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Various Artists

Besides recording several respected EPs for Chain Reaction under the confusingly titled production concern known as Various Artists, Berlin's Thorsten Profrock co-owns (with Sasha Brauer) Din Records, home to releases by excellent, respected producers Monolake, Pole, and Arovane. Profrock entered the Berlin electronics scene first by shopping at the Berlin record store Hard Wax while working toward his economics degree. By 1994, he worked at Hard Wax as well, growing closer to the store's base for legendary productions on the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction family of labels. Profrock also began producing and released his first Various Artists project, 1995's 1-7, on Chain Reaction. (He also recorded two singles for the label as Resilient and Erosion.) The continuation piece 8, 8.5, 9 appeared on England's Fat Cat label in 1997, highlighting the producer's subtle ambient sense and reliance on a restrictive frequency range -- all middles, no highs or lows. Later that year, Chain Reaction compiled his work on the Decay Product compilation, and Fat Cat expanded 8, 8.5, 9 to an EP for Profrock's second CD release. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Hard Techno Reworks 08

1. Fire

2. Maximal

3. Exiles

4. Ping Pong Pineapple


Track List: Meu Funk É Curitibano 02


Track List: OIM: Vol. II Compilation

1. Bye Bye Baby


Track List: Centering Spa

11. Untitled


Track List: Montage (From "Swiss Army Man") (Single)

1. Montage (From "Swiss Army Man") [Feat. Paul Dano And Daniel Radcliffe]


Track List: Dark Electro Rock

1. American Vagrant

2. Subculture Vulture

3. Suicide Bride

4. Scars

5. Bitter Revenge

6. Guts And Blood

7. Gothtronica


Track List: Emotive Piano

1. Bleak Outlook

2. Precious Memories

3. A Moment In Time

4. Crestfallen

5. A Little Tenderness

6. Slipping Away

7. Soft Spot

8. Say Goodbye

9. Soul Searching

10. Dejected

11. Passing Clouds

12. Love Affair

13. Silver Raindrops

14. Grief Stricken

15. Shades Of Grey

16. Destitute

17. Distant Memories

18. Delicate Raindrops

19. Reawakening

20. Admire From Afar

21. The Lightest Touch

22. River Arun

23. Gentle Guidance

24. Building A Future

25. Desolation

26. Highland Retreat


Track List: Acoustic Roots: Latin America

1. Aire De Zamba

2. El Condor

3. La Pampa

4. Sip Of Sangria

5. Vino Tinto

6. Santiago Serenade

7. Angelica

8. Tacos Con Tequila

9. Il Camino

10. Huamanga

11. Full Bodied

12. Sombrero

13. Mi Amor

14. Under The Stars

15. Pink Lady

16. Alpacas

17. Spirit Of Santa Rosa

18. Travel South


Track List: Essential Deep House - Mixed By CastNowski


Track List: Que Pachangon Con Banda

20. Juana La Cubana


Track List: Japanese EDM Pop Fusion, Vol. 1

1. Eastern Euphoria

2. Yo Matsuri

3. Reaching For The Stars

4. Behind The Sun

5. Yorokobu Nights

6. Cyber Geisha

7. Kandi Krishna

8. Digital Dragons

9. Wabi Sabi


Track List: Bomb Squad Presents: Bounce Inc.

12. Bomb Squad Presents Bounce Inc. Continuous Mix


Track List: 19 Cumbiazos Con Banda

1. Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir

2. El Caiman

3. El Diferente

4. Oye Como Va

5. Micaela

6. Cuando Me Enamoro

7. Mentira

8. Tu Cucu

9. Al Ritmo De La Banda

10. Como Quieres Que Te Quiera

11. Colegiala

12. La Muela De Mi Vecina

13. Toro Mambo

14. Fiebre Tropical

15. Pachuco Bailarin

16. Maria Cristina

17. Mambo Borracho

18. Cumbiare

19. Carola


Track List: Miss V.I.P. (As Featured In Internet Social Media Articles) - Single

1. Miss V.I.P. (As Featured In Internet Social Media Articles)


Track List: Nostalgia De Mi Tierra

1. La Mananitas

2. Mi Viejo Amigo

3. Mi Viejo

4. Amigo Del Ama

5. Los Consejos De Mi Padre

6. Viejo Corazon De Oro

7. Adios Cancionero

8. Padre Querido

9. Plegaria A Mi Padre

10. Te Quiero Papa

11. El Sollozo De Un Viejo

12. Sangre De Indio

13. Mi Mejor Amigo

14. Nadie Es Eterno

15. Mi Padre, Mi Amigo Y Hermano

16. Si Mi Padre Fuera Joven

17. El Hombre Que Mas Te Amo

18. Campanas Para Mi Padre

19. La Prision De Un Ilegal

20. Cristales De La Prision

21. Hablo De Mi Padre

22. Recuerdos De Mi Padre

23. Mi Mejor Amigo

24. Recuerdo De Un Viejo

25. Gracias Padre Mio


Track List: Christmas Holiday, Vol. 1 (Live)

1. We 3 Kings Disorient R

2. Circle The Trees

3. What Child Is This

4. Our Boys Are Coming Home

5. Way Away In A Manger

6. Holiday Hop

7. Rest Ye Gentlemen

8. Warming By The Harp

9. In The Spirit Of The Time

10. Smooth Mistletoe


Track List: Epic Rock, Vol. 2

1. Doing It

2. Nemesis Gaze

3. Reinforcements

4. Splat

5. Durango

6. Middle Earth

7. Desperate Measures

8. Caverns

9. The Dark Lord

10. Epic Slide

11. Changes

12. Revolution In The Streets


Track List: DJ Club Hot Mix

1. Chain Reaction

2. That'z It

3. In Concrete

4. Liv

5. The Icy Sea

6. City Jungle

7. Ghetto

8. Jack Is Back

9. Lightyears

10. Tee Two

11. Kiss


Track List: Pastoral Romance, Vol. 2

1. Thoughts Of Home

2. Casting Back

3. Hoping For The Best

4. Afternoon Breeze

5. Royal Procession

6. Playful Afternoon

7. Coming Of Age

8. In The Heartland

9. Reflections

10. Epic Story


Track List: Inspirational Americana

1. American Courage

2. America Awakens

3. Appalachian Morning

4. A King's Homecoming

5. American Frontier

6. Hometown Pride

7. Faith And Valor

8. Our Forefathers

9. A Soldier's Return

10. The Promise

11. Exciting Escapade

12. Our Heartland


Track List: Tangled Web

1. The Plot Thickens

2. Chief Negotiator

3. Search The Remains

4. Crime Scene

5. Dead Of Night

6. Lost At Sea

7. I Think You're Lying

8. Deception Hour

9. Warehouse Mindgames

10. Search Your Mind

11. Filth And Fury

12. Scorched Ops

13. This Is Getting Tense

14. Scars Of Conflict

15. Get A Clue


Track List: Wavelength: An Adventure In Surf

1. Jalapeno

2. Party Favors

3. Spaghetti Spy

4. Surfin Blue

5. Energy

6. Tanked

7. First Crush

8. Shootin The Falls

9. Slip N Slide

10. Burnin Up Coast


Track List: Cute & Quirky

1. Ukey Cute

2. Time to Play

3. Kazooey

4. Fluteflies

5. King of the Wild Frontier

6. Hey Applehead

7. Funky Farmboy

8. Where's My Potato?

9. Millie's House of Dreams

10. Running in Circles

11. Tingy Tong

12. Welcome to the Mushroom


Track List: Autobahn: High Octane Electronic

1. Bump N Run

2. Controller

3. Luxury Wonder Machine

4. Demolition Trash Master

5. Engine Room Stomp

6. Bigfoot Vs. Leadfoot

7. I'm Alive

8. Follow The Leader

9. Copter Hawkz

10. Street Prowler

11. Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

12. Digital Horsepower

13. Petrol Pusha

14. Death Race

15. The Runaround

16. Amphunkamine

17. Flux Capacitor

18. Alien Technology

19. Mechanical Swarm

20. Style Driver


Track List: Dramatic Commercials

1. The Beginning

2. Inquisition

3. Flight

4. Talidrama

5. Bandito

6. Platinum Ride

7. The Journey

8. The Dreams

9. Pirates Island

10. After Battle

11. Electric Dave

12. Alx

13. Work It

14. Danger Lo

15. Pretty One

16. M Or M

17. A Trancey Dance

18. Was Radar

19. My Name Is Bond

20. Da Deesco

21. Good Day Audience

22. Cosmic Dance

23. Urgent News

24. Blogger

25. The Search

26. Slow News Day

27. Top Scores

28. Enigma News

29. Family Drama

30. Outer Layers

31. Punk Tek

32. Hold It Down

33. The Bravest Time

34. Crowd Pleaser

35. Outta Sight

36. Supercharge

37. Under The Hood

38. Dont Need Anything

39. More Ways

40. Guitar Melancholy

41. West Tek


Track List: Summertime Rock

1. Pure Platinum

2. Tremolo

3. Aqualuna

4. Agent Unknown

5. Left Side

6. True Grit

7. Nugget

8. Timberline

9. Dogs On Parade

10. Secret Chord

11. Mute Switch

12. Sound On Sound


Track List: Hard Rock

1. Pod People

2. Ground Attack

3. Slither In

4. Icy Noise

5. Fear The Night

6. Dirt Bike

7. Strip Mine

8. Misdirection

9. Hash Bar

10. Crash Factor

11. Way Underground

12. Overweight

13. True Distortion

14. Air Raid


Track List: Prime Time Party

1. La Vida Buena

2. Car Girls

3. Jump Zoot

4. Deep Love

5. Hora Shmora

6. Funky Dog

7. Party Anthem

8. High Jump

9. Mariachi Night

10. Speed Punk

11. That's My Boyfriend

12. Salsero Loco

13. Sweet Dancing

14. Bullwhip


Track List: Delicia Bossa, Vol. 1

1. Delicia Bossa

2. Paquerar With Me

3. Seja Minha Tonight

4. Me Beijo

5. Ser Chegado Bossa

6. Curtir Baiao

7. Ca Entre Nos

8. Ficar Chill

9. Lugar Secreto

10. E A Vida


Track List: Natural Panoramas

1. Where Do I Go

2. On The Veranda

3. The Great Wide Open

4. Sad Song

5. Koko Decides

6. Scottish

7. Day Of The Iguana

8. Coming Civilization

9. Quiet Hunter

10. The Lair

11. When Good Fish Go Bad

12. I Won't Survive

13. Spear Of Destiny

14. World Beat

15. Jungle Love

16. The Expedition

17. Stingray

18. Behind The Bush

19. The Pond

20. Thorn On The Rose

21. Reggae Jive


Track List: Urban Beats Vol. 2

1. My Wheels

2. Car Wash

3. High Way

4. Kid's Stuff

5. Down The Pipe

6. Better Days

7. Smooth Hustler

8. Baby Girl

9. Look Here

10. Bijou

11. Gee Strip

12. Dangrus

13. Left Coast

14. What Goes?

15. Swingthug

16. Watch Ya Back

17. Burn It Down

18. Jamaica Station

19. Klrs

20. Little 'Tude

21. Nu Flow

22. Why You Do Dat?

23. Tech-Tronic

24. Girlfriend


Track List: Indie Rock Explosion

1. Antidote To The Cure

2. The Other Side

3. Walking Dream

4. Fuzzy Memory

5. Getaway Car

6. Orphan Soul

7. Stereo Heart

8. Shaggers And Daggers

9. Fighting Myself

10. Sad Bomb


Track List: Roots

1. Eyes Red

2. Skyline

3. Time In St Louis

4. Goldtop

5. Leaving In The Morning

6. 9 Hour Drive

7. Down The Line

8. Will To Be

9. More Trem

10. She's A Commotion

11. Memories Of You

12. Cannondale

13. Edge Hill

14. Greensboro Village

15. Another Day In Georgia


Track List: Muddy Beats: Swampy-A** Redneck Rock & Blues

1. Southern Fried Blues

2. Greasy Groove

3. Little Miss Honky Tonk

4. Mystic Swamp

5. Moonshine Mountain

6. Redneck Swagger

7. Ruckus

8. Grifter

9. Slick Willie

10. Rawk Gut

11. Bayou Born

12. Slip N Slide

13. Two-Step By Twilight

14. Rock Slide

15. Night Run

16. Backwater Mist

17. Badass

18. Down And Out

19. Walkin' The Levy

20. Jinxed


Track List: Textures & Dark Moods

1. Aggressive Designs

2. Timemaker

3. Dark Anticipation

4. Holding Out Hope

5. Ghosts In The Attic

6. The Chasm

7. Requiem

8. Burden Of Proof

9. Commando Unit

10. Undercover Sting

11. Horrific

12. In The Distance

13. Deep Thoughts

14. Out Of The Fog

15. Serious Contemplation

16. Dark Abyss

17. The Anticipation

18. Unseen Eyes

19. The Unearthing

20. Monsters In The Attic


Track List: Gospel Revival: Hallelujah From A To Z

1. It's A Miracle

2. Amazing Grace

3. Amazing Grace (Instrumental Version)

4. Don't Mean Nothin Without You

5. Grave Digger

6. Far Away

7. Keep On Keepin On

8. Jordan's Bright Shore

9. Preachin To The Choir

10. Save Me From Myself

11. You Set Me Free

12. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

13. Love Is Gonna Change The World

14. Some Days I Feel Like Dying

15. Stand Tall Together

16. Naked As A Jaybird

17. Didn't Know I Could Feel Like This

18. Little Piece Of Heaven

19. When The Saints Go Marching In

20. When The Saints Go Marching In (Acappella Version)


Track List: High Stakes: Retro Action Crime Themes

1. Smooth Operator

2. Forced Entry

3. Outta Sight

4. Bossa Nova Break In

5. Boogaloo Action

6. Chaser

7. The Switcheroo

8. The Heist

9. Splitsville

10. Street Heat

11. Swingin' Scene

12. High Stakes

13. Just Stay Cool

14. Lay Low

15. The Big Score


Track List: Tripping: Trip Hop Ambience

1. Suitcase

2. Clearance

3. Darkside

4. Ladybug

5. Dirty Sanchez

6. Dirt Raker

7. Horrorhouse

8. Plot

9. Shoe Puke

10. Sinister Road Trip


Track List: Delirium

1. Kooks Cant Read

2. Whoops

3. Lion Tamer

4. Trip Slip and Blip

5. Funny Bone

6. Goofy Waltz

7. Clown Brigade

8. Magic Whirligig

9. Porcupine Stew

10. Inflatable Halo


Track List: Buzz

1. Amplified

2. California Theme

3. Down To The Wire

4. Out Of Season

5. Nomad

6. Conversion

7. Street Cred

8. Sunday Song

9. Underage

10. Take Six

11. Dark Light

12. Getting By


Track List: Adrenaline: Energetic Athletic Action

1. Metamorpheus

2. Victory

3. Vroom Daddy

4. Fire

5. Molten Energy

6. Troubled Athlete

7. Fury

8. Close It Down

9. Anger

10. Those Who Dare


Track List: Beat Nation: Decadent Beats Unleashed

1. Tek Know

2. Steppin In Time

3. Buck Scotters

4. Yo Llama

5. Short Circuit

6. Smoove

7. Rub A Dub Club

8. Homeez

9. The Deep

10. Give It Up

11. Digital Handshake

12. House O Jungle

13. Bad A

14. Laid To Rest

15. Straight Ahead

16. Ravernod

17. Turn Me Over

18. Freestyle

19. Wind It Up

20. Electric Socks

21. My Hammond

22. Got Yer Back

23. Drop It


Track List: Exhale: Laidback Alternative 2

1. Morning

2. Spooky Test Results

3. Bent B

4. Gabby

5. Fanger

6. Crane

7. 3 Cows

8. Laid

9. In The Midst

10. Kissing Tree


Track List: Rock The 60s

1. Gunning For You

2. Beggar's Bone

3. Rainy Morning

4. Psycho Trip

5. Sunshine

6. Green Blues

7. Mod Boots

8. Ooh, Baby

9. Fly Home

10. Opium Cloud

11. Move Your Feet

12. Union Jack

13. Wild Bikini


Track List: Power Plant

1. Aggressive Footwear

2. Billy's Boots

3. Carnivore's Carnival

4. Aggrieved

5. Bad Butler

6. Temple Town

7. Mortal City

8. Compulsion

9. Pie

10. Schwa

11. Hammer Head

12. Red Box

13. Gin Stroke

14. Big Daddy

15. Groovin' With You

16. Chique Sophistics

17. Stick Ball Avenger

18. The Remainder

19. Phase Kill

20. Honky Town

21. Freddy In His Car


Track List: Red Light Comedy: Live From Amsterdam Volume Two

1. Russell Peters Episode 2

2. Jamie Kilstein Part 1

3. Jamie Kilstein Part 2

4. Bert Kreischer Cruises The Canals

5. Hannibal Buress Part 1

6. Hannibal Buress Part 2

7. Diane Spencer Part 1

8. Diane Spencer Part 2

9. Bert Kreischer And The Captain

10. Pete Johansson Part 1

11. Pete Johansson Part 2


Track List: Sibelius Essentials


Track List: V/A Vol.1

2. Music


Track List: Aus Meines Herzens Grunde


Track List: 40 Most Beautiful Classical Masterpieces

1. Orff: Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi - I. "O Fortuna"

2. Barber: Agnus Dei (Feat. Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra)

3. Bach, JS : Brandenburg Concerto No.3 In G Major BWV1048 : III Allegro

4. Wood, Arthur : My Native Heath : IV Barwick Green [The Archers Theme] (Feat. David Parry)

5. Pachelbel: Canon & Gigue In D Major (Feat. Orchestre De Chambre Jean-François Paillard)

6. Handel : Suite In D Major HWV349, 'Water Music' : II Alla Hornpipe (Feat. Orchestre De Chambre Jean-François Paillard)

7. Mozart: Serenade No. 13 In G Major, K. 525, "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: I. Allegro

8. Bach, JS : Cantata No.147, 'Herz Und Mund Und Tat Und Leben' BWV147: X "Jesu Bleibet Meine Freude" [Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring]

9. Albinoni / Arr Giazotto: Adagio In G Minor

10. Beethoven : Symphony No.6 In F Major Op.68, 'Pastoral' : I Allegro, Ma Non Troppo

11. Mozart : Piano Sonata No.11 In A Major K331 : III Rondo Alla Turca

12. Vivaldi : Le Quattro Stagioni (The Four Seasons), Violin Concerto In G Minor, Op. 8 No. 1, RV 315, "Spring": I. Allegro

13. Elgar: 5 Pomp And Circumstance Marches, Op. 39: No .1 In D Major (Land Of Hope And Glory) (Feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)

14. Strauss, Johann II : An Der Schönen, Blauen Donau Op.314 [Blue Danube Waltz]

15. Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite, Op. 46: No. 1 Morning Mood (Feat. Orchestre Philarmonique De Monte Carlo)

16. Liszt : 3 Liebesträume S541 : No.3 O Lieb, So Lang Du Lieben Kannst, 'Liebestraum'

17. Schumann : Kinderszenen [Scenes From Childhood] Op.15 : VII Träumerei

18. Dvorák : Symphony No.9 In E Minor Op.95, 'From The New World' : II Largo

19. Chopin : Nocturne No.2 In E Flat Major Op.9 No.2

20. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Act 2: Swan Theme (Excerpt) (Feat. The Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra)

21. Tchaikovsky : The Nutcracker Suite Op.71a : VIII Flower Waltz

22. Saint-Saëns: Le Carnaval Des Animaux (Carnival Of The Animals): XIII. The Swan (Feat. Süher Pekinel & Güher Pekinel)

23. Gershwin : Rhapsody In Blue [Excerpt]

24. Mahler : Symphony No.5 In C Sharp Minor : IV Adagietto

25. Debussy: Suite Bergamasque, L. 75: III. Clair De Lune

26. Massenet: Thaïs, Act 2: Meditation (Feat. Dmitry Cogan)

27. Bach, JS : Orchestral Suite No.3 In D Major BWV1068 : II Air ['Air On The G String']

28. Beethoven : Piano Sonata No.14 In C Sharp Minor Op.27 No.2, 'Moonlight' : I Adagio Sostenuto

29. Coates : By The Sleepy Lagoon [Desert Island Discs Theme]

30. Beethoven: Bagatelle In A Minor, WoO. 59, 'Für Elise'

31. Wagner : Lohengrin : Act 3 "Treulich Geführt Ziehet Dahin" [Chorus]

32. Bizet: Carmen, WD 31, Act 1: "L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle" (Carmen, Chorus)

33. Tárrega : Recuerdos De La Alhambra

34. Puccini: Turandot, Act 3: "Nessun Dorma" (Calaf)

35. Wood, Henry : Fantasia On British Sea Songs : Sailor's Hornpipe [Excerpt] (Feat. David Parry)

36. Ravel : Boléro [Excerpt]

37. Tchaikovsky : Piano Concerto No.1 In B Flat Minor Op.23 : I Allegro Non Troppo E Molto Maestoso [Excerpt]

38. Tchaikovsky : 1812 Overture Op.49 : Finale

39. Beethoven : Symphony No.9 In D Minor Op.125, 'Choral' : VI Allegro Ma Non Tanto - 'Ode To Joy'

40. Binge: Sailing By (Radio 4, Shipping Forecast Theme) (Feat. David Parry)


Track List: The Complete Songs Of Poulenc, Vol.3

1. Airs Chantés: I. Air Romantique (Sarah Fox, Soprano & Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

2. Airs Chantés: Ii. Air Champêtre (Sarah Fox, Soprano & Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

3. Airs Chantés: Iii. Air Grave (Sarah Fox, Soprano & Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

4. Airs Chantés: Iv. Air Vif (Sarah Fox, Soprano & Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

5. Colloque (Thomas Oliemans, Lorna Anderson & Malcolm Martineau

6. Mazurka (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

7. La Grenouillère (Ann Murray, Mezzo-Soprano) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

8. Montparnasse (Thomas Oliemans) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

9. Hyde Park (Thomas Oliemans) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

10. Deux Mélodies: I Le Pont (Robert Murray) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

11. Deux Mélodies: II Un Poème (Thomas Oliemans) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

12. Le Portrait (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

13. Miroirs Brûlants: I Tu Vois Le Feu Du Soir (Robert Murray) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

14. Miroirs Brûlants: II Je Nommerai Ton Front (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

15. ...Mais Mourir (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

16. Main Dominée Par Le Cœur (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

17. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: I Rayons Des Yeux (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

18. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: II Le Matin Les Branches Attisent (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

19. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: III Tout Disparut (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

20. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: IV Dans Les Ténèbres Du Jardin (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

21. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: V Unis La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

22. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: VI Homme Au Sourire Tendre (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

23. La Fraîcheur Et Le Feu: VII La Grande Rivière Qui Va (John Mark Ainsley, Tenor) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

24. Calligrammes: I L’Espionne (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

25. Calligrammes: II Mutation (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

26. Calligrammes: III Vers Le Sud (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

27. Calligrammes: IV Il Pleut (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

28. Calligrammes: V La Grâce Exilée (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

29. Calligrammes: VI Aussi Bien Que Les Cigales (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

30. Calligrammes: VII Voyage (Thomas Oliemans, Baritone) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

31. La Souris (Lisa Milne) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

32. Monsieur Sans Souci (Il Fait Tout Lui-Même) (Jonathan Lemalu) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)

33. Nous Voulons Une Petite Sœur (Lorna Anderson) (Malcolm Martineau, Piano)


Track List: The Treasury of English Church Music 1100-1965

Disc 1
Composer: Herbert Howells
Title: Introductory Speech
Composer: Anonymous
Title: Sancte Dei Pretiose
Title: Perspice Christicola
Title: Salve Sancta Parens
Title: Sanctus & Benedictus

5. Sanctus & Benedictus: Sanctus & Benedictus

Title: Alleluia Psallat
Title: Ave Miles Caelestis Curiae
Title: Conditor Alme Siderum
Composer: Queldryk
Title: Gloria

9. Gloria: Gloria

Composer: J. Excetre
Title: Sanctus & Benedictus

10. Sanctus & Benedictus: Sanctus & Benedictus

Composer: Thomas Damett
Title: Beata Dei Genitrix For 3 Voices
Composer: Anonymous
Title: Veni Sancte Spiritus
Composer: Walter Frye
Title: Salve Virgo Mater Pia
Composer: William Cornysh
Title: Ave Maria Mater Dei For 4 Voices
Composer: John Merbecke
Title: Nunc Dimittis
Composer: Thomas Tallis
Title: Wherewithal Shall A Young Man Cleanse His Way?
Composer: Thomas Morley
Title: Nolo Mortem Peccatoris, Anthem For 4 Voices
Composer: William Byrd
Title: Ave Verum Corpus (Also Anthem: "O Lord, God Of Israel"), Motet For 4 Voices (Satb)
Composer: Robert Parsons
Title: Nunc Dimittis (First Service)
Composer: Thomas Weelkes
Title: Gloria In Excelsis Deo, Sing, My Soul, To God, Anthem For 6 Voices

20. Gloria In Excelsis Deo, Sing, My Soul, To God, Anthem For 6 Voices: Gloria In Excelsis Deo, Sing, My Soul, To God, Anthem For 6 Voices

Disc 2
Composer: Thomas Morley
Title: Out Of The Deep I, Anthem For 6 Voices
Composer: Thomas Tertius Noble
Title: Nunc Dimittis (Fourth Service)
Composer: William Mundy
Title: Ah, Helpless Wretch, Anthem For 5 Voices & Organ
Composer: Orlando Gibbons
Title: Short Service: Nunc Dimittis
Composer: Richard Farrant
Title: Hide Not Thou Thy Face For Chorus
Composer: William Byrd
Title: Sing Joyfully, Anthem For 6 Voices (Ssaatb)
Composer: Robert White
Title: Christe, Qui Lux Es Et Dies
Composer: Orlando Gibbons
Title: O Clap Your Hands, Anthem For 8 Voices
Title: This Is The Record Of John, Anthem For Voices
Composer: Thomas Morley
Title: Out Of The Deep I, Anthem For 6 Voices
Composer: Thomas Weelkes
Title: All People Clap Your Hands, For 5 Voices
Title: O How Amiable, Anthem For 5 Voices
Title: Lord, To Thee I Make My Moan, Anthem For 5 Voices
Title: Alleluia, I Heard A Voice, Anthem For 5 Voices & Organ
Composer: Anonymous
Title: Victimae Paschali Laudes

16. Victimae Paschali Laudes: Victimae Paschali Laudes

Composer: Thomas Tomkins
Title: My Beloved Spake Unto Me, For 4 Voices & Organ
Disc 3
Disc 4
Disc 5

Track List: Schoenfield: Merchant And The Pauper (Excerpts) - Amram: The Final Ingredient (Excerpts)

1. Act II Scene 1

2. Act II Scene 4 (Excerpt)

3. Act II Scene 5

4. Scene 5

5. Scene 9

6. Scene 10


Track List: Club Mix Ibiza 2011


Track List: Bhadra (Original Soundtrack)

1. Machan Nee

2. Magarantha Serkai

3. Om Namachivaya

4. Pennea Paal Nela Pennea

5. Sunday Manday

6. Super Sundhare


Track List: Singly (1964-65) Hvězda Na Vrbě ...


Track List: Perličky Stříbrného Plátna 1932 - 1969


Track List: Caperucita Roja

1. Caperucita Roja

2. Las Tablas De Sumar

3. Mambru Se Fue A La Guerra

4. A La Vibora De La Mar

5. Sinfonia En El Mar

6. Bombon

7. El Chivo Ciclista

8. Tete


Track List: The Very Best Of Arvo Pärt

Disc 1
Title: Magnificat Antiphones (7), For Chorus
Title: Magnificat, For Chorus
Title: The Beatitudes, for Chorus & Organ
Disc 2
Title: Summa, For String Quartet
Title: Fratres, For String Quartet
Title: Cantate Domino, for SATB chorus or soloists & organ

6. Cantate Domino, for SATB chorus or soloists & organ: Cantate Domino, for Satb Chorus Or Soloists & Organ

Title: Beatus Petronius, For Double Chorus & 2 Organs
Title: Solfeggio, for chorus
Title: Missa Sillabica, For Chorus & Organ

Track List: Sound From Heaven: A Liturgy For Pentecost

1. Prelude (Carillon) - Introit: Caritas Dei

2. Kyrie

3. Gloria

4. Collect

5. Messe De La Pentecote (Whitsun Mass), Entre: Les Langues De Feu

6. First Reading: Acts 2:1-21

7. Psalm: Beatus Wui Non A Biit

8. Epistle: I Corinthians 12:4-11

9. Antiphon: Beata Nobis Gaudia

10. Alleluia - Veni Sancte Spiritus

11. Gospel: John 14:15-21

12. Hymn: Veni Creator Spiritus

13. La Messe De Tournai: Credo

14. Prayer: Litany Of Thanksgiving

15. Messe De La Pentecote (Whitsun Mass), Offertoire: Les Choses Visibles Et Invisibles

16. Eucharistic Prayer

17. Sanctus

18. Benedictus

19. Mysterium Fidei

20. Pater Noster

21. Pax Domini

22. La Messe De Tournai: Agnus Dei

23. O Maria, Stella Maris [Motet]

24. O Sacrum Convivium! [Motet]

25. Blessing

26. Benedicamus Domino

27. La Messe De Tournai: Ite Misse Est

28. Messe De La Pentecote (Whitsun Mass), Sortie: Le Vent De L'Esprit

29. Si Gloriari Liceat [Postlude]


Track List: The Music of America: Charles Ives

Disc 1
Title: Symphony No. 2, For Orchestra, S. 2 (K. 1A2)
Title: From The Steeples And The Mountains, For 1 Or 2 Trumpet(s), Trombone, 4 Sets Of Bells & 2 Pianos, S. 65 (K. 1C12)
Title: Robert Browning Overture, For Orchestra, S. 27 (K. 1B6)
Disc 2
Title: Variations On "America," For Organ, S. 140 (K. 3d5)
Title: A Symphony: New England Holidays (Holidays Symphony), For Orchestra, S. 5 (K. 1a4)