Celebrate the Gift of Black Music

Black music has an ever-expanding legacy and presence that's still being felt today. From R&B, to Hip Hop, to Gospel—just to name a few—these genres and Black musicians have influenced and inspired countless artists from all cultures. It’s enriched our lives and each instance is a unique experience to ourselves. This Black Music Month, Pandora encourages us to collectively celebrate the positive personal moments, and individual gifts Black music has given to us.

Discover your black music genre favorites!

Hear all your favorites, first! Discover how your listening influences your music vibe through our ‘Black Music Forever’ Quiz.
So find out if you’re more into new tracks, classic hits, or international jams. Start the quiz out below:

What’s the first thing you do in the morning to get ready for your day?

Forget about coffee—Don’t talk to me ‘till I’ve heard some fire new Hip Hop & R&B

I always wake up on the right side of the bed when I hear some new International music

I don’t hit snooze, I hit the Classics

How do you usually find your music?

Love my curated playlists handpicked by the top names in music

My friends are always introducing me to what’s hot

My ears are always open to what’s released around the world

How has Black music played a role in your life?

Helped me connect with the different generations in my family

Inspired me to pursue my dreams

It's opened my eyes to more Black culture and history

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