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Robbie Williams

Out of all the members of Take That, Robbie Williams never really seemed to fit in. Roguishly handsome where his bandmates were merely cute, Williams was tougher and sexier than the rest, which made him more distinctive. He also fought regularly with the other members and their management, primarily because he was occasionally averse to being so heavily packaged. So it didn't come as a surprise that he was the first to leave the band, departing early in the summer of 1995 to pursue a solo career (by some accounts, he was fired from the group).

Although he was the first out of the gate, it took Williams a while to get started. For most of 1995, he attempted to boost his credibility by tagging along with Oasis, hoping that Noel Gallagher would give him a couple of songs. He never did, but all of his time with Oasis launched Williams into a world of heavy partying, drinking, and drugging. Over the course of 1996, he was only heard from in gossip columns, and every published picture indicated he had put on considerable weight. Occasionally, he was quoted as saying his new music would abandon lightweight dance-pop for traditional Brit-pop, but his first single was a cover of George Michael's "Freedom '90." Released late in 1996, the single was a disaster, but his second single, 1997's "Old Before I Die," was more in the vein of his early pronouncements, featuring a distinct Oasis influence.

Williams finally released his first solo album, Life Thru a Lens, in 1997. The album became a big hit in Britain, prompting his second, I've Been Expecting You, to go multi-platinum upon its release in 1998. (The Ego Has Landed, a U.S.-only compilation designed for breaking Williams to American audiences, was released stateside in the spring of 1999.) Sing When You're Winning followed in late 2000, gaining success with the video hit "Rock DJ," while a big-band album of standards (Swing When You're Winning) appeared a year later. By this point, Robbie Williams had become one of Europe's premier pop stars, known for his headline-grabbing behavior as much as his hit-studded albums. Moreover, his solo work had sold far more copies than his work with Take That.

During 2002, Williams celebrated an enormous new contract with EMI (rumored to be upwards of 80 million dollars), but suffered the loss of his longtime production partner Guy Chambers. Escapology, the fifth Robbie Williams album (and the last to include Chambers' input), sold millions of copies in Europe, though it failed to persuade American audiences. As a result, the 2003 concert record, Live at Knebworth, wasn't released in the States. He introduced a new musical partner, Stephen Duffy, with a pair of songs from his compilation Greatest Hits, then reappeared in 2005 with Intensive Care. Although the album topped charts in Europe and helped Williams set an impressive concert record -- his 2006 world tour sold over one-and-a-half-million tickets in one day -- a certain creative atrophy was setting in, despite the new input from Duffy.

Within a year, he had recorded and released Rudebox, a dance album recorded with half-a-dozen outside producers, some featured guests, and several covers instead of self-penned material. Rudebox hit number one across Europe but only went double platinum in the U.K., becoming his lowest-selling studio album to date. Accordingly, Williams' next album -- the 2009 release Reality Killed the Video Star -- found him returning to the sound of his older albums, with the Buggles' Trevor Horn handling all production duties.

The following year, most news of Robbie Williams surrounded his reunion with Take That, which took the form of a new album, Progress, plus a few new songs recorded with bandmate Gary Barlow that were released on a new Williams hits collection, In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010. Barlow also figured in the writing and production of the ninth Robbie Williams studio album, Take the Crown, released in late 2012. Produced by Williams alongside Jacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, R.E.M., Bloc Party), the album saw Williams return to the eclectic pop sound of his earlier work, with a trailer single ("Candy") written by Williams and Barlow. The single reached number one across Europe, including the U.K., as did the album, which was certified platinum.

For his next release, Williams worked with Guy Chambers again on his second swing album, Swings Both Ways, which comprised a mix of standards and originals. Released in late 2013, it featured a variety of guests including Lily Allen, Olly Murs, Rufus Wainwright, Kelly Clarkson, and Michael Bublé. Williams spent the next few years relatively quietly, settling into family life with his wife Ayda Field and their two children, and releasing only an odds'n'sods collection (Under the Radar, Vol. 1) in late 2014. Williams returned to the pop realm in late 2016 with the release of his eleventh LP, The Heavy Entertainment Show, which featured production by Guy Chambers and Richard Flack, as well as songwriting contributions from the likes of the Killers, Stuart Price, and Rufus Wainwright. Entertainment became his twelfth U.K. chart-topper, making him the most successful U.K. solo act in chart history upon its release. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Love My Life (Adam Turner & James Hurr Remix) (Single)

1. Love My Life (Adam Turner & James Hurr Remix)


Track List: The Heavy Entertainment Show (Deluxe)

1. The Heavy Entertainment Show

2. Party Like A Russian

3. Mixed Signals

4. Love My Life

5. Motherf**ker

6. Bruce Lee

7. Sensitive

8. David's Song

9. Pretty Woman

10. Hotel Crazy

11. Sensational

12. When You Know

13. Time On Earth

14. I Don't Want To Hurt You

15. Best Intentions

16. Marry Me


Track List: Love My Life (Single)

1. Love My Life


Track List: Party Like A Russian (Single)


Track List: The Heavy Entertainment Show

1. The Heavy Entertainment Show


Track List: Swings Both Ways

1. Shine My Shoes

2. Go Gentle

3. I Wan'na Be Like You

4. Swing Supreme

5. Swings Both Ways

6. Dream A Little Dream

7. Soda Pop

8. Snowblind

9. Puttin' On The Ritz

10. Little Green Apples

11. Minnie The Moocher

12. If I Only Had A Brain

13. No One Likes A Fat Pop Star


Track List: Take The Crown

1. Be A Boy

2. Gospel

3. Candy

4. Different

5. S**t On The Radio

6. All That I Want

7. Hunting For You

8. Into The Silence

9. Hey Wow Yeah Yeah

10. Not Like The Others


Track List: In & Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits

Disc 1

2. Heart And I

3. You Know Me

4. Bodies

5. Morning Sun

6. She's Madonna

7. Lovelight

8. Rudebox

9. Sin Sin Sin

10. Advertising Space

11. Make Me Pure

12. Tripping

13. Misunderstood

14. Radio

15. Sexed Up

16. Something Beautiful

17. Come Undone

18. Feel

19. Mr Bojangles

Disc 2

1. I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen

3. The Road To Mandalay

4. Eternity

5. Let Love Be Your Energy

6. Supreme

8. Rock Dj

9. It's Only Us

10. She's The One

11. Strong

12. No Regrets

13. Millennium

14. Let Me Entertain You

15. Angels

16. South Of The Border

17. Lazy Days

18. Old Before I Die

Disc 3

1. Often

2. Karaoke Star

3. Toxic

5. Nobody Someday

6. Get A Little High

7. One Fine Day

8. Coffee, Tea And Sympathy

9. Do Me Now

10. The Postcard

11. Meet The Stars

12. Don't Stop Talking

13. Don't Say No

14. Lonestar Rising

15. Lola

17. Elastik

18. Long Walk Home


Track List: Last Days Of Disco (Single)

1. Last Days Of Disco (Still Going Remix)

2. Last Days Of Disco (Still Going Dub)

3. Last Days Of Disco (Mighty Mouse Remix)

4. Last Days Of Disco (Mighty Mouse Instrumental)


Track List: Morning Sun

1. Morning Sun

2. Morning Sun (Live From BBC Electric Proms)


Track List: Morning Sun (Radio Single)

1. Morning Sun


Track List: Live From London

1. Morning Sun

2. Starstruck

3. Feel

4. Come Undone

5. Rock DJ

6. You Know Me


Track List: You Know Me

1. You Know Me

2. You Know Me (The Count & Sinden Remix)

3. You Know Me (The Count & Sinden Dub-Ble Bubble Remix)


Track List: Reality Killed The Video Star

1. Morning Sun

2. Bodies

3. You Know Me

4. Blasphemy

5. Do You Mind

6. Last Days Of Disco

7. Somewhere

8. Deceptacon

9. Starstruck

10. Difficult For Weirdos

11. Superblind

12. Won't Do That

13. Morning Sun Reprise


Track List: Bodies (Single)

1. Bodies

2. Bodies (Body Double Remix)

3. Bodies (Fred Falke Remix)


Track List: Lovelight (Soul Seekerz Remixes)

1. Lovelight (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)

2. Lovelight (Soul Seekerz Vocal Mix)

3. Lovelight (Soul Seekerz Dub Mix)


Track List: She's Madonna

1. She's Madonna

2. She's Madonna (Chris Lake Remix)

3. She's Madonna (Kris Menace Vocal Re-Interpretation)

4. She's Madonna (Kris Menace Dub)


Track List: Lovelight (Soul Mekanik Mekanikal Mix)

1. Lovelight (Soul Mekanik Mekanikal Remix)


Track List: Lovelight (Dark Horse Remix)

1. Lovelight (Dark Horse Remix)


Track List: Lovelight (Mark Ronson Dub)

1. Lovelight (Mark Ronson Dub)


Track List: Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Vocal)

1. Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Vocal)


Track List: Lovelight (Single)


Track List: Rudebox

1. Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Vocal)

2. Rudebox (Chicken Lips Malfunction)

3. Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Dub)


Track List: Rudebox (Single)

1. Rudebox

2. Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Dub)

3. Rudebox (Chicken Lips Malfunction)

4. Rudebox (Chicken Lips Malfunction Dub)


Track List: Sin Sin Sin

1. Sin Sin Sin

2. Our Love

3. Sin Sin Sin (Chris Coco's On Tour Mix)


Track List: Intensive Care (Explicit)

1. Ghosts

2. Tripping

3. Make Me Pure

4. Spread Your Wings

5. Advertising Space

6. Please Don't Die

7. Your Gay Friend

8. Sin Sin Sin

9. Random Acts Of Kindness

10. The Trouble With Me

11. A Place To Crash

12. King Of Bloke And Bird


Track List: Medley (From "The Full Monty") (Single)

1. Medley From 'The Full Monty'


Track List: Let's Face The Music And Dance (Single)

1. Let's Face The Music And Dance


Track List: Kooks (Single)

1. Kooks


Track List: Let Me Entertain You (Amethyst's Dub) (Single)

1. Let Me Entertain You (Amethyst's Dub)


Track List: Making Plans For Nigel (Single)

1. Making Plans For Nigel


Track List: Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (Single)

1. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye


Track List: Let Me Entertain You (Stretch & Vern's Rock n Roll Mix)


Track List: That's Life (Single)

1. That's Life


Track List: South Of The Border (187 Lockdown's Southside Dub) (Single)

1. South Of The Border (187 Lockdown's Southside Dub)


Track List: There She Goes (Live)

1. There She Goes (Live)


Track List: Let Me Entertain You (The Bizzarro Mix)


Track List: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing

1. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing


Track List: Sexed Up (Demo)


Track List: South Of The Border (Phil 'The Kick Drum' Dane & Matt Smith's Filthy Funk Vocal) (Single)


Track List: Happy Easter (War Is Coming) (Single)

1. Happy Easter (War Is Coming)


Track List: Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Loves His Mother Mix) (Single)

1. Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Loves His Mother Mix)


Track List: Live At Knebworth

1. Let Me Entertain You (Live At Knebworth)

2. Let Love Be Your Energy (Live At Knebworth)

3. We Will Rock You (Live At Knebworth)

4. Monsoon (Live At Knebworth)

5. Come Undone (Live At Knebworth)

6. Me And My Monkey (Live At Knebworth)

7. Hot Fudge (Live At Knebworth)

8. Mr Bojangles (Live At Knebworth)

9. She's The One (Live At Knebworth)

10. Kids (Live At Knebworth)

11. Better Man (Live At Knebworth)

12. Nan's Song (Live At Knebworth)

13. Feel (Live At Knebworth)

14. Angels (Live At Knebworth)


Track List: Sexed Up

1. Sexed Up (Radio Edit)


Track List: Escapology (Explicit)

1. Feel

2. Monsoon

3. Sexed Up

4. Get A Little High

5. Come Undone

6. Something Beautiful

7. Love Somebody

8. Revolution

10. One Fine Day

11. Me And My Monkey

12. Handsome Man


Track List: Mr Bojangles

1. Mr Bojangles

2. I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen

3. The Lady Is A Tramp


Track List: Somethin' Stupid

1. Somethin' Stupid

2. Eternity (Orchestral Version)

3. My Way (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)


Track List: Eternity / The Road To Mandalay (Single)

1. Eternity (Full Length)

2. The Road To Mandalay


Track List: Strong

1. Strong

2. Let Me Entertain You (Live At The Brits '99)

3. Happy Song


Track List: Eternity/The Road To Mandalay

1. Eternity (Full Length)

2. The Road To Mandalay

3. Toxic


Track List: Let Love Be Your Energy

1. Let Love Be Your Energy

2. My Way (Live)

3. Rolling Stone


Track List: Come Undone (Single)

1. Come Undone

2. One Fine Day


Track List: Feel

1. Feel

2. Nobody Someday

3. You're History


Track List: Swing When You're Winning

1. I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen

2. Mack The Knife

3. Somethin' Stupid

4. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me

5. It Was A Very Good Year

6. Straighten Up And Fly Right

7. Well, Did You Evah

8. Mr. Bojangles

9. One For My Baby

10. Things

11. Ain't That A Kick In The Head

12. They Can't Take That Away From Me

13. Have You Met Miss Jones?

14. Me And My Shadow

15. Beyond The Sea


Track List: The Ego Has Landed

1. Lazy Days

2. Millennium

3. No Regrets

4. Strong

5. Angels

6. Win Some Lose Some

7. Let Me Entertain You

8. Jesus In A Camper Van

9. Old Before I Die

10. Killing Me

11. Man Machine

12. She's The One

13. Karma Killer

14. One Of God's Better People


Track List: Millennium

1. Millennium

3. Love Cheat (Demo Version)

4. Rome Munich Rome (Demo Version)


Track List: I've Been Expecting You

1. Strong

2. No Regrets

3. Millennium

4. Phoenix From The Flames

5. Win Some Lose Some

6. Grace

7. It's Only Us

8. Heaven From Here

9. Karma Killer

10. She's The One

11. Man Machine

12. These Dreams


Track List: Angels

1. Angels

2. Angels (Acoustic)

3. Back For Good (Live Version)

4. South Of The Border (Mother's Milkin' It Mix)


Track List: Life Thru A Lens

1. Lazy Days

2. Life Thru A Lens

3. Ego A Go Go

4. Angels

5. South Of The Border

6. Old Before I Die

7. One Of God's Better People

8. Let Me Entertain You

9. Killing Me

10. Clean

11. Baby Girl Window


Track List: Bodies (Radio Single)

1. Bodies


Track List: Heart And I (Radio Single)

1. Heart And I


Track List: You Know Me (Radio Single)

1. You Know Me

Similar Artists


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Robbie is Back! Heavy Entertainmen t Show delivers the kind of punch that has been missing in the past few albums. The Chambers/Wil l i a m s duo is simply brilliant and undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, they are a modern day Lennon/McCar t n e y or John/Taupin. The title track leads off in an over-the-top , stadium thumping, epic musical journey that rivals his Let Me Entertainmen t anthem. Love My Life is well written and could become his next Angels ballad. There are no bad songs on this album!
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Many good albums, but Intensive Care is my favorite. Tripping and Advertising Space put it over the top. Well done, Mr. Williams.
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phoenixmommy 5 4 8
Love this song by Robbie :)
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Legend. One of the best live performers I've ever seen. Don't stop now Robbie, The World is Expecting You!!
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jackberesfor d 0 6
You are the best!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !
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My favorite song by you is candy
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Love you
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Have always loved his talent. He's a true crooner from the soul. Robbie's the best man!
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You can not take it away from Robbie, Brilliant Artist. Full Stop.
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Artist description made me thumbs down.
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I love this song
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Robie Williams , molto simpatico e piacevole !
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Robbie all the way
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candy is the best i think
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Banal, common, there's nothing here that hundreds before him have used in there endeavor to call themselves musicians. His was a very weak attempt..
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Tell me. Frand. Ridco. John. Trovla.
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I am one of the few American's that adore this man and his music more than any other artist. I would do anything to see him perform! I can't pick which song is best I have not heard one song of his that I do not love.
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Candy is da bestest
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Most bestest song(candy)
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Love this song
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This is Human League song... He makes it sound like a generic boy pop song...
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Robbie will be the Sinatra of the 21st century if he chooses to..
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I heart Swing While You're Winning so hard.
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I love him. The Ego Has Landed is one of my favorite cds, but I guess it was only released in the US.
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Gandinewt, no kidding! I used to watch him on SkyOne when I lived in Heidelberg!
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I started listening to Robbie when I lived in Germany. He is awesome. I can't believe the US hasn't heard of him.
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richard.muir h e a d
per "Ready2Smile " , Robbie is one of the most unknown "stars" of music in the US. Incredible in concert - from coming onstage nude (just covering his bits), to his b@lls-out performances . Amazing. I started following "the band" in the 90's when I lived in the UK.... bringing (amongst other things), their music with me! Love it.
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He's rumoured to have been in the Spice Girls - all of them
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Did he write his own bio??
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Started digging Robbie when I borrowed the import only "I've Been Expecting You." Started collecting all future releases. Really liked Escapology. It's completely linked into a vacationi in Miami memory. I bought the original U.K. import and prefer it to the U.S. version. (I break-down the track listing of the new Greatest Hits collection on that CD's page.) Wonder why "Sing While You're Winning" isn't listed.
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Robbie Williams' Angels is one of the greatest songs ever and his other stuff is well catchy and just stays in your noggin' for days. Music to make me smile.
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Robbie is the best kept secret in the states... I began listening when I caught an interview with him on MTV in 1999 and I haven't stopped listening since... he is so talented... Robbie, don't quit your day job! Would love for Robbie to come to the south, maybe Atlanta to perform someday...
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hehe his picture kinda LOOKS like Puck from Glee
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Robbie Williams is the ONLY one I've seen that can come close to Freddie Mercury with Queen. He was Fantastic!
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@gospodarek: The US did take to him, but he liked the anonymity he had here, he liked living here without being hounded by Paparazzi. He stopped releasing singles here. It was a decision, not that he COULDN'T make he here, he just decided he preferred living here in peace. Rock DJ didn't get much play because the video was banned in the states, and that was during the "MTV age" of music here. He's a brilliant artist, but also human. He needs his peace too.
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He tried to huit it big here in America with his "Ego has landed" cd in 1999. "Millenium" and "Angels" were hits out of the gate, but he fell off after that. "Rock DJ" was his last charting hit in the US and it did not even do very well. I really like Williams and think he has a few great pop tunes. Unfortunatel y the US has not taken to him and therefore he refuses to try to gain the attention of this country as he continues to sell out shows all over the rest of the world.
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I listened to Robbie on A flight from HK to Phuket Thailand with my wife in 2003 and have not stopped listening to him, he is electrifying . I also would like to know why his management team doesnt book him some gigs here in America!
Report as inappropriate
He's got axe-murderer ' s eyes.
Report as inappropriate
how 90s.
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Veeeeery cool! I love his music, and I wish he was more popular! I'm totally trying to turn my friends on to him now. His music makes me happyyyyy! La-La-La-LUH V E HIM! :)
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