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Twila Paris

Known among fans as "the modern-day hymnwriter," Twila Paris was among contemporary inspirational music's most prolific singers and composers. A native of Arkansas, her grandparents were itinerant preachers, holding outdoor revival meetings and planting churches; her grandmother even wrote songs for use at evangelistic meetings. Paris' father was himself a musician, as well as the leader of an area youth mission; a life of religion and music was seemingly her destiny, and indeed she enjoyed great success as a performer, earning comparison to the legendary Fanny Crosby for her contributions to latter-day hymnody, with songs like "We Will Glorify," "Lamb of God," "How Beautiful" and "Faithful Men" included in millions of hymnals in churches across the globe. Recognized as among the most popular "praise and worship" artists of her generation, Paris also published In the Sanctuary, a book co-written with theologian Robert Webber. 1996's Where I Stand was her commercial breakthrough, becoming Paris' best-selling record to date; Perennial: Songs for the Seasons of Life followed in 1998, and a year later she returned with True North. Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies and Peaceful Worship appeared in early 2001. In 2003 Paris returned with her first full worship record since 1991's Sanctuary. House of Worship featured ten new songs as well as two new versions of the well-loved classics "We Bow Down" and "We Will Glorify." Simply Twila Paris followed in 2005. ~ Jason Ankeny
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Twila Paris

1. God Is In Control

2. Run To You

3. How Beautiful

4. We Will Glorify

5. We Bow Down

6. Faithful Friend

7. He Is Exalted

8. The Warrior Is A Child

9. The Joy Of The Lord

10. Lamb Of God


Track List: God Shed His Grace - Songs Of Truth And Freedom

2. True North

4. I See You Standing

5. The Warrior Is A Child

6. There Is A Plan

7. God Is In Control

8. How Beautiful

9. I Can Do All Things

10. Runner

13. What Am I Without You


Track List: Sparks and Shadows (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. Sparks And Shadows (Performance Track In Key Of C With Background Vocals)

2. Sparks And Shadows (Performance Track In Key Of A)

3. Sparks And Shadows (Performance Track In Key Of Eb)

4. Sparks And Shadows


Track List: My Delight (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. My Delight (Performance Track In Key Of Bb)

2. My Delight (Performance Track In Key Of G)

3. My Delight (Performance Track In Key Of Db)

4. My Delight


Track List: How Beautiful EP

1. How Beautiful (Performance Track In Key Of D-E)

2. How Beautiful (Performance Track In Key Of B-Db)

3. How Beautiful (Performance Track In Key Of F-G)

4. How Beautiful


Track List: I Want The World To Know (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. I Want The World To Know (Performance Track In Key Of D-E With Background Vocals)

2. I Want The World To Know (Performance Track In Key Of B-Db)

3. I Want The World To Know (Performance Track In Key Of F-G)

4. I Want The World To Know


Track List: You Are God EP


Track List: God Of All (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. God Of All (Performance Track In Key Of E With Background Vocals)

2. God Of All (Performance Track In Key Of Db)

3. God Of All (Performance Track In Key Of G)

4. God Of All


Track List: Make Us One (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. Make Us One (Performance Track In Key Of C-D With Background Vocals)

2. Make Us One (Performance Track In Key Of A-B)

3. Make Us One (Performance Track In Key Of Eb-F)

4. Make Us One


Track List: For Eternity (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. For Eternity (Performance Track In Key Of B With Background Vocals)

2. For Eternity (Performance Track In Key Of Ab)

3. For Eternity (Performance Track In Key Of D)

4. For Eternity


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. God Is In Control

2. The Warrior Is A Child

3. Runner

4. The Joy Of The Lord

5. We Will Glorify

6. We Bow Down

7. Run To You

8. (I Am) Not Afraid Anymore

9. How Beautiful

10. The Time Is Now

11. Lamb Of God

12. My Lips Will Praise You


Track List: Knowin' You're Around

1. Spring Water

2. Angel Band

3. I'll See You Sunday

4. Knowin' You're Around

5. Morning Sunrise

6. I'm Singing Again

7. Turn Around

8. Victory Song

9. Elijah

10. Sing Me A Lullaby


Track List: The Ultimate Collection

Disc 1

1. God Is In Control (Beyond A Dream Album Version)

2. Runner (Kingdom Seekers Album Version)

3. Sparks And Shadows

7. Come Emmanuel

8. (I Am) Not Afraid Anymore

9. Faithful Father

10. How Beautiful (Cry For The Desert Album Version)

11. He Is Exalted (Kingdom Seekers Album Version)

12. God Of All

13. Lamb Of God (Kingdom Seekers Album Version)

Disc 2

1. Run To You

2. Arise, My Soul, Arise

3. Fill My Heart

5. True North (True North Album Version)

6. Watch And Pray

8. Fix Your Eyes

10. Jesus In You

11. Glory, Honor, And Power

12. Christ In Us


Track List: Simply Twila Paris

1. The Warrior Is A Child

2. Clearer Vision

3. Forever Eyes

4. Keepin' My Eyes On You

5. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

6. Do I Trust You

7. I Commit My Love To You

8. We Will Glorify


Track List: 8 Great Hits


Track List: House Of Worship

1. God Of All

2. We Bow Down (New Recording)

3. You Are God

4. For Eternity

5. Glory And Honor

6. Come, Emmanuel

7. Fill My Heart

8. Make Us One

9. I Want The World To Know

10. Not My Own

11. Christ In Us

12. We Will Glorify (New Recording)


Track List: Glory, Honor And Power (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. Glory, Honor And Power (Performance Track In Key Of D-Eb With Background Vocals)

2. Glory, Honor And Power (Performance Track In Key Of B-C)

3. Glory, Honor And Power (Performance Track In Key Of F-Gb)

4. Glory, Honor, And Power


Track List: Fill My Heart (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. Fill My Heart (Performance Track In Key Of D With Background Vocals)

2. Fill My Heart (Performance Track In Key Of B)

3. Fill My Heart (Performance Track In Key Of F)

4. Fill My Heart


Track List: Bedtime Prayers Lullabies & Peaceful Worship

1. God Is All Around Us

2. Jewels

3. My Delight

4. Perfect Peace

5. My Best Friend

6. Your Whole Life Long

7. His Beloved

8. More Than I Can Say

9. There Is Only One

10. Bedtime Prayer

11. See You Tomorrow

12. Blessing


Track List: My Lips Will Praise You (Performance Tracks) - EP

1. My Lips Will Praise You (Performance Track In Key Of A-B)

2. My Lips Will Praise You (Performance Track In Key Of Gb-Ab)

3. My Lips Will Praise You (Performance Track In Key Of C-D)

4. My Lips Will Praise You


Track List: Signature Songs: Twila Paris

1. The Warrior Is A Child

2. We Bow Down

3. I Commit My Love To You

4. Do I Trust You

5. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

6. Keepin' My Eyes On You

7. Clearer Vision

8. Forever Eyes

9. We Will Glorify

10. Sing Me A Lullaby


Track List: True North

1. Run To You

2. True North

3. No Confidence

4. Delight My Heart

5. Wisdom

6. I Choose Grace

7. Could You Believe

8. Daughter Of Grace

9. Once In A Lifetime

10. Wondering Out Loud

11. When You Speak To Me


Track List: Perennial

1. We Seek His Face

2. Father, We Are Here

3. Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing

4. Faithful Men

5. Be Thou My Vision

6. Amazing Grace

8. Fountain Of Grace

9. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

10. My Lips Will Praise You

11. Perennial


Track List: Keepin' My Eyes On You

1. We Will Glorify

2. Humility

3. Keepin' My Eyes On You

4. Make Me New

5. I Belong To You

6. Thank You For Keepin' Your Hand On Me

7. It's So Easy

8. I Commit My Love To You

9. If The Feelings Ever Go Away

10. Lookin' Up


Track List: The Early Years

1. Release Of The Spirit

2. Runner

3. Holy Is The Lord

4. Bonded Together

5. Throne Room Suite

6. Prince Of Peace

7. Send Me

8. Lamb Of God

9. Center Of Your Will

10. Faithful Men


Track List: Where I Stand

1. Love's Been Following You (Where I Stand Album Version)

2. Hold On (Where I Stand Album Version)

3. Band Of Survivors (Where I Stand Album Version)

4. Faithful Friend (Where I Stand Album Version)

5. I Can See Jesus In You (Where I Stand Album Version)

6. Honor And Praise (Where I Stand Album Version)

7. (I Am) Not Afraid Anymore (Where I Stand Album Version)

8. What Did He Die For (Where I Stand Album Version)

9. House Of Cards (Where I Stand Album Version)

10. I Never Get Used To What You Do (Where I Stand Album Version)

11. I Will Listen (Where I Stand Album Version)


Track List: Warrior Is A Child

1. The Warrior Is A Child (1995)

2. Forever Eyes

3. Clearer Vision

4. Do I Trust You

5. Covenant Keeper

6. The Battle Is The Lord's

7. We Bow Down

8. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

9. To Do Your Will

10. Come On In

11. Praise Him


Track List: The Warrior Is A Child (Performance Tracks) EP

1. The Warrior Is A Child (Key-D-Eb-Premiere Performance Plus)

2. The Warrior Is A Child (Key-B-C-Premiere Performance Plus)

3. The Warrior Is A Child (Key-F-Gb-Premiere Performance Plus)

4. The Warrior Is A Child


Track List: Beyond A Dream

1. God Is In Control

2. Watch And Pray

3. Neither Will I

4. All About You

5. Visitor From Heaven

6. Seventy Years Ago

7. I Will Worship

8. All My Heart

9. Rescue The Prisoner

10. What Am I Without You

11. The Light Is Shining


Track List: Same Girl

1. Holy Is The Lord (Same Girl Album Version)

2. Bonded Together (Same Girl Album Version)

3. Running To The Rescue (Same Girl Album Version)

4. Send Me (Same Girl Album Version)

5. Same Girl (Same Girl Album Version)

6. Prince Of Peace (Same Girl Album Version)

7. Let No Man Take Your Crown (Same Girl Album Version)

8. I Feel It (Same Girl Album Version)

9. Throne Room Suite (Same Girl Album Version)


Track List: A Heart That Knows You

1. A Heart That Knows You

2. Destiny

3. How Beautiful

4. I See You Standing

5. Every Heart That Is Breaking

6. Prince Of Peace

7. Wandering Pilgrim

8. Runner

9. The Warrior Is A Child

10. Holy Is The Lord

11. Sweet Victory

12. True Friend

13. Bonded Together

14. Release Of The Spirit

15. Lamb Of God

16. Do I Trust You Medley


Track List: It's The Thought...

1. Midwinter

2. Alleluia, Christ Is Born

3. Glory To God

4. Away In A Manger

5. White Christmas/Whiter Than Snow

6. It's The Thought

7. I Saw Three Ships

8. This World

9. Down In Yon Forest

10. O Holy Night

11. Hallelujah Chorus

12. Wandering Pilgrim


Track List: Sanctuary

1. Sanctuary (Sanctuary Album Version)

2. Let Them Praise (Sanctuary Album Version)

3. The Joy Of The Lord (Sanctuary Album Version)

4. I Am Ready Sanctuary Album Version)

5. We Shall Assemble (Sanctuary Album Version)

6. We Bow Down (Sanctuary Album Version)

7. Arise, My Soul, Arise (Sanctuary Album Version)

8. Hosanna (Sanctuary Album Version)

9. Come, Worship The Lord (Sanctuary Album Version)

10. Lamb Of God (Paris) (Sanctuary Album Version)

11. Every Knee Shall Bow (Sanctuary Album Version)

12. Ele E Exaltado (Port.) (Sanctuary Album Version)

13. We Will Glorify (Paris) (Sanctuary Album Version)

14. Keeper Of The Door (Sanctuary Album Version)


Track List: Cry For The Desert

1. Tributary

2. Nothing But Love

3. Cry For The Desert

4. He Is A Song

5. Undivided Heart

6. How Beautiful

7. I Will Wait

8. I See You Standing

9. This Thorn

10. Medley: Celebration/Kingdom Of God

11. Fix Your Eyes


Track List: For Every Heart

1. Sweet Victory

2. Every Heart That Is Breaking

3. Mount Nebo

4. All That I Need

5. True Friend

6. I Will Never Go

7. Never Ending Love

8. Peace Be Still

9. He Is No Fool

10. You Have Been Good

11. For The Glory Of The Lord (Paris)


Track List: Kingdom Seekers

1. Runner

2. Center Of Your Will

3. Tellin' The Truth

4. Language Of Disciples

5. Lamb Of God

6. The Child Inside You

7. Breaking My Heart

8. It All Goes Back

9. Release Of The Spirit

10. He Is Exalted

11. Faithful Men


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So lovely and beautiful voice! Thanks amd praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of music.
Report as inappropriate
heathervanen g e n
Love how beautiful!!! !
Report as inappropriate
Thank you for clarifying her vitality status, Anita. I kept thinking When did she die and how? as I read this bio. It needs fixing, for sure!
Report as inappropriate
This bio needs an update that is in the present tense. You make it sound like she's dead! And that would be tragic. What an incredible gift she IS to the world!
Report as inappropriate
No, tibbieman1, I believe she is still alive. My mother sang her song Every heart that is breaking at studio A in the mall as she was recording it for a church service. The studio played my mother singing that song throughout the mall, unbeknownst to her, and when she was down she had an audience of people who believed that she was actually Twila Paris and they wanted her autograph! My mother only sang for the church though, she never commercializ e d it.
Report as inappropriate
Her biography on here is in the past tense. She isn't dead, is she?
Report as inappropriate
MY MOTHER & AUNT SEEN HER BACK IN LATE '80's, or early' 90's. I've had couple of her cds. "God is in control" has. Been words spoken hundreds of times, maybe more, EVEN preventing me from extreme violence, just by SPEAKING THOSE WORDS, I KNOW THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS THERE. BY GOD'S GRACE, I AM BLESSED, NOT JUST IN PEACE & COMFORT, BUT JUST AS WELL, IN STORMS & ADVERSITY. HALLELUJAH
Report as inappropriate
My name is Parris lackey!!!!!! !
Report as inappropriate
I absolutely love this woman and her music. Seen her many times in concert since 1987. May God richly bless her, for she has touched do many lives with her music and beautiful voice.
Report as inappropriate
I loved her from the first time I heard her. I love to meditate on her music. What a beautiful music ministry!
Report as inappropriate
This artist has the power to reach into the depths of my soul and lift my spirit to worship God like I have not experienced in a way that can be attributed to one artist.
Report as inappropriate
Without a doubt, one of my favorite Christian singers and songwriters! So inspiring!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Beautiful words for a beautiful talented Voice that is very uplifting
To all of us that enjoys her wonderful worshiping ministry!
Thank you for Touching All of
Your Faithful fans!
Twila Allen Upchurch
taup@embarqm a i l . c o m
Report as inappropriate
beautiful words have been spoken
for atalentedd
Report as inappropriate
i think the lyric here is different! though i liked this song. prayer song!
Report as inappropriate
A whisper in the wind.
Report as inappropriate
She has a voice like a breath of 'Fresh Air' beautiful voice.
Report as inappropriate
Love her beautiful voice that God gave her! :-)
Report as inappropriate
She's a classic
Report as inappropriate
Her voice is great!
Report as inappropriate
*Always gotta be a typo: as we PASS the fawn stumbling stage below
Report as inappropriate
Listening to God is in Control; what a powerful hymn with truth we come to see more and more as we pall the fawn stumbling in the grass' decades of life and see all he does (daily) that we somehow thought we were dong... Great use of a voice that could have sunk into spiritual insignifican c e in Hollywood or some other low joint...
Report as inappropriate
How amazing your work is, Ms. Paris!! Your Bedtime Prayers CD could not have come at a better time with the birth of our first precious son that same year. Your hymns of worship brought us through some tough times of parenting and my husband's work, by the grace of God. I give away every one of this masterpiece I buy. I'm so glad I found this station! May Lord bless and keep you", Ms. Paris. Grace and Peace. D.M.J.
Report as inappropriate
She's alive and we are doing a concert in Greensboro NC in a few days I love her music
Report as inappropriate
I enjoy the song about her grandparents . She has always been my favorite artist. Yes, the songs we sing when we get to heaven will be simply amazing and the absence of sin will allow us to be and do beyond our wildest dreams. I look forward to eternity and I'm closer than I was yesterday. The pilgrimage continues. Guide me Lord!!
Report as inappropriate
I just heard this and remember it from when I was a little girl, my parents are both pastors and used this to put me to sleep
Report as inappropriate
Her music gives you chill bumps
Report as inappropriate
Even a hard rock fan like me prefers this kind of music when it comes to worshiping God.
Report as inappropriate
There is only ONE!!!
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Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Twila is my favorite singer of all time. I've met her on two different occasions and she is such a humble, down-to-eart h woman.
Report as inappropriate
AND she is a True believer in Christ ... :=)
Report as inappropriate
I used to work with her in Benton,Arkan s a s she is truly a very gifted singer Love her songs
Report as inappropriate
marcottelaur a
She is alive, :)
Report as inappropriate
Still has it after all these years and all those songs she has written, published and sung. Remember back in the day she did a cover shoot for and CD cover and just went at it with no rehearsal or makeup. Such a natural. God Bless.
Report as inappropriate
Twila is one of my two favorite contemporary Christian song writer. Her music causes my heart to worship the Lord.
Report as inappropriate
I remember her music from years ago when I was a young girl... she makes awesome worship songs!! God bless her ministry!!!
Report as inappropriate
janna.c.olso n
This is amazing, Twila! Keep going, and never stop!
Report as inappropriate
we sing we will glorify at church a lot!
Report as inappropriate
Precious - absolutely precious - thank you for sharing your beautiful gift, Twila. God graced you with loveliness.
Report as inappropriate
I love Twila
Report as inappropriate
A very special album for me! I played this for my first daughter every night as we were living in a tiny cabin in Alaska. I now have 4 beautiful daughters, and just playing one song can bring tears to my eyes!
Report as inappropriate
I like to think that in heaven we will all be able to worship at the top of our lungs, from deep within our hearts, like Twila seems to do.
Report as inappropriate
Is she dead? The bio on Pandora seems like she is a "was".
Report as inappropriate
You are an inspiration to me. I sing your songs for worship at our church, I am old school, LOL , I still love the song WE bow down. Thank you and continue on for our Lord And Savior!!!!!!
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Galatians 2:20
Report as inappropriate
Her work uplifts!
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