropriate
One of the better rock bands of the 80's, in my old age opinion.
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They were very good in Philly last weekend. Sober and on a real good outdoor sound system. Wish they would have played more than 90 minutes. Definitely not the drunken escapades of the 80's which were great in a totally different way.
Report as inappropriate
Love this music. Takes me back. Discovered them all over again.
Report as inappropriate
The best. Ever. Saw them at coachella - they're taking their tour seriously which is a departure from Paul's solo days. If you can get to a show, do. Will probably be the last chance.
Report as inappropriate
Longtime fan, but never got to see them before they broke up. Now at 45 I'm psyched to be seeing them in Philly this Spring!
Report as inappropriate
The greatest band that ever was or will ever be.
Great to see paul and Tommy out on the road together this spring and summer.
Won't make a show this year but I am fortunate to have seen them 5 times between 1983-1988.
Helped that I went to school at the university of iowa during this time and that the 'Mats made numerous appearances in the Midwest during these years.
Report as inappropriate
Being an old foagey, I had lost interest in the rock music that came after 1981. Not to say it wasn't good, it just didn't work for me. However, a few of the 80's bands did get my attention and The Replacements were one of the best.
Report as inappropriate
Saw them in Austin Texas 2014 , they were great , brutal Texas sun in there faces for the first 20 minutes ! Didn't stop them from jumping all over a Replacments left of the dial set list , that covered every matts fans wish list , great range of material , so well done ! They were unreal Glad I was there .
Report as inappropriate
Mats Rule!
Report as inappropriate
Great American band! 'Nuff said!
Report as inappropriate
One of my favorite songs growing up. To the memories. :)
Report as inappropriate
when I get depressed I put on a mats record and it makes me feel worse and somehow that's better...saw them first at the Longhorn in mpls, Chris wasn't old enough to be in the bar... They played at Duffy's a lot in Mpls, I worked next door at Nib's, and walked over to see them all the time...On Friday night they would blast the doors off the place and beg for money to buy beer and literally fight on stage to pick up change, and scream for a waitress to bring pitchers and cups to the stage...
Report as inappropriate
Seeing them tomorrow night in NYC!
Report as inappropriate
they are back - with dave minehan (from boston punk legends The Neighborhood s ) on guitar.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I love this track. It's the first I've ever heard of this band. And the simplicity of the lyrics remind me of past times of the youth and irresponsibi l i t y that i once held so dear, but also the passion that comes with the love of the music and wanting to share it.
Report as inappropriate
gavriel.reis n e r
Yes, touring. I nabbed two tickets for New York at the old tennis stadium on September 19.
Report as inappropriate
Saw em last summer. They headlined Riot Fest and came to play! A finally realized outfit. Their touring again...
Report as inappropriate
petersondave y
The best band ever and it's not even close.
Report as inappropriate
I saw a banner somewhere last month (April 2014) that these guys were reunited for a short tour....anyo n e ?
Report as inappropriate
The greatest rock band that never was!
Report as inappropriate
Answering Machine is one of my favorite songs *in general*, not just by The Replacements . One of my favorite bands - I would've loved to have been around to see them live, even if they were sloppy as hell.
Report as inappropriate
clash, sex pistols, public image, ramones, and now the replacements

all talentless over rated hacks
Report as inappropriate
they must be a good punk band because bobonnit hates them
Report as inappropriate
claricentp91 7
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shawnnavuz71 1
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Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version) best song ever.
Report as inappropriate
Hootenanny - My fav, defines I dont' give a f**k but still absolutely great songs/album. Paul Westerberg is integrity personified.
Report as inappropriate
my fave is all shook down... so good!
Report as inappropriate

The bio says early on they sounded like Husker and that Husker was the leader in the Minneapolis punk scene. I think both of those statements are crap. I love Husker, but only Bob Mould felt like it was some kind of competition. Replacements couldn't care less.
Report as inappropriate
What happened to these guys? One day, I saw this cassette (that's what they called it, kids) called All Shook Down, & I bought it. It lived maybe another ten minutes or so...
Report as inappropriate
He made Bob drink or quit the band after he had gotten sober and essentially killed him. No support.
Report as inappropriate
Love this stuff. The feeling in Paul's lyrics and the feeling (and sometimes pain) in his voice - these guys are the real deal. Lucky enough to watch them live when I was younger. Didn't really appreciate them at the time like I do now...wish I had.
Report as inappropriate
Love it!
Report as inappropriate
They suck. Like having a lead vocalist who can't sing, a drummer who knows one riff and a guitarist with mediocre talent is supposed to be cool ?
Report as inappropriate
I would hardly call walking offstage in the middle of a WXRT Free 4th of July concert quietly disbanding. I was there. But still, ya gotta love a loud, sloppy pop band. Thank you 'Mats.
Report as inappropriate
The 'Mats made such a huge impact on me that I have a line from Achin to be tattooed on my back.
Report as inappropriate
'Mats-my favorite band of all time!
Report as inappropriate
Tim is one of the greatest albums EVER! But I do love them all, I wish that Westerbergs' grandpaboy material was available om pandora, damn it!
Report as inappropriate
God! I love this song! I hated the Replacements on tour -- but their music was so incredible! I love Minneapolis!
Report as inappropriate
Love Paul Westerberg as a lyricist!
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