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Suede kick-started the Brit pop revolution of the '90s, bringing English indie pop/rock music away from the swirling layers of shoegazing and dance-pop fusions of Madchester, and reinstating such conventions of British pop as mystique and the three-minute single. Before the band had even released a single, the U.K. weekly music press was proclaiming them the "Best New Band in Britain," but Suede managed to survive their heavy hype due to the songwriting team of vocalist Brett Anderson and guitarist Bernard Butler. Equally inspired by the glam crunch of David Bowie and the romantic bedsit pop of the Smiths, Anderson and Butler developed a sweeping, guitar-heavy sound that was darkly sensual, sexually ambiguous, melodic, and unabashedly ambitious. At the time of the release of their first single, "The Drowners," in 1992, few of their contemporaries -- whether it was British shoegazers or American grunge rockers -- had any ambitions to be old-fashioned, self-consciously controversial pop stars, and the British press and public fell hard for Suede, making their 1993 debut the fastest-selling first album in U.K. history. Though they had rocketed to the top in the U.K., Suede were plagued with problems, the least of which was an inability to get themselves heard in America. Anderson and Butler's relationship became antagonistic during the recording of their second album, Dog Man Star, and the guitarist left the band before its fall release, which inevitably hurt its sales. Instead of breaking up, the band soldiered on, adding new guitarist Richard Oakes and a keyboardist before returning in 1996 with Coming Up, an album that returned them to the top of the British charts.

Through all of Suede's incarnations, vocalist/lyricist Brett Anderson and bassist Mat Osman remained at the band's core. The son of a cabdriver, Anderson formed the Smiths-inspired Geoff in 1985 with his schoolmate Osman and drummer Danny Wilder. Anderson was the group's guitarist; Gareth Perry was the band's vocalist. Geoff recorded two demos before splitting up in 1986, as Anderson and Osman left to attend university in London. A few years later, the pair formed Suave & Elegant, which lasted only a few months. By the end of 1989, the pair had placed an advertisement in New Musical Express, asking for a "non-muso" guitarist. Bernard Butler responded, and the trio began recording songs, primarily written by Anderson and Butler, with the support of a drum machine. Taking the name Suede after Morrissey's "Suedehead" single, the trio sent a demo tape, Specially Suede, to compete in Demo Clash, a radio show on GLR run by DJ Gary Crowley. "Wonderful Sometimes" won Demo Clash for five Sundays in a row in 1990, leading to a record contract with the Brighton-based indie label RML. By the time the band signed with RML, Anderson's girlfriend, Justine Frischmann, had joined as a second guitarist.

Suede placed an advertisement for a drummer, and former Smiths member Mike Joyce responded. Joyce appeared on the group's debut single for RML, "Be My God"/"Art." Scheduled to be released on a 12" in the fall of 1990, the single was scrapped shortly before its release due to a fight between the band and the label. Throughout 1991, the group rehearsed and recorded demos, eventually adding drummer Simon Gilbert. Frischmann left Suede in early 1992 to form Elastica; she was not replaced. A few months later, Suede signed a two-single deal with the indie label Nude Records. Shortly afterward, the band appeared on the cover of Melody Maker, without having released any material. The weekly newspaper declared them the Best New Band in Britain.

"The Drowners," the band's first single, appeared shortly after the Melody Maker cover, and it became a moderate hit, debuting at number 49 to strong reviews and word of mouth. "Metal Mickey," released in the fall, became their breakthrough hit, reaching number 17 on the U.K. charts after a suggestive, controversial performance on Top of the Pops. Anderson soon became notorious for causing controversy, and his infamous comment that he was "a bisexual man who never had a homosexual experience" was indicative of how the group both courted controversy and a sexually ambiguous, alienated audience.

A short tour before the spring release of their eponymous debut album was very successful, setting the stage for "Animal Nitrate" debuting at number seven. Shortly afterward, Suede entered the charts at number one, registering the biggest initial sales of a debut since Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Welcome to the Pleasuredome. By the summer, Suede had become the most popular band in Britain -- winning the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for Best Album that fall -- and they attempted to make headway into the United States. Their progress was halted when Butler's father died that fall, forcing the cancellation of their second tour; they had already begun to be upstaged by their opening act, the Cranberries, who received the support from MTV that Suede lacked. Shortly afterward, the band was forced to change its name to the London Suede in America, due to a lawsuit from an obscure lounge singer performing under the name Suede.

Tensions had begun to develop between Bernard Butler and the rest of the band during the group's 1993 tours, and they peaked when they reentered the studio to record a new single in late 1993. Butler conceived the song "Stay Together" as a sweeping epic partially in tribute to his father, and while it was a success upon its February 1994 release, debuting at number three, the recording was not easy. As they were working on Suede's second album, Anderson and Butler began to fight frequently, with the guitarist claiming in a rare interview that the singer worked too slowly and that his partner was too concerned with rock stardom, often at the expense of the music. Butler left the band toward the end of the sessions for the second album, and the group finished the record with Anderson playing guitar. Bernard's departure launched a flurry of speculation about Suede's future, and Dog Man Star didn't answer any of those questions. The grandiose, ambitious, and heavily orchestrated Dog Man Star was greeted with enthusiastic reviews but muted commercial response. As Suede were working on their second album, their remarkable commercial success was eclipsed by that of Blur and Oasis, whose lighter, more accessible music brought both groups blockbuster success in the wake of Suede.

While Dog Man Star sold nearly as much as Suede, the impression in the press was that the group was rapidly falling apart, and the band didn't help matters when Butler was replaced by Richard Oakes, a 17-year-old amateur guitarist, in September. Suede embarked on a long, grueling international tour in late 1994 and the spring of 1995, before disappearing to work on their third album. During the interim, Butler had a Top Ten single with vocalist David McAlmont, and Gilbert, the only gay member of Suede, was attacked in a hate crime in the fall. At a fan club gig in January of 1996, Suede debuted several new songs, as well as their new keyboardist, Neil Codling, the cousin of Gilbert. The group returned as a five-piece in September of 1996 with Coming Up. A lighter, more band-oriented affair than either of Suede's two previous albums, Coming Up was an unexpected hit, entering the charts at number one and generating a remarkable string of five Top Ten hits -- "Trash," "Beautiful Ones," "Saturday Night," "Lazy," and "Filmstar." Coming Up was a hit throughout Europe, Canada, and Asia, but it wasn't released in the U.S. until the spring of 1997.

Coming Up never did win an audience in America, partially because it appeared nearly a year after its initial release and partially because Suede only supported it with a three-city tour. Nevertheless, the record was their most successful release to date, setting expectations high for the follow-up. Upon their return to the studio in the fall of 1998, Suede decided to ditch their longtime producer, Ed Buller, choosing to work with Steve Osborne, who had previously produced New Order and Happy Mondays. The resulting album, Head Music, was released in May of 1999; an American release followed in June. Featuring heavy use of analog synthesizers and drum machines, Head Music divided opinion among hardcore Suede fans, who preferred the band's more guitar-centric approach. However, the production changes were largely aesthetic, and the band still delivered plenty of anthemic glitter rock glitz with songs like "Electricity," "Can't Get Enough," and "She's in Fashion."

Around 2001, Suede found themselves at a career crossroads. Keyboardist Codling, who had contributed greatly to the writing on Head Music, left the band and was replaced by Strangelove's Alex Lee. Adding to the sense of change, the band's label, Nude Records, went bankrupt and Suede were left at the mercy of their parent label, Sony. Also around this time, Anderson, having struggled with drug addiction (he later admitted to being a crack addict), finally decided to go clean. Despite these upheavals, by 2003 Suede had finished their fifth studio album, the Stephen Street-produced A New Morning. Unfortunately, public interest in Suede, not to mention the Brit pop sound, had faded by the early 2000s and the album sold poorly. Several concerts followed in support of the band's 2003 compilation, Singles, but by October, Suede had announced they would not be releasing any new music for the foreseeable future. They played their final concert at the London Astoria on December 13, 2003, before going on indefinite hiatus. Following the hiatus, Anderson did the previously unthinkable and reunited with original Suede guitarist Bernard Butler under the name the Tears. The duo released a well-received 2005 album, Here Come the Tears. Also during the hiatus, Anderson recorded four low-key solo albums with 2007's Brett Anderson, 2008's Wilderness, 2009's Slow Attack, and 2011's Black Rainbows.

Finally, in 2010, with Codling back on board, Suede reunited for several live shows beginning with a performance at the Teenage Cancer Trust show at Royal Albert Hall on March 24. This led to more shows, including a tour promoting the compilation album The Best of Suede. By 2011, the band had begun performing new songs live, and in 2012, Suede announced they were in the studio working on a new album with producer Ed Buller, who had produced the band's first three albums. In 2013, Suede released their sixth studio album and first album of all-original material since 2003, Blood Sports. Suede debuted several of the Blood Sports tracks online, including "Barriers" and "It Starts and Ends with You." The release featured a more mature perspective from Anderson, and a sound that harked back to the grand guitar pop of Suede's early work. After playing anniversary concerts celebrating Dog Man Star in 2014, Suede returned to the studio to make their seventh studio album. In September 2015, they announced the impending release of Night Thoughts. A dark, majestic album that recalled Dog Man Star, Night Thoughts saw release in late January 2016, debuting at six on the U.K. charts. Later that year, the band released a super deluxe 20th anniversary edition of Coming Up. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live - Royal Albert Hall

1. Introducing The Band (Live)

2. We Are The Pigs (Live)

3. Heroine (Live)

4. The Wild Ones (Live)

5. Daddy's Speeding (Live)

6. The Power (Live)

7. New Generation (Live)

8. This Hollywood Life (Live)

9. The 2 Of Us (Live)

10. Black Or Blue (Live)

11. The Asphalt World (Live)

12. Still Life (Live)

13. Killing Of A Flashboy (Live)

14. My Dark Star (Live)

15. Whipsnade (Live)

16. Together (Live)

17. Filmstar (Live)

18. Trash (Live)

19. Animal Nitrate (Live)

20. It Starts & Ends With You (Live)

21. The Living Dead (Live)

22. For The Strangers (Live)

23. So Young (Live)

24. Metal Mickey (Live)

25. Beautiful Ones (Live)

26. Stay Together (Live)


Track List: Bloodsports

1. Barriers

2. Snowblind

3. It Starts And Ends With You

4. Sabotage

5. For The Strangers

6. Hit Me

7. Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away

8. What Are You Not Telling Me?

9. Always

10. Faultlines


Track List: Dog Man Star (Deluxe Reissue)

1. Introducing The Band

2. We Are The Pigs

3. Heroine

4. The Wild Ones

5. Daddy's Speeding

6. The Power

7. New Generation

8. This Hollywood Life

9. The 2 Of Us

10. Black Or Blue

11. The Asphalt World

12. Still Life

14. Ken (The Wild Ones - 4 Track Demo)

15. A Man's Song (Heroine - 4 Track Demo)

16. Banana Youth (The Power - 4 Track Demo)

17. The 2 Of Us (4 Track Demo)

18. My Dark Star

19. The Living Dead

20. Stay Together (Long Version)

21. Killing Of A Flashboy

22. Whipsnade

23. This World Needs A Father

24. Modern Boys

25. Eno's Introducing The Band

26. La Puissance (The Power)

27. The Living Dead (Piano Version)

29. Still Life (Orchestral Version)

30. The Wild Ones (Original Unedited Version)

31. The Asphalt World (Original Unedited Version)


Track List: Best Of

Disc 1

1. Animal Nitrate

2. Beautiful Ones

3. Trash

4. Filmstar

5. Metal Mickey

6. New Generation

7. So Young

8. The Wild Ones

9. The Drowners

10. Stay Together

11. Lazy

12. Everything Will Flow

13. We Are The Pigs

14. Can't Get Enough

15. Electricity

16. Obsessions

17. She's In Fashion

18. Saturday Night

Disc 2

1. Pantomime Horse

2. My Insatiable One

3. Killing Of A Flash Boy

4. This Hollywood Life

5. Europe Is Our Playground

6. My Dark Star

7. Sleeping Pills

8. By The Sea

9. She

10. Heroine

11. The Living Dead

12. To The Birds

13. The Big Time

14. The 2 Of Us

15. The Asphalt World

16. Still Life

17. The Next Life


Track List: A New Morning

Disc 1

1. Positivity

2. Obsessions

3. Lonely Girls

4. Lost In TV

5. Beautiful Loser

6. Streetlife

7. Astrogirl

8. Untitled

9. ...Morning

10. One Hit To The Body

11. When The Rain Falls

12. Oceans

14. Positivity (Hoffer Version)

15. Buckley (Simon) (Demo)

16. Bony (Untitled) (Stanbridge Demo)

17. Beautiful Loser (Parkgate Demo)

18. Lost In TV (Stanbridge Demo)

19. Lonely Girls (Parkgate Demo)

20. Cheap (Four Track Demo)

21. When The Rain Falls (Stanbridge Demo)

Disc 2

1. Simon

2. Cheap

3. One Love

4. Superstar

5. Colours

6. Campfire Song

7. Cool Thing

8. Instant Sunshine

9. UFO

10. Rainy Day Girl

11. Hard Candy

12. ABC Song

13. You Belong To Me

14. Love The Way You Love

15. Attitude

16. Golden Gun

17. Oxygen

18. Golden Gun (Z One Demo)

19. Love The Way You Love (Brett's Original 4 Track Demo)

20. Refugees


Track List: Head Music

1. Electricity

2. Savoir Faire

3. Can't Get Enough

4. Everything Will Flow

5. Down

6. She's In Fashion

7. Asbestos

8. Head Music

9. Elephant Man

10. Hi-Fi

11. Indian Strings

12. He's Gone

13. Crack In The Union Jack


Track List: Sci-Fi Lullabies

Disc 1

1. My Insatiable One

2. To The Birds

3. Where The Pigs Don't Fly

4. He's Dead

5. The Big Time

6. High Rising

7. The Living Dead

8. My Dark Star

9. Killing Of A Flash Boy

10. Whipsnade

11. Modern Boys

12. Together

13. Bentswood Boys

14. Europe Is Our Playground

Disc 2

1. Every Monday Morning Comes

2. Have You Ever Been This Low?

3. Another No One

4. Young Men

5. The Sound Of The Streets

6. Money

7. W.S.D

8. This Time

9. Jumble Sale Mums

10. These Are The Sad Songs

11. Sadie

12. Graffiti Women

13. Duchess


Track List: Coming Up

1. Trash

2. Filmstar

3. Lazy

4. By The Sea

5. She

6. Beautiful Ones

7. Starcrazy

8. Picnic By The Motorway

9. The Chemistry Between Us

10. Saturday Night


Track List: Suede

1. So Young

2. Animal Nitrate

3. She's Not Dead

4. Moving

6. The Drowners

7. Sleeping Pills

8. Breakdown

9. Metal Mickey

10. Animal Lover

11. The Next Life


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From no bio to a bio longer than Led Zeppelin's.. . Pandora moves in mysterious ways.... Suede is superb
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I discovered them a little late, myself.
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Saw them when they were just starting out in a uni pub. My favorites forever!
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Suede rocks!!!
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So few likes for such a well-known band?! Maybe not recognizable in US
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Aha! We have a bio!
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Really, Pandora, no bio?
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Really, Pandora? No Dog Man Star?
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boooorrrinnn g g g g g
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Nice feeling ... Bring back my old memories
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Ahh, sexy, slinky Suede, I miss them so. Dog Man Star is a work of genius even if Bernard didn't like the finished product. I wish they'd reunite with both Oakes and Butler. Check out Oakes new project ArtMagic, stunning and melancholy.
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I love Suede!!
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Suede will always be one of my favorite bands ever.
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B'side is missing
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Ugh, almost all the people in the comments here we're in diapers when Suede was rockin'. Aye Brett! You guys should reunite!!
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jorgevalenti n e
That's not true, my mom was the female folk singer!
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Where's Dog Man Star? Epic album.
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this is awful!
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furrever: FYI, I was that female folk singer.
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Dog Man Star is a classic. It was the Ziggy Stardust of the 90s.

bromide01: FYI, Suede and The London Suede are the same exact band. Suede had to be marketed as The London Suede in the States because there was already a female folk singer there by the name of Suede.
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the london suede suck
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The London Suede were better than regular Suede.
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suede , the memories can not be counted I was struck by suede one stormy night in 95`.I lost my mind that year.lithium is s**t next too my sleeping pills.dreami n g in SCI- FI Lullaby.perf e c t way too wash out that bitter taste I so lovingly aquired from the 80`z glam to modern glam rock.SUEDE STAND UP AND OUT FROM THE REST.THE BEATLES HAVE REALLY LAID IT ALL OUT FOR THE MODERN BOYS FROM LONDON .SUEDE.
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London Suede rocks! They seserve as much critical aclaim as those early British Glam Bands of the 90's

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