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Slade may have never truly caught on with American audiences (often narrow-mindedly deemed "too British-sounding"), but the group became a sensation in their homeland with their anthemic brand of glam rock in the early '70s, as they scored a staggering 11 Top Five hits in a four-year span from 1971 to 1974 (five of which topped the charts). Comprised of singer/guitarist Noddy Holder (born Neville Holder, June 15, 1946 in Walsall, West Midlands, England), guitarist Dave Hill (born April 4, 1946, in Fleet Castle, Devon, England), bassist Jimmy Lea (born June 14, 1949, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England), and drummer Don Powell (born September 10, 1946, Bilston, West Midlands, England), the group originally formed in the spring of 1966 under the name the In-Be-Tweens, playing out regularly with a mixture of soul and rock tracks. But besides a lone obscure single, "You Better Run" (penned by future Runaways svengali Kim Fowley), the band never issued any other recordings. By the end of '60s, the group had changed their name to Ambrose Slade and signed on with the Fontana label. Soon after, the quartet hooked up with Animals bass player-turned-manager Chas Chandler (who had discovered Jimi Hendrix a few years prior), who promptly suggested the group shorten the name to just Slade and assume a "skinhead" look (Dr. Martin boots, shaved heads) as a gimmick.

After several albums featuring few original compositions from the quartet came and went (1969's Beginnings, 1970's Play It Loud), the group began to write their own tunes, grew their hair long, and assumed the look of the then-burgeoning glam movement, joining the same cause championed by such fellow Brits as David Bowie and T. Rex. This new direction paid off in 1971 with the number 16 U.K. single "Get Down and Get With It," which soon touched off a string of classic singles and led to Slade becoming one of the most beloved party bands back home. Slade also utilized another gimmick, humorously misspelled song titles, as evidenced by such singles as "Coz I Luv You," "Look Wot You Dun," "Take Me Bak 'Ome," "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," "Gudbuy t'Jane," "C*m on Feel the Noize," "Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me," and "Merry Xmas Everybody" (the latter of which re-entered the charts every holiday season for years afterward). Several attempts at cracking the U.S. market came up empty (with track listings between their U.K. and U.S. full-lengths differing), although such albums as Slade Alive! and Slayed? are considered to be some of the finest albums of the glam era.

Slade continued to score further hit singles back home, including such correctly spelled tracks as "My Friend Stan," "Everyday," "Bangin' Man," "Far Far Away," "How Does it Feel," and "In for a Penny," but with glam rock's dissolution and punk's emergence by the mid-'70s, the hits eventually dried up for the quartet. Despite the change in musical climate, Slade stuck to their guns and kept touring and releasing albums, as the title to their 1977 album, Whatever Happened to Slade?, proved that the group's humor remained intact despite their fall from the top of the charts. A large, dedicated following still supported the group as they offered a performance at the 1980 Reading Festival that was considered one of the day's best, resulting in sudden renewed interest in the group back home and Slade scored their first true hit singles in six years with 1981's "We'll Bring the House Down" and "Lock up Your Daughters."

Slade received a boost stateside around this time as well, courtesy of the U.S. pop-metal outfit Quiet Riot, who made a smash hit out of "C*m on Feel the Noize" in 1983 that resulted in a strong chart showing for Slade's 1984 release Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply (issued as The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome in the U.K. a year earlier). Slade then enjoyed a pair of U.S. MTV/radio hits, "Run Runaway" and "My Oh My." Holder and Lea also tried their hand at producing another artist around this time as well, as they manned the boards for Girlschool's 1983 release Play Dirty. Despite another all-new studio release, Rogues Gallery, and Quiet Riot covering another classic Slade tune ("Mama Weer All Crazee Now"), Slade was unable to retain their newfound American audience or rekindled British following and they eventually faded from sight once more, this time without a comeback waiting around the corner. During the '90s, a truncated version of the group dubbed Slade II was formed (without Holder or Lea in attendance), while Holder became a popular U.K. television personality as well as the host of his own '70s rock radio show. A 21-track singles compilation, Feel the Noize: The Very Best of Slade, was issued in 1997 (re-released under the simple title of Greatest Hits a couple of years later), which proved to be a popular release in England. ~ Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Everyday (Single)

1. Everyday


Track List: Live At The Bbc

Disc 1

1. Coming Home (Live)

3. See Us Here (Live)

4. Know Who You Are (Live)

5. My Life Is Natural (Live)

6. Coloured Rain (Live)

7. Man Who Speeks Evil (Live)

8. Move Over (Live)

9. Omaha (Live)

10. Sweet Box (Live)

11. Nights In White Satin (Live)

12. It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft (Live)

13. Raven (Live)

14. Gudbuy Gudbuy (Live)

15. Getting Better (Live)

16. Darling Be Home Soon (Live)

17. Let The Good Times Roll (Live)

18. Dirty Joker (Live)

19. Get Down And Get With It (Live)

20. Wild Winds Are Blowing (Live)

Disc 2

2. Hear Me Calling (Live)

3. In Like A Shot (From My Gun) (Live)

5. Keep On Rocking (Live)

7. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Live)

11. Get Down And Get With It (Live)


Track List: In For A Penny: Raves And Faves

1. Shape Of Things To Come

2. C'mon C'mon

3. Sweet Box

4. In Like A Shot From My Gun

5. Wonderin' Y

6. How D'You Ride

7. Move Over

8. Don't Blame Me

9. Do We Still Do It

10. When The Lights Are Out

11. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing

12. Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)

13. In For A Penny

14. Let's Call It Quits

15. Burning In The Heart Of Love


Track List: Beginnings / Play It Loud

11. Born To Be Wild

13. Raven

14. See Us Here

15. Dapple Rose

16. Could I

17. One Way Hotel

18. The Shape Of Things To Come

19. Know Who You Are

20. I Remember

21. Pouk Hill

22. Angelina

23. Dirty Joker

24. Sweet Box

26. Get Down And Get With It


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Slade alive is still one of the best live albums ever recorded
Report as inappropriate
Slade alive album was my favourite rock album of all on offer back then��
Report as inappropriate
... and mine.
Report as inappropriate
Such a great voice Noddy has. He was John Lennon's favourite singer.
Report as inappropriate
Have loved these guys from the start. Hated that QR ripped them off and got all the credit.
Report as inappropriate
loved their song Run-Run Away it totally Rocked
Report as inappropriate
were one of the best shame music has gone the way it has, remember some great times listening to slade
Report as inappropriate
Needsmore likes
Report as inappropriate
Haven't heard this in forever!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Prince learned how to spell from Slade.
Report as inappropriate
Where's the early stuff, I've been a fan since the first slade album, and it doesn't seem I'll here it here either
Report as inappropriate
"Merry X-mas Everybody"
Report as inappropriate
Do We Still Do It? Yes you do Slade!
Report as inappropriate
SLADE! LOL!! Rock on...
Report as inappropriate
It is a shame that the cover band (Quiet Riot) is better known than the original here in the US. They were true pioneers - they were glam before Bolan and Bowie, they were the first to run their instruments through a sound board live, their songs were still viable during the era of hair bands a decade after first release. With as much as they influenced Rock and Roll, there really is no excuse for not being in the RR Hall of Fame. Truly a shame they have not gotten the credit or attention they
Report as inappropriate
It was fun to be a Slade fan when no one else was (in U.S.) .
Report as inappropriate
Saw them as the warm-up band for Peter Frampton, Frampton Comes Alive tour at the Forum in So. Cal. I was probably the only one there who went only because of Slade. Sat BEHIND the stage. Got to see looks on audience's face when this band they never heard of steps on stage. Noddy Holder walks up to the mic and just WAILS like fire and brimstone preacher. Best voice in rock n roll bar none. They were awestruck.
Report as inappropriate
Ah! A time when music was fun. Stuff the brooding flannel no talent shotgun to the face clown. This is what party rock was.
Report as inappropriate
Slade were the first live band I ever saw in concert the gig was in Coventry, England back in 74. Oh boy what a show!!!
Report as inappropriate
Huge influence on the 80 s glam rock bands. These guys definitely should have been bigger in the USA.
Report as inappropriate
i love 70's era glam rock from the UK
Report as inappropriate
First live concert I went to in Brisbane in the early 70's. They rocked!!!!
Report as inappropriate
With the strong influence Slade had on American bands, they should be recognized by the Rock N Roll hall of fame.
Report as inappropriate
Love this band,
Report as inappropriate
Favorite band in HS.......... . . . .
Report as inappropriate
How did this band never make it in US?
Report as inappropriate
Good time rock and roll!
Report as inappropriate
Love these guys. Always have. Still remember watcing them on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. For all you new comers they are worth investing in.
Report as inappropriate
Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply
Report as inappropriate
I saw Slade in 1974 at the Morris Civic Auditorium in South Bend, IN...they rocked the house big time as the headliner that night
Report as inappropriate
Saw them back in the early 70's. The were the warm-up band for Rod Stewart and the Faces band. Rod and Faces were really good. Had not heard of Slade until then, but they rocked. I've been a fan ever since.
Report as inappropriate
i feel so bad for them, they were amazing, but now when you mention C*m on Feel the Noize or Mama Weer All Crazee Now all anyone thinks of is that annoying Quiet Riot... SO UNFAIR
Report as inappropriate
saw them in nyc,free concert in central park way back when.what a show.dont makem like the used too
Report as inappropriate
Slade rules!!!
Report as inappropriate
I love Run Runaway!! My mom might still have the album.
Report as inappropriate
Not familiar? Give them another listen
Report as inappropriate
Thing that makes me really sad is that when most people think of Slade they only remember the BS Christmas song and not the in-your-face rock and roll they did so well. My favorites are the live albums where their true spirit shines.
Report as inappropriate
Love this band! Great songs for a work out and always make you feel good!
Report as inappropriate
They Rock!
Report as inappropriate
I agree with Bob, Sladest was a great record. Still have it and their greatest hits. Often forget that they actually had material out in the 80's. Loved the look and loved the sound. Still remember them on Don Kirshner's rock concert. They were a hoot. Long live Noddy Holder!
Report as inappropriate
michaelrocks 6 8
I'm sorry, I dislike glam-rock.
Report as inappropriate
Pretty lame discography. My favorite album from back in the day was "Sladest". You could count on Slade to get your party rockin'! Thanks Greg, for an interesting review. -- Bob
Report as inappropriate
this is big and the only chance to fight a monster,a cancer-my middle name is mark.mark is my middle name in united states and writen by dark color on that gray shade of white that those products of srowing up call themselves.b u t there is a need to kill them,those who walk after me and i have to see the courpses.if any normal,healt h y ( n o t cancer)human beings will see this comment please email me at"projenia@ h o t m a i l . c o m
Report as inappropriate
c*m on censors this is crazy
Report as inappropriate
what a....?where I can get not shelected shomething?
Report as inappropriate
Mój ulubiony brytyjski zespół od czasów szkolnych. "Mamo wszyscy jestesmy zwariowani", "Pozegnanie z Jenny", "Everyday", Rock'n'rol - tych kawałków nie da się zapomnieć. U nas można je było mieć tylko tłoczone usługowo na pocztówkach dżwiękowych - o płytach ze wzgledu na koszt nie było mowy.
Report as inappropriate
no voice louder and more fun to listen to dance get stoned and party to , even driving road trip great , was fortunate to find them while living in Delta BC Canada and only found a few select friends that enjoyed it as much as I did and I still like the music they dressed up before kiss and had fireworks on stage before kiss check them out on you tube too!
Report as inappropriate
SLADE my all time fav band. Saw them in rochester ny opening for aerosmith in 1975. Slade kicked a**. Time for a reunion. Noddy holder rules.
Report as inappropriate
I've been a Slade fan since 1975, I've always enjoyed the distinctive sound of this group. They bring back loads of great memories every time I listen to them.
Report as inappropriate
I saw Slade at the Capitol Theatre in New Jersey in the summer of '73 or '74 and Blue Oyster Cult was the opening act. Slade is one of the greatest bands to ever "cuum akross the pond". It was a wild, unbelievably loud concert. Back in the day joints were passed openly around the crowd. Noddy wore his trademark tophat and his voice was stand apart. Dave Hill wore a suit with thousands of reflectors and 8" platform shoes. Slade came back for 3 encores. It Woz Crazee man...
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