Hip-Hop is the essence of expression. In its purest form, its poetry mixed with emotion multiplied by pressure. Countless songs have shared an artist’s love for not only another person but hip-hop itself. In fact, “love” is one of hip-hop’s most utilized words. Not a surprise, as each one of us feels it deeply for the genre. From artist to fan and every role in between, we invite you to elevate and celebrate what brought you to and made you fall in love with hip-hop music.

Get locked in with your Hip Hop tracklist!

Hear all your favorites, first! Discover how your hip hop knowledge influences your soundtrack vibe through our ‘For the Love of Hip Hop’ Content Quiz. We’re in tune to you, so find out if you’re more into the classic hits, time bending tracks or the new jams.
Start the quiz out below:

What is your earliest memory of your introduction to Hip Hop?

Hanging out with my family and friends with the boombox playing my favorite tracks

Watching music video programs after school for the countdown of the hottest songs

Listening to the radio staying tuned to new releases

How do you usually find your music?

Love my curated playlists handpicked by the top hip hop artists in music

Keep in touch with my favorite artists for their upcoming projects and releases

My favorite streaming platform keeps me informed

If you had to identify your hip hop music taste, what would it be categorized as?

I’m a hip hop connoisseur - I love it all!

I have my OG artists, but open to the evolution of the culture

I’m not new to this, I’m true to this!

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