Black Music Is Undeniable

So many of the most iconic dance moves come from Black Culture. In honor of Black Music Month, Pandora is highlighting those moves, from The Charleston to Swag Surf on Black Music Forever Radio. Five new modes, five different decades of the evolution of dance music 80’s mode includes doing “The Cabbage Patch,” 90’s mode throws it back to the “Tootsee Roll,” we “Lean Back” in 00’s mode, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” in the 10’s and get “Savage” with today’s music. And, on each of the modes, the artists and creatives who were part of developing the legendary dances will be sharing their experiences and memories, and their role in the evolution of dance music.

Take The Black Music Month Quiz

Hear the tracks that influenced your favorite dance moves from all time! Can you do The Charleston or are you more of a Swag Surfer? Find out if you’re more into new tracks, the classics or the down and dirty with the Black Music Month Quiz.

How do you get groovy on the dance floor?

Follow the beat of my own drum

I have dance moves ready for every song

I'm the wallflower in the party

Where do you best get in tune with your music?

Anywhere & everywhere with a crowd - concerts, parties, festivals.

Anywhere I can dance to the beat

Alone, where I can just vibe

Which of the following statements best describes your music taste:

Old school got the hits - 80s & 90s jams

The early 00's were a time - lets take it back

Music evolves - today's jams are where it’s at

You've matched with..


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