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Terry Reid

British rock singer Terry Reid could have been a lot more famous if he had been able to accept the slot of lead singer for the New Yardbirds in 1968. That slot, of course, went to Robert Plant, and the New Yardbirds became Led Zeppelin. Unlike Plant, Reid was also a guitarist, and the opportunity to head his own group no doubt played a part in his decision to gun for a solo career. Leading a guitar-organ-drums power trio, he recorded a couple of respectable, though erratic, hard rock albums while still a teenager in the late '60s. Some bad breaks and creative stagnation combined to virtually bring his career to a halt, and he never cashed in on the momentum of his promising start.

A teen prodigy of sorts, Reid had turned professional at the age of 15 to join Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers. His first couple of singles as a headliner found him singing in a sort of poppy blue-eyed soul vein. But by the time of his 1968 debut Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid, produced by Mickie Most, he'd switched to more of a hard rock approach. Most was also handling Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group at the time, and similarities to both of those acts can be heard in Terry Reid's first two albums -- proto-hard rock on the louder tunes, sweeter folk-rock on the mellow ones (Reid in fact covered a couple of Donovan compositions, although he wrote most of his own material). Reid's high voice was reminiscent of Robert Plant's, though not nearly as shrill, and his folky numbers especially are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's most acoustic early cuts.

Reid, oddly, was considerably more well-known in the U.S. than the U.K. His first album, very oddly, was not even issued in Britain, although it made the American Top 200. It's been reported that he at least in part declined Jimmy Page's offer to join Led Zeppelin owing to his contractual commitments to record for Mickie Most as a solo artist, and to perform as an opening solo artist on the Rolling Stones' late-'60s U.S. tour. He did influence Led Zeppelin's history in a big way by recommending Plant and drummer John Bonham as suitable candidates for the group's lineup, after Plant and Bonham's pre-Led Zep outfit (the Band of Joy) played support at one of Reid's early gigs. Reid felt confident enough in his solo prospects to also turn down an offer to join Deep Purple (Ian Gillan was recruited instead).

An opening spot on the Rolling Stones' famous 1969 tour of America seemed to augur even brighter prospects for the future, but this is precisely where Reid's career stalled, at the age of 20. First he became embroiled in litigation with Mickey Most, which curtailed his studio activities in the early '70s. After a couple of personnel changes, he disbanded his original trio, leading a group for a while that included David Lindley and ex-King Crimson drummer Michael Giles (this quartet, however, didn't release any records). He moved to California in 1971 and signed to Atlantic, but his long-delayed third album didn't appear until 1973. Reid would release albums for other labels in 1976 and 1979, but none of his '70s recordings were well-received, critically or commercially (though 1976's Seed of Memory did briefly chart). He rarely recorded, though he did play some sessions and The Driver appeared in 1991.

Reid's catalog was reissued on various labels in the 21st century, and there was a resurgence of interest in his music as well. The Raconteurs recorded "Rich Kid Blues" for inclusion on 2008's Consolers of the Lonely, and made it a centerpiece of their live shows. He provided three songs to the soundtrack for Rob Zombie's horror film The Devil's Rejects. In 2009, he played the Glastonbury and WOMAD festivals. Two years later, he toured Ireland for the first time in 30 years and released the Live in London; it included performances of several new songs.

In 2012, Reid was invited to play London's most famous jazz club, Ronnie Scott's, in celebration of their 50th anniversary -- he sold out three nights. He also returned to Glastonbury and played the Isle of Wight Festival for the first time since 1971. Reid's songs gained traction with 2000s pop artists. Rumer featured "Brave Awakening" on her charting Boys Don’t Cry album. America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm included "Without Expression" on his album Gumbo. DJ Shadow collaborated with Reid, who wrote lyrics for "Listen" that appeared on Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow.

Reid toured the U.K. in 2013 and 2014, and performed the whole of Seed of Memory at the Borderline. In April 2016, the Washington Post ran a story about Reid working in Johnny Depp's home studio with Aerosmith's Joe Perry on a song for the guitarist's forthcoming solo album. The same month, Light in the Attic announced the release of The Other Side of the River, a collection of unreleased material and alternate takes from the 1973 album sessions for the twice-recorded River -- some that Reid didn't even remember. It was released in May. ~ Richie Unterberger
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Rogue Waves

1. Ain't No Shadow

2. Baby I Love You

3. Stop And Think It Over

4. Rogue Wave

5. Walk Away Renee

6. Believe In The Magic

7. Then I Kissed Her

8. Bowang!

9. All I Have To Do Is Dream


Track List: Superlungs

1. Superlungs My Supergirl

2. Loving Time

3. July

4. I've Got News For You

5. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

6. Stay With Me Baby

7. Without Expression

8. Silver White Light

9. Highway 61 Revisited

10. Penny

11. Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

12. May Fly

13. Tinker Taylor

14. Sweater

15. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart

16. Marking Time

17. Rich Kid Blues


Track List: River

1. Dean

2. Avenue

3. Things To Try

4. Live Life

5. River

6. Dream

7. Milestones


Track List: Silver White Light: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970

1. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

2. Things To Try

3. C'mon Mary

4. Silver White Light

5. July

6. Without Expression

7. Dean

8. No Good Situation

9. Rich Kid Blues / To Be Alone With You


Track List: The Driver

1. Fifth Of July

2. There's Nothing Wrong

3. Right To The End

4. The Whole Of The Moon

5. Hand Of Dimes

6. The Driver (Part 1)

7. If You Let Her

8. Turn Around

9. Gimme Some Lovin'

10. Laugh At Life

11. The Driver (Part 2)


Track List: Seed Of Memory


Track List: Terry Reid

1. Superlungs My Supergirl

2. Silver White Light

3. July

4. Marking Time

5. Stay With Me Baby

6. Highway 61 Revisited / Friends / Highway 61 Revisited

8. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

13. Fires Alive


Track List: Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid

1. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

2. Tinker Taylor

4. Without Expression

5. Sweater

6. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart

11. Loving Time


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First heard of him through a couple of movies. One being Wonderland and the other being The Devils Rejects. I have been listening to him ever since.
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First heard his season of the witch,on Bang Bang your Terry REID,,i always loved him,,hope I get to see him before he decides to hang it up
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Seed of Memory is still one of my favorite albums.
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There haven't been but a handful of people i've talked to throughout the years who knew who Terry Reid is. Those that don't sure missed out. What a great voice.
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Met him at the Grande in Detroit, great guy, saw him open for The Stones, and Played with Savoy Brown @ Tartar Field, in my mind the headliner at all three, richly talented, would love to hear that Just walk away Rene rendition. Man without Expression also a best. Truly seeds of memories.
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shenandoahcl o u d s 6
One of the best vocalist to come out of this time period along with Stevie Marriot. The best doesn't mean famous.
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Stay,......o n e of his best
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Can still remember the first time I heard Terry sing in his living room when he lived at Siverstrand Beach (Oxnard, California). Walk away Rene... my knees buckled. Had I just heard the best rock singer EVER?
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So true! I still listen to The Driver. Oh, that voice!
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Got his album Bang Bang You're Terry Reid when it was first released, IMHO, he is one of the most underrated artists of the era. His track "Mayfly" is to die for.
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fisherstiger s
You know it.
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Interesting. I'm trying to fit Reid's vocals into Led Zeppelin in my head. Not as farfetched as I thought.
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fisherstiger s
Love it...Seed of Memory is great to have the lyrics. Just to be treated right...anot h e r fave. Jesus Saves!* Angela*
Report as inappropriate
Awesome..kil l e r songs this man makes..
Report as inappropriate
Wow can you imagine Reid in Zeppelin! Maybe in parallel universe.
Report as inappropriate
This song plucks my soul always has since I was 14 and heard it at the end of devil's rejects. til I got the cd I'd fast forward the movie to the end just to hear it
Report as inappropriate
If Seed of Memory was released today it would be huge. It can bring you to tears. Such soul and feeling. Terry Reid is unique and marvelous. He has a huge cult following and no wonder.
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Great stuff
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Minor but Interesting. . . . Calling Terry Reid Minor at anything other than commercial success is simply wrong. Terry is one of best Brit Soul Singers ever, in my opinion the very best. Almost all the folks who parade across talent shows or front current bands would kill for his talent. Never off my play list. His music is part of my joy in being alive.
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Man ..terry reid one of the greatest ..he would of made led zepp..bad a** but he's better on his own..seed of memory is one of the greatest songs of all time..remind s me devils rejects..
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Billy t I'm jealous. That sounds like a fun trip.
Report as inappropriate
Picked-up Bang bang in 68 and liked it so much I traveled to the Miami Pop Festival just to see him and Janis. Three days of two stage music and no policed camping at the Seminal Indian campground made this my all time favorite Pop-Festival .
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I always wonder how zep woulda sounded with terry. That would haunt me every day of my life. Bet he wishes he had that one back. Peace terry!
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Ok, hazy memories time. In a dreary boys only boarding school run by Monks in deepest Somerset. Sneak out of the dormitory at night with two pals. Hitch hike to the 2nd Glastonbury Festival. Fell asleep on the grass, woke to see naked women dancing and hear Terry Reid. Thought I had died and gone to heaven. Bought his album as soon as I could.
Report as inappropriate
Saw him open for Cream and the Stones - still one of my favorites
Report as inappropriate
Grandy Ballroom 1969 Detroit,
Report as inappropriate
Awesome sound, one of the best.
Report as inappropriate
Terry Reid has been overlooked and under rated for along time. A talented singer, songwriter held his own throughout a roller coaster career and always came out with great works just ignored by the mainstream.. . . their loss. Seed of Memory and River are great albums! Listen and enjoy!
Report as inappropriate
Terry Reid was great live. I saw him open for Cream at Chaistain Park in Atlanta in October of 1968. I went to both the afternoon and evening shows. He did a lot from Band Bang You're Terry Reid which is a great album that I still have. I remember thinking at the time he was even better than Cream. He was that good then and I would love to see him now.
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Terry Reid is supremely talented and it is not obvious why his music was not well recieved both critically and commercially . i do remember being a kid in the '70s and hearing a couple songs from Seed of Memory on local Detroit rock radio stations and at friends homes. He is a sparkling diamond in the rough and highly recommended to anyone who likes the acoustic side of Led Zeppelin or Allman Brothers or Neil Young or CSN+Y.
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Seed of memory is my fav!! Its soo touching!!
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Beautiful song.
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Terry Reid is without question my favorite singer of all time. His voice, his passion and his love of music explodes from his every note.
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Seed of Memory is cool. I play it quite a bit
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heard him interviewed on wfmu radio 91.1fm dug it dig him
Report as inappropriate
Great Acoustic guitar sound
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Always loved his voice.
Report as inappropriate
I guess some people just miss the point.
Report as inappropriate
I was lucky enough to see Terry Reid perform live in a small club last year. I had no idea what to expect and when he came onto the stage at first I was worried that the evening would be a disaster. He was cheerfully but obviously drunk and his attention wandered between his guitar and bantering with the audience. But when he played!!!!! Man, you could see why he was regarded as a genius. Great guitar, great vocals. He lives and breathes rock!
Report as inappropriate
terrys a good friend i see him often at the caboose lounge
Report as inappropriate
Terry....hi my brother..mis s you we need to hook up somehow....l i f e is too short....Rus s e l l da muscle Short
Report as inappropriate
he's one of the greatest artists of the era, but didn't get the recognition he should have.

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Report as inappropriate
Diamond in the???i've listened to TR found&lost him since "68" still have orignal LP. Damn what a voice!
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